Inma no Hado chapter 256

Inma no Hado chapter 256: Ruler of the school



While being united, suddenly they changed position and Kenichi is lying on the bed. On top of his waist, is the math teacher who is wearing a blue suit and shakes her whole body. She is in a cowgirl position and is poke by Kenichi´s penis in the uterus from the bottom and she falls into a strong acme attack again.

“Higuuuuuuu!!! Aaaaaahiiiii!!!!”

A deep weak point is scraped by the meat stick and Noa screams like squeezing out her lungs. The weight of her body is steady and a huge dick pushes up the uterus and squeezes the internal organs, but the pain is light because of her masochistic nature. As the vagina tightens just after twisting, the soft meat stick is entwined so as to promote ejaculation. The cervix that wants the semen opens its mouth large and stirs around the bell mouth and licks it.

“This is the best onahole…”

As expected, Kenichi is also surprised by the complexity of the inside and unintentionally cums. Listening to that, Maiko who made big eyes regrets sweetly hating it.

“Onahole…huhu, awful person…. But,Saegusa-sensei must feel very good?”
“Aa…. If you like it so much, I will cum until you are satisfied”
“No…that…. Aah…I’m jealous…”

Maiko who has a face of a little girl look hazy for her age. Actually, the inside of Maiko is also superb as it is softly melted and her lower body has a different taste than Noa, which has a strong tightening. Besides, when Kenichi hits the point where their beloved boyfriends won’t reach absolutely, they become pretty crazy and lively.

“You slap this ass”
“Eee…. Is that good?”
“Yes. It’s okay if this fellow gets knocked out, she is a masochist”

After saying that Maiko was hesitant at first, but she slapped Noa’s hips straddling in a cowgirl position. A dry sound of slapping resounds in the school infirmary.


Noa, who was lingering with ecstasy, twists her body excitedly. The inside is rubbed by Kenichi´s son and she leaks a sweet breath.

“It’s not good to be so lax. You have to hit harder”
“Eh? Like this?”

When Maiko put more power than before and hit Noa´s ass it made a loud noise.

“Hiiiiii!!! Haaaaaaa…”

Perhaps there was a lot of pain. Noa makes a painful roar but it soon changes to a sweet and soothing tone. The pain of being slapped becomes a spice and when the body is excited, the sensitive part is rubbed by the penis

“Hey, you know? This is what she is jealous of. This woman loves playing like this, she is a pervert masochist…”
“Oh…it’s really so…. Huhu, Saegusa-sensei, is a pervert…”
“Th, That’s not…hiiiiiii!!! Nooo!! Dont slap!! Hiiiiiii!!!!”

Seeing Noa who raises a voice each time she is spanked, the power gradually increases in Maiko’s spanking hand. Every time she spanked the ass a scream is heard, but according to Kenichi’s words, Noa only looks as if it is hateful.

“Huhuhu, Saegusa-sensei, you really like this thing. You pervert!”
“Hii!!! Noo!! Its different!!! Thats not…hiiii!!!!”

The math teacher who says that she doesn’t like it with her mouth shows a shallow response. Not only is Noa being slapped in that situation, but Maiko also finds out that she remembers the perverted pleasure of being scolded. Maiko glares at the joy of this pervert.

“What are you saying…. You are very fierce…. Every time you are hit, my cock gets squeezed and it’s full of hot juice, so it’s a whole view from here”
“That’s not…nooo!! ! I’m being slapped! Nooooo!!!”
“Aaaa…Saegusa-sensei´s pants, they are muddy with serious juice…. How much do you want it at school during lessons…pervert teacher!”
“Hiiiiiii!!! Noooo!!! Already…no longer endure it…. Higuuuuuuu!!!!”

There is a sound. Now, without any hesitation, Maiko hitting so strongly that the white skin becomes red. As the word says, the entrance that holds the penis contracts as it squeezes every time the ass is hit and then it relaxes and when it relaxes, white mucus spills out of the gap. At the base of the penis you can see a layer of honey that has been vomited over and over again.

