Loli Manko Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The encounter with the pure white Princess…

I had a sensation of 『Few seconds』How should I say it? It’s like a gentle onee-san making a unpalatable dish. so to speak it feels 「Apologetic」

When I opened the door leading to the rooftop, my body was wrapped in a dazzling light.
The light isn’t sunlight nor lightings.
It’s soft, warm, but it’s too dazzling to the extent I can’t open my eye.
It might be the sun or the moon but it might be as well an eye of a small girl.
Anyway, I experienced an 『Odd』『Light』

When I got used to the light, I was attacked by a headache.
The pain feels like my head is being crushed by someone. It’s quite painful.
It’s painful as if my eyeballs are about to pop-out, I clenched my teeth.

But, the headache ends in an instant and my entire body felt hot afterwards.
My blood vessels tightened and my blood flows in an incredible speed.
This feels worse than the pain.
My arms are swelling, my pulse get faster, my breathing gets rough.

I haven’t noticed that the blood changed something differentー To illustrate my body feels cold like it has chewed a mint gum, then for the second time, the light scattered on my feet and wrapped my bodyー.
「…Y-You are?」
「Uhm…I should be the one saying that I think」
‘Certainly’, I thought
ーーIt was too sudden but my nature was able to capture 『Odd』sensitively1
That’s why, I immediately noticed that the girl in front of me is a 『Different Existence』 Still, if anything, it would be me who is the 『Odd』
「Where’s this?」
After asking, 「It’s a staple」and I was shocked.
Everyone would ask that question if they end up in this situation.
The girl’s eye rounded and wondered what to answer.
That expression is silly cuteー in short it was cute.
「This is…My favorite place?」
「No, even if you ask me I don’t understand…」
「Fufu, you’re right」
A clean smile. A fruity smell. I want to bag it2 so I can smell the scent anytime.
I finally raised my upper body and scratched the back of my head.
Then, I first looked at the beautiful blue sky, then gazed at the fresh and green grassland that spreads everywhere, feeling the refreshing windーーthe lastly, looked at the 『Girl』

「Err, I am Krafy. Krafy3 Rosepoll4

『Pure White』
The girlーKrafy is a beautiful girl which is suited to be called 『Pure White』
There’s no wrinkle at all, a beautiful pure white long hair.
A moisturized healthy white skin.
Her innocent childish face looks at me.
However, her whole girlish body is erotic. Her body line is projecting out her pure white one piece dress she wears, the size of her breasts, the plumpness of her thighs are also remarkable.
「What’s wrong?」
Krafy inclined her neck while narrowing her blue eyes a bit.
Her pure white hair spilled while she speak.
「N-No.… Err, I am…Jinai Hayato」
「Jin nai haya to?」
「Yeah. 」
「Jinai…Hayato, is it?」
「Yup, that’s it」
Is the naming culture also different?
ーーI sequenced why I’m lying in such a place.
ーーA mysterious light, and a headache and a disgusting experience.
ーーThe beautiful pure white girl in front of me, no, she’s more of a 『Princess』rather than a beautiful girl.
This level of insensitivity is on a fiction’s protagonist level.
The cause and reason is unknown. However, the answer is certainly right.

「For some reason…Probably, I came from 『Other World』I think」

Though it’s ridiculous and laughable, it’s the reality.
Bullshit, No way, I hate the reason but this is another world.
「…Fufu, Is that so?」
ーKrafy smiled once again.
Does she look at me with eyes of doubt…?
Does she believe the strange words of the man she met at first time…?
She’s like a goddess. Too cute, too gentle, just hearing her voice and my head seems to get pregnant.5
「Well then, Jinai-kun」
Krafy stood up and the huge breasts of her wrapped by the thin pure white dress shook.
I noticed it late that she has a basket of vegetables on her right hand.
「I’m sure that you’re anxious because you don’t understand, I’ll teach you various stuff」
「Yes. My house is over that way」
She pointed her fingers at the snuggly compact wooden hut.
「Ehehe. Isn’t it a cute house?」
「Anyway, please come with me」
My right hand was wrapped by a warmth that I never felt before.
ーーLooking at it, Krafy’s white hand is grasping my right hand.
Then, Krafy’s body and face approached before my eyes.
An insanely good smell…The cleavage can also be seen…Gulp.
「Uhm…I did tell you that I’d teach you various stuff, but actually I’d only want to speak with Jinai-kun. Ehehe」
Is it because I am an 『Otherworlder』?
Suddenly transferring me to another world, a sudden beautiful girl, suddenly our hands are connected.
I see…Fuu…
Me of that time doesn’t expect 『What happens tomorrow』
Furthermore, even if it was expected, I’d be able to do nothing.

