Inma no Hado chapter 220

Chapter 220: Exposure



A dull sound and shock. The muscle of the shoulder which catches a heavy fist screams. But there is no time to feel sore. Kenichi frantically use a jump to take distance.


It was a direct hit for the second time. Although shallow, the damage is still enormous. Anyway, the opponent is a devil hosts and his punches and kicks have been strengthened by magic. On the other hand, Kenichi also use magic to defend, but the shock breaks through it and hurt the muscle tissue and internal organs. Some bones are already broken.


Kenichi´s breath is rough and the breathing is painful. Physical strength has become extraordinary since the fusion with the Inma, but if you move around too much with magic power, the limit will come soon.

“Kuchichichichi…it’s over…”

Usami’s breath isn’t disturbed at all. Because the fear overflowing from Yuki and Junko is absorbed by him and replenished his energy. A normal devil is good at fighting unlike an Inma because its nourishment are human’s negative feelings. Even with the same devil, its combat strength is orders of magnitude.


The voice like a monster bird, Usami ends the pause with a phenomenal jump forward again. Shaking the knife in his right hand, Kenichi dodged it in the orbit. However, the prong of the knife stops in the middle, and the vector is changed in another direction disregarding the moment of inertia of the movement.


Red blood splashes. Kenichi can’t keep up with the movements of patterns that are different from before and the right arm is cut. The suit was sputtered and the blood erupted from there. It’s not a fatal injury or a slight injury. Obviously the meat has been scooped down by a few centimeters deep.


It is deeper than ever and clearly hurt a big blood vessels. Usami and Kenichi who saw it understand it and the beautiful women scream out of fear and despair. However, there was nothing strange in the town in the early morning, and no one was seen since a little while ago. Even if Junko and Yuki scream a little, only eerie, black crows gather since a while ago.

(Not good…not good…)

Kenichi tried desperately to hold his hand and try to stop the bleeding, but there is no point in moving violently. Blood gradually flows out from the wound which has been owed up to now and Kenichi begins to faint lightly. He is clearly in the state of anemia.

“Aaaa…I guess it is over…bad luck for you…kihihihihi…”

Usami who laughs joyfully glares at Kenichi whose movement started to become dull at last. His mouth is really wide open as if it were tearing up to the ear. Reiko seems to raise a scream when she sees that horrible face.

(He is causing a transformation…)

It is a phenomenon that appears occasionally to a devil host. It is a phenomenon in which the human body is physically transformed by the power of the devil to the form of the devil who is a mental body which does not exist in reality. The investigations of “SHADO” up to now have discovered humans who grew a horn on their heads or a tail. If they continue to use the magic of the devil, the physical tissues will change to respond to the inside. It is thought that the devils and monsters which come out of myths and legends show the appearance of such devil hosts.

“Jaaa…at last I will raise out your heart…but before that, I´ll pierce your eyeballs…kihihihihihi…”

Usami’s voice has changed a bit, it is somewhat shrill and harsh. A black mist rises from the body and the face of Kenichi is hit by hot air.


Overwhelming hostility is released and the concentration and pressure in front of his eyes darkens. A evil devil’s thought puts even a healthy man into sickness. Such a dark and wicked energy is hit, and willpower and strength are cut off more and more.


When Usami´s long arms are swayed, the air is cut and fists fly. That speed cant be taken even by Kenichi´s magic eyes.


Kenichi was lost for a moment, but bent desperately to rely on intuition and slight overcome the situation. A horrible sound is heard, when the iron fists that can crush rocks passed over his head.


Next moment. On the left shoulder, which is completely defenseless, a knife is stabbed in at a scary speed. It crushed the meat, and the long blade is sucked into the shoulder without being able to avoid it. While shaking the right hand reflexively to hit the opponent, Usami releases the knife before that and retreats backwards.


Painful pain not to be compared to the past runs from the shoulder to the brain. It seems like Kenichi´s vision is playing a joke on him as he can see the knife’s handle grows out of his own shoulder, while his arms completely stopped functioning.


A scream like a soul clears up. For ordinary people it is a sight to become a trauma, so Yuki and Junko screams as if they panicked out of shock. But ironically, the more they feel horror, the more it becomes Usami’s energy.