“Pervert M woman!”
“You are doing this even though you have a boyfriend…foolish woman!”
“Having sex at school, you´re a pervert teacher! Knowing no shame!”

When Noa is slapped again and again, her body burns up in humiliation, but on the other hand, a mysterious pleasure increases the excitement she feels. In addition, the inside is rubbed by the slapping impact and the supersaturated pleasure can easily reach a critical point again and again while tightening the swallowed penis. The reason is melting and the head is getting sloppy.

(This thing…this cant be countered…)

Noa´s mind and body that is shed in the overwhelming stream of pervert pleasure melts inside her body. Each time her appearance, pride and ass are beaten, Noa is peeled off and her essence becomes bare.

(Unthinkable bargain…. It’s a masterpiece of trapping a man…)

While still piercing his penis in the depth of the pussy, Kenichi on the other hand also enjoys the best tightening condition with the thought of cumming. The narrow vagina way squeezes into a narrowly packed meat column and vibrates, but if you think that the root is squeezed and tightened, the ring of meat is tightened rhythmically in the middle part and the tip is soft and squeezing pressure comes down. Moreover, every time the buttocks is slapped, it contracts simultaneously and hot love juice is poured over the glans. With such a masterpiece, a common man will ejaculate in a few minutes.

“From today you are my sex slave. From now on whenever I find you at school, I will use you when I want to fuck, so I’m going to do it…good”
“Th, that’s…sex slave…aaaaa!!!
“From tomorrow you will wear miniskirts, too, and you will wear short skirts as much as possible. Then I will do you before other women”
“Th, that kind of thing…that kind of thing…nooo…hiiiiiii!!!”

Noa imagines that she is brought into a gloomy room with a super mini skirt that makes her underwear visible and while standing still she is being fucked from behind by this guy, while she just climbs up into ecstasy again. The more intelligent women are excited by self-inspiring imagination the more they want it.

“Let’s stop here”
“Hiiiiiii!!! Noooooooo!!!!”

Kenichi, who had been lying down, stretched out his hands in front of the blouse, revealing a light purple bra and squeezed the pink nipples hidden in the bra cup with his fingers. At the same time he clearly uses his lower back from the bottom and push up Noa’s weaknesses.


The ecstasy so far is pushed up to a height different in dimension, and the poor math teacher screams while shaking her body. The muscles of her whole body convulses and contracts and her womb tightens the penis.


Kenichi, who had endured until the last moment, squeezed the trigger and fired off a fully loaded magic sperm bullet. Putting the tip shallowly into the wide open uterine hole, even the ova that is hidden inside will be dyed white.


The pulsating ejaculation is long enough and throughout that time Noa is floating at an incredible height. It’s a wonderful pleasure that brings her soul to the point that the act with her beloved boyfriend is worthless.

(If you know something like this, it’s impossible…)

The beautiful female teacher realized that she could never return to her former live, was drowned in the pleasure that is melting her head and body. A tear was flowing down from her eyes behind her red-framed glasses.


“Aah…putting out so much…. Cumming into a woman with a boyfriend, you´re really a bad person…huhuhu…”

Making a squeaky water sound, Maiko crawls her tongue over the muddy penis and licks the liquid that Kenichi and Noa have exhaled. Maiko, who holds the penis that is still standing vertically, carefully wipes off the distinctive smelling mucus mixed with the body fluid of a man and woman with her tongue. Her cute face with big eyes is dyed with lust and she is serving carefully while looking up with playful eyes.

When Maiko looked next to her, Noa was lying there lifeless. Now, from the crotch that is closed gracefully, a large amount of injected white mucus drips down and it tells that this cool beauty was completely humiliated.

(A rape loving pervert, who has such a great pussy…. And if you always strip a girl, you’re in such a mess…. And there’s more to come to this school…)

Instead of losing strength, Maiko thinks so while sucking the hot penis vigorously with her lips.

