Inma no Hado chapter 239

Inma no Hado chapter 239: Unreal reality




She doesn’t know what happened to her for a moment, but Reiko collapses on the spot with astonishment sticking to her face. She remembered that there was a shock on her chest and a thin silver line stretched from there as she looked down. If she looks ahead slowly and stupidly, it continues to a yellow gun held by a man in black dress. Reiko who is a non-combatant and a civilian officer cant resist against the shock of tens of thousands of volts that she received for the first time.

It seemed that her consciousness was flying for a short time and when somebody was on the top she noticed.


Screams are heard from around. It seems that the members who were operating the wave destroying machine are attacked although it isn’t visible for Reiko because she collapsed on the floor. So who is attacking them…

“Wh…What…Why, you guys…”

Reiko exclaims to an unbelievable sight with a hoarse voice. That is no problem.

The men wearing helmets and combat suits fired stun gun to the “SHADO” members who should be their allies and handcuffed their colleagues paralyzed by electric shock.


Five members of the battle team who don’t say anything detain the members one by one as they are familiar with it. Reiko herself was also lying on her face and has her hands restricted. A handcuff made of duralumin bites into her wrist and blood flows out from the skin rubbed against it a little. And the small machine attached to her waist is taken up without mercy.

“Th…that…. Why…”

To protect themselves from the waves of the devil, the wave cancelling machine was equipped by all “SHADO” members. It has minimal power, so it is not effective unless it is worn. In other words, when this is taken, they become completely defenseless to the wave motion of the devil.

(Why…we are supposed to be friends…)

When Reiko looked up to the floor of the lounge as if she looked for the answer, she raised her line of sight, there was Kenichi who was unchecked from handcuffs unnoticed and was calling someone with the smartphone he took out.

“…Ah, they came here…. As planned…”

When the short conversation was over, the face was turned towards Reiko The eyes of Kenichi laughing with a grin while grasping Reiko´s shining red mouth. The operation of the wave destroying machine stopped.

“It was regrettable, Reiko-san…. I thought it was a bit more…”
“…Aaa… ho, how…”

Kenichi responds with a gesture of shrugging his shoulders to the question.

During that time all the work was over, the men in battle clothes gathered again. Reiko doesn’t know their expressions well because they are wearing caps, but their eyes are somewhat with empty light. It is the same for Yuusuke Nagato who hated Kenichi intensely.

“Good. Then let’s go…”
“It’s decided, it’s your headquarters…”

Kenichi raises the body of Reiko who was lying on the floor and makes her stand as if he was holding her by the side.

“Aaa…st, stop…”

Reiko can’t resist with her body that is still under the effect of the electric shock, but surprisingly she is caught by Kenichi´s strong arms and comes close to him. It is such a time but something hot is overflowing from the part closely attached to him and Reiko understands that something slowly melts out.

“Well. We’re going to withdraw. Bring them up to the convoy”

When the five men in battle clothes are commanded, they hold the three women who were operating the wave destroying machines each aside and walk like dragging them. The women are also quiet and are in a condition to be carried by strong men. One out of three people is wearing a waitress outfit and the other two are wearing employees’ uniforms of the hotel.

“Heee~. Everyone is wearing an outfit unusual for police officers. This will be fun…”

Watching the three women who are all in their twenties, Kenichi grins happily. From his colorful expression, it is clear what he is thinking.

“Go ahead and get ready for the convoy, if you meet another member, say the strategy has ended and they shall promptly withdraw”

When Kenichi command with his two vacant hands, the men run off as they are told.


These men who are supposed to be “SHADO” members are moving according to the instructions of the enemy. Reiko doesn’t know why such a thing happen, but she tries to think with her numb head, but she can’t find an answer.

(Why…Why did they turn to the enemy’s side…. Why…. Are they being threatened by something?)

She thought about it and Reiko could see the figure of a person approaching here from the front. That woman in a simple suits runs down here with a small stroke. When she saw that woman, one of the guys in the combat suit trembled shaky, but he walks silently without doing anything more than that. He sounds like a robot who silently performs what he was commanded.

“No, No way…. That…you…you…”

When she saw the woman approaching, Reiko’s lucid brain found out the answer. She wonders why the members of the battle group are under the influence of the devil host.

“Aaa…th, that’s right…. After all, at that time…aaaa…what is that…”

Every piece that was disjointed gathers, it becomes a picture and shows the answer. Something broke down in Reiko when she understood that.

