Inma no Hado chapter 238

Inma no Hado chapter 238: The power of “SHADO”



A chair falls on the floor with a rattling sound.

There was a loud noise in the quiet lounge and the sitting Kenichi collapsed on the spot. It is as if his whole body muscles relaxed, apparently unnatural fall way. Without taking passive, the body lays down on the floor behind the chair.

1 second…2 seconds…3 seconds.

While looking at Kenichi lying on the floor and standing still, Reiko runs a gaze at him. A female member of “SHADO” who dressed as a waitress has nodded towards Reiko and makes a thumbs up.

(…Did it work…?)

She hears a low humming sound even in this remote place. While listening to the operating noise of its characteristic wave destroying machine, Reiko looks at the target who lies on the floor. Although she has knowledge by watching reports and videos of her employees, it is the first time for her to see a disabled devil host under the effect of the wave destroying machine.

(Good…this is a success now…)

I am relieved a little. But the next moment. When the falling red eyes of Kenichi shimmered, the body jumped without any preliminary action.


It is an abnormal movement like turning the film backwards. Reiko screams out of surprised as Kenichi is standing in front of her. Time stops in a moment. All “SHADO” members who were around freeze unexpectedly for a moment.

“It seems that power was weak a bit…”

As he said that, when he turns around, he straightens his body to the left. Beyond that, of course that equipment.

(Wave destroying machine!!)

Shorten the distance in a flash, Kenichi kicks away the stun gun that the female member who dressed as a waitress shoots at the machine. The precision machine which was on the wagon easily falls to the floor and makes a big sound. The sound like a low groan stopped with that.


Kenichi, whose body got lighter at a stretch, kicks off the waitress and reap consciousness and approaches Reiko who is standing stunned again. The time that had stopped during that time began to move again and the footsteps of a number of people running towards Reiko and Kenichi are heard.

“Why…Why aren’t you running away?”

The devil host approaches herself gently. If it is normal, you would hide yourself somehow without thinking of hostile to “SHADO”.

“…Escape? Is it useless if I escape? There is no doubt that I will be caught sooner or later if I hide from running away, as long as I dont escape, you only have to settle with me at this place, isn’t it so?”

It was already decided so before he came here. Kenichi unleashes as a matter of course. It is just a argument, but it is also an incredible bullish. Does he has absolute confidence with his abilities? Or….

“Director! Please get away!”

When Reiko heard that, she saw some figures who set up their stun guns. Outrageous appearances wearing helmets. Everyone is wearing familiar battle clothes. They are members of the most reliable battle group against devils.

“Hurry! Prepare a spare machine as soon as possible!”
“Not just one, you can use as much as you want! Bring portable ones too!”

Apart from the battle dressed men, a good amount of members who disguised themselves as hotel employees are shouting. For Kenichi who has power exceeding an intermediate lvl Inma now, Reiko think that Kenichi can’t be suppressed with a single machine and she intends to use all the equipment available. Whether there is such a thing, she prepares the backup sufficiently.


Of course there is no duty to wait silently for their preparation. Kenichi plunges into a corner surrounding him.

Along with the sound of bashing, a silver electrode is launched at him from a stun gun. If he touch it, the high pressure of tens of thousands of volts strikes his body, but Kenichi dodges it in a moment with his magic eyes. Dynamic separation of human eyesight and reflexes. The nerves on his whole body activated with magic power and makes it possible for him to do so.

However, Kenichi´s opponents also are experts trained with specializing on fighting devils. Even if each person’s ability is inferior to a devil host, they suppress the movement of the devil in cooperation with team work.

One man who flies from the front is attacking with his hands, another one attempts to thin the opponent, while a third one launches the stun gun. Kenichi who sensed it with his wave radar that it was released at the timing that he absolutely didn’t agree with it, strengthens all his muscles and avoids it by a hares brief.

In addition, another electrode attacks from another direction there. The high-speed arrow with a silver thin lead line flies away to the vain forward without capturing Kenichi. Unfortunately, a SHADO member who was on that extension battle is the victim of the electric shock instead of Kenichi.


The man preparing for the wave destroying machine trembled with his body. However, other men wearing battle clothes chase Kenichi more without disturbing each other.

“Protect the machine! Never make him come closer!!”
“I don’t think you’ll be able to defeat him! Just stop his movement!”
“Hurry! Let’s get it to work soon!”