※   ※   ※

The first time entering a girls room feels very dull.
It’s not bad. I do love this kind of atmosphere.
It’s seen as compact on the outside and the inside was the same. But, instead of feeling cramped in the narrowness, but the narrowness gives the sense of security.
The furniture are at minimum. Desk and chair made of wood and a wooden bookshelf.
There’s a kitchen but the tree was used as the cabinet as expected.
「ーーIt’s quite different isn’t it? Jinai-kun’s world and our world」
It’s already an hour after I entered Krafy’s room.
I was given an explanation about in this world to some extent.
That said, I think that I won’t understand unless I see it or understand it, it’s really a rough outline…

It’s summarized briefly.
This world has five regions called 『City』, it’s being controlled by the 『Demon King Capital』ーーIt’s a world where magic prosper.
Basically, the 『Demon King Capital』 distributes the tax system, laws and management. Since it’s so-called dictatorship, the rumblings of discontent is heard from the citizens. But, they must have 『Power』to oppose demon king capital, at present the citizens have no choice but to follow.
It feels like the entire world is like Hokkaido melting…Should I say that? 『Witch’s Hat』…might be true. Anyway, that’s how it is.
Then, here is 『The place where Krafy lives』it’s on the southwest of this world. 『Azalea City’s』 corner, the prairie region. It’s usually a place where a normal person can’t live.
「Why do you live in this plac? Isn’t Azalea City such a prosperous place?」
「It’s because I like here」
「I place with clean air and no peopleー I love those places」
「There’s food on the field, it’s enough that I go to the urban areas occasionally for the necessities」
Could it be that Krafy is…
「Hey, friendsー」
「I-I have you know? I do have friends!」
Krafy refuted desperately while her white cheek blushed. Cute.
Following the outline of this world, Krafy is a 『Loner』 , I understood that.
Next is the difference in civilization.
It’s a template flow. The world I came into have science and medicine almost nonexistent, in exchange 『Magic』 is prospering.
Flame and Ice can be generated on the tip of the finger, wind can be manipulated, wounds can be cured.
In a sense, the world I came into is wonderful. As expected of the otherworld.
By the way, even there’s a iron making technology like making weapons such as swords and shields, it’s still in development.
Since cars doesn’t exist, distribution is mainly done by wagon it seems.
「I guess if there’s magic, mana is needed」
「Waa. Why do you know?」
I can’t explain that I’ve read it on fictional mangaーー When I explained it by the way, Krafy had a 「?」floating over head but I deceived her.
「Well, I knew it somehow」
「Somehow…! Amazing!」
「…Then, how’s it?」
「Do I have some amazing mana hidden?」
Also, is there a magic that can disable all attacks?
Do I have a secret power to defeat the demon king?

