Inma no Hado chapter 152

Inma no Hado chapter 152: Trading



“Aah…. I want this already…. Yuki ecchi…”
“Nooo, give it to me…. I can not wait any longer…”

A beautiful club mama and a beautiful school director apply their saliva on the penis of their beloved man and crawling their fingers on his sturdy upper body.

Those two have their mouths become an erogenous zone by the magical power of Inma and they aren’t able to endure the pleasure storm that explodes each time they give a double blowjob. Their whole bodies want to have sex as soon as possible, so that their minds can’t think about anything else other than sex.

Their nipples that are hard and sharp, create an unbelievable pleasure current that runs through their bodies, each time it rubs against their bra cups. Moreover a great amount of honey liquid is overflowing from their crotches. Both of them ignore Terashima who is in front of them and did not show any interest at all in his conversation with Kenichi, because they only want Kenichi’s penis inside their secret holes to cool down the pleasure erupting from inside.

“Again, mama…. You´re so sly…”
“Itchy…. We also want to do ecchi things…”

Suddenly two more beautiful women come in from the back door, protesting to Yuki and Yoko who are serving Kenichi on the sofa.

Both of them were familiar faces to Terashima. The two of them are hostesses who are competing for the number one seat at the ‘Esprit’ club, their names are Amemiya Megumi and Mizutani Shoko.

They seem to have come directly from the store, wearing gorgeous dresses. Both having outstanding popularity at the ultra-luxury club in Ginza, although their sex appeal and body’s ripe condition aren’t as good as Yuki´s but they are also great beauties.

Both of them are still young. Probably not over 20 years old. Many men who go to the club are using a lot of money and time to seduce these three beautiful girls including Yuki.

“Oh dear…”
“Huhuhu…. Not good…”

Two people who seemed to be surprised for a moment seemed to be able to understand the situation as soon as their eyes met with Kenichi and they ignored Terashima. They giggle for a moment seeing Terashima not able to move, before they take off their dresses.

Both of them are wearing sexy underwear of deep pink and purple and both of them have some fat on their flesh even though they are slim on their essential points.

After presenting their bodies in front of Kenichi who looks with cloudy eyes full of desire, they begin to sit down next to him.

“I wanted to meet you…. Megumi was lonely…”
“I am sorry for being late…. But please, love Shoko a lot…”

Both are clinging to Kenichi’s neck from the left and right and panting as soon as possible after a long absence.

When Kenichi visited “Esprit” for the third time, Megumi and Shoko are being fucked with Yuki. As Yuki did not try to hide Kenichi at that time, both of them were curious about this man who their high-profile beautiful mama fell in love with. Ignoring Yuki that was going to be alone with Kenichi, Megumi and Shoko followed them to a love hotel and joined them.

These two beautiful hostesses were amazed at the huge penis that Kenichi had, and they were further surprised by their mama crying with a voice like a beast who was fucked with that terrible penis. At that time Yuki had sex until she fainted, both of them had their crotch wet as if they were incontinent, and even when Kenichi attacked them they didn’t show any resistance. Megumi and Shoko, who were penetrated violently until the morning fainted and became captivated by this sex in only one night.

“Hey… Kenichi-samaa…. Kiss with Megumi…”
“No, No…Shoko is first…. Hey, kiss me…”

Unlike what they show to customers at the store, they are like lovers and show loving affection from their heart to Kenichi.

Both girls kiss and caress Kenichi deeply by working together. Their sexy appearance in their underwear clinging to Kenichi´s naked upper body while they raise a charming voice.

“Aah…. Masculine…”
“Noo, I’m getting dizzy…”

Megumi and Shoko lick Kenichi´s muscular body with their tongues, which would be unbelievable for any customer who came to see these two every time in the club. They also crawl their fingers on his upper body as if they want to confirm something.

(Arrggghhh…these guys, like this science teacher!!!)

Terashima himself also tried to obtain Megumi and Shoko several times, but he could only think about it because he was rejected. Terashima is stunned by the fact that a man lower than himself is having harem sex with 4 absolutely beautiful women. Nonetheless he is still tied to a chair and can’t move an inch.


Four beautiful girls gather around one man on a sofa and perform a rich caress together.

