Taking back the Princess in the Different World, I Raped Little Girls’ Pussy With My Big Dick Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Arina who fainted…

In front of us are two male zombies and a blonde woman.
That said, the blonde woman is just sitting on top of the three story building with her legs crossed and is looking down at us. Looking closelyー, the blonde woman’s big breast is wrapped up in a black-pink colored bikini, below she wears something like a bloomer. Others are raw skin…She doesn’t have much defense.
「Oi, Arina」
「ーーDon’t be impatient. Also, Hayato, don’t move. You just came 『Here』, so you can hardly fight」
「Gu…W-well yeah」
After saying that, Arina pulled out the black sword from the sheath and took a stance.
A thick long silver blade that the point makes a sharp glint.
「Miriza…I think I haven’t seen you lately…」
「Aha. I also have my own troubles」
「You’re just doing as you please so where’s the 『Trouble』you speak of?」
「You’re abusive as always, Matachi Arinaー. Well, do it」
The blond womanー『Miriza Silkwire』laughed
「Cute, cute…My cute dolls…♡」
Then, the two zombie like men in front of us squeaked, kicked the asphalt and approached us.
I moved backwards in surprise.
I was surprised by the sudden movement of the zombie men…there’s that but another thing, I can’t say it well though…It’s something like, I feel a strong mana…or something like that.
「Fuun. It seems that you can sense mana to some degree. Or is it bloodthirst?」
Arina who’s wearing the mini sailor blouse looked back at me.
Her semi-long two side up hair. Black eyes. Readying her sword.
I nodded silently and everythingーー『Shook』
「Well, please take a look. 『This world’s』『Fight』. I’ll teach you personally the 『Matachi』I inherited…!」
The ground rumbledー.
Black magic wraps up Arina’s bodyー.
Then, the black magic is collected at the sword.
Mana breaks out and made 『Wind』, Arina’s miniskirt was rolled over. …The content is a cute pink colored panty.
「Of course! I’ll teach you no matter how many times! Miriza Silkwire!」
ーーThe two zombie men run and aimed at Arina.
ーーThere was still some distance but Arina pulled out her sword and scythe down quickly.


『The sword scythed down』
The black mana that’s on the sword was swungーYet.
A 『Unimaginable wind』attacked several meters with Arina as the center.
The worn out Y-shirt was torn off, feeling a tingling pain on the body, it becomes difficult to open the eye.
A terrible windーーArina and the sword generated it.
Though they’re still far away, Arina’s 『Wind Sword’s』attack was received by the zombie men upfront, they were blown off magnificently and their backs fell on the ground.
The zombie men’s clothes were in tatters.

「FunーIsn’t it much disappointing than usual?」

After the wind stops blowing, Arina put her sword away and looked up at Miriza smiling proudly.
Somehow, the big boobs that sleeps under her mini sailor blouse is also glad.
She’s filled with confidence with her exposed navel and side.
On the other hand, the blonde big breasted Miriza Siklwire narrowed her eyes that has a golden glint, looks down on us mortified while biting her lower lip.
As a result, Arina got her ego boosted further, she snorted once again.
「Arina, who’s that?」
「ーMiriza. Miriza Silkwire. Her personality is shit and she’s a shitty slut that loves men. Alsoー…She’s the 『City Owner』of this 『Azalea City』 In short, she’s under the control of the demon queen」
I learned about 『City Owner』from Krafy.
The demon queen has a direct subordinate placed on each of the five 『City』. The existence the demon queen can trust. Those『who have power』 The ruler and owner of the city.
「Her looks and character and the magic she use are all bitchy. I don’t know the details but she can make a magic contract on whatever kind of man, that man’s body is controlled like a 『Gum Doll』」
「Gum Doll? The arm…is stretching?」
「That’s right. Men manipulated by Miriza has their body shrink and extend freely 『While being manipulated』ーAccording to rumors…Kya!?」
「According to rumors…? Uwaa!?」
A『Flesh colored object』interrupts our conversationー.

I and Arina had an 『Arm』『Stretching』to us.

The owner of the arm is one zombie man that Arina had already blown away earlier. It managed to stand up even in tatters.
「What!? Even with the distance…the flow of magic should’ve stopped for several minutes because of the attack of the Matachi Style sword…!」
「Guhii…Guhihi…Miri…za-samaaa…! Miriza-samaaaa…」
「Hii…! Kuh…! Once again…!」
「Tsk! Stand back! Hayato!」
Following Arina, I stepped back.
I feel so frustrated that I can’t do anything to help right now but it can’t be helped.
Then, Arina griped the sword and the black magic appeared again butー.