「ーNmui…No. It’s fairly ordinary mana, I think」

Saying that while having a sparkling smile…
「I see」
「Are you depressed~?」
「Ah, you’re sulking」
This girl…
ーーOh well, the explanation is enough at the moment.
I explained the main points of my world to Krafy.
「Or rather, Why did you believe me being an otherworlder?」
「Isn’t it suspicious?」
「Uuun. Why I wonder. I guess that Jinnai-kun has some fresh fresh 『Mana』with insignificant amount, and you wear clothes I’ve never seen before…Something like that. But…」
Krafy breathed in.
「ーーIntuition. I feel like it is somehow」
I’m greatly thankful for that but I should 『Warn』her just in case.
「Don’t believe on other people too much by your intuition」
「Why is it?」
Stare…I stared at Krafy’s big breast.
Pure white one piece dress. Thin, short length, in short, erotic.
Even though it’s neat as the degree of exposure is high, it’s even more erotic.
Krafy noticing my glance, she opened her mouth.
「…It’s not that each and everyone are good people」
Small, it’s like that.
Then, Krafy loosened her mouth.
「It’s okay. Jinnai-kun is a good person」
…that’s not the problem but, I feel that I can’t say anything more than that.
Seeing Krafy’s smile, my heart feels warm.
(Looking at her boobs, my crotch feels hot)
What I’d like to know next about this world the most is the 『Method of return』
I asked the 『Pure White Princess』that lives in the prairie thinking that she doesn’t know butーJust in case.
「…Ah, it’s dusk already」
The dark red color of the sunlight illuminates the window of the hut.
The sunset in this world is much more beautiful than my world.
「It’s getting tiresome to talk about difficult stuff. Let’s continue it for next time…」
Krafy stood up from her chair.
「ーDo you want to eat?」
「Y-Yeah」 I nodded
First time visiting a girls’ house an first time eating a girl’s meal.
This is dangerous…The odd effect of the otherworld.
Furthermore, the partner is the cute princess, the beautiful pure white girl.
(Isn’t it the best?)
‘Fuun, Fuun’, Krafty went to the kitchen while humming.
The sweet smell that scatters makes me happy…Shit…too cute…
ーーI who’s simple and idiotic already forgot the 『Love Letter』at this point.
Or rather didn’t I already have mana? It seems that it’s only on small amount.

Then after that, the happy time I spent with Krafy was…

※   ※   ※
I woke up with my body trembling.
(Huh?…Ah…When did…)
The smell of unusual futon. It’s soft and fluffy as usual.
Unfortunately, it’s not the same futon as Krafy.
Another unfortunate thing is that I spent the night with the 『Pure White Princess』under one roof, nothing shameful happened. I remained as a virgin.
If I must say, there’s one. When Krafy went out of the bath, she has the usual habit of wearing her bath robe and going to the living room then she meet meーWhat an event.
「Hyaaaa! I-I’m sorry! Also…Please don’t look! I’m sorry!」
‘Please don’t look’, for some reason she’s bowing, I was lucky and I saw the cleavage wrapped in her steamy hot bath towel perfectly. I haven’t seen her nipples but I saw her 『Pink Colored』Areola.
(I-I want to fap)
I replied seriously, recalling that scene can make me wank three times.
Krafy is such a cute child but her body is too erotic. Her breasts are big, she’s plump on all places, she’s young.
「As expected, I can’t masturbate6 in a woman’s house」
「ーーShiko7? is it?」
「Yeah, masturbaーwaaaaaaa!!」
「Pyaaa! G-Good morning!」
「Good morning! I’m seriously sorry!」
Getting up suddenly, Krafy’s ass fell.
Her pure white long hair has some bed hairs. Uumu, bed hair is also good.
Since she’s wearing loose pajama, there’s no underwear.
「……By the way, Jinai-kun, what’s 『Shiko』?」
「Aaaaaaaa, I want to bath in morning sun!」
「Pyaaa! Ah Morning Sun?」
「Yeah, morning sun」
「W-well then, shall we go outside? I want to dry the laundry too」
「Yoisho Yoisho」, Krafy stood up while thinking aloud. I stood up too and sighed. Fuu…It’s a great morning but I’m already tired.
ーーWhat’s this feeling?
It’s not like I’m unsatisfied with this world, this world isn’t that bad or rather…Well, right now I’m just having a chat with Krafy.
That’s why 「Is it fine if I return a bit more late?」I had such thoughts.
Right now, I’m chasing Krafy’s backーーI sniff the walking Krafy’s scentーーStares at her shaking assーーIt’s quite enjoyable.
「Uhm, somehow I feel some strange gaze. I-I guess it’s my imagination…」
「Ah, happiness run away with yawns?…fuwaa…waua. I also did it…」
I made sure that Krafy didn’t realize my true nature by making a false yawn.
I mean, happiness running away with a sigh…
「The supper yesterday was vegetables but could it be this morning too?」
「Of course. Vegetables are amazing」
「About8 that」
「It’s also highly nutritious」
I talked about the contents of the breakfast while taking on the shoes.

