Inma no Hado chapter 242

Inma no Hado chapter 242: Hot spring trip with an affair



SHADO is the biggest threat to devil hosts and Kenichi Midou enjoys the spring of the world as the natural enemy disappears. Even saying that there isn’t much change on the surface, the face as a prestigious director of a prestigious young ladies academy is on the 3rd day in the week.

Because it is the most famous and innocent position, he doesn’t have work especially when he went to school. Speaking of what he is doing is a job that only looks at some papers and pushes judges appropriately. After that, he just eats up a beautiful woman at random. He drags pretty girls without anyone noticing, into a empty classroom, a club room with a stinky smell, a health room with a smell of medicine and enjoys their young bodies which are hidden under the uniform.

Besides the professed face of faculty, he is a substantial owner of two ultra-luxury clubs in Ginza and furthermore he is an outside director of a medium-sized construction company. Because there is also income from there, Kenichi lives an elegant life not to compare with before. In the case of Kenichi, which is mostly full of lust, it is the first priority to satisfy the sexual desire more than anything, such as greed, monetary greed or desire for fame.

(Even so, my life really changed by 180 degrees…)

He came here and finally got to look back. He had been ignored by anyone in the world till just a year ago and now got many ravishing beauties using the power of a devil. His influence that was only in the school spread gradually to other things, now he is eating idols, actresses and beautiful butterflies of the night. Moreover, Kenichi can also connect the power of the front and the back with the process and the range of desire is expanding steadily.

That was his dream at that night. From there the gears of life began to turn in the opposite direction as if the past misery was as if it was a joke or vision. Beautiful women. Luxurious meals. Expensive clothes and clocks. Things that he had hoped for gathered from the other side like sand iron that is attracted to a magnet.

“Hey…do you want more?”

A marvelous woman wearing a yukata attached to the room inquires whilst presenting alcohol containing sake. They have already been drinking beer and sake from the time of meal and it seems that the woman´s fairly white face is slightly dyed red. From the lightly sweaty body that is falling from the side, a fragrance of a ripe female body is emitted.

The beautiful woman pours warm alcohol delightfully when Kenichi silently gives his glass. The expression that smiles gently is full of happiness, apart from everyday life and constraints, she is with her beloved man in a remote hot spring inn.

“Uhuhu…it’s been a while since I went to see a hot spring in the first place…. After all I came to such a place once in a while and I have to extend my wings…”

Like a cat praised by its partner to say so, the beautiful woman drops again. A silver ring shines on the ring finger of her left hand.

“What did you tell to Shioya?”

It was a married woman whose expression froze for a moment, but the tone of a sweet voice still didn’t change. She pressed her soft body against Kenichi´s arm, sweetly glaring from underneath with a big charming eyes.

“……To go with a friend to a hot spring…”
“Friend? …N, well, it’s not a lie…. Isn’t it a sex-friend?”
“Yaaah…. Mean…”

Keiko Shioya keeps her hair up and her white nape is glossy. From her neck and collar a smell of a rich fragrance rises and it is clear even if Kenichi doesn’t use his magic powers that her body is already in estrus.

“There is no such thing as sex-friends…. Aah…ecchi…”

Before she knew it, she was hugged by a hand that came from behind her and Keiko who has her huge chest lifted up raises her voice. In spite of the fact that she hates men who are not her husband, she seems to be happy. She clings to Kenichi as if clinging to his whole body.

“Hey…I also want to drink…”

The lips that grew as though the oil film was stretched are soft and red colored. It is obvious what Keiko is asking for. When Kenichi contains alcohol in his mouth, he opens it and takes away the lips of Keiko who was waiting for it.

“Muguuu…huuuuuu…. Aaaamuuuu…”

When Kenichi pours the sake contained in his mouth into Keiko´s mouth, she drink it while gulping it down her thin white throat. Her lips which are open to invite him as it is, accepts Kenichi´s tongue with happiness. Deep kisses that are rich and obscene and only adults who knew each other can do. After a while, when Kenichi takes his mouth away, a thin silver string bridges between those two.


Keiko who still despises with a bold expression. When Kenichi met her for the first time in junior high school, her beautiful appearance, as if he was hit by a celestial beat, the impact was still the same. No, it is beyond the time of 20 years and different sex appeal from that time, her expression that makes her look embraced by a man in love is very beautiful.

(That Ogawa is like this…. She is mine…)

Kenichi who has eaten many beautiful girls and beautiful women also remembers the admiring woman as a thing without even touching her. After all, women are as many as the number of stars, but the first love is only one in a lifetime. And it was a gemstone-like memory that glows small at the bottom of his heart all the while in the dark youth.

The soft body in his arm is completely heated up with alcohol and lust and emits a rich milf fragrance from the whole body. This sexy wife who lied to her husband and came to a hot spring trip with Kenichi in the mountains away from real life, has her body and mind full of her former classmate who she normally should hated before and loves him.