“Hehehehehe…good voice dane…good voice dane…”

Usami smiles satisfiably when sucking in the white fog-like energy. For the evil creature that hurts the opponent and absorbs fear, despair and anger, the negative feelings of these beautiful women are incompatible treats.


(Something…if I don’t do something…)

Reiko want to turn away from the ghostly act in front of her eyes, but she stares at the battle desperately struggling with fear. She is sure her man will be killed.

(But…but what should I do…)

She is the director of “SHADO”, but now she doesn’t have any particular equipment. Her stun gun isn’t carried on days off, let alone the wave destruction machine, so there is no art to seal the magic of an devil. If she was a man and were good at fighting, she wouldn’t even be able to beat that man now. There is no hope of winning a one-on-one no matter how much a human trained against a devil host who has overwhelming physical ability.

(As it is…that person…but…)

Kenichi has a knife stabbed in his shoulder and bled from the other arm. It is not only the arms. There is a cut in his forehead, belly and legs and blood flows from there. The red blood is bright and red and it is awfully to the eyes. He has survived against a devil host so far as he also used magic. Being embraced by him many times, he is surely also a devil host, and probably fused with a Inma who absorbs the sexual energy of the opposite sex. Even if the fact is unpleasant, Reiko is confronted with it.

(But…saying so…but…)

If he fused with a devil, he must be erased. In other words, even if the man is killed as it is, it is not a bad result for “SHADO”. However, originally he was a man who became a devil host by fusing with a devil. Murder is about to take place in front of you. Is it okay to miss it silently?

(But…what shall I do…aaa…)

There is no way to help originally. Reiko is powerless in front of the battle between devils. She has no choice but to keep silent and see. Whether it’s a correct answer or incorrect, can not be judged by her messy head as her usually calm and lucid brain is numbed.

“Huchichichichichi, this is the last…”

A high-pitched voice like a metallic sound. The moment that these word are originated, a black mist more than up to now comes from his whole body and is used to attack Kenichi. The next moment, the man becomes a black mass at an unbelievable speed and attacks Kenichi.

(No, Not good…)

Reiko realized that that man went easy so far, but Usami had already come in front of Kenichi.

“Hehehehehe…this will be your last moments in this world, die…”

Usami’s face, grinning in front of her eyes, slowly transforms into a demon. However, Kenichi who became numb can’t do anything and only stares at it with surprise. The red eyes gleaming violently and the wide opened mouth of Usami let him resemble like a guiding person to hell.

When Usami flows like slow motion, he accelerates the flow at once.

Next moment. Like thunder, the right fist is swung down and heads straight toward Kenichi ‘s temple. This speedy fist infused with magic, becomes a deadly weapon that penetrates even iron. Even though Kenichi is full of magic powers, he is losing his physical strength, blood and magic power and now he can’t prevent it like the fragile body of an ordinary human.


The head crushed like a tomato. Three beautiful screams are heard, which is expected from that sight. The proof is proved to be quite right. So everyone believed. Even Kenichi.

(I…I am going to die here…)

Kenichi got instinctive with his numb head. He can’t do anything and will just look at the speedy fist with dismal eyes. It is only a moment, but times becomes like eternity.

(I don’t want to die!! I cant die yet!!!)

It is a primitive instinct, a shout of obsession with life of all animals. As it triggered, consciousness sinks into the darkness. And a voice is heard.

『Wake up to real power』



The next moment, a gakin sound is heard. It is not the sound emitted by a body, it sounds like tapping metal. A sound hitting against something heavy and hard.


Usami was the first who noticed the strangeness. He felt that his fist struck a wall that he couldn’t see and bounced back.

“Wh, What, what…”

Next Reiko noticed it. The head of that man was about to be knocked down, but his fist was bounced back in the air. Everyone stops moving with the same posture.


Suddenly, a terrible howl is voiced out. It is a scream of a beast containing anger, a roaring of a fierce carnivorous beast like a lion or a tiger freezing one’s soul.


When Kenichi who was attacked unilaterally swings his right hand, it hits Usami’s face with a fearful speed. The crushed sound of meat is delayed for a moment and the opponent’s body flies to the back.

(Wh, what…what happened…?)

