LLLS Chapter 5 – Library



“That’s why you don’t eat snacks at night, here take this”


Monica hands me a small pink tablet,the size of my thumb’s nail. It’s a common product that can be obtained from our local pharmaceutical store. Surprisingly cheap it’s about $4.99 for 1 box set.


“Mmm tastes like fruit punch.”


“Cause it is a dumb one, now go get ready for school, we have about forty-five minutes.”


Heading back to my room, I change into my school uniform. White Shirt and black pants. Having to put on a tie and a blacktop as well. Done, I make my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and comb my bed hair.



Looking at Mina as she sits on the toilet, we both leak out a small sigh. Trying to ignore it I close my eyes and tell her.


“Uh Mina next time lock the door, so continue what you are doing, I’m just going to comb my hair and brush my teeth, Okay? Ok”


Not trying to make it awkward, I quickly do what I need to and leave the room. 


“Oh, by the way, we have thirty minutes, so umm go faster?”


“Get Out”


She says in a serious voice


Closing the door, before she throws the toilet paper. I make my way to the table. To eat a quick breakfast.


“Hey, Monica where’s my bagel?”


“Oh, I threw that out my bad”


“Ughh, it’s fine, I’ll make a new sandwich” 


Making a depressed sandwich, Mina comes out of the bathroom. Her hair a little bit wet, she says.


“Can you make me a sandwich?”




A quick Twenty-Five minutes go by in a flash. 


We all walk towards the school. It isn’t a huge school, it’s just a regular school. It does have some special programs for students but apart from that, it isn’t different. 


As we enter the perimeter of the school, Mina heads off to meet up with her friends for bit, while Monica just makes her way to her class. Looking at the time.


[7:25 am]


‘Still early huh. Mm let’s go to the library’


On the way to the library, the halls are empty just seeing a few students chatting or walking by. Maybe it’s because it’s a bit early since class usually starts at [8:00 am]. 


Passing by a group of students, I noticed a male student was speaking with a group of girls. Must be nice or heavy or whatever because I was never in his position. My school life isn’t awesome. I’m not an aspiring protagonist who even tries to stand out. Just me living my life, and I hope it can continue like that.


Entering the Library, a few students are sitting and reading most likely studying or maybe just reading. I chose to sit alone at a Hi-top reading area, it looks like those at a bar but on the wall.


Upon sitting down, I put my earbuds to listen to music. However, a RUDE interruption happens as one of my songs is just getting to the good part.


~Yello!!!!, You’re still there!! Your time is ticking down to the ground, I still recommend you to have a backup plan~


“Ughhh, look I know”


Not really, I forgot about the system.


~Maybe you can use the library to figure out ways to win or find ways to help you escape in case you make a gang mad that you “stole” their money~


“Oh, please at this time an age there are no fucking gangs and if there were then they would have caught by now”


~This boy ‘s eyes fail to see the reality, The brain becomes a Joker. His truths and lies are not the same, fear for his death his knot broken.


“Stop speaking like that, and what do you mean?”


~you will figure that out, I am not your babysitter. I am your guide to help you with the system”


“Then can’t you-”


~Look Master I’ll tell you this you are your protagonist now get on with your plan~


Lefy says in a serious tone, and gives off a ferocious aura.


“I-I…. alright”


I get up from my seat and head towards a section to the shelves of books.


‘Alright, what should this school have about gambling’


Grabbing a book called ‘History of Gambling. Reason being well I have no fucking idea. Just seemed interesting it’ll probably help.


I sat back down to my chair, opened the book carefully since sadly If I rip this book I owe the book price and looking on the back for the price, it’s $24.99. 


Flipping through the pages, a page catches my eye. In the mid-1800s casinos were a powerhouse for money and Illegal activities. Gangs usually ran the casino but as the modern age came their power soon began to fall. Many struggled to keep power but as they struggled they get caught quicker. Gangs still roam around however they will do anything to keep or increase power. Many Gangs remain but they all broke down into smaller ones due to loss of power.


‘So all this is telling me, gangs, are still alive but underground, nope I still don’t get it this doesn’t help at all’


“Lefy, What should I search to help me with a plan”


~That Master, is the question that should be answered with your own brain~




‘I still don’t know where to sta-‘


“YO! Ryan”


Being hit in the arm roughly, I look towards my right. A Tall female student, wearing a white hoodie and black leggings. 


“You didn’t have to hit me, that hard and be quiet its the library”


“Well, I didn’t think you were the type to read, oh reading a book about Gambling, why is that?”


Annya lays her chin over my shoulder, getting close to my face, as her hair flutters next to my face.


‘Oh I have to get $250,000 so I don’t die’, is what I wish I would of said but, that Is too blunt and she will probably ask if I’m in trouble which I don’t want to drag anyone in.




‘Huh? What’s Lefy-‘


“Hey stop ignoring me, that’s mean you know I’m right next to you”


“Oh, sorry but I just got interested while I was at my stay in the hospital. The curiosity you can say.”

‘I hope these lies are working’


“Hmmm, that’s rare for you being curious you usually just look at something and drop it off.”


“Really? Well, I didn’t know that but why are you here?”


“Oh, I was going to give you this basket of fruits at the hospital but I couldn’t go, I had a competition. Oh and I dropped it on the way here so I’m sorry the basket looks roughed up”


“That’s fine, oh and be more careful next time”


Inspecting the bag, it looks like it has been roughed up. It has 2 apples, 2 oranges, and 2 pairs. That’s nice.


“How’s Livia?”


“She’s lovely, I kinda hope she isn’t still traumatized about me getting hit”


“Well she should be coming later”


“Yeah, I was at her house but I didn’t ask her maybe later, Man I love her so much you don’t know that things I have planned to do with her”






“Oh, we have a chemistry test today”


‘Oh, that’s right it’s today, damn’


“She won’t let you. So let me do this for you, let me get my notes from my backpack. So you can study”


“Huh, cute bag”


‘Oh, shit wrong voice’




She rummages her backpack looking for the notes, as she rummages a few papers fall out of her bag. 


“Oh let me get them for you”


Collecting a few papers, a couple of things catch my glance.An Antipsychotic and a formula for it next to it, is a tranquilizer.


“Give me that, Did you see?”


She takes it out of my hands quickly I barely saw the other notes on the paper


“A little bit, sorry”


“That’s fine here are the notes cya in class”




“If you can make it to class”


A low whisper comes from her, inaudible I Ignored it.

She hugs me front to front, somehow being conscious about her breast. My George twitches.Its strange ‘cause it’s unusual for Annya to occasionally hug me. I guess that my recent activities did this.


‘It wouldn’t be too bad if I move my hands a bit lower, right? No no no I have Livia’






Being left alone in the library, Lefy comments about Annya.


~Master, I suggest you to be careful with Annya~


“What? Why? She hasn’t done anything”


~Master you saw that formula? Tell me why she would have that formula, And that basket isn’t it suspicious that the one of the fruits is black on the end?~


“Probably when she dropped it one of them bruised and she’s probably just curious as well”


~As you say master~


Getting ready to leave the Library to head to class, I see Livia walking towards me.


“Oh Livia!”




She comes up to me and hugs me tightly, feeling her nice jugs on my chest.




I give her a quick kiss on the lips to greet her like I always do.


“What Are you doing here?”


“Oh, I was just rea-“


~Warning Ten Minutes till [Irresistible Aura] Activates~


“You gotta be fucking kidding me!”


I say loudly surprising everyone in the library, including Livia being shocked about my random outburst.


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