Loli Manko Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Big breasted, mini sailor uniform, Arina.

ーーThe second day after I visited this world.
In the southwest of this world 『Azalea City』
It’s approximately a three hour walk from the corner of the prairie area where Krafy Rosepoll lives, I reached a location that seems to be an urban area.
A big gate stands in the borderline of the urban area that’s on the vast grassland.
After admiring it for a while, I passed through the side of the gate keeper under the gate.
Urban district, shopping district, city’s heart.
Words that suit for the townscape has spread suddenly.,
Both sides have public stores lined up. There’s also weapons shop, building store. The pedestrians are also abundant,…Thinking about it, it’s the first time I saw humans other than Krafy in this world.
「Oh, isn’t this vegetable cheap?」
「It’s today’s special」
「Okay! Make two」
I walked on the town slowly while listening to the conversation on the vegetable seller and the customer.
Don’t be bothered by the gazes.
I know the reason.
Clothes…I guess.
I wear slack shirt. It’s completely a high school summer clothes.
On the other hand, the clothes of the people waking in the town, how should I say it?…『Casual Clothes of the fantasy world』 It’s quite dark, it’s ragged somewhere.
「Whose that guy?」
「Is he a minion of the demon king capital?」
「Is he here to pick up tax?」
「No, he’s not a man liked by Miriza-sama」
The unease is at max. It’s like a bad feeling when the class members are strangers to me in a selected subject. I’ll die.
…Don’t look, don’t look, I’ll be a hero from now on.
…I came to save Krafy from that Demon Queen.
While thinking about it, I glared at those who look at me suspiciouslyー.

「…Sorry, Sorry」

ーーWhat can be done, a small apologetic voice and went to the arcade quickly.

※   ※   ※

『Pure White Princess』 The big breasted Krafy was kidnapped, I made my 『Resolve』, I didn’t come to Azalea City to seek for human warmth.
My grades are pretty low, I’m not the type who thinks hard.
First, I need knowledge in order to survive in this world.
I got minimum knowledge from Krafy but, Krafy was kidnapped immediately after, and I have touched the 『Unknown』immediately. For example, the『Black Book』

The black book is relatively heavy, the inside is just one sentence.
A tremendous 『Odd』cold style character was written, one sentence that feels 『Obscene』
『What’s this?…』
When I finished writing the sentence quickly, the black book flipped and, turned into black liquid and scattered into the air, thinking about it, it gathered and aimed at my body.
The black liquid is soaked in my body in a moment.
I didn’t feel any pain and discomfort in the process.
Instead, I felt that I’ve received a『New power』ー.


ーーThen, I’m reading the 『Thin black book』 right now.
It’s a dangerous magazine that was sold on the endmost public store.
The title is 『Violating horny women, young fruit volume』 The second book I’ve read in the otherworld is an eromag…It’s the usual me.
Or rather, this 『Adult AV actress ♡ Hasuna-chan』is cute. The feeling of the explosive breast is intolerable, the beautiful black hair is also irresistible.

Oops, the story has wondered already.
In the end, what I want to say is I went to the 『Library』

Library is a treasury of wisdom.
The fact that the Azalea City’s urban area has a library makes me at ease.
If I visited the library, I’m sure that I would know the 『Black Book』I picked up yesterday, I might be able to gather some unexpected knowledge.
Well, what’s written on the black book is a 『Sentence』of 『Power』that I assume I will masterーーThere’s no need to know anything more than that in particularーーbut.
The article after the Adult AV actress Hasuna-chan.
The page switched from black to white and a certain actor’s interview appeared.
I instinctively tilted my head to the header.


The actor is filled with confidence. A good looking man. Better than me.
I did scan over the interview about Hasuna-chan’s experience but…There’s something I 『found』where I can’t get my eyes off.

ーーSuper famous actor magazine exclusive interview!
ーーHis penis is at throttling seven centimeters when erect! (Actual measurement of the editing set)
ーーWhat’s the secret of the biggest penis in this world?