「Muda Mudaa.1 That’s disappointing…Matachi Arina. Kusu2

It seems that the mortifying expression of hers earlier is just an acting.

「You’re just bluffingーーKyaaa!?」

The zombie menーーNo, the gum doll men had it’s four 『Extended arms』 gripping Arina’s limbs.
It’s almost like a tentacle.
Arina was raised to the air in a blink of an eye, spreading her limbs, she looks ridiculous like a 大.
「…This…! It’s…longer than…usual…!」
「Ahaー. You see? I was ordered from above that 『I must not forgive those who resist anymore』. Incidentally, I also got 『Magic reinforcement』drug♡」
「Then…that means that they recover faster…?」
Kusukusu…finishing her bewitching smile, Miriza jumped to the ground.
A light landing sound.
The sound of her lewd tits shaking.
Seeing her closely, it’s even more erotic. She’s completely a slutty onee-san.

「To that cute boy over there, should I tell you what Arina is about to say? 『According to the rumors』ーwhen you’re manipulated by my magic it feels really painful, but it also seems to feel really good. Plucking the arms and stretching them…ouch it hurts…but…if you get addicted to it…Aaaahn…you’ll feel aroused, aha~」

Her long brown hair is a bit quirky.
『Lewd Beauty』is the best match on her expression.
Golden eyes that shine in the night sky, sharp bridge3, pink colored lips.
The style is exceptional, she’s even plumper than Arina.
The shiny black pink bikini wraps up the volume of her big breasts. Plump waist. Plump hips and thighs.
ー『Azalea City’s』『City Owner』Miriza Silkwire
Miriza approached Arina while her high heels beat the ground.
「Giving up?」
「…Fun…No way…」
「How dare you, oh well, how can you say that in your disordered appearance」
「Oh? Was it too strong?」
Gichigichiー, Arina’s body screamed.
The『extended arm』pulled both her arms and legs.
Spreading both lets, her miniskirt rolled up andーHer panties are seen again…the thighs are being whipped…
Hey, what am I thinking while Arina is suffering?…
「Haa…Aaaa…! You…!」
「Tax, or monopolizing products, or being an amorous woman… Kusukusu… This is what happens on those who rebel against me」
「I have to punish the bad childーAha♡」
Finally, Miriza stands up in front of the captured Arina.
ThenーBoooo…A『Whip』Appeared in Miriza’s hand.
Ruthlessーunusualーand an indecent expression.
Miriza swing the whip along with a happy signal.


An intense sound.
Miriza’s whip hit Arina’s soft body strongly, it made an exploding sound.

「Hyaaa! Ahyaaa!」

The『Extending Arm』let go of Arina because the power was too strong. As a result, Arina who received the impact was knocked away from the gum doll men andーbumped into my body.
「Gu! H-Hey! Are you okay!?」
「Aha. Was it too strong? Have you lost your consciousness?」
Certainly, Arina is exhausted.
I shook Arina again and again… but there was no answer.
Looking at her face, her eyes are closedーHer lips is half-openーShe really lost her consciousness.

Shit…if this continues…we’ll be done.

I don’t know when Miriza will start trying to kill Arina but, It’s obvious that she’s 『Bad』at glance.
There’s no need to think, and I’m Arina’s friend.
Then, what should I do?
ーーRight now, I can’t do anything.
I have some magic but I haven’t practiced it at all.
I can’t handle sword Arina’s sword nor can oppose them.
ーThat’s the 『Me』right『now』
「I won’t let you run, Hey, catch them!」
「Ugooo! Chasing!」
「Miriza…Samaa! Fuhiii!」

「Dammit…! What disgusting guys…!」
Before I noticed I was running in the back alley in the night carrying Arina.
Anyway, let’s run.
I can’t do anything but run.
It maybe because of her breast but Arina is heavy, Anyway, let’s runー.
「Stretch your arm more! Aim properly!」
Though I hear Miriza’s voice at back, I kept running earnestly.
I’m feeling chilly because I’m being 『Chased』
Impatience gather in my groin, cold sweat is coming out, my saliva stops secreting.
Dammit, I’d be able to run away better of Arina is a bit lighterー.
「…Tsk, they escaped. Geez…This is why men are uselessー」
ーーI finally was able to run away.
I run to the back alley, for the time being let’s run away from 『Here』
『If it’s here』 I stopped my foot in thought.
But, there’s no meaning if you run at random. I ran blindly at the beginning but I came running looking for a building in the second half.


