LLLS Chapter 3 – DoD!?

~As you wish Master, all you need to do is say ‘yes’ out loud after you hear the beep~


“Uhh Okay?”






~Shutting body down, keeping conscious on… Internalizing… done. shut down In 5…4..~


“Hey, are you listening to me?”





There in the middle of the Guest lounge, laid a sleeping body on the cold granite floor.


~There you go master, now praise me~


“What did you do! That makes me look like I had a vasovagal attack”


~Well a ‘vasovagal attack’ is actually when you have a Loss of conscious as well, I preserved your conscious so now praise me~


“Don’t act smart with me you know what I mean, and NO! I will not praise you,  you know what? Update my system as well while you’re at it”


~As you wish to master, initializing… Shutting down conscious in 5…4…3~


“wait you never told me abo-”


This time I’m passing out.



There’s a soft plump feeling… It feels like I’m resting on a bed of clouds. I don’t want to wake up.


Grumbling in a very tired voice, I feel a pair of soft mounds beneath my head.




Waking up, my eyes go wide open. Still laying on the soft mounds I see a belly button. A very tiny innie.


“Hey! what are you looking at”


Getting my cheek poked. I looked up to see two medium-sized hills through her pink T-shirt and her face looking down at me.


“My girlfriend’s cute innie”


“Plea-please stop it’s embarrassing.


“Hehe, Well I love you chu~


The soft kiss filled with love pressed onto her lips. Letting go after a 4-second kiss.


“Where are we?’


“At my house, on my bed”


“Shit! What about your father!”


“Don’t worry he isn’t here, and Mother doesn’t bite”


‘Are you stupid? I’m not worried about your mother, I’m worried about your father. He resents me.’


That’s what I would’ve said but I’m enjoying the view so I won’t spoil the mood.






“Your face is showing something weird, like always”


The sting on my right cheek, I rub lightly the red area with my hand. Still, in the same position with my head on her lap, she stretches her legs out a bit. Still, in the same position, I close my eyes.


“Hey, lefy has my system finished updating?”


~yes Master it has finished want to look at it?~




[Close Tab] 

Title: Pawn


Name: Ryan Astley


Age: Undefined


Occupation: High School Student


Gender: Male


[Close Tab] 



Level [2][11400/12000]


Max Level [Undefined]


Life Points [11460]


Life Timer [352:32:02]


Life Exchange [2500pts = 96:00:00]




[Irresistible Aura] [4:23:47]


[CQC Lvl.1] [12/1000]




Livia Learmes (Girlfriend)


[Close Tab] 



Buyable Abilities (Perm.) 


*New* [Mind Reader]

*User will be able to read the minds of the target(s). It can only be used once per target, Twice per day.


[Rapid Recovery]



[Pleasure Touch]




{2500 pts}


Buyable Abilities (Temp.)


*New* [X-Ray LVL 1]

*User will be able to see through Objects or Structures and clothes/ cannot see through skin. Side effects are 1. Massive headache 2. Eye strain. Side Effects will go into effect after the 15-minute use is up.



[Rapid Recovery]



[Body Cleanser]



Mental and Physical Powers


*New* [Stamina +1]

*Your Exhaustion/fatigue will take longer to catch up. This includes sexually and physically.



[Brain Growth 10%]



[Penis Enlargement 1. in]



[Penis Circumference .5 In]



[Semen Volume 2ml]

*Note this increases the chance of fertilization



Other Powers


[Luck +1]


[Close Tab] 

Time Missions (perm):



Leveling Missions:



  • Have Sex with a teacher(2000pts)


  • Creampie(200pts)
  • Inside Classroom(150pts)
  • Beat up a Male Student (2500pts) 
  • Not getting caught (120pts)
  • Crippling (150pts)
  • Cut off a finger (100pts)
  • *New* Have a Porn Photoshoot with a Student
  • Pictures with your penis in them(200pts)
  • 10 Pictures (250pts)




Permanent Methods:


[Open Tab] Notes


Special Notifications:


  •  You have 2 free spins



[Wheel Spin]

“Lefy what the fuck is up with the new MISSION!!! GIVE ME SOMETHING NORMAL”

~Missions are randomized, so I cannot Master~

Fucking hell, just give m a break with this. I only got to put up with this ‘till I find a way out.

“Fine it doesn’t matter now, Lefy put 5000pts in the Life Timer, and spin the wheel 2 times”


~As you wish Master~

~Life Timer is now at [335:42:21]~


~You have received 2000pts and a new piece of the system~

“What is it?”

~DoD Mission!!~


“DoD? What’s that?”


~I’ll explain Do or Die missions are missions where you will have to do the missions that are put in a timer, if not completed you will lose 90% of your [LifeTime]. Though if completed you will gain many points. It’s a really good deal Master you should do this~


“Even if it isn’t something horrendous or something that could expose me… I still won’t do it”


~Oh well too bad Master, You will have to do them you don’t have a choice. I will say this now but you could also get something else instead of points. Like a way to shutdown your [Life Timer]~

“Fine I get it but I want to say something. Fuck… your system”


~That’s hurtful Master, but oh well your DoD mission is Drum roll please…~




I do a drum roll sound with my mouth to satisfy Lefy.