When a man who seemed to be the leader of the battle group issued an instruction properly, the five men wearing battle clothes formed a form to protect the machine. Behind them, two machines are prepared, and there are some people who carried backpacks behind them. It is the recently developed portable type wave destroying machine that is inside the backpacks.


Even if Kenichi powers up his magic power to the limit, it will be disabled if all of it runs out. But there is no exit behind the lounge, already the escape path is blocked. He has to break through these guys in front of him.


Kenichi dashes forward with the power of his whole body. With muscular strength that creates explosive power, he pushes like a bullet at a speed far exceeding the world record. A few silver arrows come flying from the front with a few shouts, but Kenichi is avoiding all of them and pushing forward.


But just afterward, another arrow fly from the side. It was an exquisite place and timing. Kenichi twists his body to avoid it, but because of that, the motion vector faces in another direction.

(I won’t make it!)

Kenichi who confirmed the preparation of the second shooting at the corner of his eyes is prepared, so he steps on the foot and set the acceleration to zero in an instant, he flies backward again and take a distance. Sudden stop from rapid acceleration and rapid turning in the opposite direction. The muscles of his whole body scream at all, but he can’t afford to take care of such a thing.

(That’s an obstacle…)

The man who shoots from the side with exquisite timing is watching here with glaring eyes. Kenichi cant see his face because of the eyed cap, but he quickly remembered as he saw that eye. Although it was a long time, Kenichi´s face gets miserable.

“What…you…. You’re still a part of “SHADO”…”

Although Kenichi is cornered, as he mocks that guy with saying so, the eyes of that man started to burn with passion. Kenichi remembered that he was taken down by him before but he stole the lover from that man who is very angry.

“I will never forgive you. …I will absolutely kill you!”

This man who has the number one ability in “SHADO” is called Yuusuke Nagato, former lover of Noriko Aoyama and shouts like a curse with a crooked voice.

As soon as Kenichi recognize it, he once again loses his power in his body and falls to his knees. Although he tried to steadily stop trying to fall down on the spot, he already used a lot of magic power and it seemed to be unlikely to continue for a long time.

(Kuu…. What will you do…?)

A low tone is echoing. A disliked machine sound that has been heard many times. Kenichi is completely lying down when he hears it from another direction.

“Unit 2, Unit 3 are running, P1 is also starting, P2, P3 will be ready soon”

At this point, three units including a wave destroying machine are in operation including a portable type and the biological wave motion of Kenichi is canceled by the wave phase of the opposite phase. Although consciousness is kept clear, power doesn’t enter his whole body.

(Guuuuu…. Th, This isn’t good…)

Kenichi tries to overcome it with the magic power that he somehow powered up, but as expected it is unlikely to win against the power of three machines. It is painful to use the enormous force although it was instantaneous, in order to counter the first machine more than anything.

(This time…this time I´m caught…)

Kenichi is lying on the floor in front of Reiko, his limbs are loose as if he lost the power of his whole body. His pupils lose light and are just open to the emptiness.

“Secure him!”

As soon as Reiko shouts so briefly, men in battle clothes who had already taken actions rushed over while holding stun guns. When Yuusuke quickly restrained Kenichi’s body, he put Kenichi´s hands behind and restricted them with the handcuffs held in his hand. The legs are then connected in the same way and Kenichi is completely disabled in no time.

The remaining four men have stun guns in their hands and are standing carelessly. In case Kenichi would rampage. But the target who is completely out of power has been left to be quiet.

“Secure completed!”

Yuusuke Nagato announces it while holding down Kenichi who lost his power. The other men who are surround him are looking down on Kenichi lying on the floor.


Everything ends in the blink of an eye. It is the result of simulating many times and they knew it would be such a thing. At one point Reiko sighs but still breathed her breath because the strategy succeeded without any problems. Because she usually stay in the headquarters and never comes out to the scene, she can not stop the pulsating in her chest after attending the actual capturing scene.

“How about the wave measurement instrument?”
“…No problem!”

The woman who is in the analytical team who has dressed as a waitress reports so to Reiko while watching the PC at hand. The machine is groaning with a humming sound beside her, and its low sound spreads to the quiet lounge.

“How about the output?”
“There is no problem, there are still two spare machines and even if magic power goes up, we can cope well enough!”

The woman answers clearly while watching the PC screen. She is also getting nervous. her half hidden face looks sweaty and pale.

