LLLS Chapter 2: Finishing Dream

Pulling her legs closer to my waist and her pussy that’s overflowing nectar with mixtures of juices comes closer to my stiff cock. I roughly thrust into her making her vehemently moan.


My thick, burning, red hot rod going in and out with loud whacking sounds developing every time my balls smack against her meaty ass.


Enjoying my lovely dream, my brain didn’t care about the consequences of cuming inside as it was just clouded with a teenager’s hormones.


Using her waist to keep my cock inside as it plunges in and out with wet juices shining and suctioning every push and pull of my body.


“Ahan, this aha~… ha..feels..han….so…goud”


Her erotic face shows a pleasing aspect, my right-hand moves down to her cunt, using my thumb I move her blushed puffed clit in a circular motion. She flinches a bit more as I am about to give her a nice lovely shot


‘Mmm let’s do this instead.’


She muffled a little bit when I quickly pushed her mouth to my face, grunting loudly, my volcano starts to rumble.




She continues to moan as I ejaculate inside her. The magma erupts into her stomach, while she causes an earthquake in her area. Becoming drowsy she falls onto me.


‘Ahhh damn I’m so sleepy, It was a nice dream while it lasted, damn I still can’t get a look at her face. Ahh, I give up jus’  lemme… sle..p.’


“Thank you for the good time… chuu


Hearing her whisper in my ears, I barely caught what she said while she gave me a peck.


The bright rays shine through the window, waking me up in a gentle manner.




That felt really good that was so surreal


Satisfied from my surreal dream, being dejected I-




Wait Wait wait! No No this can’t be fucking true!



[Missions Complete]


Adding Points-


  • Intercorse with a nurse(1600pts)
  • Creampie(120pts)
  • Get her number(140pts)
  • NTR Someone(1750pts)
  • Creampie(200pts)
  • Make her want more(150pts)
  • Fellatio(30pts)
  • Vaginal Sex(50pts)
  • French Kiss(20pts)x2
  • Lip Kiss(20pts)
  • User’s 1st Mission completion(5000pts)
  • User’s 1st Leveling (2000pts)
  • Wheel Spins(2x)


Earnings: 10960

Current points: 500


Total: 11460



What the fuck!


Turning pale as a white paint , unclear which to be surprised about, the amount of points I gained or my surreal dream that turned out to be real . Barely alive, Lefy tells me.


No! Dont! Fucking! Tell Me!


~Your [Irresistible Aura] turned on automatically~


And then follows up in a cheeky tease.


~Hoho Master, I didn’t know you were such a beast in bed~

“Sh-shu-shut up you fu-fucker warn me next time”


Going beyond pale, I’m left spitting blood when two female factuality enter my room, seeing a female doctor and a familiar female behind her. Staring closer, her tied up coquette hair, juicy pear shaped body, and youthful face. She makes contact with me using her brown murky eyes, and quickly diverted her attention with slightly red flushed cheeks. 


That alone confirmed that my supposed “surreal dream” was real. My insides continue to cuss loudly, while I just smiled to the female doctor.


“Okay Ryan,you’ll be good to leave after paperworks done. We looked at your progress on checkups and nothing seems to be wrong. Look even your face looks healthier. This is a really strange case that I’m not sure what had happened so come back once or twice a month.”


“Thank you, Doctor Tanya”


“No problem, Mika please disconnect the devices and help Ryan with any problems”


“Yes, ma’am”


The doctor turns away leaving the room as I take a glance at her jiggling ass, moving my attention to the nurse.


“Umm.. that was a really good night”


She says as she starts turning off all devices.


“Ye-yeah, did anyone hear us?


“No, I don’t think so usually the hospital has only 4 nurses and 2 doctors during the night. Most of the time the nurses are at the reception area waiting for any calls, and the doctors are napping. We wake them up buy pressing a button that activates their ping necklaces.”


“Ahh okay, well didn’t you sa-“


“Wait for a second, to answer your question yes I do, I have a boyfriend, however I didn’t want him”


“Ahh okay then”


Not wanting to pry in further, I grab my clothes from a chair that she had set down before entering. 