Then, I look through the interview contents. In there was the actor’s full length talk of him being filled with confidence on the 『Size』of his dick
Is this one cut from the AV?
ーーThere are uncensored images sprinkled around the interviewー.
It’s overwhelmingly… small…
(It doesn’t exceed even half of mine. )
…Yet, the actress is already making a wonderful ahegao.
The AV actress I fell for at first sight, Hasuna-chan’s one cut has her expression really pleased. She can feel it.
No, what’s this?
Isn’t the erect dicks of upper elementary school students even bigger than this fellow?
They say that penis isn’t just about the size but small is fatal indeed. Does it reach the womb? Does she get pregnant? eeeh?
In the first place, women like bigger penises by all means.
C-could it be that the size of man’s penis in this world…
(W-what? This 『Strange connection』…)
For arguement’s sake, I acquired 『Power』from the 『Black Book’s』『Sentence』
If the average size of a man’s thing is like what’s written on this article.

ーーIf that’s the case, then I’m a 『Chosen Existence』…I thought.

No, it’s definitely not like that, I don’t want to think about that.
Seriously, what should I do?…I…Did I become this other world’s savior? Should I make a bishoujo harem? What could it be?…I can’t laugh at it…

(I only want to save Krafy. It’s nothing to be ashamed ofー)

I shook my head and shut the eromag.
Anyway, library, library. Let’s calm down in the library.

ーーAt that moment.

On the way of the crowd that has cooled down.
I bumped into 『Something』 and my ass fell.


I put out a miserable voice. Embarrassing.
Holding the feeling of shame, I probably knocked a woman, I judged it from the 「Un?」sweet voice and aroma.
I should apologize sooner and 『A man bumping on women on purpose』might be a rumor inside the school, awawawawa…ーーAh, this is the other world.
「Hey, are you okay?」
The time is around noon I guess.
The girl has her back facing the sun so I can’t see her face.
But, guessing from the 60% warm and 40% cold feeling from her voice, I infer that she has a so-called tsundere face.

ーーThe girl slouched to lend her hand.
Her two fruits dangled in her chestー.

Aren’t you tsundere…? it’s big breast…Big breast you know…!

「Hey. …W-where are you looking? Are you really okay?」

The moment the sun was hidden by the small cloud, the girl’s whole face is revealed.

ーーIt’s dignified as expected. But, the kindness and honesty isn’t hidden inside completely.
Her body line is overall thin but her chest and ass is coming out firmly.
The clothes of that charming woman is…not 『clothes』but a 『Mini sailor blouse』. It’s a short sailor blouse. The breast has enough volume to be concealed, her beautiful navel is in plain view, her specs are the best.
Of course, the skirt is short too, her panties is likely to show when the wind blows.
Her thin legs are wrapped up in a navy blue knee socks and it looks good with the mini sailor blouse.
She has a black sword carried on her waist. …Is she a『Sword user』?
What’s with this erotic cosplay? I haven’t heard about this.
It seems that she’s a bit suspicious of me.
ーーThe wind blows.
However, only her semi long black hair with a two side up hair style is the one that swayed, unfortunately her miniskirt didn’t roll up.
「Uhm, I’m…Jinai Hayato」
「Self introduction in this situation?…Nshoーto」
「…So. Thanks」
「Don’t mind it」
I stood up being pulled by the girl’s hand.
When I stood up and faced her, her height is lower than me…un, I thought she’s a young girl.
Her height is about 153~154 perhaps.
The size of her breast is…F…No, it’s G… Crap… Biiiig…
「ーーI’m Matachi Arina」
「Fuun. Calling someone on their first name so suddenly」
She sent a provocative glance while putting her hand on her hips.
The air softened a bit.
「Well, fine. Then, where do you want to go?」
「You’re lost aren’t you? It’s shown in your face」
The big breasted mini sailor blouse knight has some good perception.
I should speak honestly here.
Honestly, I don’t know where’s the location of the library.
「I heard that there’s a library around this area」
「There is. Or rather…Actually I have a business with the library too」
「Oh, Really?」
「Yes. Should I lead you there?ーSpecially…」
Smiling mischievously, Arina drew her face into me.
For a virgin boy like me who hadn’t talk with women that much, that gesture is too dangerous. I had a 『Misunderstanding』 for a moment. Dammit.
「N, roger. Come with me. It’s close」
ーーThen, I was taken by the beautiful girl named Matachi Arina and went to the library. I concealed the eromag on my back…I threw it on the trash can along the way…

