Inma no Hado chapter 240

Inma no Hado chapter 240: Reiko´s choice



The room was dark for a summer evening as it was a room without a window where no light from the outside entered. It seems that it has been subjected to soundproofing and you can’t hear the sound of cars running on the nearby highway. Room size as large as 5 or 6 people can fit. Machines are lined up on the wall, occasionally small LEDs shine brightly.

(That are…hypnotic devices…)

The hypnotic technique using the wave resonance developed at “SHADO” headquarters resonates with that of the subject who became unconscious by amplifying and modulating the wave of the operator. The knowledge and memory planted in that state are memorized in the hippocampus as what you actually heard.

“Hello, welcome, please sit there”

A white coated man who is facing away is sitting on a desk while doing something and Reiko sits down on a sofa in front of the man as she is ordered. The sofa has soft material and outstanding cushioning properties, and it supports as if wrapping Reiko´s body.

“How are you feeling?”

The man asks as it is while still facing the other side. He looks like a young man from the feeling of his voice. However, Reiko supposes she should have come to this room many times, but she can’t remember what kind of face that man has. Something came across her mind once again, but it disappears in a moment.

“Eh? …Yes…. N, Nothing bad…”
“That is good, as you know, hypnotic suggestion is sweet only with one time. It will be stronger by repeating it many times. This is the third time for director, so you gradually get used to the discomfort”

Third time, Reiko gets caught by that word again. Even though she has received this “hypnotic program” many times, she has no choice.

At that time, the man turned around on the round chair where he was sitting. It was like a doctor’s examination room.

“Well then shall we start?”
“…Ye, Yes…. Thank you…”

Reiko relaxes. The white coated man has a mediocre face like everywhere. But that face seems familiar for Reiko. It is not this room, somewhere else.

“Please relax first, close your eyes and let’s take a deep breath slowly by breathing out of your body”

Holding a vague sense of incompatibility, Reiko closes her eyes and takes a deep breath as told. While repeating this over and over again, the feeling of discomfort gradually calms down and her mind also calms down. Although her whole body loosens and deposit on the sofa, she can’t say anything as she feels comfortable.

“Well then, I will say keywords from now on, you will remember all of it when you hear it. I start…『Gott ist tot』”

(German…. Nietzsche…)

At that moment, Arisawa Reiko remembered everything.

It is a dramatic change. Animation revives on Reiko´s face who was stuck in somewhere and fear, despair and feelings of anger burst out while watching. At the same time, she stares at the face of the ordinary man sitting in front of her eyes while chewing on her lips gently. The man is grinning.

“Why, Why! Why are you!! Why!!!”

She doesn’t understand it. This is the headquarters of “SHADO” in the Tokyo Police Department. This guy is here even though he is an Inma. Moreover, he is like a staff member or something and enters fair and clean.

“Naa!! Guuuu!!”

Reiko tries to get up, but she cant move. She cant move an inch as if her limbs were glued to the sofa. Only the fuselage moves slightly, but it is also very slight.

“Calm down, Reiko-san…”
“What are you saying! Hurry! Release me quickly!!”
“…Even if you say such a thing, do you think I will release you in this situation?”

In contrast to the impatient Reiko, Kenichi who doesn’t break his attitude that is relaxed and affordable. An enemy of mankind who is a devil host and an intermediate devil king. “SHADO” chased him for a long time, until recently. Kenichi Midou, a teacher of a young ladies academy, who is laughing in front of Reiko.

“Wh, Which reminds me!! The strategy…aaaaa…”

Memory is connected and the desperate feeling at that time revives. And Reiko realizes everything. She lost to the man in front of her. Completely.

“…You…we…my subordinated battle team was hypnotized beforehand…”

The assault on this guy was a failure. It was good until they disabled the wave destroying machine, but they were betrayed by trusted subordinates there. And there is only one possible reason.