“Nooo…so big…and strong…”
“It’s getting so slippery…. Mama, you really love sucking it…”

This time Megumi and Shoko are sucking Kenichi´s penis from left and right, while Yuki and Yoko lick his upper body. Each woman serves with passion while raising a sweet voice, so that Terashima just from watching is also influenced by that nasty air and his pillar also erects in his pants.

“Well, Terashima-san…why don’t you trade with me?”

Kenichi speaks with a cool face towards Terashima while enjoying the service. Both of his hands enter into Yuki and Yoko’s panties, slowly stimulating their meat pot that is completely muddy already. Each time they raise a sweet and pleasant cry, they also shake their hips from excitement.

“Wh, what do you want…”

Terashima who was trapped squeezes out a voice which sounded more like a groan. There are not many options that he can take here.

“First of all, give up on Ellis all girls high school´s eviction and do not come back to this school”

“…Aaah…I understand…”

It was planned that nearly one billion yen would be charged as a fee, but it would be of no help if it became like this. Terashima is reluctant because he will not directly lose even if the eviction fails.

“And at the price of this case, I will receive the right of the “Esprit” club and all its women, because I only have a small teacher salary so it would be nice”

Of course it is painful to let go of that high-end club in Ginza, but Terashima gives a hopeless voice to let go of Yuki who is the best woman he had met in his life. Kenichi who accurately understood the bitterness of Terashima´s inner face from his voice and facial expression declares cruelly while ridiculing him in his mind.

“Even if you say such a thing, this woman will not return to you anymore…. Right, Yuki?”

Kenichi smiles happily, while teasing Yuki´s secret hole in front of Terashima.

“Yuki, whose women are you?”
“Ah, Kenichi´s possession…. Yuki is Kenichi´s woman…”

As thank you for Yuki who shows her affiliation, Kenichi strongly invades with his big fingers so that her vagina tightens and Yuki reached the top in front of Terashima.

“Who do you like more, me or daddy?”

Kenichi asks nastily. It was Yuki who kept silent while looking down for a while, but as soon as she raised her face as if she cannot bear it anymore she shakes her head and confesses it.

“…I´m sorry…I´m sorry, daddy…. Yuki…Yuki, already belongs to this person…. Without this person, I´m useless…”
“Don’t try to look good. It’s not me, but its my penis, right?”
“No, no…. Although, Yuki was fucked by this cock and got captivated by it…. Without this, I cannot live anymore because my body desires it intensely…”

The pretty mama who confesses with a distracted voice, looks at the meat pillar between Megumi and Shoko’s mouth.

“Bu, But even so…I love you too… I love you… I love you…. Please do not throw me away because I will do anything…. No matter how many other women are there I do not mind, so please love Yuki forever…”


Terashima´s beloved woman is pleading love to another man in front of his eyes. That old man murmurs Yuki´s name so that she can hear it.

Terashima was trying to understand the confrontation with this reality, but even if he can understand it with his head, he cannot control his emotions. But overwhelmed by something like an aura emitted from Kenichi in front of him, his burning anger and jealousy gradually disappears and he loses his willingness to fight like an old dog stared at by the new alpha dog.


The moment Terashima mumbles with a small voice, he hangs his head down slowly. It is the moment when a powerful man lost to a man stronger than himself.

“Well then, let’s have lawyers handle the rights of the club…. Oh yeah, Yuki’s apartment too, of course…”

Kenichi smiles wickedly and with the joy of victory while spilling his pre-cum into the mouth of Shoko who hollows her cheeks. Eight red tentacles extend from Kenichi´s body shining dubiously and intensify their activities all at once.


The great hostess Shoko drinks the pre-cum eagerly, before sparks appear in front of her sight and she reached an orgasm. All beautiful women who were captivated by bad luck, would get addicted as if the body fluid is a drug.

“This time, I…”

On behalf of the fainted Shoko, Megumi intercepted and turned her face down. Her brown hair that was set in beauty salon and was beautifully decorated starts slowly to flutter up and down.

(That’s all we have to do…)

Kenichi who took revenge on his uncles´s enemies smiles while grinnin and sucking Yuki’s tongue as if to show off. Right now he is thrilled with the thought that he can make more beautiful women his with that high-class club in the future. Anyway, all the 20 beautiful hostesses who are currently enrolled will become his possession.