Reiko is stunned. Kenichi was stabbed by a knife, his head was hit hard and he is bleeding all over his body. On the other side, Usami who flew a few meters stabilized himself and is watching Kenichi with a stunned face. It’s not understandable. His eyes and body influenced by a devil couldn’t avoid Kenichi’s fist.

The fist of the right hand who hit Usami’s face hard is stained red with the opponent’s blood. Kenichi´s eyes shine red like a gleaming ruby. Looking at the expressionless and eerie face, Reiko instantly understands what happened.

(P, perfect wave resonance…)

Although Yuki and Junko have their eyes open, they are somewhat doing nothing. Their eyes also glow red, which is an evidence that their biological waves resonate and amplify the devil power of Kenichi multiple times. The true power a devil has.


The moaning of a animal is raised and Kenichi advanced with a leapfrog, but Usami quickly got up and fought back with a half-crushed face. Shaking his left leg at a frightening speed, he can turn and kick the angle and orbit absolutely inevitable if it was Kenichi just a moment ago.


But just before the kick reached, Kenichi’s left hand hit Usami´s face. The shoulder with the knife stuck in it moves smoothly and the fist of speed exceeding the sound velocity is sucked into Usami’s face. Explosive speed and a fist with the power of magnitude.

Sounds of broken meat and a animalic groan is heard. Usami quietly stops his activity before long as his body which was thrown to the ground again and his head twitched for a while. That means one thing.

(D, Dead…)

It is clear that the bloody head stopped working and Usami´s life activity has stopped without seeing it. Before long, something like a black mist appeared from his corpse lying on the road, and while it was drifting for a while, it gradually thinned out into the morning air as it bathed in the sunlight.

(He won…. This man has the power of a devil king…)

Kenichi is staring at Usami who became a dead body with his red eyes like a gangster. Melancholy rises from his whole body in the morning sun and even to Reiko who has no magic eyes, she felt that overwhelming power is overflowing from his bloody body.

But as the light of his eyes slowly disappears, Kenichi falls to the ground like a lump of wood. Junko´s and Yuki’s pupil color also returns to its original shape so that they responds to the sound and shock and eventually focused their black eyes.

“Iyaaa!! Kenichi-sama!! Kenichi-samaa!!”
“It is serious…aaaa…ambulance…I have to call an ambulance…”

There are signs that someone is coming from afar as hearing their voices who are making a fuss. Reiko, who was stunned, finally returns to herself.

(From here…if I don’t run away from here …!)

The other two panicked, as Kenichi collapsed on the road. Reiko Arisawa, who confirmed the situation, run away without them noticing. It was an action taken unconsciously, but she has a reason to do so. To protect the secret that should never be known as she is the director of “SHADO” and a police chief who is erasing devils.

(Run away…I have to run away…hiiiiii!!!!)

Reiko is driven by an intense escape instinct and she while wearing high heels. She managed to get to the other side of the downtown area and picked up a taxi there. She thought that she would go to her home as it is, but she thought again and drove to the Tokyo Police Department. It is because she ran, that her heart is beating madly since a while ago.

(That…That…what to do…)

She still can’t believe what happened in front of her……that two devil hosts fought against each other and one of them was killed. It’s just shocking, but this fact is so shocking that it can’t be described.

(That man…he was a bad guy…)

The partner she had a affair with which she held secret from her husband is definitely a devil host and a bad guy. She was drowning in pleasure, betraying her husband and herself. There are still plenty of evil evidences inside her two holes.

(But…absolutely that guy…. Maou…he really is a devil king…)

The existence of the devil king that they have been looking for so far. That power was proved in front of her. The legendary devil that resonates its own wave with the opponent at high altitudes and multiplies its power. In Japan it was called the sixth heavenly king, like Nobunaga Oda, a monster which appears once in hundreds of years.

(I was able to communicate with that devil king…aaa…how terrible…)

She who is the director of “SHADO” has slept with this man who they were looking for many times so far. Doing shameful things that she didn’t even have done with her husband and that with a lot of passion and on her own doing or together with other females. She abandoned her husband and children because of this devil, who is the enemy of mankind.

“Dear customer, are you all right…”

The driver calls out to Reiko worrisome, but she only shakes her pale head as she cant reply. Her heart froze out of embarrassment and fear only from remembering what she has done and her body who sat on the seat of the taxi has been trembling.

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