Taking back the Princess in the Different World, I Raped Little Girls’ Pussy With My Big Dick Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Rematch

ーーBefore dawn. I and Matachi Arina are standing on the road.
There was a saying in my world.
『The darkest time is before dawn』
But what about the 『Otherworld』?


The sound of high heels hitting the asphalt tile.
The sound gets gradually bigger and finally her 『Figure』appeared.
「Ufufu. You love hide and seek don’t you…You’re quite childish. Arina」
In spite that it’s before dawn, a bewitching gold was there.
『Azalea City’s』top, the『City Owner』 dispatched by the demon king capital.
Mirza Silkwire who has magic that control men like a gum doll.
An extreme template golden haired bitch magician, her huge breasts are hidden with a black-pink colored bikini, her waist and groin is being hidden by a bloomer for some reason. The absolute area of plump thighs are exposed and the remainder is black socks.
「…I didn’t just hide myself. 」
「Fuun? What? Have you done lewd things with that cute man there to replenish your magic? KusuーーWell, that’s impossible. That arrogant Arina flirting with a man? Also, that boy is just cute but he seems to be unreliable」
What’s with this blonde bitch… A-Annoying…!
Even you don’t know but average small dicks you loli pussy…!
You’ll definitely gasp for breath if I thrust my dick into you…Dammit…!
…Then, it seems that I’m not the only one who’s irritated.
「E-endure it…Even I…!?」
I’m sure that Arina is staring at me. No, Arina-sama.
While she somehow fainted I selfishly thrust my penis in, afterwards, continuing forced sex, in the end I thrust the semen in her womb, so she’s irritated on her『Gentle Act』
「ーーMaking me remember that embarrassing part, I’ll definitely work you out, It won’t really end with just this. I’ll definitely put you in prison」
Mirza has enough composure as she just looks at us while we whisper to each other.
It’s like a mother looking at the children play. To that extent, it seems that the 『City Owner’s』power is overwhelming.

「Hey, I’m serious right now?」

Looking down, the blonde hair hid Mirza’s eye.
Her mouth is loose as expected.
「I’ve played with you many times up until now but I’m serious right now. I told you earlier, the demon queen ordered us to 『Be unforgiving on those who resists』」
「…Fun. …Considering that you’re lacking in hands」
「Kusu. Lacking? Just seeing the part of truth doesn’t mean that all of it is the truth, don’t you think?」
「What do you mean…?」
「I know right now… During the time you’re playing hide and seek carefreely, the unknown 『truth』further increased like this…Aha♡」
The air went ‘gaguoooo’ several meters around Mirza Silkwire’s body, then it vibrates, then, a golden magic appeared.
For a moment, I thought it’s beautiful.
Meanwhile, the golden magic spread to my and Arina’s side.
「…Gu…!? What’s this…! I-Isn’t it dangerous…!? Arina…!」
Protecting the ordinary me with both arms, I askedー.
「Haa? That’s pathetic. Ugu…This fellow…It’s my first time……」
「That’s not the time to talk about that!」
「Really!? You! You don’t know how important the 『First time』for a girl!? It’s completely different from the smelly virgin that just wants to throw it away!」
‘Smelly virgin’, the hell? That’s cruel…
Shut it! My large dick is really long….I can’t say that.
「…Very Well, I’ll punish you a lot later」
「…Please spare me from pain」
「…I wonder. Anyway, Hayato draw it out…」
Just like what we arranged beforehand, the two of us matched our timings.
Even Arina’s breasts is wrapped in her mini sailor uniform, ‘puru puru puru puru’……As it shakes, the 『Golden Magic’s』threat amplified.
Ooo…I saw her mini skirt rolling up…p-pantyshot…!
I gulped down my saliva and reached the side of my waist.

