Inma no Hado chapter 98

Chapter 98: My Unfaithful Wife


A naked man and woman are connected in the missionary position on a bed. Every time the male moves his lower back, the sound of creaking wood spreads throughout the luxury apartment.


The man seems to be in quite a desperate situation, his eyes and face show that he is enduring a trial. Nevertheless, he bears it somehow, but it seems he will reach his limit soon. In this hot room, sweat drips from his forehead.


“Aaaa! To-Tomomiii!!”


He desperately endured, but had already reached his limit. Akitoshi Takada, Tomomi’s husband, called out her name, and used his lower back subtly, before timidly shaking his body and crying out in pleasure.





Takada, who is intoxicated by the pleasant feeling of his ejaculation, and Tomomi, who feels it, gasp quietly. The pleasure from their experience and love for each other is expressed through their voice.


Takada collapsed on the bed when he finished ejaculating inside his wife’s womb. The semen that didn’t enter inside Tomomi is stuck to Takada’s meat stick.


“Aaa… that was amazing, Tomomii…”

“For me too… Akitoshi-san…”


Because of this pleasant sensation, Takada expresses admiration from the bottom of his heart. His newly-married wife nodded faintly and smiled at his praise.


(It was quite enjoyable… this person, does she have a cheat tool?)


Before marriage, Takada had experience with many women, including prostitutes, but the insides of his wife feel incredibly comfortable.


Her whole vagina clung to his penis and moved as if it wants to drag him down to the depths of hell, while on the other hand, the fold of the ceiling of the womb depths wraps around the glans when tightened and Takada felt it clearly.


Until they got married, he was tied to the wedding night, because Tomomi was a virgin. He was drunk and didn’t remember the conversation, but he remembers that he took her virginity away while she wore her wedding dress and he came many times.  A dark blood mark was left on the skirt of her custom-made wedding dress as proof they fulfilled the act.


Every day after their honeymoon, they have sex. Probably because his wife had no experience and no sexual lust before, her reaction is light now.


“I sweated a lot, I’m going to take a shower…”


Tomomi wraps her body with a bath towel when she said so and left the bedroom. Her back is intolerably sexy and good-looking.


(It is said that when a woman falls in love, she becomes more beautiful, but Tomomi is the apex….)


While cleaning himself, Takada laughed leisurely.


When he met Tomomi, she was an innocent, neat, and clean girl who was brought up with care. Takada was attracted by her courteousness and elegance, but he was betrayed with a good reason now.


It’s impossible to compare a cocoon molt with a winged adult and beautiful butterfly at all, after they got married, well, speaking accurately, after being engaged, Tomomi steadily became more beautiful. As for her elegance, she is like a giant flower in bloom.


(Moreover, she is a really rare article…I’m quite lucky.)


While drinking his lukewarm beer, he remembers the good structure and complex motion of his wife’s pussy. His wife has a rare and excellent pussy, which makes Takada incredibly excited.


(When she becomes more aggressive, it will be the best…)


Even if they have sex once more and both enjoy each other, Tomomi still doesn’t say it’s perfect. She still dislikes both cunnilingus and fellatio, like a little bird she only allows kissing. It is one thing to be shameful, but her reaction is weak even if he caressed her.


(…Maa, I’ll develop her gradually now…)


His newly-married wife is still a super beginner in having sex. Takada is an expert; therefore he should instill his technique into her from now on. He will change his wife from now on as if he were bringing up a character in an RPG.


Tomomi dressed in her pajamas entered the bedroom after a few minutes.


“I’m sorry, but it’s late now. Shall we sleep soon? I have school tomorrow.”

“Ah okay…”


Tomomi is a part-time music teacher that promised to retire if they got married, but Takada accepted Tomomi’s earnest wish. Thus she continues. However, she only works for one school now instead of two before, being Ellis all-girls high school, where she teaches 3 days in the week.


“Are you late tomorrow?”

“…Eh?…Ah, uh…. I think I will be late tomorrow, too…”


When Takada asked casually, Tomomi had a slightly surprised look for some reason. But when she sees Takada’s gently laughing face, she answered while brushing her hair.


“Is that so…. Don’t you think that you became more eager in club activities? Didn’t the club advisor tell just recently that it is impossible?”

“Y-yes. But all the students are earnest, and they want to do their best for the next chorus contest -that’s why I want to help them…”

“Huh, then enjoy it…”


Seeing Takada’s face through the mirror, Tomomi doesn’t lock eyes with him. Distress appears on her expression subtly, but only for an instant and Takada didn’t notice the change.


Although she comes from an affluent family, Tomomi is late home from school every day. As for Takada, he works in an advertising agency and often comes home late.


“Ah, hey? Although I said it before, we have a camp of the chorus club next Saturday and Sunday, and it’s overnight…”

“Again? Wasn’t the other day also a training camp?”

“…Ye-Yes…is it not okay?”

“Mmm, well, it’s okay, because I am on a business trip to Sapporo on that day.”

“So, then, excuse me… “


This is a casual daily conversation of a double-income married couple. There is neither an illogicality nor a sense of incongruity there. Everything except for a thin finger of his newly-married wife trembles faintly, where her wedding ring shines.


Yuichi Endo couldn’t suppress his excitement when he got his mail. An invitation to lunch with the pretty woman he met at the wedding of his colleague.


(That woman was wonderful….)