ーーThe 『power』that was given from『Heaven』to save Krafy Rosepoll.
ーーThen, the 『average size』 in this world

「……One night. me and this person」
「C-certainly. Your room is number 502」
「Thank you」

Surely, Miriza is chasing us.
If I can 『Acquire』the 『Countermeasure』 ー I can win.
◆   ◆   ◆
One black book. Heavy and thick black book.
For me, it’s common sense to buy books from bookstores but it’s a new experience for the book to fall from the sky, I was excited even if it was after I lost Krafy.
Isn’t it otherworld-ish…?! I thought.
There’s only one sentence written.
Furthermore, the moment I read that one sentence, that sentence vanished away.
Had I become crazy after losing the beautiful girl in the otherworld?
While thinking that, the black book changed into black magic and sink into my body. Uun…It’s a delicate feeling.

(…What’s this?)

I thought while looking at my hand.

ーー『I give thee the 《Ability》to 《Copy》the magic of the female that copulates with thee』ー

………If it’s a prank, it’s too lewd.
While thinking that, my heart was healed by that 『Prank』
◆   ◆   ◆
Ignorance is fearful.
If I hadn’t gone to the library to learn about the existence of the『Grimoire』, It says that I can『Copy the ability of the woman I have sex with』, I wouldn’t have believed that wonderful ability I have. I could’ve just put it off as a 『Prank』
「A-Arina…You’re…not awake…aren’t you?」
「…Nn, Ah…」
ーーIn a small dim room. It’s decently clean.
There are two single sized bed in line and a small dek.
This 『Hotel’s』feature is…there’s no feature, I guess.
(I can’t endure anymore…I…want to see her tits sooner…)
I lay down the unconscious Matachi Arina on the single bed.
Looking closely, she’s got a cute face.
She’s drooling…
Her firm abdomen is exposed from the erotic min sailor uniform, there’s still a red mark left from after being struck by Miriza’s whip.
ーーI stoke the wound while grinning…4
ーーThen, I finally grabbed the mini sailor blouse.


I gripped and moved it just a bit.
As expected of mini sailor blouse…the underwear’s too soon.
Arina’s breast that’s wrapped in a pink bra appeared in a blink of an eye.
The size is unimaginable from the appearance and personality of Arina. Fuckin’ huge tits.
「…! So soooft!…」
I poked my index finger on the big tits.
Puni…Thinking that it sink in…Punyuuu…It pushed back.
The softness is perfect. Best breast.
When it comes to this, I want to see the whole titsー
「You’re okay with this? Arina?…」
「Hauu…Nu…? N…o…」
Arina’s cheek blushed. I haven’t noticed it because I concentrated on the breast too much but this girl is feeling it from her breast even though she’s unconscious.
My breathing turned rough.
I can’t endure it anymore.
I slipped my hand on Arina’s back and removed the hook of her bra. Kukuku…don’t underestimate the knowledge of the virgin. I know this from the net.
Turning over her mini sailor blouse, the bra is the only thing put on her breastsーThe wind swordsman Matachi Arina.
I covered Arina.
Glossy black hair. Soft cheeks. Long eyelashes.
After enjoying the 『Cute part』of Arina from above, I reached out for the bra then slowlyーslowly lifted it up.


Then, it finally showed up the 『Lewd part』
The shape is good and the plump breast has a nipple, a bright red nipple and areola.
…Goodness! It’s a terribly lewd tip.
The bright red areola is large enough that makes me want to suck it soon, the erect nipples are also big. I just turn them over.
「Arina’s breast is too big」
「Hauu…uu… Nuu…N…ah」
「…As expected if I rub my face on your boobs you’d wake up?」
I asked while touching her breast with both of my palms but she doesn’t answer.
She’s just seductively vomiting out hot air.
Then, she won’t wake up right?
I just want to make a stopover…It’s okay right?
Because, Since I met Arina earlier today, I’ve been gazing at her big tits all the time. Then, she has a 『Loan』from me carrying her away from Miriza…Just a bit…

ーーI grabbed Arina’s breasts…Then buried my face on the valley.
「Fugu…! Uguuuu…! Arinaa…Arinaa…!」
「ーー!!♥Nn, Ah…Aah…N………ooo………♥」
「It’s amazingly soft. Breasts…Boobs…! Arina’s boobs…!」
「Hyaa…Hauun! Nuu…! Kuaau!♥」
While burying my face on her breastーI took a deep breath.
「N~~~~…~! Nuuuu……♥」
It’s the best. It’s squishy, soft, also, Arina’s body odor smells really fragrant.
Matching the breathing pattern, Arina also reacted. Her legs are squirming…If I don’t do it faster she’d wake up.
「But, Sorry…Just fot a bit…Suuuuuuu…! Suuuuu…!」
「Arina…Arina-chan…Arina-chan’s boobs…!」
「Hafuu…! N…Na…aaaaa…♥no…More…ーA」
I want to puff puff Arina’s breast for the rest of my life…
Puffing her breasts feels too good that I unconsciously moved my waist. The erect penis rubbing against the bed also feels good on it’s own.
Or rather, What was the phenomenon of being aroused by calling a girl’s name adding 『Chan』on it? Immoral feeling…That’s not it.
「…Nn…Nuuー…? Nauu…」
「Haa…Haa…I should be…」
Oo…It’s been a while since I’ve breathed air other than her tits.
I removed my belt. Then, I took down my zipper just like that, then the slacks was half off.
My penis is already throbbing under my pants.
I want to go out5.
I want to violate Arina.
I want to have sex.
It screams, I’m sure that it’s already dripping with huge amounts of pre-cum.