“Members of the battle team…? Ah, those brothers of that brain muscle…. That’s right, when they attacked the apartment of Arisa and Noriko, we hypnotized everyone. It’s a simple thing to protect me from the enemy when they hear the key words”

On that day, when they rushed into the mansion of Arisa, those members were found beaten on their head with blunt instruments from behind and became unconscious. And at that time hypnotic instructions were being imprinted. With that Descartes keyword.

“But…but…how to does five people…those five are the strongest members of us…. How, How did you…”

Even if Arisa and Noriko were former members of “SHADO”, they are females and noncombatants. Why were the two able to invalidate the five strong fighters? Even if they hit them with an sudden attack, Reiko cant think that they can easily disable all five.

“Ah, that’s, because at that time, one of them was already a chess piece of mine, hitting the heads of the remaining four members out from behind…”
“…Aaa…aaa, n, no way…that…”

Reiko´s brilliant head in the process of understanding understands everything.

There was a man who was always with Arisa and Noriko in the battle group. Yuusuke Nagato. Reiko doesn’t know when, but he came in contact with this bastard and was hypnotized at that time. And, as it was, he didn’t realize that and returned to “SHADO”. There was probably no consciousness that the person himself was presumably manipulated by that bad man. However, it is no wonder if the battle team has been disabled in the blink of an eye if one was manipulated.

“Aaaa… the…then…. Now…this situation…”

Reiko trembles with her whole body and shivers. Has she ever fell into despair so much in her life? Her intelligent brain will see the future from all stories. It is the worst future for herself, this department and mankind.

Waiting for Reiko, who had been receiving a shock for a while, to settle down, Kenichi in front of her, no enemy of humanity opens his mouth.

“It is not such a bad thing, Reiko. From now on “SHADO” will find devil hosts and will erase them. It is your mission to find and eliminate enemies who will be enemies to mankind…. Well, though, there is a provision like 『Except』”

A smile that laughs from the back of his throat.

“Well, the other is an female Inma so-called succubus, please tell me if that’s the case, because I will respond here…”

Kenichi remembers the delicacy of succubus who is the same like himself and his throat was full of saliva. Those born to squeeze the men’s spirit are superb meat toys and sacrifices that Kenichi won’t get bored with even if he fucked them many times.

“And these three will go back to” SHADO. Doing the same as they did before… Well, it seems that the other members are a bit incongruous, but I will be staying at the” hypnotic program” for the rest of my life. There is no problem to fix it”

Feeling the sign, Reiko lifted her eyes that lost the light and there were three beautiful girls lined up there. Aoyama Noriko, Muto Masako, and Shinomiya Arisa. All of them look down on Reiko who sits in a chair and can’t move.

“And then…oh yeah…. It’s about you…”

Kenichi closes his mouth by saying so. Silence for a while. And that feeling to visit.



Reiko has become familiar with it many times, causing a cruel reaction to the ripe body. The magical power of the devil who makes her go crazy. The eyes of Kenichi in front of her eyes shine red and she screams straight in front of it.

Her body burns up heartlessly regardless of reason, will or pride. Abundant ripe body melts out without circumstances such as situation and place.

“What will you do? Would you like to forget me as it is or?”

If Reiko lives in false memories without being hypnotized like this, she will be able to live life like sailing like this daily. Gentle husband and cute kids. A rewarding work and a reliable companion. A grand mission to save humanity. Her own brilliant career. Even if she is a castle on the sand in the illusion given by the whores, she wont notice it is a real castle. Until that day when mankind is swallowed up by evil energy.


Mature female sexual feeling that swells steadily. Her 40-year-old body, which was carefully developed over half a year, shows greedy sexual desire not to be suppressed by herself. The carnivorous monster living in herself opens its big mouth. A hot and dark desire that cannot be subdued absolutely with the light intercourse with her husband.

“SHADO, all of you are already brain-brained, so if you keep silent, everything goes well…. You said just the other time, as you have ever done, beat devil hosts besides me from now on, so you can save humanity and you can live like you ever wanted…”

Words of the devil are whispered into her ear. It is the taste of poison and honey.

