Jobless Chapter 38 Harakara vs. What? Me?! Are you serious?!

This guy seems stronger than Kida, no matter how you look at it! I don’t have any experience in martial arts you know?!

『 Your body is loose, but you’re approaching a hero state now. When the man tried hitting you earlier, you were able to respond quickly, right? Just to be safe, I’ll consume some hero points to lower my seal 』

Sure, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision and kicked the dude, but what do you mean by my body approaching a hero?

It must be that it’s like responding to danger with reflexes or something.

「 Here I go!!!! 」

「 Woah!!! 」

The large man approached with great vigor and unleashed his strong arm. Then, I grabbed his arm straight up.

「 Doh!? 」

I was blown backward. So much power.

Well, the punch itself was received well, so the damage was a little painful. Just kidding. It’s so-so painful.

「 I’m not done yet!!!! 」

The man quickly closes the distance and brings out his arms in a barrage of strikes.

G-Guard?! I can’t guard in time.

「 Uooooooh!!! 」

「 T-Time out! 」

Damn! I can’t hesitate in violence! Even if I received it, it only hurts a bit. I can just hit back instead of guarding.

「 Oraaa!! 」

While he was trying to beat me, I tried hitting back. I never had a proper fight before, but my fist certainly reached his torso.

「 Guh!! 」

The man’s pose broke, and his attack stopped. Seeing that as an opportunity, and this time, I went for the offensive.

(Get the hell out of here! If you’re gone, I’m getting my 200,000 yen!!)

Kokuryoin Minato’s collapsed on the floor, but she’s gradually regaining her breath. Then, she saw the battle unfold before her.

(That Harakara and….!! T-They’re punching each other?!)

A human beating up an Oni in the flesh. It was an abnormal view. Kokuryoin Minato recalls the earlier incident.

(Harakara tried to take out that man…Shrimp Crab Mochi, using strong Qi. But, Mochi didn’t seem to feel anything and talked back lightly…)

A clear killing intent comes from the Oni. But the man didn’t flinch at all, even went so far as to kick Harakara in the face.

(No matter how unprepared he was, I can’t believe he received such a powerful blow)

After kicking that, he even provoked asking “You didn’t die from that, did you?” Then, Harakara took the provocation and he stopped looking at her.

(He’s receiving Harakara’s attacks face-on, and yet his movements aren’t slowing at all. Are you saying that he’s not receiving any damage?)

He’s abnormal, fighting an Oni with just fists. But, that abnormal person saved her life. The rail of fate that was supposed to end has switched lanes.

(My benefactor)

That’s what she thought. As expected, he must be a man with some complicated circumstances that he could handle such special stones.

「 Shut up, old man! 」

「 Gaha!?! 」

Harakara’s starting to get confused as the man in front of him isn’t intimidated at all. After all, no matter how much he hits with his Qi, he still punches with his fist. He’s hardly showing any reaction.

Then, that confusion leads to an opening, the man pushes his full strength into Harakara’s torso with a right fist thrust.

Harakara who took it directly was blown up to the wall again.

「 Phew. Hey, Cui. That guy’s stronger than Kida, isn’t he?

『 Of course. He’s not a human after all 』

「 What? 」

『 He’s no human, of course, he’s stronger than Kida. What’s with that reaction? You didn’t notice? 』

Hey, hey, what are you talking about Cui?!? It must be that, just a metaphor that he’s no human?

「 No, what do you mean by he’s not a human. He clearly has two legs, two eyes, a mouth, and a nose on his face, right? 」

『 Hmm? Could it be that in this world, you don’t recognize existence outside humans like that man? 』

I don’t get it? But I don’t think I’m misunderstanding it. I’ll ask the girl for more details later.

「 Kukuku 」

「 Huh? 」

The huge man slowly stands up. Seriously? I thought I knocked him out already.

The man looked at me with a smile and seemed like he was enjoying himself.

「 Oh, when was the last time since I had this much fun? Man. Allow me to name myself once again. I’m Harakara. A former human, now an Oni 」

「 What? 」

Oh shit. If I heard this man introduce himself before, I would’ve brushed it off thinking “This guy’s crazy” But after hearing what Cui said, it reminded me of the Oni from the old Japanese folktales.

Huh? Onis are real?