~Become a Gambler, Gamble in a casino and have $250,000 in the Bank account. The account will be provided and the starting amount is $5,000. You will have 108 hours to complete~

“This has to be a joke right?!”

~Master, this is not a joke, your life on the line. You’ll need to have a plan to earn money. I’ll be sending the account information to your phone.~


“Wait how do you have my information?”


~We are a system, we can do whatever we want. Do not ask more questions Master~

With a sinister smile, she makes me swallow my words



~I’ve sent the Information to your phone, check it when you wake up~






Where is she?



Huh? Oh, fuck it’s her thigh, soo squishy.


The sleeping beauty right next to me, Liva’s coquette brown hair goes over her shoulder covering her upper breast. It makes my son to arise towards the sun. While attempting to keep it down, I give her a small peck on the cheek before slowly creeping out of her bed.


 Leaving her room quietly I make my way through a narrow hallway passing her two sister’s room and parents’ room. Ending up in the living room, I see Livia’s mom sleeping on the couch sloppily. Her loose clothing exposes her raw F cup sized breasts, making me curious. The Mother of my girlfriend sleeping on the couch erotically while her father is out and Livia is sleeping in another room. 


Jesus this scenario seems like something out of a book. I gotta get out of here. 


Jesus they need to get these fucking boards fixed

My Tiptoeing causes creeks on the wooden boards with every step, passing the couch where the knocked out milf is awaiting casting. I made my way towards the door. 


The door opens slightly, making my way out of the two-story house.


The direction to my house is about a 15-minutes walk, Since my whole body was crazy weak I felt exhausted so I took a taxi.


I take a glance at the bank information.


“How am I going to deal with this, the fucking system is wanting me to get arrested or caught. Fuck man, I need something to erase this time till then I’ll go along with this damned system.”


I argued by myself, the taxi driver stared at me with a weirded outlook through the rearview mirror.


Arriving at my house, I walked up a set of stairs to a door and enter. Upon entering, the nice smell and sizzling sounds enter my senses. I see Monica in a sexy apron cooking a nice meal for the afternoon. She hears the door closes and sees me then after turning off the stove she dashes towards me. Then hugging me tight like a bear my face digs between her two breasts making me suffocate.


Her breast covers my whole face because she is taller than me by about 1 foot. Still being hugged by a bear I hug her back.


“Hey I’m back Monica”


“Yes I know, It’s been so long”


“It’s only been 5 days, but I can understand”


She sniffles a little bit then separates away from me.


“You know Mina still is worried even though I told her you’re fine. Go and speak with her, while I prepare the food”




My house is relatively small because when you enter on your right you see the kitchen which has everything you need. It can fit about 2 people, in the little hallway. Next to the kitchen you have the living room is blocked off by an open wall where the opening has an arc from there. The living room is an average-sized room which 2 couches, a coffee table, and a flat-screen TV.  Behind it is where the dining set that seats 4 and a chandelier hanging above the table. 


Close to the table another door is on the wall combing the garage with the dining room. Combining the 3 rooms it’s around 900sqft in total I may be wrong though, math is something I’m falling behind in. Moving a little bit down a narrow hallway there are 2 rooms on each side and at the end of the bathroom, each room is about a 300sqft. This house is where my parents lived before …..  Now it’s just me and my humble sisters. 


On my way to my Mina’s room which is next to mine, her door is a little bit open, I peak quietly to see what she is up to. Looking around seeing the pink painted walls. And her stuffed animals on a shelf across her bed.


‘Seriously this girl is just defenseless, I’m going to be worried about you, you know?’


Turned over, where her Petite ass faces towards me and her yellow booty shorts reveals a little bit of her lower butt.  Look at Mina’s back I come closer and sit on the bed gently. I nudge her lightly trying to wake her up.


“Mmmm, who is it?”


Mina said in a short tone, seeing she rubs her eyes and her golden hair flips as she turns around. A glimpse of tears appear around her eyes.


“Oh! Ryan your back!”

She jumps on to me with her two arms wrapping around me. I pat her back softly.

“Yes, I’m back”


Savoring my sweet lovely hug, I get interrupted by a fucking shitty rhyme.

~Tick, Tick, Tick, Tock Clock is Ticking and Time is Clocking, down your time goes, it will make you lie in the face of life, right~


After being interrupted by the system, I and mina went to the dining table to eat dinner peacefully as a family. The more I think about it, I don’t remember the times when we had dinner with our parents.


“Ryan, pass the ketchup”

“Oh yeah here you go”


The feast we have at the table is chicken thighs with nice and warm rice, chicken legs have a lemony flavor with a bit of pepper around it. The rice has a soft and fluffy and squishy when munching it, you don’t have to chew many times since it’s soft. On the side we have some fresh homemade fries with a bit of salt.


Monica gently adds ketchup on to her fries.


I love her cooking.


About to bite the chicken leg a Sudden knock on the door alerts me.


What now, let me eat in peace.

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