Kama-sutra 23

In the end, I didn’t end up deflowering Lin’s ass. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to… My blood was up and she had visited the indignity of having my asshole fingered upon me.

Just one word to explain why I didn’t: hygiene.

While I was quite eager to introduce Lin and even Kara to the pleasures of anal sex, I wasn’t going to do it without further preparation. I wasn’t a clean freak by a long shot, but I drew a line at scat. A very bold line that I scored several times.

I’m the try everything once type of guy and with what I did for a living, I ended up trying a lot of weird stuff. But I had a rule. If I didn’t like it, I would stay the fuck away no matter how hot the girl who wanted to try it was.

I heard a few of my clientele were quite into the whole golden shower and watching each other piss routine. They said it built trust or some such nonsense – broke down the barriers they said. They waxed eloquent about how close they felt after helping each other wear their underwear.

Well, thank you very much but I like my barriers unbroken. Some things are better left unshared.

Once, when I was really pounding a woman in missionary after a very pleasant date, she had one of those leg-shaking orgasms you never forget in your life. She was a pretty thing, petite and vivacious with beautiful black hair that trailed down to the small of her back and a perfectly shaped pair of breasts – not too large, not too small – with rose-coloured inverted nipples that made you want to excavate them.

I was really enjoying watching her reach the peak violently with her back arched and her hair splayed out beneath her when I suddenly felt something warm covering my stomach and trickling down my legs.

It killed the mood for me, I tell you.

Well, I ensured that she didn’t catch on. Did the right thing and put up a front, carried her to the washroom and helped her clean up… Even cuddled a little in the bath. Then the both of us parted amicably.

I never answered her calls again.

So, in the end, I didn’t end up deflowering Lin’s ass. But I did take her thoroughly from the back in doggy-style. After all, it wouldn’t do to have her get cocky. In the end, she was a contented lump of laziness curled up on the bed and unwilling to move.

Neither did Kara stick around to ‘punish’ me the entire day. Something came up at work and she had to leave to take care of it around noon.

I sent her off with a kiss on her cheek. It made her look at me in an odd sort of way but even her dark skin couldn’t hide the heat in her cheeks or the noise of her signal. I liked the look in her eye as she left.

I was slowly getting a hang of what made these demonesses tick. They were really starved of platonic touches. Hugs, kisses on the cheek or forehead, tucking an errant strand of hair behind the ear… these intimacies that we consider the norm for people in a relationship was quite exotic for them. While stuff we consider excessive, they considered mundane.

Lin wasn’t embarrassed to ask for my cock but a hug and a kiss on the forehead would leave her a blushing wreck. Maybe I knew why I liked the girls so much. A devil on the bed but an angel outside it… wasn’t this contradiction the ideal in the hearts of most men. I wasn’t an exception and in this warped society that I had found myself in, I met a whole sect whose members possessed this characteristic as the norm.

Was I lucky? Not particularly but I could have done worse. I could have definitely done worse.

Now, I was cooking lunch. Take it from me, women find men who can cook sexy. Especially after a thoroughly satisfying fuck when they are craving all of them calories.

The satisfaction of knowing that the man who just pumped a gallon of cum in her can also keep her fed, floods her mind with dopamine that makes her favourable impression towards you go: +1, +1, in tune with her accelerated heartbeat.

Okay, that last bit was utter pseudo-science but it’s a nice practice to fill a girl’s stomach with food after you fill it with cum. They appreciate it.

Unless you’re a terrible cook that makes toxic dishes. Then all I can tell you is – practice.

So, there I was chopping tomatoes (or the alternate world’s equivalent with a somewhat shrivelled skin and a spicy taste mixed with the sourness) at the kitchen counter that faced the dining table when Lin entered the room.

I nearly missed the tomato and chopped off my thumb when I got distracted by her attire.

She was wearing one of my shirts (yes, shirts, I had a lot of them now thanks to Kara). The bottom of which, despite being oversized for her was pushed up to just below her navel by the curve of her breasts, revealing her underwear. A thing of lace, silk and strings that forced me to turn my eyes away and chant the sutras required to sheath my eager Excalibur.

Her hair was wet from a bath and her skin glistened with moisture but when I saw what she was holding in her hand, my arousal was replaced by a twitch in my eye. Grinning widely, she upended the basket on the table and many wooden blocks tumbled out onto it. I recognized them as toy blocks used to help a child learn the written word. With my superhuman vision, I even caught the mark of baby teeth on several of the blocks. They must have been ones she had played with in her infancy.

I was being treated like a baby. How embarrassing.

There was only one spoken language in these parts, but there were two ways to write it. The first, and simpler one was the common script, the second, more complicated one was the noble script.

The noble script strongly resembled Mandarin – not that I knew enough Chinese to make an accurate appraisal. The common script on the other hand was a pictographic script like cuneiform or hieroglyphs but simpler. Much, much simpler.

Sitting down on a chair Lin picked up one of the wooden blocks and placed it on the table with one edge facing me.

“What’s this symbol stand for?” she asked.

She had taken to the role of my literacy instructor with great enthusiasm. She’d test me on my knowledge every opportunity she got. An effective method as my desire to avoid embarrassing myself led to an accelerated rate of learning.

I focused on the block. Each side of the block had been carved with a single glyph. A quick count told me that there were twenty-three blocks, meaning that the blocks contained all hundred and thirty-eight glyphs that made up the vocabulary of the common script.

The glyph she was showing me was a simple triangle.

“Mountain.” I responded as I continued to chop the fruit I had named pepper-tomato.

