Loli Manko Prologue


Dear 17 year old me.
Tomorrow, I will finish elementary school tomorrow.
How are you? 17 years old me?
Are you in high school?
Whether the elementary school’s study is hard or easy, there’s no such concept, if you learn from the school and review at least an hour in your house everyday, anyone can take 90 points in their tests.
But, i heard that junior high and high school are different.
It seems that concepts that are hard to study shows up. Seriously troubled.
Are you okay? Me.
Can you really go to school?
…Hey, you’re okay aren’t you?
If you ever entered high school, I heard a rumor that you will have a big breast girlfriend if you eat at the rooftop.
This has taken long.
Anyway, tomorrow, I will graduate from elementary school.
The 17 year old me will surely fight against hard subjects, you should go to karaoke after school with your bit tits girlfriend.
I believe in you.


Yours truly.

Just what kind of brat am I?…I thought when I received the 『To my future me』letter from my past teacher.
To begin with, sending a letter to your 17 year old self is complicated. Usually it should be 20 year old.

I apologized to my past self at the same time.

Unfortunately, I ran away from the hard subjects and I’m at the low-ranks, as I’m an average looking guy, there’s no way I’d have a big tits girlfriend. Having a girl on karaoke is a dream within a dream1 Damn you bastards.
I embraced the 『Hope』of my 『Past me』and ran.
I waved my arm back and forth, turned my legs and run with my full strength.
Sports is never my weak point.
My reflexes are more than decent and I’m confident in my physical strength.
Running through the corridor packed with students, I ran up the stairs.
I disregarded the teachers shouting「Hey! Jinai! Jinai Hayatoo!」2as I pass through them. I’m running towards my 『Hope』you know. I dashed with all my power as I the 『Hope』might not come again. Don’t obstruct me you barcode bald old man.3 I’ll never get bald!
『To my future self』is the letter I received three months before spring.
Time flows and it’s the peak of summer right ow.

Today’s lunch break.
I opened the door of the shoecabinet to buy bread from the convenience store.
I put on the light ragged loafer I wore for a year.
Riding on top of it is a pink colored envelope.

I was convinced the moment I saw it.
This is a thing called 『Love letter』
On the back are round characters of 『To Jinai Hayato-kun』 Okay! They can’t avoid with 「I mistakenly put it in Jinai-kun’s locker」 It’s completely addressed to me. Falling in love for me completely. It would be perfect if she have big tits too.
ーーNow then, I reached third floor at last.
I stopped for a moment, I reached my knee and fixed my breathing.
Showing a confused face in front of a girl is embarrassing.
Let’s assure it slowly as I climb the 『Last Stairs』 facing my 『Hope』
I walked on the stairs step by step.
A black bangs flickers to my sight. Gloomy. I should go to the barber soon.
My final check was my face reflected in the smartphone.
No problem. It’s the usual average looking guy.

Finally. Finally, I will feel the springtime of youth.
I put out my『Usual face』and 『Usual character』, even if I got confessed by the girl quickly, I shouldn’t be strange.

Fuahahaha… What kind of face does the first girl to notice my too normal charm look like?
Could it be that she’s incredibly cute?
Is her breast huge?
Though I finally controlled my breathing, 「Fue…fue…」 I breathed like a pervert now. Shit, dangerous. The rooftop’s door is already in front of me.
「Here we go」
Who will I meet? I muttered as I opened the door and go 『Outside』
Now, to my 『Radiance of Youth』
ーー『A few seconds later』
Instead of the usual scenery of the ordinary rooftop …a blue sky and a magnificent grassland spreads infinitely.
The moment I saw this, I felt in awe『Feels odd』『Sky』, In my life 『It’s something that I’ve never experienced nor heard』…『Grassland』…I say.
In front of me is not reality, unreal has spread.

Then, the sunlight was interrupted quickly.
That moment.
ーーThat moment, the『Pure White Princess』is peeking at my face.
I see, this is the 『Radiance of Youth』becomes 『Young breasts』I think, I looked at the extremely voluminous breast of the princess.

  1. Bwaaaaah
  2. 陣内隼人
  3. That’s fucking 47!