「Now, get them! My slaves!」

At the same time, Mirza began to move too.
Along with her declaration, she pointed her fingers on the dawn sky, her armpits are on display.
What a beautiful armpit. There’s no unwanted hair. Furthermore, it’s very bulky.
ーーArina found out my trivial thoughts and she struck my head. I’m happy to beaten by a girl…
…Oh, I’ve been nonchalant.
「Fuhi, fuhi, fuhii…!」
「Mirza-sama! Arm…stretch my arm…! Pain…more…more!」
「Aoooo…! Oooo! Haa…Haa…!」
All of the zombies are walking wobbly and they’re pale.
Are they low-class citizens? The tattered clothes they’re wearing emphasizes the zombie feeling.
PanーーMirza clapped her hand and all of them raised their heads.
Foreheads filled with pimples, open nose hole, drool dripping from their mouth.
They’re firing off dirty golden shine, these zombiesーNo, gum doll men.
「That’s fearful. But it’s not a magic that manipulates 『Spirit』」
「…Then that means that they’re loyal at Mirza consciously…?」
「Yes. Turning them to gum doll, then doing absurd things on their bodyーーMirza doing absurd things, then…Tーthey…feel good」
Certainly, Mirza’s magic is to 『Turning men into gum dolls and manipulating them』 It’s like a different world cheat but it doesn’t『Manipulate spirit』
In short those that approach us are several bodies…eight gum doll men.
(Are these perverts that can’t be understood by normal humans like me?)
Then on behalf of the normal people, I have to expel them.,
Perverts are harmful…there’s no need for perverts in this world…!
「Here we go!」
I finally grasped the 『Sword’s handle』on the『Sheath』on the side of my waist.
It’s okay. I already practiced this once.
ーーIt’s a 『Arina’s Spare Sword』I borrowed from Arina.
ーーStealing the secret, the 『Power』budding in my body bore fruit.
My magic is also enriched by having sex with Arina.
「Gishaaaaaaa! Mirza-samaaaaaaaaa!」
「Oooooooo!! Please tease us more!」
These trash jumping…gum doll menー.
Hidden in the shadows of the eight gum doll men is Mirza who has room to smile.
I guess she’s convinced that it’s her『Win』
As expected Arina can’t beat『Eight』of them.

「It’s the end, Matachi Arina. I’m glad that I’m going to crush your before you get stronger in the future. Ufufufu…Ahahaahaa…! Go! Crush them!」

She’s laughing loudly like in template. Crossing her arms, showing her beautiful mouth, she’s still laughing.l
I and Arina was deprived the 『Right to look up the sky』
It’s a disgusting crowd. It’s raining eight gum doll men.

They kept blurting out ‘Mirza-sama, Mirza-sama’, stretched their arms in spite it’s a point blank battle, these guys are idiots.

No, Mirza Silkwire is the one controlling the bodies of this men, I see…Mirza is much idiotic than I expected.
Or maybe thanks to the gift 『Magic Strengthening』from the demon queen, the gum men have 『Invulnerability』grants her the pride.
「……Matachi Sword Styleーー」
ーーArina who pulled the sword from the sheath.
ーーThe eight gum doll men is pouring down.
The insides of my body gets hot, hotter, and hotter, and even hotter.1
Concentrating on the heat, I reached the point that I can control the heat, then, it poured into my right hand.
I pour it into the sword.
It’s easy now.
On the smiling 『Expression』of Mirza looking like she has the room to not lose, Arina made an eye-contact and matched out timings.

「「ーーAir Slash!!」」

We only shouted the『Name of the skill』
Arina’s wind wearing sword hit the five of the gum doll men.
My wind wearing sword hit the remaining three gum doll men.


『Double Wind』strike them, rebounds, and acted violently.
The gum doll men who wasn’t able to understand the situation was blown off.

