LLLS Chapter 8 – So far, so not good

On my way to class, I make it to my 4th class of the day. For today we only have 5 classes to take then the next day is 4 then 5. It’s an alternating pattern.

My fourth class is chemistry and our teacher is Mr. Kanga. A Laidback teacher when it comes to disruption but when we don’t do our work, we are fucked.

Unfortunately, for today I have a test which I did not study for due to an obvious reason.

Entering class I sit next to Annya, every seat has a buddy next to. After a long as fucking time taking the test which I can tell I failed on. We were able to talk quietly to our friends to wait for others to finish up.

Glancing from the corner of my eye, Annya turns her head slightly towards my direction.

“Psst… Ryan, did you enjoy the basket?”

“Oh, no I’ll eat it during lunch.”

“Oh alright.”

Looking at the phone, I head to the news up.

[AC.T Bank Robbed!! By the notorious  VFiy Group]

Police weren’t able to catch up to the heavily armed group…

‘Isn’t the AC.T Bank close by like an hour away? Good thing it’s not me in that situation’

As time walked by, class ended and headed to my next destination.

I usually barely eat school lunch, So I just sit down and browse on my phone.however for today I’ll eat this fruit basket that Anny gave me.

“Oh hey Annya”

“Mhmm I see that you have that fruit basket”

“yeah, Hmmm I’ll eat this pair…”

About to take a bite, I get interrupted by a familiar sensation.


“Hey Livia”

Getting hugged from behind, as Livia greets me and Annya greets Livia.

“Oh, it’s that fruit basket again who gave you it?”

“That was me Livi”

“Thanks for giving him it but next time tell me, Okay”

Livia sounded a bit serious at the end, is it me or can I see sparks. Yeesh, girls are scary.

Going to take a bite out of the pair, Suspicious activity happens, gazing at them with the corner of my eye.

~Master, I feel have a premonition. I suggest you move to a secluded location~

This isn’t some hit’n’run. but fine”

~Oh master to advise you, you should update your system for leveling~


“Hey, Livia, Annya you guys stay here I’m gonna go to the bathroom, and… wash this pair you never know, there was a virus a few months back you have to be careful.”

Livia and Annya look at me strangely, due to what I just said. I walk towards a bathroom where no one goes, it has the name, Black Room. Why? Because that bathroom has barely any lighting it’s just  Dim, enough to make out or fight. I’m wondering why the school hasn’t fixed it yet.

Looking with the corner of my eye. I only see one person move and follow me.

“Lefy, Tell me is this a move or something like goddamn. I thought this stuff isn’t real”

~You are naive, you have to broaden your horizons~

‘What did I get my self into? I just want to live a happy life with Livia’

“Lefy, do you have anything that could help me? Anything permanent”

~Depends, if you are severely hurt you could buy the [Rapid Recovery] Permanent ability, or if you want to know the intentions of the assailant you could get [Mind Reader] Permanent ability. And you have a freewheel spin~

“Do the Wheel Spin while I think and walk”

~Spinning… Spinning [Awarded 5000pts]~

“Ahhh, kinda wishing I got abilities but that’ll do. Just give me [Rapid Recovery] Perm ability, wait before you do tell me any notes for this”

~As you wish, when using, Mentality and physical state will recover at a Quick rate faster than your average human body of a teen. This will have an automatic passive effect. The Restriction: cannot be used when heart rate is over 110bpm, do you confirm to buy?~


~Purchaseing Total balance is 13091~

“Alright, time to get out of this situation”

Entering the bathroom, I enter one of the stalls to pretend to take a dump. While sitting down I heard light footsteps, then only you can hear is my heartbeat. As the water drips from the sink in sync with the footsteps.

“You can stop it now, do your worst”

Holding my breath to wait for the next action.


I lance my body towards the left, while the next moment the wall had a small hole. My instinct told me to use a silenced weapon. But this is no normal silenced weapon. It’s super quiet that I couldn’t even hear the bullet leaving the barrel. The only thing I could hear was the bullet hitting the wall.

