LLLS Chapter 10 – Manga Cafe

I made my way to the bathroom and took a nice cold shower, waking me up. The water was on the cold side but just right to knock you out of a coma.


In casual clothes, a gray shirt, and black joggings. The living room is close by so I decided to watch some television. entering the living room, I make eye contact with Mina, however, next to her there are two girls one is familiar but the other one I can’t recall who it is.


The one I know her name is Kana Mëjire, she has black short hair but from the lighting, her hair looks purple, she isn’t too skinny but not chubby. From the looks of it, she seems fragile but she knows how to fight, right now her outfit is a saggy-no-sleeves-hoodie and a short skit enough to see her legs that show her brownish-white skin. The way I think of her is another little sister since I’ve seen her since Mina started middle school.


Now the one sitting alone on the couch, If I made a stereotypical judgment I have a feeling she’s from An Asian country, she has semi-long glossy black hair that’s barely passing her shoulders. She has a nice formed face which makes her look expressionless but is a model. She shows a natural mature aura while looking at me, giving her some sort of unexplainable charm. Right now she is wearing our school uniform but the only thing different is that she is wearing stockings.


“Oh hey Ryan”


Mina waves her hand lazily,


“Hi Mina, I see Kana is here too”




Kana comes running and hugs me, I can feel she is trying to hug tighter but is restraining herself.  I pay her head as a greeting, she is not tall you could call her short, her height is… well I am a bit unsure but I’m 178cm and she is up to my chest. You could call her a loli but the police will be on my ass.


“Hey, Kana, doing good as always?”




“And who is she, aren’t you going to introduce me to her?”


I point at the mysterious girl by nudging my chin up, since pointing is “rude”. Then I asked Mina to introduce me.


“Oh, This is Akatsuki Yukimiya. Yukimiya this is my brother Ryan”


“Nice to meet you, Yukimiya”


“Errr nice to meat you too, Lryan-Lyan-Ryan, eee eto prease calro me Yuki”


Yuki fumbles over her words making my name sound like Lion, I’m guessing she is still practicing her English.


“Yuki here, just transferred today from Japan, her English is a bit iffy, and since I’m studying Japanese, I was chosen to help her”


“Alright then, I’m ahead out for a bit, it’s nice to meeting you Yuki”


I extend my hand.


“Yes, It is Ryan meeting you”


Yuki shakes my hand


“Oh and Mina don’t touch the brownies in the oven, words from Monica.”


“Tsk, fine”


Clicking her tongue at me, I leave the house.


The reason being I chose not to watch television, I just wanted to leave them alone, no special meaning to it. So I decided to make my way to a Manga cafe as there is only one in this city. Japanese culture isn’t too popular, in the west but is known but a few. Which is totally fine and understandable. 


The walk is about 50 minutes on foot but 6-10 minutes in the car, sadly I don’t have a car. So i called a common option a Syft Driver. It only cost me a SciRonald’s Meal worth($6.75).


Getting into the passenger seat of the black Honda, The mature woman who is my driver is in a casual outfit.


“Thank you for picking me up”




The women drove to my destination on the way there, I got an idea to use my new skill [Inspector] since I haven’t tried it yet.


Trying to figure out how to use it I asked lefy

~You put one of your hands up to your face, and have one of your eyes be able to through the crack of your fingers I recommended your middle and ring finger,  then you wait two seconds, oh and you have to look at your target~


Doing the instructions as Lefy had said. I lift up my left hand and put it over my eye, then I open my fingers leaving me to be able to see through the cracks of my middle and ring finger. And look at her.


[Name: Kate Aren]


[Age: 29]


[Occupation: Syft Driver]


[Nationality: Unkown]




  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown




  • Mother(Deceased){Name: Unkown}
  • Father(Deceased){Name: Unkown}
  • Boyfriend{Name: Unkown}





[Information: She has been working as a Syft Driver for 4 years, she has no pior accidents, She has been dating a Boyfriend Named ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ for 9 years. More Information Inaccessibile]


A small but large dark blue screen pops up in front of me. Making me flinch a bit.


The lady still not noticing that I’m looking at her, I continue to stare at her status. Randomly my head starts to feel tightness and tension around my head,it’s similar to when diving deep down a pool. Turning off the status I still feel that tension in my head.


The side effects of using the skill, that is the reason I’m getting a headache. Watching her focus on the road the car stays quiet. The silence is a bit awkward so I say something to attempt to make a conversation.


“Miss Aren do you like to run”


“Huh? Oh yes I do and please don’t class Miss Aren. I’m not married call me Mrs. Aren, all I am is your driver”


Still being focused on the road, I shake my head in agreement.


Damn this is awkward for me, I hate this silence.


“Hold old are you Mister… Astley?”


She looked at her phone that is posted up on the side of her dashboard, so she is able to see the road.


“I am seventeen, Why?”


“Have you had relationships before?”


“I’m currently in one right now.”


I answer honestly.


“Ahhh younglings, you heading there with your girlfriend?”


“No, I’m going alone she is probably busy since our college placement test is coming up”


“Then shouldn’t you be studying as well?”


“Errr… I’m just taking a break, we all need fresh air sometimes.”


The silence hits the car again, the sound of vehicles pass by the car. All you can hear is the engine roaring and other vehicles. The traffic right now is light but the moment it becomes six in the afternoon it becomes heavy due to people coming back home from work. 


Arriving at our destination, the lady turns to me and says…


“Thank you for driving with me, please rate me on how I did on syft. Have a good day.”


The woman gives a nice smile, I unbuckle the seatbelt.


“Yes, Thank you for picking me up and have a good afternoon Mrs. Aren.”


Going into the store, she mutters a few words that I don’t hear.


“If only I was young again, i could be with a young boy again”


The entrance had a nice brown carpet leading towards a counter with an employee sitting below the surface of the counter. The cafe is a semi big building from the front that looks small but on the inside it’s nice and big, the rooms in the back are for people to reserve for their time.


Up at the counter the employee stands up, covering half of her body.


“Welcome to HieMira(Hi-e-meer-a) Cafe. How may I help you, dear custom… Ryan!!”




“Eeee what are you doing here?”


“Well, I’m a bit bored, so it’s obvious I came here, and you work here? 


“Yes, I need money for my track fee”


“Oh that’s good well then give me a room for two hours-One person”


“Sure, it’ll be $45.99”


Annya Swipes the debit car on the left of the machine.


“I’ll show you to your room, it will be room 45”


I follow her to my room going up one flight of stairs.


“Here you go, this is your room please enjoy if you need help use the red button to call an employee. So what would you like to drink?”


“Can I get some apple tea”


Why apple tea, well I just want to relax for a bit.


“Yes your order will be here shortly, enjoy”


Closing the Room Door, I’m left in a small that is 70sqftx2


[Outside Ryan’s rented room]


“This is nice Livia isn’t here and Ryan is here”


“Let us see if Ryan loves Livia enough, sorry Livia your boyfriend is wide opened”


Annya races down to the kitchen where other employees are at, she checks her backpack for something.


Annya stares at the pill, with a feint smirk.


“Annya you look scary, stop that”


One of the girls eating her lunch said.