「Wha…! What…!?」

Mirza took a step back in astonishment.
ーーThe eight gum doll men 『Returned』to Mirza’s surroundings.
There’s blood coming out of the gum doll men, their bodies are worn out everywhere and their legs and arms are almost cut off.
「Ha-haa…? Just what happened…! ーーKuu…! Y-You guys…! How long are you going to sleep…! Hurry up and wake up…! Those guys…!」
Kuahahaha…Where did your composure from a while ago gone?
Mirza points on the gum dolls scattered around her and desperately orders them.
But, they just twitch their body but not move further than that.
ーーSweat flowed on Mirza’s cheeks.
「immortal…! You’re immortal so hurry up andー!」
「ーーMatachi sword skill 『Mana Flow Cut』…」
「Why being formal now…? My dolls…My slaves are immortal…! Even earlier when they receive your attack and they got up easily…!」
…That’s bad, Mirza.
Do you have the same level of knowledge as『Me who came from the other world』?
Arina gently explained to Mirza.
「Earlierーーwhen I fought the two vomit men…」
That’s right. The conversation we had 『A while ago』means the 『Time when Mirza suddenly attacked』and 『Before Arina and I have love-love sex』
「Certainly, the vomit men got up immediately after they were hit by a『Matachi Sword Skill』」
「Isn’t it natural? These guys…have gum body…They’re immortal…」
That has to be emphasized.
ーーEven though I practiced it once, the feeling of firing the real 『Copy magic』is uplifting. I can even pass the interview of a first class enterprise right now.
「……It’s not limited to Matachi sword style, the range attack makes the effect fade against the enemy, the ooposite effect would happen if they’re hit in close range」
「……!! Uguuu…!」
「Funー……? This is…This is common sense that’s taught in the idiots at magic academy at first…? Mirza-saaan?」
Arina put her hands on the waist that doesn’t have the sword and puffed her chest with pride.
It’s the cleavage that I puffed my face earlier but right now I’m excited by looking down on the sweating Mirza. I want to lick it. Then be scolded afterwards.
「Your vomit slaves’s mana flow was just cut in a minute. No matter how immortal they are, as long as they have mana flow they can’t regenerate」
How many times was this? Arina snorts and ridicules Mirza.
「Guuu…Gii…Guuu…! W-wake up! You…You!」
Mirza kicks and pounds the rubber doll men.
However, their leg strength is weak that when the doll men moved they turn over and stop. Arina’s equally huge breast is shaking.
「ーーIt’s your loss.」
「You lose everything. Isn’t that right? You don’t even know what happened」
「What do you mean…!」
「Fuu… To that question…I can only say that you lost.
That’s rightー.
Mirza doesn’t understand why the eight gum doll men were blown away.
She didn’t notice the fact that 『I copied Matachi Arina’s power』
「…Are all of the city owners are this idiotic?」
Arina mimics Mirza’s tone.
「Then I’ll show it to you. Hayato」
I held my sword and poured mana.
First, I poured the mana of the 『Wind Attribute』I copied then 『Matachi’s sword skill』…How should I say it? 『Gene』 or 『Mood』, anyway I carried the 『Matachi Sword Skill’s』to the sword.
In a blink of an eye, the wind sword was completed.
Then, Arina who’s on my side did the same thing.
「Wha…! Why can you…Matachi sword…!@」
「ーーYou don’t need to know」
「ーWe’re going to settle this in a flash. You hear? Match our breathing」
「Leave it to me」
Holding the『Same sword』, were two complete different existence.
Lowering our sword posture a bit, we kicked the sword simultaneously.
Light body. I feel that my reflexes are becoming better.
ー『I give thee the magic to 《Copy》the 《Ability》of the woman you copulate』
I copied from the woman, Arina, her own attribute magic and magic, that’s not it, it’s 《Arina’s ability》
I haven’t 『Completely Copied』it but, 『Feeling a bit bad for Arina』I leave it like that. 2 It’s enough in this situation.
「Move! My dolls! Hurry up and move!ーーProtect me!」
「Run away by yourself!」
The world accelerates and the scenery fades away.
Is this Arina’s leg strength? It’s tremendous. If she entered an athletic club, she’ll definitely go to nationals.
ーーThe limbs and cry of Mirza kept approaching.
Then, with our match breathing, at the same time Mirza’s 『Wind Sword’s blade』made a cut, and in the end, we passed behind herー.