※   ※   ※

Umu. Even if I came on the other world I can’t escape study.
Several hours passed, evening.
I and Arina left the big library that has almost the size of a shopping center, we walked on the open space in the siteー
「Did you get what you want to learn?」
「…About 80% I guess」
「It seems that you’ve learned a lot. That’s good」
「Thanks to you」
「Even for me, it was a valuable meeting. ーI never thought that you’re an『otherworlder』」
I explained my situation to Arina when we’re going to the library.
I who came from another world, the woman I first met was kidnapped by the demon queen, then, I decided to rescue that woman.
Aruna nodded lightly and understood.
「Are otherworlders not unusual」when I asked thatーー「It’s quite rare but if you have this magic prospering, it’s not strange」then her black hair swayed as she answered.
「…Arina is somewhat kind」
「Wa, Haa!?」
Oo, that’s her loudest voice.
Arina who walks ahead of me had her breast shake violently and she looked back with a red face.
「I-It’s not like I’m kind… It’s just… I just think that everyone has their own worries and circumstances…」
「That’s klndness」
「ーーT-that’s not true!」
As I expected, she has the Tsundere character.
「That’s why you don’t ask for the details?」
「The girl I met for example」
「…I’m interested. Because those that are targetted by the demon queen has some sort of 『Secret』…Or 『Power』」
Krafy’s special power?
Certainly, the men and women’s hearts are pleasant and they have power1
Warmth like a goddess…gentleness…breasts…it’s irresistible. 2
「ーーHowever, it’s possible that you don’t want to talk about it so I won’t ask. Isn’t that true to all? That kind of thing」
「Well yeah」
We began to walk again, Arina murmured.

「…Even I ……」

She has some kind of secret too, so she doesn’t step in other people’s secrets.
It’s cowardly, but, I think it’s 「kind」
Matachi Arina has an erotic appearance, her insides3 seems to be firm.
「Is your feelings of wanting to defeat the demon queen true?」
「…I’m not confident in my power yet, that’s my feelings」
「Fuun. I see」
The evening sun sinks. Arina’s back is becoming dark.
Going out of the library site, I kept walking on Arina’s direction. I don’t know where she’s going but I don’t mind continuing the talk.
「You heard about this world from that girl didn’t you?」
「Yeah. I studied a lot today」
「ーThen, what do you think about the demon queen?…what kind of existence is she, you do know it right?」
According to what I examined today, the dictatorial act covers a lot.
Arbitrarily raising tax. Production of arms and crop, most of it goes to the demon king capital. Othher from that, those who oppose the demon queen is punished immediately, disregarding the law and the rights. Just like kidnapping an excellent magician…et cetera.
They dispatch 『City Owner』on the five cities that the demon king capital control, and each city lay out a harsh system.
「Actually, I also want to defeat the demon queen someday」
「Somedayーーmarching into the demon king capital, with this sword…」
What happened to Arina?ーI got curious.
The 『Kindness』is still not enough for me.
Curiosity, the interest can also be as frightening as hatred.
「ーーI see」
That’s why, I, just chased Arina’s back for the time being, I decided to harvest knowledge in the library.

