Inma no Hado chapter 177

Inma no Hado chapter 177: Assault



“Delta here. Are you ready?”
『Alpha is ready』
『Beta is ready』
『Gamma is ready』

In response to Honma’s request to take total control of the operation this evening, the assault group who divided into three groups of two people responds. Somehow the tone of everyone is tough because the purpose of this time is different from usual.

A muggy night in June. The time is past nine in the afternoon.

This time on Friday is the most crowded time of the city and the salarymen and female office worker who finished their work for a week drink and talk with each other and lovers enjoy their dates after a long time. Everyone will be excited.

In the darkness of the night without wind and sticky air, the men who are dressed in special combat clothes are waiting for the go sign right now. At first sight their clothes are similar to those of the riot police, but if they are maniacs they will find that their equipment is subtly different. Even though the helmet men are wearing black vests on navy uniforms, all of them are wearing various devices throughout their bodies, though its almost summer soon.

The attackers, who split into three groups, are approaching the target room from their respective routes.

“Everyone, please check your wave cancelling machine again”

According to Honma’s instructions, the six men inspect their equipment they have attached to their waists. The black rectangular boxes light up the LEDs at the top, indicating that they minimize the biological waves emitted by the owner, even if they are shadows of fluorescent lamps in the corridor, they are clearly visible.

Half a year ago, there was an accident that this device run out off power and seven colleagues became victims. The machine broke when facing a devil fuser, and they were counterattacked by the devil’s magical power for that reason. Since it was improved, all of them believe that no trouble will occur anymore, but still it is impossible to worry about the feeling of relying on machines and the uncertainty that this may cause trouble again.

This time the object is not a devil fuser, so this device should not be necessary originally. Besides, even if suddenly a Inma appeared in this place, it cannot use magical power directly on those men. But even then they cancel the biological waves emitted by themselves and prepare for the worst. When there is a possibility that “SHADO” confronts a devil fuser, it is always that they are carrying an offset machine.

『Alpha is ready』
『Beta is ready』
『Gamma is ready』

After a while, each group gave a response. Stopped at the parking lot of the condominium, Honma asked the man behind him while listening to the report.

“For now, there is nothing”

With the light of the screen of the laptop, the young man ‘s face is illuminated from below and shining dull. His mission belonging to the survey team is to see if the devil user is not near while watching the wave radar during the operation where the assault group captures the two targets.

Homma listens to the reply and takes out the police radio attached to the car and talks to the head office.

“Director, here is Honma. The preparations are complete. We will carry it out now”
『Understood. Be careful』

He gave a short report to their beautiful boss who is waiting for the start of the strategy at “SHADO” headquarters in the Tokyo Police Department. The director herself wanted to accompany this strategy, but she was persuaded to stay behind because the opponent is a male devil user.

(It’s not helpful to have the director in the field)

A smart, competent boss. He respect that point, but the nabbing of the site is different. Because of his pride, Homma made his own plan for the operation.

(Even though it’s a simple strategy…)

In any case, the opponent isn’t a devil user but two women who are ordinary people. It is also an easy thing to step in to the apartment and restrain them. If it is not, they can attack with the force technique of corrective method without especially taking measures.

The mission of this time is to catch Noriko Aoyama and Arisa Shinomiya in this condominium where those two are hiding.

(Aoyama aside, Shinomiya may be a little troublesome, but…)

Both of them are members of “SHADO”. Should it be elite members accurately? They have undergone harsh training and also mastered fighting sports such as judo and karate. Especially Shinomiya shows outstanding results even in fighting were she can compete even against men.

(Well, there is still no problem…)

The leader of the assault group who is familiar with the competence of his men has a fearless smile in the dark car.

Anyway, the six people who are participating in this operation are all strong, Ikkitousen strong. Even so, Arisa Shinomiya is a female and is superior in fighting sports. For men who are as heavy as twice as her, she wont have a chance of winning.

(Even if they have a stun gun, six people would be fine)

The remodeled Taser X26 is an official equipment of “SHADO”. A non-lethal weapon that injects an electrode with high pressure gas, that pierces the other party and controls its behavior with electric shock of tens of thousands of volts. As Arisa and Noriko also have some, the possibility of still having them is high, and both may counterattack using the stun guns. However, due to its nature, the stun gun does not have a quick fire. Even if the head is shot, other people should control it while replacing the cartridge.

(Probably victory or defeat will be aquired in a moment)

Of course it is better to capture them intact, but if those women resist they have no choice but to use violence. In that case, Honma is confident that his men will suppress them with overwhelming power. Anyway, even though they were former companions, the other party betrayed the department by madness of an Inma. There is no need to pardon. He also told the members who are responsible for this mission.

Thinking about anything, he placed two people on the staircase, two on the elevator and two on the emergency staircase. However, there is no response to the wave radar, so the devil fuser manipulating them isn’t at this place.

“Everyone, prepare to charge the room of the target person”

In response to Honma’s words, his men who are hiding in the darkness move quickly.