“This…because of this…that…”

And when the thing which was stuck is cut, the front of her eyes suddenly becomes dark. Reiko’s consciousness sank into the darkness as she flew away from desperate unreasonable reality.



“Director! Please get up! Director!!”

The consciousness that was subducting with shoulder shaken quickly emerges. Reiko looks like a diver returning from the depth diving and looks at the spectacle spreading in front of her.

“…Ee…aaaa! Eeeee?!”
“Oh, it seems you were tired so much. Director is asleep at such a time…. Please come back soon if it’s fixed time today”

A woman standing in front of her eyes speaks in a tone of anger, but in reality she isn’t angry at all. All members understand that Reiko repeatedly had video conferences with the headquarters until late night every day. So a little sleeping on the office desk, there is no one who makes obtrusive statements.

“I am sorry to be tired, but please read this document and this data today”

In the document she presented, a red stamp is pushed in the upper right corner of the cover. Needless to say, its a top secret sign, the inside contains data of devil hosts. And that tranquil tone is not angry, it is originally a woman with a well-organized beauty. She is familiar with it.

(That…I…. What did I do until a while ago…? I feel like I was trying to do something important…)

Reiko feels something caught in her head while receiving the document, but it disappears like a fog before it becomes clear. As in the afternoon class that entered the pool as usual, eyes and ears are covered with something film, somewhat fluffy incongruity continues.

When passing the document, the woman who is one of her subordinates returns to her seat after she turned around. The sharp design suit on this slurry body suits her very much. While walking, you can see that her good hips looks shaky in the tight mini skirt that sticks perfectly to it.

(That girl…that style was good…? And clothes that were perfect for that body…. The skirt looks short…)

A beautiful woman wearing a flashy pink suit, she knows well since small time, so she feels a sense of incongruity in the gap between her childhood and her present figure. That woman graduated from the same Toru university law school as Reiko and was a young ace candidate for the future who was assigned to “SHADO” last year. The young woman who is hoping for the future at London headquarters because of her outstanding performance during training is a relative that Reiko is blood connected with. She knew she was a man hater since some time, so she shouldn’t have been interested in fashion and hairstyle. Why is it….

(Beyond that, I have to work …)

Rewind and looking at the PC screen in front of her, Reiko starts up the software as usual. It is the database of devil hosts that this Japanese branch is currently grasping. Each item is color-coded, so that it can be understood at a glance if there is a data update.

(Well, there is no new additional report…. Real devils that we are tracing now are zero, half-devils are 56. Of them we need to be cautious of 33…. It increased for a while…)

It was a remarkable phenomenon here. Activities of half-devils are becoming active as they respond to the negative energy blowing over the big city. Even though they shouldn’t have the power that would normally affect other people, their existences of which the amount of magic power has strengthened, they have become quite powerful as they appeared. However, since they are only half-devils, their danger isn’t compatible with real devils.

(Well, the number of real devils is zero, the urgency is not high…. I had to deal with 3 of them last week, so the correspondence was strict…)

That was over. A devil was captured at Harumi Pier and another one was secured in Kinshicho. Both are weak devils with low magical power and can be processed without problem.

(Remaining…is one…. Emm, what have we done…?)

When Reiko saw this list last week, there must have been three real devils there. Among them, she remembers that they dealt with two already. But she cant remember how she did with the remaining devil.

(It is supposed to be such a thing… Surely…surely that one wasn’t a devil and only a bad guy…)

Reiko tries to grab it desperately so that she can grab the memories that she felt, but slip through her hand. While she was repeating it a few times, her head aches and she gave up.

“Arisa…no Shinomiya-san, come over here!”
“Yes, what is, diretor…”

The beautiful woman wearing a pink suit who handed the paper comes back to Reiko as soon as possible. This beautiful woman who is also Reiko´s niece is still in this department like a right arm though it is still the second year. Reflecting on the face of Arisa approaching, Reiko shakes her eyes to its beauty while being her own relatives.

(That? …This girl, she is so beautiful…. No, she was pretty beautiful at first…but…now this…?

Even though they should face each other in this department everyday, for some reason today, the impression looked strange and changed. Arisa is wearing nice clothes, a good hairstyle and a nice makeup and she was so beautiful that it was completely refreshed that she had no unclear skin. The original beauty is pulled out by a light makeup and it is gorgeous like a large blooming flower. Reiko who distorts her face a little to this slight discomfort remembers again.

