Taking back the Princess in the Different World, I Raped Little Girls’ Pussy With My Big Dick Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Mirza in chains

「I’m sorry」
「I’m really sorry」
「Please forgive me Arina-sama」
Dream, it was often said that it’s a man’s dream, it was certainly right.
『Drunk sex with Arina in the private room of the pub at daytime』
Arina was exhausted from my big dick and fell asleep, I was dozing off while looking at Arina’s cute face and in the end I fell asleep.
Then, when I woke up it’s already night. The pub is also on business.
Despite us staying longer than usual, we owe the shopkeeper for being gently considerate, the shopkeeper peeked but 『Finding out that we had sex during daytime』never happened.
『…Good morning. …No, it’s already good evening…I guess?』
『Hi…ko, good evening…』
Arina who woke up fifteen minutes earlier spoke coldly…
『Arina found out that I sleep rape her after she drank the alcohol』
Arina doesn’t remember. …If it did, it’s even more fearful.
I’m told that when she woke up she noticed that there’s a lot of semen collected inside her womb. Having a severe headache and her womb twinging…Arina seems to have hypothesized that I raped her. It’s fucking scary.
「…Should I prostrate?」
「…What should I do for you to forgive me」
I’m not good in keigo1
「ー…You’re going to do anything?」
「I’m asking whether you’re going to do anything?」
Usually I’d say 「I’ll do anything! Please!」, it’s a dialogue that holds women’s weakness…
ーーThe center of Azalea City’s downtown at night.
ーーThe black haired semi long two side up hair wearing a mini sailor uniform big breasted swordsman, Matachi Arina.
She’s an important sex frien2…companion when I go to the demon king capital in the future, I can’t fight her and break up in this town at the beginning.
「…I’ll do anything」
D-demon…! What’s with that evil smile I’ve never seen before…!
Arina’s figure shine through the lamps of the shops.
Folding her arms on her plump breasts, thrusting out her womanly waist, she shoot out a 「Fuun??」a second timeー

「I forbid you from taking it back, you have to keep your promise. That is Matachi」
「Hayato has the power of 『Matachi』even as a joke so…of course…this law applies to you too 」
「『I’ll do anything you say』. Fufufu…I’ll make you compensate for it, you defiled my body twice…! fuu…fufufu…! Ahaha」4

The people on the shopping district are gazing at Arina saying 「What’s that, isn’t that strange…?」 There’s some people who said 「That’s dangerous…That’s Matachi’s daughter」
Just how fearful would her order be?
…Or rather, isn’t Arina still drunk?
Arina approached me.
She stops whem her plump breast hits my chest, then whispered in my ear.
「…………………………………Prostrate and shout in a loud voice.」
「It’s impossible」
I answered on the speed of light.
「Then I won’t forgive you」
「Are you sure? I can just shout right now that I was raped by a man twice…」
She’s smirking.
This woman is sly.
Even though she’s gasping so hard from my big dick. Dammit, I should’ve recorded it with my smartphone. And yet her Areola is big. Dammit.
「…G-got it…」
I say this often but my grades are bad but I’m not a 『Fool』
ーーI have already calculated the 『Future』in my head, I’ll do as Arina says, even if I think that this is shameful right now, the resulting future would be bright.

It’s impossible for me alone to defeat the demon queen.
I definitely need her…
I need this tits as a stress reliever…

Dammit…Why does Krafy’s gentle smile surfaced in my mind…Ah…
I fold my knees and sat downー.
I sit straight directly on the ground.
Then, I put both my hands on the ground and lowered my head.
Sticking my head on the cold ground.
I’m sure Arina whose folding her arms looking down on me feels better.
Be as it may.
I’m going out of this town anyway soon.
I cried out my words just as she instructed.,

「I…! I-I am Arina-sama’s slave! I’m a slave that will do as she will from now on! Also, I’m really sorry! I’m sorry to make you feel bad with my large penis! Please forgive me Arina-sama!!」5


Time moved slowly…

The time in the town stopped, all of the people put their glance at me.
But everyone was 「Nothing here」…they left thinking that.

Nothing here.
That’s right.

My heart isn’t hurt, I’m not crying.
I’m not imagining Krafy’s breasts.
There’s really…nothing here…that’s right…


ーーI’m not hearing Arina’s loud laughter.
Krafy’s breasts is definitely softer than yours.

