LLLS Chapter 7 – Stalked

Unzipped already Livia pulls my boxers down, making my cock pop out; half-erect she wraps her hand around my cock. Since it’s thick she can only wrap about 70% of her hand. From there she starts at a slow-paced stroke.


Still not fully erected, Livia moves on and put my glans inside her mouth and swirls her tongue around my tip. Hitting my sensitive spot my cock starts to rise up and twitch, now she starts to put the whole of my sword deeper down her mouth, as she does her head starts to bob up and down, following her hand with the motion. 


Chupo…chupo… chupo


All you can hear are the sounds of women enjoying a man’s rod, I start to feel sensitive on my tip as my penis feels her warm tongue and mouth, from now I could tell she is semi-experienced, but that’s good I can tell she has only done it with me.  




Hearing an inaudible voice, I continue to focus on the pleasure on my bottom half.


“Livia, I’m gonna blow soon ahn..”


“Dew eith en ma mouath”


“Ahnn I’m coming!”


Sensing the familiar feeling of releasing, I blow my load into her mouth making her flinch a bit at the same time hearing a few gulping sounds. Looking downwards I see her mouth still being plugged by my cocks.




“Seems like someone hasn’t had stress relief in a while. that was more than usual”


‘Huh so I let out “more than usual”, good thing she doesn’t seem suspicious about it’


Reasoning why was a few days earlier when I had that lovely nurse take care of my needs, if you get what I’m talking about.


“Hey Ryan let’s move onto the next step”


“Alright but we gotta be quick, our  time is gonna run out, and I don’t want to miss my next class since I missed a bunch”


“Fffffffine… Let’s do it quickly, I’ve been wanting you, and we-”


“Enough talking pervert”




I put my finger over Livia’s juicy lips to shut her up from talking. Still, on top of me, she quickly undresses from top to bottom leaving her stark naked, being able to see her full figure due to the lights being on.  Looking at her plump breast being around a size D to and E never really asked her. She moves her cave closer to my cock, about to insert it in her.


Livia leans closer to my ear, and whispers


“you wanna do something new? Here”


She covers my eyes with her white panties, normal panties that an average girl would wear, not sexy but not a turn-off, it has its own charm to it, but the panties blocked my view of sight, and she starts to blow into my ear erotically. My first thought was ‘is this ASMR?’ but I guess she is trying to tease me.



Livia gently blows into my ear making my cock twitch, now I start to feel a rubbing sensation on the side of my penis, I can tell it’s not in but her clit is rubbing my cock like she was giving me a handjob.


“Hey can you stop teasing, our time is gonna run out soon”


Yes, I am getting impatient for the opposite reason. It’s simple I want to be in Livia and feel her warmth.




Being abruptly interrupted by a loud fall, I react rapidly by taking off the panties, that’s covering my eyes and pull my boxers up trying to cover my erection.


Turning my head I see a woman, with the same lab coat that Livia had on, with a blue blouse and a black miniskirt with stockings. Still shocked about the situation I look at Livia who had a pale expression.


As time being frozen for the both of them, I quickly grab the bed blankets and throw it on Livia to cover her up, was one of my first instincts then I say


“You want to join?”


Is what I would have said if I was a complete player and pervert nonetheless I’m not. Tryining to organize my next action, she makes the first move.


Ahem… please get dressed and meet me at my office”


Dr. Seria says in a cool expression, leaving the area towards her office. It was good and bad that it was Dr. Seria why? Well she is a doctor and understands hormones but she will probably give us a scolding to keep it private.


“We should change quickly”




Unable to tell whether Livia is pouting or knowing the fact we got caught. While changing guess what happens as I change you won’t believe it.


[Mission Complete]


Adding Points –

    • Beat up a male Student(2500pts)
    • Fellatio(30pts)


  • Wheel Spin(1x)



Earnings: 2530pts

Current Points: 7761pts


Total: 10291pts




Yeah, you guessed it a mission complete I totally forgot about that. The point system reminded me about the timer, curious I ask Lefy.


“Lefy, check my timer”


~You currently have, 327:12:06 left, and 93:02:19 to complete DoD~


“You didn’t have to remind me about it, Oh while we are at this why didn’t my [CqC] ability work”


~If you have read the notes, it would tell you. Here let me explain it to you. Every ability has requirements and side effects. For CQC you need to train your muscles and brain to improve your ability, and your ability did work your hit’s were hard when fighting however your skills come into play. It’s like if you were implanted moves immediately and went to fight a professional boxer. You would land hits but unable to deal with the experienced fighter. The boxer has the training, pain, and effort.~


“Ahh alright noted, later can you tell me about the side effects and requirements for abilities, I have a gut feeling I’ll need it for that stupid DoD mission.”


~as you wish Master~


Finished changing, Me and Livia waited for Dr. Seria to call us in. I glance at Livia and could tell she is a bit nervous, how? Well, she has a habit of nibbling her knuckle and looking down, it’s a cute little fact about her.


“Livia, it’s going to be fine. I’ll take the blame that I pressured you into it”

“B-but, Mmmm”


I hushed her up with my mouth so she wouldn’t complain.


“No, Shush. Don’t question me it’s my decision”


Technically it is due to I succumbing to my sexual needs, but mostly her fault, but I am a good boyfriend so I won’t do that, right? That’s fine right?. I’m a good boyfriend, right?


~No, you are a shitty boyfriend go cheat on her more~


“Shut up, no one asked you”


Bickering with Lefy again, me and Livia get called into her office. We sit down adjacent to her desk, I sit where Dr. Seria’s Personal Computer is, and Livia sits on the seat where she can clearly see Dr. Seria’s face.


Waiting for Dr. Seria to say something, I glance at her. From my point of view you can tell her maturity flows out of her body, maybe around 26 to 31 years old, her breast size is maybe close to an F and her curves are something that vehicle will fly out of, too sexy. Continuing to admire her sexy body,  Livia pinches me, kicking me out of the lustful gaze(probably). 


Dr. Seria continues to clack down on her keyboard and a bit of the time you can catch the Metal *bracelet hitting the plastic keyboards.

Ahem… I think you know why I called you down here today?”


Waiting for one of us to speak, we both look at each other to assure who will talk first. I nod at her, she nods, from that, we read each other’s mind.


“I’m sorry for breaking the ‘Code of Conduct’ please don’t blame him it’s my fault”


Shocked, from two things getting the wrong signals and her taking the blame for it. Dammit, it was my time to be a cool boyfriend.


~you wish, hahaha~


Ignoring the remark, I tune in.


“Dr. Seria don’t blame her it’s just-”


“Don’t say anything anymore, Livia you’re fine you can go. I need to talk to Mister Astley”


“Yes mam”


Livia whispers in my ear and gives me a quick peck on my cheek, leaving quickly.


“Okay, Mister Astley I left you here because of two reasons. One I wanted to know how your body is but seeing you’re active that is answered, two… how’s your head?”


“It’s fine, I’m taking painkillers so the pain is subdue so yeah”


I don’t know if it’s me but Dr. Seria keeps checking me out, am I being self-conscious here?.


“Okay, then You may leave to your class oh and by the way don’t get in fights anymore, yes i overheard it has already spread around the school.”


“Yes, Mrs. Seria,”


Up to leave the room I feel a hard gaze on my back, is it just me or is she… no no no, she has a husband, right?.




I didn’t exactly hear what she said, so I left


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