‘He is trying to fucking kill me!!’

Was the first thing that screamed in my head.

‘Fuck, I don’t want to die again’

~Master, calm down you’ve experienced death once. Will you panic and die or will you fight and live?~

‘Lefy is right, I need to move away from my habits’

Getting ready for my next move, I clear my head of all worries. I look down to find the position of the assailant. Seeing that they are in front of the door. I dash at them breaking the Stall door and hitting them with the door taking them towards the floor.

Fighting on the ground, the weapon is kicked away from us. He or she tries to resist, I can’t see it faces clearly due to a mask over the face, but all I can tell is that her hair is long.

Still gazing at “her” long hair she kicks me in the stomach, pushing me towards the wall.

Seeing the barrel being pointed at me. I move towards the side you can say I dodged a bullet

~Not Funny~

surprised, I dodge another bullet. She shoots another bullet but this time the bullet ricochet against a steel surface hitting the gun.


She gets scared of being shot so she leans back away from the gun. Having an opening I run after the gun and equip it.

I point the gun at the girl. The gun looks familiar. I’ve seen it in a game and it’s based off the M18 but has a new silencer this silencer I could tell hasn’t been used before and made.

Hoping there are a few bullets left.

“Please do-don’t shoot”

‘Goddammit she talked first, I know nothing about handling a gun. I play First person shooters for god sakes’

As my brain mumbles, a feminine voice cries out.

“You know this isn’t a game of life, you die there are no second chances. And trying to kill me in school imagine it’s gonna be on the news. Killed Student with a Bullet. I won’t shoot you but tell me who you are and what do you want from me”

“My name is Kainee Muerato (Kai-Knee) a Twelfth Year, I go here. All I’m just doing is what my step-mother said.”

“What did your mother say? To kill a man named Ryan Astley”

Confused you can guess what I asked next.


“My father is ill right now soo my evil stepmother is controlling everything right now, I’m just trying to protect my little brother from her”

“What is she going to do?”

“My mother is afraid of my brother, so to stop her from doing anything she gave me a condition to do anything for her”

“Haaa… Click… Plop”

I unload the magazine and take all the bullets out of the gun. I walk over to the toilet and flush them, but I keep the gun.

“Look I won’t do anything I can understand you want to protect your family, right?”


“Get changed, we are skipping the next class meet me outside, at the Red Spot”

The Red Spot is a place where teachers don’t look when you skip class. and an easy place to escape from.

“Wait how do you trust me I won’t try and kill you?”

“I don’t you, but I can guess you won’t since you need help”

I walk out of the bathroom with a serious expression and make my way to the Red spot.

~Master, are you sure about this. You know if it’s family they will do anything~

“Don’t question me I have no idea what I’m doing, but I can still guess I’m already deep in”

‘My life is going to be chaotic isn’t it ahhh fuck me’


“As your Great Grandmother said ‘Xiǎodòng bù bǔ, dàdòng chī kǔ’ (If small holes aren’t fixed, then big holes will bring hardship.)”

“This is bad for my company, if you don’t take care of it I will take care of you! And your sluttish mother”

“Y-yes Father”

Noah says in a troubled expression.

As the big man in a Black suit with gray hair slicked back leaves the room. Noah is left alone in the room.

Clash… Shatter.


Noah calls someone on his phone… wondering who it could be.

“Anchor, Find a way to take all the videos down, I’ll fix my side and yes you will be paid handsomely just do your fucking job.”

Do brewing tensions rise what will happen?

[After Lunch, Livia, and Annya]

“You want to fight me? I know you are my best friend but leave Ryan be. He is mine”

“Member our promise, if you don’t love Ryan enough. I will take him

“Yes, I remember fine, I will love Ryan more than you.”

While Tensions rise with Noah, the strong rivalry with the two friends, what will happen to Ryan?


“Achoo… Achooo…. Achoo…”

~Sick master?~

“Uhhh I think so, I need to start putting on more layers, It’s gonna get colder in these days”

His words aren’t wrong they will get “colder” hahaha

{-_-} Author shut up with you puns

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