“…Aaa! S, Sorry…. I feel bothered…. Emm…what’s up with the tasks…. Eemm…report! I looked at it last week. The amount of real devils, surely there were three, right? … If you look at it now, it is zero, how did you restrain it? One person was a gangster caught at Harumi pier, another one should have been a freetter who was caught in Kinshicho, but I can’t really remember the last one… ”

Arisa´s face is stiff for just a moment to the question of Reiko who is her aunt. However, since it was only a few seconds, Reiko never noticed the subtle change.

“…Director…as of last week, there are only two real devils that were caught by SHADO. Is it just an misunderstanding, are not you mere misunderstanding, director?”
“..Ee!? …I, Is…that so? Did I misunderstand…?”

When Reiko checked the database in a hurry, it was as Arisa said. Apologizing to Arisa who smiles wryly when she confirms it, Reiko reaches for the milk tea placed on her desk. It has a very bitter taste.

(…But…but, I feel that it was surely 3…)

Reiko, who has absolute confidence in her memory, still feels that something is missing. However, no matter how many times she checked the database, there is no third record anywhere. Reaching out her hand, she put the cup back on the desk.

(That? …Did I get hurt by something…?)

At that time, it caught her eyes. A scratch on the wrist of her white blouse. Looking at the sleeve, there is a trace that something rubbed there, as there is evidence that blood has flowed.

(Strange…I don’t know what it is…something strange…)

It is a fresh scratch, but Reiko doesn’t remember how she get it. Desperately trying to remember, she cant remember the most parts and only the dream she had last night. As soon as she gave up and sigh, the clock on the wall had already pointed to 5:45.

“Director…it is almost time for the 『Program』…. All the other people are over, only director is missing”
“Eh! Th, that time already…. I understand…”

Another young female subordinate seemed to have come and talked to Reiko who was indulged in thought with a tired expression.This woman is surely in the same class as Arisa. This pretty woman with a lovely face is idoled among the single men in the department.

But what further characterizes her are that beautiful giant breasts that protrude forward. Reiko asserts that in this way they are about to break through the white blouse. Due to the extremely thin blouse, a dark blue bra is visible

(Like Arisa, this girl also has such a bold stance…)

When Reiko turns her eyes on the skirt, it looks like a micro mini that looks like a tight mid-thigh. Reiko cant believe that it would be good to wear this in the workplace as her panty will be visible as soon as she bends forward.

“Now, here it is”
“…Eh? Yes…I know…”

This beautiful woman wearing a tight mini skirt walks through the corridor while swinging her buttocks left and right. With regard to her skills and hypnotic skills among members, she has no one to appear right. Today this woman is responsible for executing the “hypnotic program” for the members, and although she is young she is performing her duties well.

When confronted with the devil in “SHADO”, “hypnotic program” is introduced to protect themselves from their evil mental pollution thought. This means that by deep hypnotic program using wave resonance, every member wont receive psychological attacks from a devil, but at the same time, they hypnotize all members to protect the secret of the department in case of emergency.

By doing this, you can fully demonstrate power even in extreme strain conditions such as battle and patrol, and you can cope calmly without being feared by fear when you receive a counterattack from the opponent. Furthermore, when approaching a devil host, you hide being a member of “SHADO”, even if you´re caught, the information of the headquarters is locked and cannot be spoken off. An important defensive measure against when someone receives a devil wave attack, which has been done long before in this department.

(But…what? But when did this “program” start?)

Reiko feels like she got an very important insight again and stops in front of the white door. She felt that she thought of a very important thing right now and will dive in the ocean of memories to explore it again. But as though she is looking up at the sky from the water, the thoughts shaking in a sway wont fit together.

“Director? What happened?” Sensei will be waiting for you?”

As Noriko Aoyama, the leader of the “hypnotic program,” says so, Reiko finally returns to herself. When she looked at the plate of a brand new room, it was written as “hypnotic laboratory” there. Noriko opens the white door quickly without concern for conflicts of her boss’s inner feeling or the like.

“Come on, director”

When she enters the room as prompted, the door closes with the buttock behind, and it makes a clicking sound and a locking sound. However, Reiko was neither calm nor cautious enough to notice it.

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