It is a nice miscalculation that this seemingly elegant and pretty language teacher has as a dirty girl who loves sex. Now that she has a fiance she will marry soon, every time she meet up with Kenichi at school, she became tempted, showing her panty under the miniskirt as flirting material. She quickly adapts to multiple harem sex with other women and is in complete contact with female teachers and students.

(After all, when you come to this school, you don’t feel that the power comes in. …It was here that I first merged with the Imma, and maybe I should come to do a little more…)

In recent years, there has been an expansion of the imperial hunting grounds besides this young ladies academy and he hasn’t come every day as before. As well as club mamas and hostesses, Kenichi also stretched out his hands to female announcers, models and idols. He even has has met married women, female university students and office ladies who have sexy bodies. In fact, he went to the hospital that he had been hospitalized before during the daytime today and had sex with female doctors and nurses.

Nevertheless, this young ladies academy is his home ground and the center of activity. There are a lot of pretty high school girls here, and the female teachers who teach them are the finest beauties. Besides, several beautiful mothers are coming daily and are soaking wet to the expectation to have sex with Kenichi. In other words, when Kenichi comes to this school, the pretty females range from 16 to 40 years old unlimitedly.

Besides, a middle school will be added next year, so the targets will increase further. It will be fun from now on to make the still young elementary school students mad with enthusiasm, to make them burn with desire and suppress their crying and hateful expression when they are raped.

“Aah…its getting bigger. Are you thinking of something bad…”

While narrowing her eyes to the further erecting penis in her hands, Maiko spreads her small lips and swallows the huge tip. Squeezing her cheeks and sucking up the residual fluid of the urethra, she drinks and carefully scoops it off with her tongue. A beautiful teacher who resonates with the magical power of Imma is doing such an act from her heart with joy.

It is a pleasure to have a female teacher serve him with her mouth in the daytime at school. Kenichi is excited that it is not played or faked, but to be thrilled just because it is real.

(Both women are magnificent. In this case, there should be more if I look through Japan…)

Kenichi transferred Maiko and Noa as the first installment, but he intends to continue replacing teachers and eventually make all of the teachers working at this academy be female teachers. To that end, he is still commanding director Aikawa Yoko to scout for pretty female teachers from all over the country with exceptional rewards.

(Wait…. What about having a blonde english teacher come here…)

When Kenichi holds down a platinum blonde beauty in a suit and rape her while watching her disgusted and crying face, he will be excited. Kenichi who has such a delusion has his son rage inside Maiko´s mouth.

“Hey…it’s already clean…. Now give it to me…”

Maiko, who has been rewarded for a long time, asks for sex while looking up from below. Her body wrapped in a pink suit without using magic is completely in estrus and wants sex with Kenichi from the bottom of her heart.

“What kind of position is good?”
“Yaah…whatever Sensei’s likes…. But…but first, the missionary position is good. At missionary position, I want you to fuck me from above”
“Then lay down there and spread your crotch…”
“Cruel…you meany…”

The Japanese language teacher rises up on the bed while being shy. Then she spread her legs by herself and expose the back of her miniskirt.

“Aah…Maiko’s pussy, please take a look….”

Maiko tempts Kenichi with a sweet nasty voice. Since the stockings are fastened with a garter belt, the thin panty is fully visible in her crotch. At first glance, you can see that the vagina is wet with nectar from the inside and it is muddy.

“Here…Here, vice-principal´s penis must go inside there. …With that huge dick, please satisfy Maiko´s hungry pussy…”

While saying words from a doushinji, Maiko removes the clothes on her lower part with her fingers and expose her genital. Already melted down, mucous liquid is overflowing from the inside and the petal surrounded by black pubic hair opened and the mouth is spread wide.

Kenichi stands up watching the situation carefully. Having absorbed a lot of sexual energy of students and teachers until now, he has stored a horrific amount of power inside his body. The black wave that is as strong as the materialization that overflows around his body. It quickly spreads beyond the school building to cover the entire school.

Kenichi, a devil king type Inma controls this school. His natural enemy “SHADO” has become his ally after winning the war and now there is no one who can stop the spreading of his desire.

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