Nodding appreciatively, she flipped the block with the flick of her finger as she rested her cheek on the arm she had placed on the table. “And this?” she asked, looking up at me supinely.

It was a triangle again, but this time there was a straight line scored through its middle, dividing it into two sections. It looked like a snow-capped mountain.

“High mountain.” I responded.

“High-est mountain,” she corrected me. “What do you have when you have several of these triangles together in a row with one of the second glyphs somewhere in the middle of the row?”

“A mountain range.”

“Right. So, this second one is the symbol for the highest mountain in the range. If you ever see this symbol on a signboard, or scratched on a tree, you should follow it to the nearest mountain. That’s the highest one in the range.”

When I nodded, she flipped another block and looked at me expectantly. Finishing dicing the pepper-tomato, I swept it off the shopping board into a wooden bowl and replaced it with this world’s equivalent of a cabbage – a red leafy vegetable… well, we have red cabbages on earth but here they are the more common variant. I remember using the juice of red cabbages for pH measurements when I was a kid. Even then, my interest in chemistry was quite developed.

Noticing Lin’s impatient gaze boring into me, I looked up and studied the new block. It depicted a simple circle.


“Right, and this?”

Now it depicted a circle with a filled dot in the centre.

“Night sky… and that dot is the full moon. More accurately, it depicts the time of the night when the full moon is overhead.”

“Good. If the dot wasn’t solid but an empty circle, it would mean that it was showing the morning sky at noon. Depending on the position of the dot or circle, you can depict whatever time you want. The left edge of the outer circle represents the east while the right edge represents the west. Also, the phases of the moon can replace the solid dot to help you determine the day of the month.”

Even though there were so few words, the variations of the pictograms made the language reasonably diverse. You could represent most things with common. Due to its simplicity and accessibility, the literacy rate was quite high.

Contrary to what fantasy logic would dictate, the common script was the one which was used for magic like rune work, formations and talisman craft. Thus, people were even more motivated to learn it.

Having finished chopping the ingredients, I turned my back to Lin and began cooking. First, I poured some oil into the pan and heated it over the coal fire. When it began sizzling, I tossed in the pepper-tomatoes and the onions, sautéing them till the moisture seeped out of them and the onions began browning.

When they reached the perfect colour, I poured half-a-mug of cream into it. Mountain goat milk is magical I tell you. Try the rich creamy flavour once and you won’t want processed milk ever again.

I put the shredded red cabbage and the precooked rice in it, poured a little water and set it to simmer on the stove.

Then I turned to work on the meat.

Noticing a lull in my work, Lin called out. “And… this?”

Turning my head over my shoulder, I saw that she was sprawled on the table, yawning while holding up a paper with a noon glyph followed by a mountain range glyph. I must have tired her out in the morning.

“That should be read as ‘Meet me at the eastern edge of the nearest mountain range at noon.’” I responded.

She didn’t reply so took it that I was correct, and she was preparing another sentence.

I began preparing the meat. Once again, it came from the mountain goats that the sect raised within its premises. They were hardy creature and while their flesh was quite flavourful, it was also a bit stringy. It needed a lot of cooking if it was to be made as soft as the meats I was used to.

But I had a trick. I had already tenderized the meat last night, soaked it in a bowl of water and put it in the icebox which was buried in the garden. It had frozen solid and now as I had left it out for two hours, it had thawed out.

It’s basic physics really. Water expands when it freezes. Try putting a plastic bottle filled to the brim with water in the freezer. Take it out after a few hours. You’ll see that it has become all puffy and deformed due to the pressure of the expanding ice. Sometimes, it can even break the bottle.

The same for the meat. Soaking it caused its cells to take in water. Freezing caused the water in the cells to expand, breaking the cells. So, when it thaws out, its much more tender.

I prefer this method to using honey to tenderize the meat as honey is both expensive and makes the final dish too sweet for my palate.

As I worked, I suddenly felt strange that Lin hadn’t asked a question in a full quarter.

Turning back, I noticed that she was totally sprawled on the table now with her hair scattered about her face messily. Her chest was rising and falling regularly.

I smiled. She had fallen asleep.

Putting down the knife, I washed my hands and moved to her. The posture was uncomfortable, and she’d wake with a painful crick in her neck.

As I moved closer, my eyes widened as I realized that something was terribly wrong. From the gaps between the strands of her hair, I could see that her lips were a toxic shade of purple.

“Lin!” I exclaimed as I rushed to her side.

Pushing her hair aside, I looked at her face. It was pale as paper. Cold sweat beaded her forehead and her eyes were vibrating erratically beneath her eyelids.

“Lin! Talk to me!” I yelled as I shook her.

No response.

My fingers shaking, I had to try several times before I could take her pulse from the side of her neck. It was weak and erratic.

What was I supposed to do? Call for help? How?! If they saw me, the first thing they would do was try to knock me out and capture me, Lin be damned.

I didn’t know what poison it was or how she had gotten infected… I couldn’t solve it on my own.

Magic? Hah. Don’t make me laugh! I didn’t know anything more about cultivation than just fucking to increase it.

Was that what I had to do? Fuck an unconscious girl in the hope that it saved her? What a joke!

My hands were shaking like I had the ague at this point. I could even feel a stinging sensation at the corner of my eyes.

Did… did I have to watch her d-ie?

Suddenly, I felt something sharp pressing up against my neck and I stiffened. An extremely strong grip pressed down on my shoulder, forcing me down on my knees.

A voice colder than ice spoke up from behind me. “Kneel, Demon. And don’t move. You might startle me, and my hands aren’t steady when startled.”

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