Inma no Hado chapter 267

Inma no Hado chapter 267: The dirty voice that sounds through the wall



Then Ryohei spent two more hours at the bar, but after all, Rinka didn’t come back. When it is past 11:00, the number of people decreases and the bar will close soon. Since he switched to a exciting state on the way, Ryohei drunk a lot of alcohol and the intoxication deepened. He sent a short email from that many times, but there was no reply or notification from Rinka.

(Chie!! After all, what was it…damn…!!)

It is also the last night of the training camp today. He thought he had a chance to become more intimate with the adoring Junko Yoshikawa, but as the pretty teacher in his group did not come back, he returned to his room.


When he takes off his suit and feels comfortable, he lie down on his bed in his underwear. The hotel room outside the regional city is a scene without surrounding noise. The silence that you can hear the insects and frog’s voice is nice. By the way, Ryohei raised his upper body thinking that he would go to the bath, but he suddenly heard a female voice from next door.

『Mooree!! More, harder…. There more, harder!! Aaaa!!!』

(WhWhat, the fuck!!! I’m not an idiot!!!)

As soon as he heard that voice, he felt more angry than before. The guy next to him brought a woman to his room again and seems to have sex again. Thinking about it, Ryohei feel that he can always hear a woman’s pant voice from next door while he stays in this room. Although he thought that he was also amorous, he still felt astonished and scared of that man´s energy.

『Yaah…me too…me too…』
『NoNoo…. I´m first…. Put it in me…』

(It’s a lie, right? How many people are there!!!)

Further shock continues. What he heard through the thin wall are two voices who are clearly different from the previous woman. In other words, there are three women next to each other and having sex together with that man.

(Serious!! Such…really…!?)

Multiple play of three women and one man. It is a situation that is common in AV, but Ryohei cant believe that such a thing is actually performed. And here is the training camp for high school teachers and perhaps all four are teachers.

『Not good Not good!! You still cant pull it out!! Don’t extract it!!』
『Aaa!!! Comminnggg!!! A big cock is cominggg!!!』
『Terrible…I also…I also want it…』

The voices are loud enough to be heard well even if Ryohei didn’t bring his ear close, probably because the three people are speaking out in competing. All three people are young from the tone of voices, and it seems to be different from the voices from this morning and the daytime. If that’s the case, that man from next door has three other women. In Ryohei’s head, while opening their crotches on the bed, showing off their wet genitals, the figure of three female teachers who invite a man while waving their butt.

『Oooohoooo!!! A raw penis is splendid!! Raw cock, kikunoooo!!!』

A woman speaks an overt line, such as an AV video. It would be to appeal to the man how good it is and to tell the other two people that she feels good. If such a vulgar woman is a teacher, Ryohei would like to doubt what kind of face she is doing while teaching her students.

(Damn! I don’t even know what I’m thinking about this …

Hearing these lewd voice when he couldn’t meet Junko and Rinka, Ryohei was really horny and his lust accumulated in his body. Despite masturbating last night, his penis begins to burn and gradually revitalizes its power in his underwear.

(If this happens, I want to do it too…. Do I call Kumiko…)

Doing it with his wife, Kumiko, at this hotel is impossible, so he just have to go home. However, because of the scene from next door he is so horny that his only method is to call his wife right now.

『Put it innnn!!! Inside completeellyyy!!! Moorreee!!! Pierce my pussy, moree…aaaaaa!!!!』

While listening to a vulgar line over the wall, he is calling his wife, but it wont connect at all. The ringing tone continues endlessly and finally it switches to the answering machine.

(Chii…. Is the training not finished yet?)

His wife isn’t available. Maybe she is still preparing for the announcement tomorrow at the training venue. After sending a email that she shall come to this room, Ryohei cant withstand and hold his hot penis from between his pants.

『From behind…from behind…. Aaa, thick…its thick and huge…』

It seems to have changed to the next woman. Along with the screeching noise of the bed, a female voice with a tone higher than before was heard. Sweet voice like an anime character. It reminds Ryohei of Rinka.