I finally stripped off my underwear.


My raging penis shakes up and down.
Surpassing the average size in this world, it has an overwhelming size and thickness.
Erect Length: 18.4cm, thickness: 5.8cm
This is the penis I’m confident of. Even more in this world.

「Haa…Arina-chan…I’ll look under Arina-chan…」

My hand rolled over her miniskirt, then easily took off her pink colored panties
I took off her panties until the below her knee and took a glance…

「………! This is…Arina-chan’s pussy6…!」

She has『Erotic breast』but I never thought that she has a 『Cute Pussy』
The pussy of hers shuts itself completely, there’s no pubic hair either. There’s a slight gap in the entrance, it’s secreting lewd love nectar.
If I take a picture of this 「Pussy of a small grade schooler」it would sell like hot pancakes. That’s how young it is.
If it’s like this then I’m sure that the 『Inside』is…!
The two fruits that are dangling on her upper body are so lewd.
Red bright areola and the nipples that are standing since earlier.
I grabbed the root of my own penis, I raised my hips for a bitー.
「Haa…Haa…I can’t anymore…!」
「I will……Arina-chan’s pussy…!」
When I finished my Aim, I lowered my waist and my glans stick to the entrance of Arina’s pussy.
I can see it as a strictly secured pussy but, the moment my glans stick to it, the entrance opened a little and 『Greeted』me.
「Gu! Ku…Guuuu!」
「Hyaaa… Ah…! Haa…! Hyaaa…!?」
「Too narrow…!」
Not letting away that chance of kindness, I thrust inside my waist.
My glans forcefully sink inside Arina’s loli pussy.
Clenching teeth, grabbing the sheets, then clenching teeth again.
Arina has a『Painful expression』as I insert it forcefully.
「Aaaaa! Aaaa! It’s tight but…Just a bit more and…all of me…!」
「Ah…Fuaaーー………Eh…Eh…Eh…!? Wait…what…No…Too…Big……!? HーーHyaaaaaa♥ What…Are you doing!?」
Ahー, as expected she woke up.
Well, that’s natural.
I rub the penis where the average size in this world is 5cm after all.
All of the girls in this world are 『Mature Pussy』are 『Loli Pussy』after all.
「Guh…! Sorry…! Arinaa!」
「Nguah♥ NーNo way…This is such…Ooooo♥」
ーGubuchuuu! Gubun!
My penis is going through the small vagina along with the intense sound.
Reaching the cervix of Arina, I made a big sigh.
With this, All in.
For Arina my penis is of『Abnormal size』, her hymen is broken and the swelling glans is pushing up her cervix.
「N, N, N, Oooooo!! What’s this!? Your penis is too big…My pussy is breaking…! Naaaa! Ahyaaaaaaa♥, Really, what are you doing!」
「Haa…Haa…Haa…! Arina’s pussy is too small…!」
「Noo ♥ It’s your thing that’s too biiig…♥ That’s strange…This is…! Impossible aaaooo…♥」
Arina’s loli pussy is tightening around my penis.
I just finished inserting, though I haven’t moved yet, the pleasure can make me ejaculate already.
Especially the feeling of the glans hitting her uterus is irresistible. Squishy…and soft 『Woman’s lips』…『Womb』ーYeah, it’s the best.

「Rather than that…Why am I being raped by Hayato?…♥ Kuu…Nhaaaa♥」

ーーWithout doubt, Arina’s glaring at me but unfortunately I can only see it as cute.
Her jiggling tits are facing the ceiling, defying gravity.
My penis is too big that Arina’s abdomen raised a bit.
Rolling up her worn out Mini Sailor Blouse, I can see nothing but 『Lewd Cosplay』

Arina grasps the sheets with her nails and shouts「Bakaa♥」


  1. Holy shit, it’s dio’s daughter!
  2. It’s a giggle
  3. of nose
  4. Oh, this man is the same as me
  5. This is his dick speaking
  6. It’s censored, but I’d remove the censor