“And whichever you choose, the result wont change anything, Reiko. But the only the difference is that you live knowing it or live without knowing anything…. As it is, will you be mine or do you want to forget everything with hypnosis…. Which would you choose? ”

The eyes that shine red. Just seeing them, severe sexual desire blew up from her whole body and burns like fire. Her honest body already wishes to mate with that man and the sensitive parts in her body are congested and secretly release body fluids.

“Besides…I will give you more pleasure if you become mine, I will let you taste the best pleasures that you can never taste with your husband. Tasting this best pleasure, your body, mind and even bone will melt remembering the pleasure…”

As Kenichi aimed, Noriko and Masako come close all the way. When Kenichi stands up, they lower his pants with a familiar action and takes out his penis while struggling.


An abnormal penis appeared while towering in the air. It is twice as strong as that of her husband even in that state. But this is not the case. Reiko knows how it looks like at the time when it reaches its maximum, to the extent she doesn’t like it. Even its firmness, heat and fierceness, the mouth, vagina and anus remembers.


Just looking at it, she got caught lightly like a dog of condition reflex. Pleasure that she never felt by sex with her husband. It is impossible to compare that male Inma who makes many women succumb to him to her ordinary husband.

“What are you going to do? Do you go back? Everything is forgotten around that time…. Or will you go on to an unknown area you haven’t seen yet?”

Noriko and Masako kneeled on the floor and starts to crawl their tongues on top of the dick from left and right. They put plenty of saliva on it and slowly lick it up from the bottom. As if to show off to the audience in front of them.

“Aah…great…so great…”
“It really wants the director…. I’m jealous…”

The black huge penis shakes as it is tossed around by the pink tongues of those beautiful girls. A murderous weapon that has made them become crazy until now. Blood vessels are guttered up on the surface. The huge flesh umbrella opens at the tip of it, aiming at Reiko like a gun aiming at its target.

(How comes…aaa…what should I do…)

Reiko who desperately thinks with a head that is forced to choose the ultimate is already losing her reason. There is only one thing she knows. Both options are hell. If it is hell that covers cruel reality and lives without knowing everything, it is hell that suffers from the unbelievable fate after understanding everything.

“Not good…. So much…so much…”

Noriko and Masako while doing blowjobs are putting their hands in their blouses. They are massaging as if they like their rich breasts, making their expression become sexy all the time to the pleasure. The expression that they accepted their destiny was beautiful as they realized.

Suddenly Reiko felt like someone is looking at her, so she raised her face and the line of sight and eyes that were watching from this moment matched. Those eyes praised the color of sorrow and Reiko seems to cry herself to her niece’s expression.


Two pretty women who are fiddled with destiny that cant do anything forget the position of work and call each other.

(So…Arisa-chan has decided…)

A flashing LED in a dim room. A small room that doesn’t create any sounds except for obscene sounds. Reiko cant believe that this is her workplace in the middle of the big city. That LED, which was shining randomly, eventually converged to a certain pattern.

“…You can now move”

Kenichi says so, but Reiko is sitting on the spot even if she is free, she cant stand up quickly.


When Arisa gently held Reiko as she was sitting, they kneeled on the floor. Masako and Noriko, who were licking the penis from the left and right, looked at it and rise to give way.

“…A, A, Arisa-chan…”
“Aunt… Let’s fall to hell together…”
“Aaa…that…only that…”

A beautiful aunt and niece say so and look away from each other and kiss each other. Then, when she leaves after overlapping for a few seconds, Reiko slowly bring her pink lips closer to the black pillar.

She looked up while kneeling on the floor and two red eyes were staring at her. Arisawa Reiko who faced down with her long eyelids just as she shook her whole body like a virgin who kissed for the first time, she kissed the penis gently which is the fierce ruler who will rule from now.

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