『Aah…sensei. It’s embarrassing…I just met you today…. It’s such a good feeling. yaaah. The butt…the butt is not good…』

(Just met!? This guy, I guess he picked up these women at the training camp here?)

An impact that Ryohei doesnt know several times today strikes him. The guy next door seems to fuck the butt hole of the woman with the anime–like voice with excitement.

『That place…grinding…it’s embarrassing…higuuuu!!』

(Hey hey…I guess it’s not Shimomura-sensei…)

Ryohei remembers the cute face of Rinka because of the common point of the anime-like voice. However, he doesnt think that it would be her. Rinka showed some interest in him and didn’t try to leave during the training. He feels confident that he could make things real by pushing at the bar as it is. It is impossible for Rinka who has some interest in him to open her crotch to someone who she just met.

At that time, someone passed in front of the door facing the hallway and Ryohei heard a knocking sound on the next room door. Involuntarily he jumped down from the bed, went to the door and watched the outside from the observation hole. The corridors of the hotel seen through the fisheye lens are curved left and right and difficult to see. Still in the corner of the left field of vision, he saw something shaking. When the door opens with a loud noise, something pink is sucked into the next room.

(Fourth woman? …This guy, how many people is he going to call…)

From the color of the clothes of the person who just came, it is no doubt that it is a woman. It is almost 12 o’clock when Ryohei sees the time. When he thinks that that man called a new woman at such a time and intend to continue the orgy, Ryohei is impressed again by the energy of that man.

『Nooo…. Please…. Don’t say that…』

After a while Ryohei heard another voice, but he immediately understood the owner of the new voice. It must be the married woman who raises that sexy voice from yesterday night to this morning. And it is immediately understood that Ryohei’s intuition is correct.

『That person…dont mention that person…. Noooo…. Embarrassing…it’s embarrassing…aaaa…』

In Ryohei’s mind, while letting the three women until now have a triple blowjob, he sees the appearance of that man who is bullying the married woman who has just come. Even though the married woman disliked that her husband is mentioned, her crotch is surely wet from having it played with that man’s finger.

(Damn!! Kumiko doesn’t come yet!)

There was some resistance from the women at the hotel during training, but the desire that came up cant be suppressed. Somehow Ryohei got angry as his penis got erected and he cant fuck a woman. He takes out his smartphone again and call his wife Kumiko. However, just like the ringing tone just mentioned, it will eventually end without being connected. He also sent an email, but it hasn’t been read yet.

(Does she still train? …Or has she gone to bed already?)

His wife always wake up early. She always go to bed at 11 o’clock, so there is a good chance that she is already asleep.

『Not good…. That’s it…. Please just stop…. If you do such a thing, it will be known by my husband…. Yaaa…』

There is a noise of clothes rubbing between that woman’s protest, whether she is being made to do something by that man. At the same time, the voice of the woman is sweetened as it was yesterday and the sexy luster gradually begins to be mixed with the voice. The voice seems to be full of sexual desire as the woman caress the erection.

『Do…. I will do it. Please…dont look, please dont look…』

After a while, three voices were heard again.

『Ah…. A very horny tongue…』
『No, she is so addicted to the habit of a married woman, that she was starving…』
『Don’t you think it’s bad for your husband…? Huhu, like a prostitute…』

Imagination of the situation in the next room. There must have been a fierce fellatio done by the mature married woman on that man´s penis. And three other women look at it while laughing. The married woman is doing a rich service that has never been done to her husband, as she is being embarrassed and lead by her desire. Dense and soothing swings and a skillful tongue. Ryohei seems to be able to hear the sounds she is making.

(Damn!!! I want to have sex toooo!!! Kumikooo!!!! I’m asking you to wake up and notice my email!!! Come here quickly!!!)

Ryohei makes another phone call, but he still can’t connect. Because it is already midnight after 12 o’clock, Kumiko will already be asleep. There is no way that Kumiko will come, so he needs to take a tissue from the bedside like last night.

『Aaa…hand…let go of my hand…. My voice will be heard next door…』

It seems as if it is known that Ryohei is eavesdropping and he gets stiff. However, he immediately understood that it was a spice to enhance the excitement intended by that man and purposefully hit the wall on the left side twice.