Taking off the hospital gown, my penis plops out unerected. Butt naked, I put my T-shitt on first before putting my boxers on and Mika kisses me out of nowhere.




Kissing, Mika starts to stroke my limp cock. Taking away her lips, she moves downwards slowly.


“Hey hey what are y-“


“Shhh… Just enjoy it~”


She said it eroticly, unable to resist my urges she puts my cock into her mouth, and sucks me off. Looking at her bob up and down, I move my hand to the back of her head and make my growing rod push deeper into her mouth. Bit by bit my cock stiffens to its maximum, Mika starts to gag every time I hit deep down her throat. Her ponytail swings following her motions.


Feeling two warm palms behind me, I see her arms stretching outward grabbing my two cheeks.


Knock Knock Knock


Almost shitting myself, I look at the closed door and yell.


“Who is it?”


“It’s me Livia”


“Wait why are …ahan.. you here?”


“The hospital called your sisters and told them you are ready to be discharged”


Feeling something else about to get discharged, I retort quickly.


“Uhh… Okay but still doesn’t awns.. Hah~ never mind I’ll be out- ahhh”


Hitting my glans against her throat made me leak a small moan out as I was talking


“Slow down”


I quietly say to Mika


“Are you okay?”


“Ye-yeah I’m fine just stubbed my toe on the bed so just wait a second I’m changing”


“Oh okay, I’ll wait for you at the guest lounge”


Hearing Livia’s footsteps walk away, Mika picks up the pace quicker, she adds on and starts fondling my tighten sack, even taking on more she licks the tip of my rod. The extreme ecstasy made me push her whole head down.






We both grunt at the same time, as I release my cum deep into her throat. Seconds pass by emptying my reserves down her throat. She pulls her mouth away from my cock and starts to cough roughly.


Cough cough cough


“So much cough, I could fill many cups with the amount you cough release”


“Hehe, ye-yeah”


Scratching my head in embarrassment, she wipes her mouth was a rag she had. Remembering something from the mission, I ask.


“Umm Mika, can I have your num-“


Mika shushes my mouth with her finger.


“Don’t ask I was already going to give you it”


She writes down a ten-digit number on a paper and hands it to me.


“You better call me”


 She winks cutely at me, making my cock that just went limp to twitch again. Since I didn’t have time I quickly dressed and left the room


Walking to the lounge where Livia is, getting suddenly hit with all the worries I ponder heavily.


‘Fuck me man. What am I going to do. These fuckin temptations. Fuck! Getting sucked off while she was in the other side, too fucking risky.’


 “Hey Lefy, I gained points right, where is the notification?”


I say in a frustrated manner.


“Well Master your system needs updating due to your pending level up, so that is the reason no notifications popped up it’s awaiting for your approval”


“Can you update it now”


“Well do you want to be knocked out randomly Master, when updating you’ll be asleep for however long the update takes but it’s usually 1-4 hours. I wouldn’t mind accidently accepting it for you while you’re walking down some stairs or while walking across a busy road, your call Master”


“You know what? Shut it. I only asked a simple question, aren’t I your fucking master don’t retort to me or attempt to kill me. cause I swear I’ll find a way to kill you”


“Master I advise you to try, I would like to experience more laughter”


“You know you’re evil”


“Me, Master? But I’m just a cute little fairy”


She smiles cutely with a pink and flowery aura.


“Oi, that won’t work”




Arguing with Lefy, I saw Livia waiting for me. She dashes to me, and hugs me tightly.


“You know if you keep hugging me tightly, you’re going to squeeze my brains out”


“Shut it, I missed you” 


“Yeah yeah, let’s go”




“What is it?”


Livia’s eyes examine me closely, seeing her nose pick a scent. My body secretes perspiration. She says sharply.


“By the way what happened to your face, you look cleaner, and your hair looks healthier, and why do you smell like perfume”


Dammit how’d she find out. Lefy! Do something


~Master, as you wish, I have a plan~


“tell me quick”


Ryan would later regret following Lefy’s plan. You could say he’d gotten himself into a sticky situation.

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