Inma no Hado chapter 187

Inma no Hado chapter 187: Rape



How long has it been since Emily woke up? It felt like it passed quickly, maybe it’s been a long time. Her mind is confused with the pain and fear and she can’t think properly.

“Ohoooo!!! Higuuuuuuaaaa!!!!!”

A scream like a big beast is raised and a beautiful woman who crawls all the way on the carpet bents her back. Her whole body has convulsions all four limbs are painful.

It is a torture named pleasure. Hell named sex.

This young wife was violated by a man other than her husband and this poor sacrifice is overwhelmed by pleasure and is about to go crazy under the sight of Emily who can’t help. Her fingers grab the carpet so strongly that blood flows out.

The young wife who usually has a gentle, meek face has moved to this condominium just recently. However, this lovely beauty that everyone envy has upset her fate. Abducted by Shirato, she was fucked endlessly in this room and has all her sex energy squeezed out.

This married woman that has all her energy sucked up, might have lost her mind and there is no sign of moving her limbs at all. The muscle of her limbs are completely out of strength.


Shirato let go of the red hips that he grasped an spanked all the time and his meat sword was carelessly withdrawn. And the beauty was thrown away to the side like a kid who throw away a boring toy.


When the ominous dark shows up, Emily who catches it with one eye screams small.

It is not unreasonable either. There is a little light entering through the window, so the erected penis attached with body fluids is seen. This dick that polluted many pretty women is in search of the next prey.

“N, Noo…stop…”

Emily who has an intellectual and unyielding character also becomes pale from fear of what happens to her in the future. She didn’t think that she will be raped one day even though she worked with such cases.

The assignment to the Japan branch this time is temporary and Emily will get married after returning to Britain where her lover is waiting after she finishes this case. It is absolutely to be avoided that an unknown man especially a Inma defiles her body.

However, in this situation where both hands are fixed and the body is severely painful, she can’t find a solution.

(Nooo! Absolutely disgusting!!)

Shirato takes out a cigarette from the side and is staring at Emily while sucking it. His eyes are shining red and are clearly visible in the dark room. On his crotch, his penis still stands up firmly.

(What should I do…. I have to do something…. But what shall I do…)

She desperately twists her body to escape. But being handcuffs, both hands are fixed to the bed and the body cannot be moved properly. Squeezing the remaining strength to move her arms caused a cracking sound. Her whole body, especially the arms and wrists which are broken are terrible painful so that an escape is impossible.

Shirato who finished smoking the cigarette before long moved his body. Emily reacted frightened like a small animal.

“Stop!! Don’t come!!”

Of course she cant stop Shirato with such words, but still she have to shout. But the situation is too desperate.

(Someone…Someone help me…)

Emily knows thar director Arisawa also knows about this mission tonight, therefore she prays that Reiko realized that no contact came and would send someone as aid.

At the same time, she also knows that this possibility is extremely low.

(This is going to happen…. I should have come with someone…)

Even if Emily regrets her own foolishness not to team up with someone tonight, she hates to be disturbed by someone else like last time.

Her combat uniform was taken off and she only wears her underwear. She doesn’t have her wave-canceling machine. In other words, in front of an Inma, she is completely unprotected just like ordinary citizens. That further amplifies her fear of Shirato.

Meanwhile, Shirato approaches slowly with desire in his red shining eyes. His big dick is aroused from Emily’s appearance.

“Caucasian…looks delicious…”

Murmuring in a low voice, Shirato reach out his hand and puts it on Emily´s white leg casually.

“Stopp! Remove your hand!”

To resist the cold hand, Emily shakes her legs. Shirato who opened his narrow eyes a little suddenly slapped Emily ‘s cheek.


Hiting without pardon. Even a strong-minded and courageous Emily is shocked from the pain on her cheek and arms.

“Hey! Be obedient!”

Shirato is is a true sadist and sexual pleasure is remembered by slapping a beautiful woman’s cheek. Violence is increased. While Emily´s cheek is slapped continously, his penis rise even more.

“Hiiii!!! Aaaagiii!!!!”

A dull sound from hitting meat and screams alternate. Emily´s beautiful, white cheek is dyed in red and her blue eyes are filled with tears of fear and pain. Such an expression further stimulates Shirato´s lust, Therefore he continues to hit her white cheeks with a faint smile.

Even Inmas who are a kind of devil feed themselves not only with seual energy but also of emotions like fear and despair. Especially in Shirato´s case who isn’t a pure Inma like Kenichi but a hybrid with a devil, so he absorbs Emily´s negative emotions.

Negative energy rises from Emily ‘s body like a white fog every time she is slapped and it turns into a whirlpool before it is absorbed by Shirato. Using violence on the red face of a weak woman……are a excitement for Shirato, that’s why he’s laughing wickedly.


Slapping Emily until he stops, Shirato let out a satisfying sigh. His red shining eyes look at Emily’s pretty body as if he is licking a naked body.

Unlike Kenichi, Shirato can’t use his wave to make Emily feel good like Kenichi´s red tentacles, because he originally was a half-devil that can’t use any magic. However, when he insert his penis inside a woman and touch the vagina directly, then it is possible for him to release his wave and to make that woman horny.

And at the moment, he spreads Emily´s white legs and placed his son against her crotch.


Emily starts to rampage again. However, Shirato put his hand on her cheek casually this time and suppressed her by violence. The partner is a weak woman and there is no way for her to resist the the power of a savage man like Shirato even if her head is unyielding.

“Hey! Resignate already!”

Shirato who has raped a lot of woman who dislikes it removes Emily´s pretty light blue underwear skillfully. A dark blonde bush appears, which indicates that Emily ‘s blond hair is not dyed. Of course the entrance to her petal is still closed.