「 Man. Can you tell me your name? 」

「 No, pass. Why would I bother revealing my name to someone as dangerous as you? If you want to know, then you’ll have to bring some money 」

「 Kukuku. Money? That’s a very human desire. Very well. I respect your strength, so I’ll show you the true spirit of the Oni! 」

The large man thrusts his fist to the ground. Then, a bluish flame lights on his right fist.

「 Woahh!!! 」

The fire engulfed the big man but disappeared in an instant. Then, before I knew it, the big man was wearing armor all over his body, like armor from the warring states period.

Kigan Jutsu, Engen Tengai Oni Eye Technique, Phantom Flame Battle Armor Kukuku, how’s that? Are you feeling the heat? 」

Both the ends of his arms and legs are flickering with blue flames.

Oh shit, Cui’s right. He’s using some mysterious power that’s an Earth version of magic.

『 This is bad. Fighting him in your current state is dangerous 』

「 Woah 」

『 It would be fine if I could manifest a mythic grade arms, but… Cuioz can’t return to its original form 』

The huge man lowers his hips. Unlike before, he’s definitely showing a dangerous atmosphere.

「 If I recall, Cuioz can make sex toys, right? 」

『 Correct 』

OH yeah, Cuioz was actually a skill that brings out the sacred sword and spear and the like.

「 In short, those adult goods are also containing some huge power? 」

『 They’re as strong as mythic-grade weapons. Based on your imagination, my seal, and the available hero points, we can manifest a mythic grade power, but… 』

It’s too late to ask but what even is a mythic grade item? I don’t care enough about it but let me think…

「 Okay, I see that this guy’s dangerous, let’s bring out a weapon too 」

『 Hmm? But… 』

「 Here’s the sex toy I want to materialize, also, use all our current hero points 」

『 Hmm, very well… 』

I had a strong image of a sex toy in my mind. Harakara’s gathered his strength, shattering the concrete floor.

「 Ooooooh!!! 」

His right first with a bluish flame comes flying in Sure, if I receive this attack, it won’t end nicely for me, but…

「 Sex toy manifest! Cuioz! Come! 」

I swing my right arm to meet Harakara’s fist. In my hand is a huge dark, and nicely bent vibrator.

(This will never break, and yet all elastic, and it will still vibrate deep inside their womb! And an infinitely adjustable super-vibration makes a woman cum! Furthermore, with a touch of a button, it can also make fake ejaculations! This is, what I thought of…)

「 The strongest vibrator!!! 」

Damn! I don’t want to use it on a dude! Why do I have to use my first lewd skill on a guy like this?!

But, the strongest vibrator I wielded hit Harakara’s right fist. At that moment, it caused a super vibration shattering its arm and the entire armor.

「 Gaha!?! Oooh?! T-That can’t be?!!! 」

「 Woaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! 」

The super vibrations of the vibrator continued to harm Harakara’s wound. This is gross.

Harakara blew backward, knowing that he was at a disadvantage.

「 Haa, haa, w-what’s with that weapon? 」

「 No, it’s not really a weapon. Actually, it’s a weapon used for women, but… 」

Harakara’s right arm slouches down. His right fist is completely broken. Huh, that’s beyond recovery.

「 Guh… 」

「 T-That’s enough, right? I’ve got no business with you, I came here for this girl 」

Saying that I point at the girl lying on the floor with a vibrator.

「 I’m saying I have no time for you! I’m not calling the police, just go 」

「 Are you showing mercy after injuring me? My life… 」

「 Huh? I don’t care! I told you that you’re in the way! I don’t want your life 」

The thought is just too disturbing. I’m curious about the Oni, but I don’t want him nearby! I just want to spend my isekai sex life in peace!

「 ………… You fierce warrior. When my wounds heal and the next time we meet, I’ll hear your name 」

Saying that Harakara left out of the window. But this is the second floor.

Well, putting that aside! I can finally conduct business with Scwartz-san.

「 Phew. The hindrance is out of the way, Schwartz-san. Here are the stones… 」

I called out to the girl. But, Schwartz-san looks to the side, a bit embarrassed.

「 U-Uhm, that… 」

「 Huh? 」

Schwartz-san points at my right arm. I’m holding the black vibrator. The vibrator is still winding around.

「 ……………… 」

『 It might not be a mythic class, barely a sword, but it’s powerful enough to be a replica of the holy rod. But, it’s not stable yet. It will probably go away in a few seconds 』

I brought the strongest vibrator behind my back with my arms behind to hide it from Schwartz-san.

Then, the strongest vibrator disappeared after it had done its job, it was gone from my hand.