Keiko’s drunkenness is getting increasingly deepening as she keeps drinking sake through mouth-to-mouth every time. The time to tangle the tongues is longer than the time to drink sake and her hands are turned to the back of Kenichi´s neck to close the lips deeply. She stretches out a boldly moving tongue by herself and if sucking strongly, she closes her eyes and shakes her body. Her ripe body was developed further by Kenichi and became sensitive, so she lightly reached the top by only that much.

“Huhuhu…what is, Keiko…. We just kiss?”
“Aah…it’s embarrassing…. Dont say it…”

This married woman is embarrassed with a drunk facial expression from a pleasant stimulation coming from her boobs. Despite being completely devoid of the power of bad luck, she feels completely desire from the core of her body.

“What, has it accumulated? Didnt Shioya had sex with you?”
“Nooo…. I haven’t done it with him for a long time, I won’t let him…”
“That is, I’m sorry…. So, you don’t want to let him occasionally?”
“Noooo…. I dont want to be with any other people other than Kenichi…. Or is Kenichi fine with it if I am held by that person?”
“Why shouldn’t it be okay, aren’t you a couple?”
“Mean…. letting me feel like this…cruel…”

Keiko is relaxing with a voice like boiling down sugar with honey, while raining kisses from Kenichi’s ear to his neck.

“Even if such a thing is said…. It is true that you are married to Shioya”
“Cruel…such a way of saying…. Although I’m a poor wife who was left alone by her husband and her body and mind also were took to sleep…. Aah…love…I love you…I love you very much…”

Keiko clinging to Kenichi with her hot esthetic body puts her thin tongue into his ear canal. It is loveable for two people, stupid for others and this hopeless despairing conversation continues. Because this Japanese-style room is away from the main building, there are not only insect bites but also two whispering voices sounding clearly.

Kenichi and Keiko who is also his first love are staying at this hot spring inn in the back of the mountain. When Kenichi invited Keiko at first she was hesitant, as she was disgusted with her inexperienced life spending time with her husband who was not interested in herself, but she agreed to her first adultery travel.

“Because we’re staying today, we can do it slowly…”

As usual her husband will be at work during the day and spent several hours at the hotel as it was later and Keiko is waiting at home all days. It is a dense time as the time is limited, but on the other hand she is feeling happiness now that she can forget the time and stay with Kenichi.

“What are you going to do slowly?”
“Yaah…I mean, I love you so much, comforting a lonely wife…”
“What, is the alcohol good?”
“Come on…we do such a thing all the time until we came here…. I cant bear it anymore…”

Keiko shakes her waist out with a hot breath. While they got on the train from Tokyo and came to the nearest hot spring station, Kenichi kept playing with Keiko´s crotch like a mean blind person and stopped stimulating when Keiko became excited and when she settled down she started again to sneak into her mini skirt. Thanks to this, her lust has accumulated inside the body and it seems to spit like an active volcano. Even in the taxi when coming from the station to this hot spring, the eyes of the driver were nailed to Keiko who wriggled her body all the time while enduring.

“Hey…there’s a room, let’s feel good in this room”

In the room next to the sliding door, an futon was already laid down. The lustful Keiko unexpectedly clings to Kenichi´s firm chest, licking his nipple with her tongue while looking up with mysterious eyes. Doing so, she stretches out her thin fingers and rubs Kenichi´s hard son from above the boxershorts.

“Hey…. I’d like to relax a little bit more…”
“Nooo…you teased me…. Do it…. This is terrible, as I was teased by you…. Quickly make love with this lonely married woman…”

Keiko inviting Kenichi with a look of an adult while licking his chest with her tongue. It is a nasty look that she never showed to her husband. No, it is not because it is a beloved husband, so it may be possible to reveal the idiotic character that she had in peace. When Kenichi didn’t move, the married woman becomes even more bold with ringing her nose.

“Good…. Because I play with this child without permission…”

Keiko declares it while laughing. Even with half-erected, Keiko struggles to pull out Kenichi´s gigantic penis, before slowly rubbing it and bringing her face with a lovely expression near.

“Aah…. Amazing…. Great…”

This married woman who murmured with a loud voice spits out a hot sigh to this extraordinary meat pillar. She became open to the environment called hot spring resort in Yamaguchi distant from the reality, as she gets drunk with alcohol and caress the chest and hot penis of Kenichi, while the reason and sensuality are melted into a mud and Keiko becomes more and more obsessive and spiritual.

“How is it compared to Shioya’s thing?”
“No…always only that…. How many times should I say it…”

Asking a classic question, Kenichi smiles happily. Thin fingers are tied on his hard and hot root and treat it with obsession.

“It’s thick…it is hard and stout…. It is completely different from that person…. It is awful…amazing…. It got harder and harder…aaa…hot…”

It is hard to see Keiko´s hands on his penis. While grasping it as often as possible, Keiko says it somewhat drunk. It was not long before the ripe wife who was completely charmed started to stretch out her long tongue and began to lick it.