「Waa! As expected, the grassland air is delicious」

Krafy spreads out her arms, The sun, the blue sky, the wind.
Her beautiful pure white hair fluttersー.
This kind of repose, I might be looking for something deep inside.
Even in the middle of the very long consecutive holidays, no matter how famous is the tourist destination.
I never felt it in this world, reposeーhappiness.
Just like that, Krafy inhaled the delicious air, eat breakfast, I’ll ask the『Method of Return』while hearing her story in this world again.
There’s no need to hurry.
『I don’t want to hurry up』 is much more appropriate.
「Hey, Jinai-ku…hi, hyaaa!?」
The sun hid in the cloud and the wind stops.
The vicinity dims and it became chilly.

ーーThen Krafy that’s a bit further than me sank in the surface.

It’s prepared soil in front of the hut but it turned to a garden.
That partー The place Krafy is standing turned into 『Black Pond』, Krafy was swallowed.
「Wauu, Jinai-Kuuun!!」
The swallowing speed is too fast…1
Her knees are already swallowed by the black pond, but there’s still time.
I finally approached the black pond and extend my hand to Krafyーーbut.
「Grab it! Krafy!」
「ーーNuaaaaa! Hya, I can’tー…!」
Krafy’s body was swallowed by the black pool several times faster, she was swallowed in a flash.
Then, I just have to squat and reach for her this time.
I’ll reach her if I do.
Krafy stretched her hand to me, this time Krafy will be…!
There’s no time to think. I need to take action.


ーーMy hand gripped empty space.

I didn’t make it in time.

If I was a second faster, I wasn’t able to grab Krafy’s hand.

In the end, Krafy didn’t have time to speak, she was swallowed by the black pool, she completely vanished in front of me.
「…What the hell is that?」
Just what on earth is going on.
Who’s act was that. Where did Krafy go?
WhyーKrafy is.
For me, Krafy is like a 『Princess』, usually, she’s just a beautiful loner that lives on the prairie…
There’s no black pool in there anymore.
The cloud in the sky isn’t seen anymroe, the dazzling sunrise is pouring down.
A single paper dropped in my hand.


What a dirty character.
But, it’s written in Japanese, so it’s possible to read.
ーKrafy Rosepoll is taken by the demon queenー
Just one sentence.
For me, that one sentence is enough.
「Demon king…woman king…」
I recalled the conversation yesterday.
Distribution and tax system, the top of this world’s law and controlーThe demon king capital.
Then, the most significant existence in the demon king capital, 『The Demon Queen』
Krafy is decided by the demon king’s heredity system.


Recalling, 『Short Memories』
Krafy’s smile. Gentle voice. Warmth.

…Also, that big thing.
I haven’t returned my debt yet, there are lots of things I want to hear.

Then, I thought about the circumstances.
(ーーI, maybe there’s the possibility of rescuing Krafy)
The possibility is almost zero but it’s enough to raise my morale for a bit.
Instead of returning to my previous world, it’s enough『after I rescued Krafy』

Isn’t it okay?

For some reason, there’s also the excitement holding back my anger.
From here to the demon king capital, is quite far away from the map but I’ll go there in order to save Krafy. That’s right. Let’s accept the reward event after rescuing her. That breasts…Please let me massage Krafy’s flabby big breast.

Okay, I got fired up.
Then, another 『Present』 from the sky.
Ignoring Gravity, it falls with a relaxed speedーー『A black Book』

What’s that?

I received the book with doubts and fear on my mind, thenー.


ーI opened it without hesitation.
It’s a valuable rare thing in this world, I know that it’s a terribly strong grimoire, just a bit more.


  1.  ――いきなりだが、俺は『異』を敏感に捉えることのできる性格だ。
  2. It’s not indicated that the scent is coming from the girl so I didn’t put a female pronoun
  3. クラフィ
  4. ルスポール
  5. Yes, that’s the literal in the raw, I thought of keeping it because it looks funny
  6. Shiko
  7. It’s written in hiragana
  8. it’s in english