「Gahaaaaaa!? Aguu…Gahaaaa!…!」

Blood comes out of her body and she groanedー
The golden magical power covering Mirza’s body several seconds ago fades awayー.
Mirza collapsed on her knees, then fell down with her face and big tits on the groundー.

「Fuuu. …Now then」

Arina straightened her pose and approached Mirza.
Wait a moment. I’m hella tired.
「Haa…Haa…Haa…Arina…You’re amazing…」
「Hayato just doesn’t have much stamina. You can’t copy that much?」
「Like hell I know…」
「Fu, fun…Is that so?」
Then, Arina reached Mirza and turned her sword that’s beautifully filled with the remaining wind mana.
「ーーMatachi sword skill『Seal』」
Mana overflows from the sword Arina holds and it flowed into Mirza’s body.
It seems that it’s a long term seal that stops the flow of magic.
「I won’t stop. You’ve already troubled Azalea city so much」
「D…dammit…! Even though you’re just a virgin…!」
「! I’m not a virgin anymore!」
…The seal was done just like that.
…’I’m not a virgin anymore’! She spoke it thoughtlessly.
「With this, you can’t do anything for the time being」
「Then, what would you do?」
「ーWell, You should just tie her up in the underground」
As I just came in Azalea City or rather I just came in this world so I haven’t experienced firsthand the evil deeds of Mirza silkwire so there’s not much sympathy coming out from me …
「Are those guys okay? They’re not dead?」
「Aren’t they immortal? They’ll just sleep for several hours and when they get up, they’d return to their normal state where they’re not under contol from Mirza.
「I see. That’s good….. Then, what’s this?」
I tumble over Mirza’s side and I picked up a 『Black Key』
Arina’s hand twines in mine and she took the black key.
「…I’ve seen this from a book. 」
「Book? Is it famous?」
「…『Key leading to the demon king capital』 Each of the『city owner』possess it」
In short, for the pure-white big breasts…I mean, it’s an essential thing to help Krafy…?
I thought of shamelessly asking 「Could you give it to me?」
「ーーHey, Hayato wants to go to the demon king capital right? To help out someone?」
「Eh? Yeah, yes. 」 I must go by all means」
「It’s because she’s an important person」3
I nodded.
After Arina showing a face worrying about something, she sighed.
「ーーI’m going too」
Then, she muttered in a small voice.
Yes? I instinctively let out my voice.
T-This is…the mysterious otherworld harem cheat I finally showing up?
「…I also have someone I have to help. …Someone I want to meet」
What. I’m surprised.
「…I haven’t told anyone yet. I’m the same as Hayato, I have a『someone kidnapped』from me too. That’s whyーー…I’m going too」
『Kidnapped people』4 The same as…Krafy?
But I didn’t ask more than that, I tried to become gentle like Arina on the way back from the library., Restraining my interest and curiousityーーI cut it off with 「Then」
「Then, want to go together? …I’m also alone」
Arina opened her mouth.
Then, she clenched the black key firmlyー/
「ー…O-Of course. Fun. If you’re with me, you’d have a really wonderful peace of mind. 」
Like in templates, her cheeks dyed red.
ーThe person Arina wants to help. I somehow hypothesize that it’s not a man, yup.
「W-what are you flirting for…and leaving me alone?…」
「Flirt…!? S-shut up! This Wicked boob bitch!」
「I! Ouuuch!? Why does Arina has my whip!?」
「I have it because you lost! You can’t use it anyway!」
「Ouch! Wait…! Wa…! Naaaa!?」
Finally, the sun rises.
In the back alley of Azalea City has the 『Former city owner’s painful voice as she’s being whipped』echoesー.

…After this, Arina goes to a certain underground in Azalea City to seal Mirza Silkwire’s magic on a fixed interval.


  1. Flame on!
  2.  まだ『完全コピー』とはいかないけれど、『少々出来の悪いArina』くらいにはなれているはず。
  3. There’s no gender but let’s put female pronoun
  4. It’s almost TDADP Ubawareta hito