Sitting in a chair while slowly sipping sake while giving his crotch to his first love, Kenichi noticed that the smartphone placed on the desk is vibrating. Kenichi laughs at the sight of the name of the sender appearing on the screen.

『Hey, Midou? Its me. It’s Shioya』

Keiko’s husband Shioya is calling now, while Keiko is shaking her head between his legs. His voice that leaks faintly from the speaker of the smartphone. But Keiko is obsessed with the blowjob and doesn’t seem to notice.

『Hey! Where are you, right now!』

From the beginning Shioya’s tone was angry. Kenichi, who quickly saw the reason, doesn’t panic at all. Trauma and inferiority which had been bullied during junior high school days are completely gone now after fusing with the Inma and gaining demonic power. He responds graciously.

“Ah……I am on a hot spring…”
『Hot spring? Alone?』
『Who is with you?』
“N…. Ah…I’m with a very erotic married wife”
『Married wife? ! If you lie, you are a good liar! You can’t have a woman! Even if it’s true, it’s a old lady of sixty after all!』

Shioya unleashes at Kenichi who was his former classmate, as it is the sensibility of middle school age. This man, which is a natural idiot character, makes a fool of himself as a naturally weak person as if to breathe the air. Essentially he didn’t change even after being over 30 years old and a society person.

『Well, such a thing is okay. Emm.., you, you pay for that shop! Invoice came to me!』

(After all such a thing …)

Kenichi laughs. The reason why Shioya took the trouble to call him was still as expected.

“That shop” is Ginza’s super high-end club “Esprit”. Shioya kept on going to that shop where Kenichi is the owner repeatedly many times for Yuki Yamaoka who is the club mama. Although she was closing her eyes at first, she asked Shioya, who showed a more arrogant attitude than Kenichi for a deposit that he had accumulated so far. As Shioya knew later, because the invoice amount was close to 8 million, it seems that he who saw it in the office was surprised.

『I tell you that you should pay that store. Like you have ever paid for me! Good!』

Shioya yells with a command tone like always. If it was the former Kenichi, it may have been a bit of a momentum, but now it will be comical and even pathetic. Breathlessly breathing, quietly but decisively.

“No, please do it yourself”
『What! You, now what is it!』
“I told you to pay by yourself, did you eat and drink by yourself?”

At that moment, Kenichi saw that the opponent over the phone was quite expensive.

『Youuu! Saying silly things! I will kill you! It’s impossible for me to pay such a price!』
“Do you know such things? It is your own self income. Do not be self-reliant, pay with the expenses of the company”
『Asshole! This amount I cant pay with the expenses!!』

The other side of the smartphone is already screaming. He didn’t think that his former classmate who had no guts would oppose his order. Although Kenichi was worried that Keiko wouldn’t hear it than Shioya’s scream itself, it seems that he was worried. Keiko who is crazy with sucking Kenichi´s dick makes obscene head movements.

(She is getting better now…. If Shioya know that, he will be surprised…)

Techniques that were too poor for a married woman were well charged, so she improved a lot. In the past she was just moving her neck up and down, now changing the speed with varying strengths, she began to skillfully use her tongue in her mouth. What kind of face will Shioya do if he knows that his wife makes such an skillful blowjob.

『Don’t forget my gratitude for calling you to the reunion because it was so much fun! Hey, here!! You heard that!?』

Shioya calls Kenichi over the phone. However, while listening to the angry scream, Kenichi rubs Keiko´s breasts from above her bra.


Keiko who was suddenly impatient and supersaturated is pushed up to acme with only that much stimulation. Still desperately breathing out from the nose, she depresses her cheeks skillfully dent the cheeks and suck the penis up. In the mouth with hot saliva, the tongue moves actively to stimulate the penis. Techniques that Kenichi taught her in any case.

When the voice he was hearing over the phone settles down, Kenichi asks with a calm voice.

“By the way, is your wife well?”
『…Keiko? Why does that matter?』
“No, I want to hear her voice a little bit…”
『You…you have another one´s wife with you! She is on a trip now! If she was here, she wouldn’t talk to you. She had always hated you since middle school!』

While occupying Keiko ‘s warm mouth with his huge penis, he narrows his attention to Keiko. At the same time, Kenichi is enjoying her boobs which increased weight recently with his palm. They are smooth and soft and contains a lot of sweet fruit juice inside. The taste of a married woman who is stolen in front of her husband is always the best.

『You´re the worst of all, you’re all wrong……because I say such a thing, you believe it completely! Are you listening! Hey!』
“It’s bad…. It’s about time to play with that married woman”
『Hey!! Wait a moment! Yo…』

Shioya was still continuing to say something, but Kenichi ended the call. He will ignore his phone even if Shioya calls again.

“Hey…who was on the phone? What did you do?”

Kenichi stood up, lifting Keiko up lightly and opened the sliding door before going to the next room to enjoy this sweet and ripe body.

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