As soon as the voice of the married woman stops, it is transmitted that someone is there. They know that Ryohei can hear their voices and the married woman may have been embarrassed. But that’s just for a little.

『Nooo!!! Stop…please stop!!! It will be heard…. The person from next door, can hear it…aaaaa!!!!』

Even if the married woman was desperately suppressing her voice, her hands would be held down. The ashamed married woman desperately begs for it, but the man seems to still have sex as it is.

『Not gooddd!!! Voice…my voice is leaking… Aaaa…again so deep…noooo…not good…. Hand…let go of my hand…』

The married woman cant suppress her voice while being fucked. The bed rang with that man’s waist movement and she cried with a sweet voice as it synchronized with it. It would be nice to plunge into a woman’s secret hole. Hearing what that married woman said, Ryohei know that it will be as yesterday and she loses her reason gradually.

『Theree! That’s my shameful placee!!! …Interior!!! Interior…interior is amazing!!! Aaaahaaa!!』

A penis is brutally plunged in the deepest part that cant be reached by her husband at all and the married woman has her weak point stimulated. It is like solving a mystery presenting the answer. From that man’s point of view, there will be no partner who is as easy as this married woman. And, like last night, the married woman turned on her nasty switch.

『Grind…dont grind against there, my voice is coming out…. My voice will be heard!!! Iiiiii!!!』

Apparently, the indecent blood which had been concealed appeared. The married woman´s voice became so sweet as it manifests in the same nature like last night. Her indecent voice goes up a octave according to the noise of the bed.

『Different…oohoooo…. You are totally different…. To the interior…to the interior…moving so wildly…. Aaa…if you do it so much…I will go crazyyyy!!』

The married woman pants while crying as if she forgot that her voice can be heard by Ryohei. She may be rather exciting to be heard. When he think so, Ryohei gets excited and hits the wall to show his existence.

『Hiiiii!!! Aaaaa…dont listen!!! Please…. Nooo…shameful…shameful, my voice is leaking…』

No doubt. The married woman is clearly excited by being heard by someone while having sex. The limit is pushed to the end, and finally the voice which has been overwhelmed gets louder.

『Not good…pull out!! Pull it out!! As it is…as it is good, go!!!』

The married woman sits down on ecstasy and finally tries to fall to the bottom of the abyss. In a state of having a completely burned reason, she reaches the point where she doesnt care if she is married.

『As it is…as it is inside…you can put it out inside…. Go…take me to heaven…hiiiiiii!!!!』


Ryohei also ejaculate in the tissue according to the married woman’s orgasm next to him. The pulsating penis releases a large amount of energy and then gradually becomes smaller.


The desire calms down. The wise man’s time is over and he cleans up with a sigh.

(Isn’t it stupid…)

It is unclear to Ryohei himself whether it is against the insane of the man next door who has sex with four women during the training camp or against his unfaithful self who is masturbating to this scene.

『Aaah…amazing…. Sensei…I also…please me too…. I want to get pregnant…』
『I also I also…. I will tighten firmly, so you will be stuck in my interior…, Sensei´s semen, in my womb…released…』
『For a nasty pussy cheating secretly…pouring white juice in…. Please…let me become pregnant…』

Three women invite that man with indecent language as they probably got excited by the vaginal cum shot sex with the married woman. Sticking out their buttocks side by side in the bed, Ryohei imagines their figures competing for the love of that man.

(Hahh! I’m frustrated anyway…)

With a bad temper in his mind, Ryohei get rid of everything and dive into the bed. If it is a beautiful woman over a certain level, that man cant be compared to him. Therefore, all the women who are next door must be insane women who are inconvenient to men. Ryohei concludes so to comfort himself.

『Ooooo!!! The penis is comiinnggg!!! Huge…hugggeeee!!!!』

(Do as much as you like with your ugly partners…)

Ryohei was drawn into the world of dreams as if sinking to a bottomless swamp while being fed up with the orgy that starts again.

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