(It couldn’t be adjusted completely, but it seems to have managed somehow…)

If it was perfectly adjusted, even one could handle it enough, but they couldn’t do it because Emily wasn’t there. But it is also assumed. They have brought six state-of-the-art machines to this operation. Unlike that emitted by a living body, the wave generated in a machine has no output limit as long as there is enough electric power and can be reinforced as much as a plurality of machines. Even if the reverse phase wave is somewhat sweet, it can be held down with the power of a mighty machine.

“…You can hear my voice, don’t you? Kenichi Midou…”

Calling with a cold voice and expression, they can only hear a slightly groaning voice. The wave emitted by the living body becomes almost zero, the skeletal muscle of Kenichi´s whole body relaxes and lies without power like a state of death. But his consciousness is clear. The light of his pupils that moves only there hasn’t disappeared completely.

“I secured you. I will transport you to the office from now on…. Now then, lets go”
“Pass the transport car behind the scooter, as planned, customers are still in!”

When a man who was on the other side talks to the communication device, each of the men takes the next action according to the determined role. Unnecessary personnel rush out to each station to prepare transportation vehicles and organize outpatient customers. So in the lounge there are only three women who are manipulating the machines in addition to the five men from the Battle Team and Reiko here.

“Okay, let’s carry him”

When the man who is the leader of the battle team orders his subordinates, the men support Kenichi who doesn’t move from left and right. They are turning the car to the front door of the hotel, so they are about to head to the headquarters.

(You´re too quick if you want to finish…)

Because the power doesn’t enter Kenichi´s muscles, Reiko thinks of his unconscious look of expression. Although he was surrounded, Reiko thought that there was something because he didn’t let go of his margin, but it seems that it was a fear. There are no signs that Arisa who was a former member moved.

“After all, Arisa didn’t come…”

So when she muttered it, the face of the man who was holding Kenichi from the left side firmly became steep. Reiko, who noticed it, suddenly remembered it.

“Talking about that, Nagato-kun……you were in the same class as Arisa and Aoyama-san?”

Yusuke Nagato, who was called out, has a look of suffering for a moment.

“At that time…Aoyama-san who went missing along with Arisa was in the same class as you…”

Yuusuke doesn’t reply this time. No, he can’t do it because of the ferocious feelings that blow through his chest. He only bites his lips.

Noriko who he had been dating secretly was now crazy about Kenichi and became his sex slave. Thinking about his missing girlfriend, he wants to kill that guy who is right next to him now.

Months ago. He volunteered as a member of the battle team and also joined Arisa´s and Noriko’s recapture operation but failed. Two people rushed into the apartment where they target was hiding, but when he noticed, he didn’t remember what happened, as he was sleeping in a hospital bed. He was miserable at that time, and the devil who made his beloved girl succumb to pleasure is hated so much that he wants to kill him.

He doesn’t know as to where Arisa and Noriko are right now. Are they still captivated by the pleasures given by this bastard, or have they been thrown away already? In any case the wounds of his heart that his lover and friend at the same time were the victim of this bastard will never be healed for the rest of his life.

“If we interrogate this man, we may also know where they are…”

Yuusuke doesn’t calm down from these words obediently. On the other hand, he is afraid of seeing the girls who have been corrupted by this loser and who have made their minds and bodies become frustrated. If Yuusuke meet them, what kind of face do they have and what words should he say? He doesn’t feel like being very calm.

(Guu! …Again…again…)

Suddenly his head hurt when he thought about it. As if something sharp had been inserted. Along with that, it seems like a foggy mist swirls in his head and in a moment the fluoride and consciousness seemed to be broken.

Yuusuke wonders when it began. Thus sometimes a severe headache, some sight revived like a flashback in front of him. It feels like something important to him, but the illusion in front of him is only slightly invisible without focus.

(What…what did I see, I…?)

Trying to recall, the headache becomes intense and he can’t think any further. Yuusuke who is frustrated by not being able to remember it though it is something important. Reiko who saw such a torture looks silent as she misunderstood it.


At that time they were ready and about to step towards the entrance, when they heard a hoarse voice.


It is a slightly leaked voice from Kenichi ‘s mouth which opened halfway. Reiko and Yuusuke stopped thinking unexpectedly by that voice. At this time, Kenichi gave out a voice that squeezed out using the remaining power, against the power of the wave destroying machine.


Cogito ergo sum. If you think what to say, what is descartes? When she thought so, a big impact pierced Reiko’s thin body.

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