Soon the six people rise to the ninth floor and gather in front of the door of the targeted room. Meanwhile, there are no abnormalities. One man takes out the key that he got from the manager of this apartment and another man with a big chain cutter stands next to him.

Ready. Everyone waits for the next instruction with a nervous look. Because this time the opponent is their former colleagues, there is a different kind of air from the time against usual devil hosts.

Downtown night. It is full moon, but now it is hidden in the clouds and there is no light. Six men wait for the time under the dull light of the fluorescent lamp in the hallway. In the silence where the hustle and bustle of the city can be transmitted from a distance, they can only hear their own breathing.

『Alright. Carry out the strategy』

Homma’s Go sign comes through the income. The six brave men who heard it started to move like they were repelled and started actions in accordance with a predetermined procedure.


When the door is opened with the key, and the chain which had been put is cut easily, five men enter into the room. The one who remains is in charge for an emergency and is left for surveillance outside the room.

The man who went in at the beginning confirms the state of the room. The apartment’s drawing is in their heads and they know where to find which room. There was a loud noise when they cut the chain, so the two targets would understand that there was something odd happening.

These are the three actions that they will take. Struggle, escape or surrender.

There are five trained and strong men against two women. Even if those two females went through the strict training of “SHADO”, they can not beat all five. If it is the intelligent Shinomiya, then she will not make such a foolish choice. Also, considering that this room is the ninth floor of the condominium and they are holding down the sole entrance, it is impossible to escape from here.

If so, they only have one action left to take.

The leader of this assault team, Kondo, slowly advances through the corridors extending from the entrance, confirming the rooms on the left. It is a toilet and a bathroom, and there is no person hiding. A stun gun is held in his hands and ready to fire at any time.

As he goes down the corridor, he enters the living and dining room where electricity is off. The room has a table and chairs, a sofa and a large LCD TV, but there is no sign of a person at all just the faint sound of a compressor from the refrigerator.

All five men are still cautious, moving their eyes to the left and right, stepping forward and forward. The room is neatly arranged, and a woman’s magazine is put on the table.

In the interior there are two rooms on the left and right, the room on the right has no door. It is obvious that it is unmanned, so they don’t need to look inside.

The door leading to the room on the left is closed perfectly, and the light is leaking through the gap.

“There is no one else here”

Just in case the subordinates who examined the toilet and the bathroom that passed by now report to Kondo’s ear in a loud voice. No doubt. They are beyond the door.

In a faint light that leaks from the door, Kondo winks at his four companions.

『Let’s go』

Without saying it loudly, Kondo grabbed that door knob, swallowed his spit, and pulled it open with vigor.



On the road outside the apartment. Among the vans parked there, Honma who is taking the command of this operation is irritated. It was 15 minutes ago when he gave the signal to Kondo, the leader. Since then the income has been cut and there is no report.

He also thought of calling them from here, but they are in the process of an important strategy. In the unlikely event they should not let their concentration down. In such cases it is theory to wait until there is contact from the other side.

(So slow…)

But even so, it seems likely that there will be some response soon. Since there are six soldiers at a time, it seems that not all of them are in the same way as they are not.

“Delta here. Report the situation”

After waiting a few more minutes, Honma who got out of numbness spoke. But there is no response.

“Delta here. Can someone reply?”

He asks again, but there is still no answer. It is an abnormal situation.

“What do we do? Is assistance requested from the headquarters?”

The young man watching the data from the wave measuring instruments in the rear seat uneasily asked. He was a disgruntled investigation team in battle, but he understands that the current situation is completely unexpected.

“What about the wave?”
“…Th, There’s no sign of that…”

If the devil user came and used his magic, they would have noticed at once. Of course they have the offset machine, so there is no effect on his men.

“Group leader Honma…. Let’s contact the director”

The mind might be weak. The young person who wears glasses advised so. Although the light on the computer’s screen illuminates the face from the bottom, it is not only a pale complexion.

(What do we do? What do we do?)

However, Honma was hesitating.

The theory here is to inform the headquarters that an abnormal situation has occurred and ask for support from the head office or the Tokyo Police Department. However, it will lead to his failure within ‘SHADO’.

Honma is a beating non-carrier. He handled violent crimes for many years at the Tokyo Police Department before he moved to “SHADO”. As a result, there is a delicate distance from the director who is a career woman, so they often have conflicts and different opinions.

The director is a career woman who was a beautiful woman and entered with the best result. Everyone appreciate her abilities, but an amateur who does not know the scene from Honma. Pride and opposition to that manager makes him feel hesitant to report this situation obediently.

“Group leader Honma…. Please contacts the director, let’s request reinforcement”

These words made Honma decide.

“Okay, I will see a little bit, so do not move here.”

As soon as he opens the van’s door, Honma goes out with a helmet on. Of course he has a stun gun in his hands.

“Hey, wait a minute! You can’t go alone!”

Honma who ignores the voice of the young man is getting closer to the apartment with a small stroke. When his figure is far from the parking lot, he disappears into the darkness.

The young man watching it unexpectedly remembered a bad feeling and cold sweat flows down his back.

The sixth sense of this young man is quite right. This was the last time he saw Honma.

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