First, about yesterday’s 『Black Book』
It seems that it’s called a 『Grimoire』There are several volumes that exist in this world, 『Just by looking at it you will obtain magic equal to god』it seemsー.
I opened it and the book becomes a substitute 『Magic Grain』, reading the book penetrates your body. Then, it bestows magic. No one knows the timing of it’s appearance.
…In short, I had that『Power』in my hands.
It’s quite an obscene power…
If used well, I think I can have the power to help Krafy but…
I also checked the 『Sexual circumstances』of this world.
The size of male’s genital which is published in the magazine and the structure of female genitals.
The conclusion was that the eromag speaks the truth, in this world the average erection size is five to six centimeters. It’s about my thumb.
Because it’s measured from the root and pressed forcefully, if it inserts vagina, it’s actually approximately four centimeters when inserted.
This world only has 『Four centimeters penis』…

Then the female genitals are also 『Small』 『Four centimeters penis』that reaches the innermost spot would mean 『Too small』
ーーThat’s not strictly the case.
Seeing the structural view of a female vagina, it’s approximately the length of a 『Loli』 It’s not 『Loli Loli』but 『Loli』4 『Loli P*ssy』
Certainly it’s small but it’s not unreasonably small.
When『Four Centimeter’s penis』thrust in, there’s still some room inside the vagina. Gyumumu~ It closes up.

『P*ssy』is a sacred area that’s filled with elasticity, when the vaginal walls are filled with a big penis, the womb can feel it being forced…

…Ah, the hymen is barely broken because of the short penis…
Then, how do they fertilize if the glans doesn’t reach the cervix?
As expected of the 『Other world』
After ejaculation, they work it through with magic, the sperm given to the vagina crawls vigorouslyーthen slips into the womb I guess. Lewd.

In summary, the dicks in this world are considerably short.
The total length of female’s vagina is small 『Loli P*ssy』
It’s the norm for everyone so they’re satisfied with the pleasure.
ーーGirl’s P*ssy should feel 『Pleasant』『Deeper』…

「…You’re thinking something strange」
「T-that’s not」
「…Your face…that, expose that you’re thinking something lーlewd.」

Saying that 「Your face is lewd」 Cruel… Anyway, Arina also has a 『Loli P*ssy』
After organizing my thoughts, I pay attention to reality.
The sun has fallen completely, the vicinity is wrapped in darkness.
The crowd got less.
「By the way, where are you heading?」
「The most crowded place. It’s almost time for dinner」
Arina said 「Just a bit more」, when I listened carefully, I can hear voices not far away.
Eating dinner with a girl.
『That magic』I gained from that 『Grimoire』, or how should I go to the demon king capital after this, there are lots of things I have to think but, for the time being eating dinner isn’t bad.

「Hayato, is there something you’d like to eat?」
「Raamen? I haven’t heard about that…」
「I-Is that really famous?」
「For me」
「Fuun… Then I’ll ask about itー」

Please try asking around the world…I tried saying it while laughing.
Me and Arina were attacked by a chill, then it seems that the two of us became frightened by the trembling air from the 『Back Alley』
Mana or Magic? I can hardly understand it but I was able to feel the fear of something that kind.
Huge and powerful…A deep black powerーsoon here…

「Good evening~… My beloved best friend, Matachi Arina-chan♡」

Sticky with the thick lotion, an alluring voice.
Ears, just the ears feels pleasant.
The other parts of the body can’t be moved directly.
『Assailant』has an intimidating feeling.
It’s the first time experience in my life.

「ーN, Awaa」

Along with the smile of the assailants, what’s in front of me and Arina are 『Two Enemies』 appearing.
Both are 『Male』
Typical man. Usual man. …They’re quite older than me.
They’re walking aimlessly like a zombie. The arms stretched loosely, the mouth is just open, and…they laughed foolishlyー

「…What’s your business today? …Miriza Silkwire」

The air was torn by Arina’s cold words.
In a certain building’s rooftop, a blonde girl with a bewitching aura looks down on us crossing her thin legs…『Miriza 』


  1.  確かに、世界中の男性諸君の心をぽかぽかにするチカラとかはありそう。
  2. I think he’s referring to Krafy
  3. No, it means her personality, you perverts
  4. He means that it’s not their height, but their pussy