While looking at Terashima who is hanging his head down, Kenichi murmured thoughtfully.

“Well, don’t be so disappointed…. In the next election, I will make sure that you win”


To that unexpected offer, Terashima raises his head involuntarily without knowing what to say.

“That’s what I got, too, isn’t it? If you sit in a powerful position, I might be indebted to you in the future…”

Terashima is astounded at Kenichi’s evil plot. However, it is also true that if you win, you gain benefits beyond that.

“But how?”

Recalling that Kenichi is a science teacher who works in a girls high school, surprise suddenly replaces disappointment and suspicion inside Terashima. He admires that this man has a hand to obtain every woman the wonderful thing against a woman, but he wont have any influence on the election.

However, Kenichi is totally buoyant and seems to be rather confident.

“Well, please leave it to me. Your biggest rival of the constituency was certainly Honomiya-san, right? He is more powerful in scuttlebutt. But after a few days, he will not be your rival. Hey, Yuki. Come, across…”
“Aaaa! Yess!! Kenichi-samaa…”

The pretty club mama, who clung to Kenichi pushed forward and made the other two retreat, before she tried to sit on Kenichi while showing her sexy hips to Terashima.

“It isn’t this. Face to the other side”
“No…. Then Daddy will see everything…”

As Yuki says so, she points towards Terashima and straddles over Kenichi´s hips. In other words, Kenichi is sitting in front of Terashima, in the woman on top position where Terashima only can see Yuki´s back.


Terashima who knows Yuki since the time she was only a normal hostess only raised a sorrowful voice, while looking at his former lover having sex with another man. Terashima was already very old, but sadness covers his heart rather than anger at the treachery of his mistress who he thought only loved him.

But faithfully following the desire overflowing in her body without worrying about Terashima’s sorrowful voice, Yuki grabbed Kenichi´s penis by herself boldly and applying it to her crotch that was covered by a thin lace panty.

“Aaaa. It’s coming in. Intolerable! Yaaaah…, great…”

Terashima can clearly see that a huge flesh spear sinks into Yuki´s sweet vagina. That incredibly thick meat spear seem to cause great pain because it would split a small vagina apart.

“Hiiiiii!!! Aaaaa!!!!! Deeeppp!!!”

Terashima raises a groaning voice while watching Yuki connected to another man and issuing a sweet voice that wasn’t heard even once before.

“This is great!!! Iiii! Amazingg!!! I feeelll iiittt!!! Hiiii!!!!”

Tears are overflowing unawarely, while his chest was painted in black from despair.

“Ahiiiii!! Cum! Cummmiinnngg!!!”

Sneaking up on Terashima’s sorrow and despair, after being impatient and rebellious, Yuki falls to a deep pleasure hell in no time. While pushing her whole body forward towards the enormous pleasure current which melts her brain, Yuki released a great amount of love juice that is sticking to Kenichi´s dick.

“Here it comes, Terashima-san”

Kenichi speaks towards Terashima suddenly, while having his whole body caresses by three beautiful girls and the tightening of Yuki´s great pussy.

When Terashima raised his face after hearing that voice, he saw that men and women entered the next room. As he knows from the last time, this place is special made with a magic mirror. From here he can see the situation over there, but from the other side you don’t know anything.


The man who came into the next room had a refreshing atmosphere of about 40 years old. Meanwhile, the woman is a beautiful girl who is clearly in the early teens and is wearing a uniform. Perhaps a high school student, with a tanned and makeup wearing face, she is wearing flashy accessories that can be bought in Shibuya.

(Aaa!! Thatt!!)

As soon as he saw that man’s face, Terashima was about to raise a loud voice. There is no doubt about that neat face which belongs to his constituency rival.

Honomiya-san in the next room doesn’t notice anything weird at all, because he is licking the body of a beautiful girl with muddy eyes. There is a rumour about him that he likes to have sex with minors.

“Now, it’s the beginning of the show”

While laughing hard from the back of his throat, Kenichi changed with Yuki to the doggy style position and Terashima-san watching the lewd scene on the next room.

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