(Aaa…noo!! Please help! ! Someone…Papa! Mama!! David!!!)

The moment approaches with the cold of Shirato´s lower body and Emily´s heart is blackened by despair while calling her lover’s name. Humiliation and fear, unbearable as a woman. A sexual act of violence that denies a noble character. It is a nightmare that swings like a pestilence to herself.

Something huge and hot will be pushed to the most important point that normally should belong to her lover David.

(God! Please help me!!)

The only thing Emily can rely on now is God, although Emily is usually a thin believer. If there is a devil, there must be God. It has been told many times in “SHADO”.

(Please! God! Help me!!!)

She sincerely prays to God. That pure prayer is the first time in her life. Now that she will be violated by that wicked man, Emily can just do that.


However, Emily who is closing her eyes and prays heard a low voice from the bottom of hell. Along with that voice comes a thin laughter, before a burning mass tears inside her body.

“Higiiiiiiii!!! Noooooooo!!!!”

Emily ‘s desperate prayer doesn’t reach God.

Shirato´s sturdy penis splits the narrow mucous membrane which isn’t wet at all with one thrust. Emily is crying because of the excessive pain. She cries because of the fact that her purity was stolen by this wicked man.

“Ouch, Ouch!!! Iaaaaa!!!! Ouch!!!! Oucchh!!!!”

It was cut off. Blood is coming out thinly from Emily’s vagina hole. Shirato who is staring at it with his red eyes and a chilling smile, slowly sinks his weapon into the womb of this beautiful woman.

“Higiiiiii!!! Agiiiiiii!!!!”

As if to prolong the pain, Shirato invades his alter ego. He enjoys it from the bottom of his heart how the good-looks of Emily is distorted by pain.

His face is cruel and ugly like a real demon. Emily on the other hand can’t faint because of the pain and just keeps screaming. This penis is larger than that of her boyfriend and nothing else can be thought of than having lost her virginity. Anyway, a penis of the size more than double of a usual man is inside her vagina.

(It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!!)

The humiliation and despair of being filthy, let the severe pain be forgotten. Emily, a pretty British woman who came to Japan, her mother´s home country is completely mocked with her personality and physical body by an gangster.

After Shirato buried ninety percent, he stopped his movement to confirm the reaction of Emily, and look into her face from above. Even though he has recovered more than a little while ago, his face still remains damaged and is swollen with red blood attached on it.

(Aaa…I´m sorry…David…)

Emily apologizes to her fiance in her heart while enduring the pain of my groin with tears in her eyes. Later, her tears overflowed and fall down from her beautiful blue eyes.

“What…. Is she thinking about her boyfriend…”

Shirato laughs while looking down at Emily who is crying from above.

“Kuu! Right away…I will erase you right away!!!”

Emily who blasphemes gazes at the devil that reveals itself to mankind. Even though her body was stained, her heart wasnt corrupted. Even if she loses today, she will fight back immediately, she will definitely erase this devil by herself.

“Erase? What are you talking about?”

Because Shirato doesn’t know the existence of “SHADO”, such a reaction is commonplace.


About an hour ago. When the beautiful young wife was violated in this room and energy was deprived, a thunder of an explosive energy suddenly descended from the sky, the whole body was supported and the ability expanded momentarily. It was his power to become stronger day by day, but it barely covered the apartment.

It was momentarily amplified tremendously and Shirato felt that a black wave spread and around the vicinity. At that time, a car parked next to the apartment and this woman who was manipulating a machine inside were found.

Shirato didn’t know what she was doing, but he was convinced that it was something against him. Therefore he jumped out of the room and attacked the woman in the car. It was a Caucasian young woman who probably was a police officer and Shirato who didn’t know why she observed him, he understood that this is the best woman he can obtain so far. After eating her up completely, she surely will spill out her purpose.

Although she might be broken before that.

I’ll make you my meat urinal just like those women…”

Shirato tells Emily the death sentence in a low voice while pointing to the women who don’t move like corpses on top of the bed.

Now that he got this powerful power, he is absolutely confident that everything will be as he wants. He can hunt as many women as he likes and he will be greedy as much as he wants. In the past he already was surrounded by beautiful women, but with this power he can do anything he wants. Every time he gets energy from a woman, he has an feeling of absolutely invincibility.

“I, I will never be under your compassion!”

Emily still only opens one eye and stares at this wicked man while answering back. She who has the duty to exterminate devils cannot succumb to a devil. She is a elite member of SHADO, suo her sense of justice and responsibility, bravely fight against the devil.

“Huhuhu…its fun…”

But for Shirato, this reaction is only a wishful thought. His back is thrilled to the joy to rape a strong-willed woman after a long time.

“Please struggle even more”

Shirato who suddenly moves his waist that has stopped pierced the vagina back straight and made Emily scream loudly. Pain runs through the core of her body and it is something that she never felt from her boyfriend.

“For starters, I will ejaculate inside plenty…”
“What…. I, Iyaaa!!! That is absolutely unpleasant!!”

Knowing the meaning of that man’s words, Emily is scared now from the bottom of her heart. Receiving the sperm of this Inma inside the womb, absolutely should have never happen.

“Hey, receive it completely!”
“Iyaaaaaaa!! Iya, Iyaa!! Nooooo!!!! Aaa!!”

However, Shirato who has endured since a little while ago released his evil sperm without any hesitation. The demon sperm will surely sunk to the cervix tube.

“Hiiiiiiii!!! Aaaaaaa!!!!”

His penis trembles inside Emily´s womb. Emily felt her eyes becoming hot from the impact and pulsating of the ejaculation.

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