Inma no Hado chapter 223

Inma no Hado chapter 223: Catastrophic pleasures



In a private room of the male toilet at the hospital. While being violated from behind while standing and having the skirt rolled up to the waist, the busty good looking nurse has endured desperately to boil the lust raging inside her body. On the other side of the toilet door, there is the surgeon who is her fiance.

(No! No No!!! Stop!! Please dont move!!!)

Misao begs with cold sweat all over her body and fear. Her violent voice that seems to leak is blocked with a kiss and she appeals to Kenichi who fucks her from behind with a sorrowful look.

But the brutal and mean Kenichi stimulates Misao´s weak points with the huge tip since a little while ago. Even with a slight movement, the angle and strength are destructive and the big-breasted nurse is desperately standing while being excited from a little while ago.

(Aaa!!! Al, already…. Quickly…quickly disappear…)

The two doctors who washed their hands are not leaving yet. They heard a little cry raised earlier and wondering whether to check the state of the private rooms.


Misao bites her lips so that blood goes out and resists the tsunami of ecstasy which attacks. The pressure of the magma that swells up more and more melts her body with a violence that roasts her brain. She tries desperately to keep her voice from leaking out.

(Quickly…aaa…please…. Leave…)

She wanted them to leave quickly from here. She feels it for a long time now that her she burns with a pleasure-like hellfire that covers her whole body. She even feels hatred for those two are too lazy to leave this place.

(What are you doing? Why are you not gone!! …Aaaa…quickly…get out of here!!!!)

But God seems to have decided to give Misao a further test. As footsteps approached just outside the door, her beloved fiance spoke.

“What’s the matter? Are you feeling bad?”

(Hiiiiiii!! What should I do? What are we going to do? Aaaa!!!!)

Her body trembles first, as Misao panics. She doesn’t know what to do, but she just makes her body muscles stronger like a stone. The piston movement which had continued for a while also stopped by the sphincter which tightened strongly.

“Hey…what are you doing in there? Open this place!”

(Hiiii!! Noooo!!! Aaaa!!!)

After speaking several times, the surgeon becomes angry because of the lack of an answer. The poor pretty nurse doesn’t have a comfortable feeling when her fiance starts beating the door in the course of time and only tremble with fear. Her melting head cant thought of anything and only is able to put power into her body so as not to make a sound.

“This is a hospital! What are you doing? Come out quickly!!”

The surgeon begins to yell even louder even if he confirms that there was no response. He decided to discipline that unfaithful people who has sex in such a place.

(What to do…aaa!! What should I do!!!)

Of course Misao cant reply. The other person is her fiance who she gets married to in a few weeks. She cant be seen even if she dies, the scene that she has sex with a patient in the hospital’s toilet. She panics from too much fear.

(Hiiiiii!!! Stop it! Stop it!! Hurry, get out!!!)

In fact it were only a few minutes. However, for Misao who is breathing thinly in the private room, it is a length that can be thought of as eternity. Time flows slowly, like a high-viscosity coal tar.

“Hey! I know that there is a woman inside! Why dont you reply! I wont leave here until you answer!! So come out quickly!!!”

(Aaaaaaa…lie…aaaa…hiiiii!!!! Dont hit!! Keep quiet!! Please leave quickly!!!)

The sound of the door being beaten drives even more frustrating feeling inside Misao. If you make such a loud noise, a lot of humans will come to hear this fuss. There is no escape place anywhere with one door. Her mind blackened with hopelessness and fear.

(Hiiiii!!! Nooooooo!!)

At that time, the penis inside her womb that penetrated herself from behind began pulsing. Pushing out the narrow vaginal meat and lifting up the little loose sphincter muscle, it starts rubbing the sensitive interior.

(Stop it!! Dont do it!! Aaaaa!!! Stop it!!!!!!)

A closed space where she cant escape to anywhere. Her fiance is outside. In that situation standing still and being pushed against the wall, Misao is fucked from behind, Misao’s erotic character, which had been rising, starts to rise again.

(NoNoNoーーーー!!! Stop it!!! Please!!!)

Desperately shaking her head to protest, but of course such a thing doesn’t have any effect on Kenichi. On the contrary, he begins to slowly move his waist, like enjoying the taste of Misao´s harassment that was tightened by fear. Driving her crazy with his son suddenly. Every time he moves, her huge breasts shake inside the pink lace bra.


A short but high voice is raised involuntarily. Her body is more sensitive and easy to feel than normal. It is so because of the Inma magic that is further raised and the vital points inside her pussy are properly stimulated. Moreover, the situation of such a limit makes her M’s blood burn out even if she didn’t notice it by herself.

“Yo, You!! After all, the voice of a woman!! This is the men’s restroom!!! You, what are you doing inside there!!! Come out quickly!!!

The surgeon’s pursuit becomes even tougher with the leaked voice.

It is obvious what is going on inside and it is indisputable in front of the door whether he will allow absolutely obscene acts in his own workplace.

(Hiiiii!!! Al, Already no more!! Nooooo!!! Stop!!!!)

On the other hand, Misao´s body explodes by this extreme condition. The climax which can’t escape is raging like a tsunami to find the way to the exit. If it is normal, this wonderful nurse should have reached the climax a long time if it was her sweet fiance. It is impossible to do so but only the pressure has risen, and it is a miserable hardship.