Working for the same advertising agency, this woman who appeared on the wedding of his co-worker Takada is still a topic among the men, and she made a deep impression inside Endo.


This woman who wore a tight black dress seems to be a teacher who works at the same school as the bride. However, her beauty and erotic body didn’t match the image of a teacher, and she emitted pheromones from her whole body.


Endo was fixed on this beautiful woman from the start at the second banquet. She was together with her colleagues there and to snatch her away he invited her to a drinking bar. Endo couldn’t remember the face of that male teacher, but he knew that he was an unclean middle-aged man.


Then Endo recommended hard alcohol to this beauty in the second meeting. If she doesn’t drink it, he will praise her good looks until she drinks. And the moment this female teacher with silver rimmed glasses becomes drunk, she didn’t refuse light touches.


Three men, including Endo, ignored the newly-married couple, and affix their attention to this sexy beauty, continuing giving her liquor all the time. Needless to say, they made her drunk so they can have fun with her body. Endo was well experienced with this forcible method – making women drunk in this way.


When the female teacher stood up to go to the restroom, he ran after her immediately. He caught her from behind when she came out, and he rubbed her huge breasts by pretending to nurse them.


These enormous hills which were pushed up by the dress from the bottom were genuinely large. Though this beauty disliked it and twisted her body, Endo enjoyed the sensation with a strange fascination.


He tried to steal a march and bring her back as is, but the female teacher took her handbag as soon as she returned. The other three men didn’t intend to stop her when she ran out. It was Endo who was going to run after her in a hurry, but Takada came to their seat. It goes without saying that he abused Takada in his heart.


After that, he was anxious until this mail came abruptly today. From the contents, she wants to meet him and take a meal together. Endo could not believe his good luck  Anyway, he thought that there was no chance because it was killed at that moment.


“Thank you for the delicious meal. But is it really okay?”

“Of course. I was glad that I was invited by Junko.”


Endo has a refreshing smile while seeing the good looks of Junko Yoshikawa. Even in his badge agency which is a major ad agency, his popularity among the women and trading partners is very high. However, almost all invitations disappeared since he got married this spring.


“Shall we go to another fine place?”


Of course, Endo won’t leave it here. He wants to conquer this female today by all means. Thus, he pretended to work till late for his newly-married wife to take time with Junko. Endo’s wife, a former model, understands well that her husband often needs work overtime.


“Yes… let’s go to another place…”

“Then shall we go to a shop I know? It’s nearby.”


As for that store, it is a shot bar which he regularly visits since he was a student. He has a good relationship with the shop owner. Even if Endo says nothing, the owner mixes strong alcohol for the women which Endo brings to the bar.


Junko was wearing a sexy black suit that wrapped tightly excellent her body today, he couldn’t believe she went to school wearing this. Her huge melons were pushed up by her blouse, and the valley of her chest is completely exposed from the plunging neckline.


At this moment, his penis ached again – it hardened when he received the mail. Even pre-cum overflowed and stuck to his shorts.


(I’ll eat her today….)


Endo licked his lips in his mind. However, at that moment Junko said something unexpected.


“If it’s okay, can we go to a store I know? I wanted to go there once, but I can’t go alone.”


Endo wondered briefly what he should do, but decided to follow Junko after all. He thought that they might go to a coffee shop, so he decided to go to his shop afterward.


“It’s here…”


However, Endo was surprised, when he saw the shop that Junko recommended. Of course, it isn’t written clearly, but he knows what is inside when he enters. It was a couple’s cafe with a strange atmosphere. This shop was dim, and sofas are arranged everywhere. A couple sits down on a sofa, and a very obscene act is done in front of others.


They don’t just kiss and cuddle with each other but do more radical things instead. There are couples who are more excited when someone is watching them.


“Do you often come to such a place?”

“No way, it’s my first time. But I’ve been interested in it a long time now…”


Junko looks down bashfully. Endo sat down on a sofa and looked for a drink. In such shops, you often need to call the waiter to order something and usual you pay immediately.


“Amazing… doing such a thing…”


The couple before them has already started a public performance. The woman shook her hips while sobbing on the waist of the man. Junko is clearly excited and excited for this couple.


First, Endo was confused, but when he saw that it would be fun, he reconsidered. In other words, he would do the same with the beauty beside him.


Endo, who drank for a while, waited until the timing was right to use his hand. The moment he tried to put his hand on her shoulder, Junko stood up abruptly.


“Excuse me… I must go to the restroom for a moment…”


Saying so, she disappeared into the inside of this store with her handbag. Endo stopped his hand in advancing further and gulped down his glass.


(When Junko comes back, we…)


Thinking about his next move, his expression changed for an instant.


Junko was certainly the best woman he has met.


Although her long slit eyes are intellectual, when she get drunk, they melt and become very charming. Not to speak of her chest, her hips are plump for a Japanese woman, and her waist was formed very well. From where her legs are seen, from her mini skirt, a perfect line forms and follows to her thin ankles. Because of his profession, Endo saw a lot of models, but Junko would certainly be highly ranked.


(It is intolerable…)


He really wants to eat this gorgeous body of Junko quickly and planned to remove her clothes as soon as she returned from the restroom. After considering such things, his son couldn’t withstand anymore and raised up again.


(At first, I will let her suck it with that mouth…)
It was to the extent that he went up to the topic of his colleagues that a fellatio from Junko would be comfortable. All the men in the second banquet have undressed Junko inside their minds and imagined violating her and doing fellatio.

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