(If it remains as it is…as it is…nhiiiiii!!!!)

Ruin. This word spins around and around in her burning head. A happy married life. A warm family with a friendly husband. Warm blessings from parents and relatives. All happiness that she had imagined are destroyed.

But Kenichi who enjoys the despair of such a beautiful woman, slowly but surely thrust up the key point. The energy of despair and pleasure that this busty nurse released carefully is a food of the highest grade for the hungry Incubus inside Kenichi. Misao´s chest which pushed out from the bra because of sweat is massaged by Kenichi as he wants.

“Hey! Come out! I wont move away from here until you come out!!!

The door is beaten strongly. It shakes violently and it is likely to open at any moment, and the impatience feeling and fear paralyzes the body. On the other hand, the meat spear tears Misao´s vagina apart and drives her to a red catastrophe.

(Th, There is not good! There is aaaa…this place…. Al, Already no more…aaaa!!! Already…already…aaaaa!!)

One more minute, one more second. Misao had to endure the wave of ecstasy that she had experienced many times over and over again, but it was already her limit. The time when the spirit of this beautiful nurse finally collapses will come shortly because she cannot endure the torture like pleasure hell anymore.

(Interior…aaaa!!! If you thrust so deep…then the interior is weak ooo!!! Aaaa…already…already, not good…aaaa!!!)

Her heart will be broken in a little. The devil stings the last stop as if to exploit it. The hand which was rubbing the chest slips into the bra and the nipples which became sharp and hardened are twisted up with the fingers. The key point of Misao’s body which she feels the most.

(Nooooooo!!!! That nooootttt goooddddd!!!)

That moment. An explosive catharsis penetrates the body like a blitz.


This pretty nurse who momentarily loses her consciousness raises a beast-like roar and falls to ecstasy. The magma of desire which accumulates is going through from the inside of the womb to the cerebrum while melting the reason, fear, and perseverance and the person herself into a mud.

“Nhiiiiiiiiii!!! Aahiiiiiiii!!!!”

She doesn’t mind anymore if her voice is heard outside and a big loud voice overflows exposing the pleasure she feels. The pores of the whole body are opened and the ecstasy steam blows up from there. At the same time, the vaginal meat packed tightly from the entrance to the deepest part with an invader still inside.


Misao screams while shedding tears. In exchange for a happy married life, she got the highest euphoria in her life. The liberation of desire accumulated into a puddle is a huge lightning bolt that completely destroys the reason.


It is almost one minute. Misao slowly releases her consciousness while the abnormally long ecstasy finishes soon and makes her whole body have convulsions.


A convulsing woman. Kenichi who greedily absorbs the white sexual energy that blows up from Misao´s whole body leaks a satisfying sigh to this massive and exquisite food. It is a magic bullet in above all for the damaged body as it is likely to become materialistic.

(Well, this is how it is…)

He was able to get an extraordinary amount of energy for letting Misao endure the climax severely. In addition, the hot body, the explosion from the abnormal situation and the fear is well mixed and becomes a superb flavor. Sucking up all that, Kenichi sighs satisfyingly.

(It was a bit overdocted…)

The woman in his hands was outstandingly powerful but has no strength left anymore. The circuit of the brain burned out due to too much pleasure, so she fainted. When Kenichi let go of his hands, Misao who lost consciousness lay on the floor and his son is pulled out. Afterwards a large amount of liquid was flowing out.

(Well…. I wonder if it is okay now…)

When Kenichi looked at the outside situation with his super-sense triggered, there was no one before them. After confirming it, he grins like a devil.

Just a minute before Misao released a loud roar, the surgeon remembered that the emergency ringing sound was ringing from the PHS that the surgeon had. It seems that a patient with a traffic accident that happened nearby was carried by the ambulance to this hospital. The surgeon who tried to blame Kenichi in the toilet moved inevitably to the ER room by the call. Of course he didn’t realize that it was Misao who went crazy with confusion and pleasure.

“It was good that your fiance didn’t find out.You can have a happy married life with this now”

Kenichi makes a evil laugh while putting on his trousers.

(Okay…shall I get a little more now?)

Although he was able to replenish considerably with the sexual energy absorbed from Misao, the magical power is still not enough. In order to prepare for the attack of “SHADO” that will come soon, he should give priority to returning to his original state as soon as possible.

(Well, I wonder if I can leave the hospital tomorrow if this is the case…)

It was possible to recover almost in two days by magic though it was a big injury. So he doesn’t have to stay here forever. The reason is not to be in the hospital indefinitely even though there was a need of treatment.

And, because there are a lot of sex slaves in the school and at home, Kenichi will enjoy their sweet bodies and energy to the fullest. When he opened the door and walked out into the hallway with an innocent smile, he saw a woman walking in a white robe over there. In the dim light, her maroon hair shakes and her well-lit white small face is visible. A beautiful woman who gives the impression that the lip which turned up a little is somewhat amorous. Kenichi is sure that she is a female doctor of the pediatric surgery and it is seen that she walks to the building in which Kenichi is hospitalized.

It is a female doctor who seems to be high-educated and proud. She has a slender body that can be seen from the distance of the dark corridor. Something like a blue fog comes out from the white coat which wraps up her body and Kenichi´s red eyes can clearly see that it is covering her whole body. Kenichi laughed by confirming her living body aura and he began to walk slowly to chase after her.

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