※   ※   ※

After receiving the pardon from My queen Arina, I walked totteringly on the dark alley. The night is cold…My mind and body is cold.
I separated from Arina ten minutes ago.
We’re going to leave Azalea City tomorrow to go to the demon king capital.
I’d like to return home and make various preparations.
Of course the homeless me asked 「In any case, let me stay here」but she said 「Don’t joke with me, you intend to rape me again, die you trash」, and it’s what you see right now.
It’s your fault for not waking up after your breast was played with…
(Is there somewhere I can stay for the night…?)
The hotel where I had sex with Arina is a no, so I walk around the back alley.
ーーBetween buildings, I discovered a 『Staircase』leading to 『Underground』
Is this some sort of underpass?
If it’s underground then the ground won’t be cold.
I’m interested in the underground of the otherworld so for the time being let’s go in.
「……Oo, the wind is lukewarm」
The lukewarm wind blows up from the underground when I went down the stairs.
I’m thankful… My heart beaten up by Arina is being healed…
(Somehow, it smells good?)
How many times was it? The moment the『Lukewarm wind』hits my body, a 『Good smell』enters the hole of my nose.
I felt I smelled this before somewhere.
Is this smell the same on the time when I entered the women’s volleyball club in my former world? N-No, that was half a year ago already.

「……!? Hey, Y-you…!」

ーーFinishing the stairs, I reached the 『Underground.』
Then the 『Underpass』I imagined didn’t exist there.
There’s just one 『Cage』
Inside the 『Prison』 is a woman with blonde hair that shoots out a bewitching atmosphere being held inside.
The candle is burned idly.
When that person noticed my existence, she slowly speak up.
「…Oh my. …The one next to Matachi Arina, isn’t it the cute boy」
Her blonde hair hangs a bit. There’s no vitality left on her half-open golden eye.
She’s still wearing the black-pink bikini and bloomers.
Both her wrists are connected to a 『Chain』, Both her ankles have iron wieght put on. Is this the place where the『Blonde bitch is imprisoned』?
「ーMirza Silkwire…?」
「Using my full name, aren’t you quite formal?」
「… So you were left in a place like this」
「Yes. Since Matachi’s seals my mana for a while, It’s impossible for me to escape」
The girl across the iron bar talks over…
I can’t imagine asking that bald math teacher’s unsteady lesson.6
「You came to help?ーー……nah, there’s no way, right?」
「Nah. I just came her by chance」
「…Then, whaat? This place, you normally put it on the surface? Uge 」7
A surprised expression is unusual for Mirza.
That’s right, I pay attention to that for no reason.
「Yeah. Furthermore, this magical iron bars can’t be easily broken by people on this world? If your body is free you can do anything, Mirza」
「This world……? W-well yeah. Or rather…I’m troubled here」
「That’s right」
Saying thatーI took a glance.
I looked at Mirza’s breasts, looked at her beautiful muscular abdomen, looked at her thighs.
The busty blonde hair girl in chains. Yup…Sexy,
ーーShould I play as a gentleman?
If I do I might have a chance again.
「…You, are you reflecting?」
It seems that she doesn’t repent right now…
「As the city owner of the Azalea City dispatched by the demon queen, the citizens have suffered from various things.」
「…Because it’s an order」
「Even so. It’s a fact that you did it. I don’t know much about it though」
「………, Un」
「Then, let me ask you. Are you reflecting on it? Your sins won’t go away if you reflect but, there might be 『A person』who will『Forgive you』」
Piku…Mirza reacted.
A slight movement. With her breast shaking that much, I can say ‘As expected’
Mirza’s arms are spread sideways by the chains but she turned here.
Thinking that, I tilt my gaze downwards.
「ーーHonestly, I think I did a bad thing… On my old days I was 『Saved』by the demon queen… That’s why…I intend to abide her as payback. Of course, there’s also the part of me enjoying it but…」
「Then, you’re reflecting」
「Would you apologize to the gum doll men?」
「…I’ll do. …I’m sorry」
Changing the tone from someone who looks down on people, her tone turned to a 『Lone woman』
There’s no absolute in this world but I’m sure that there’s no lie in Mirza’s words right now.
『Azalea City’s city owner』Mirza Silkwire.
…………I will 『Forgive』Mirza……

「ーThen, it can’t be helped」

There’s a small magic formation in the entrance part of the cage.
I reached out butー There’s no keys.
It seems that it opens and closes by reacting to 『Matachi’s』power
「Yeah. By the way, Mirza. I want to ask but when you manipulate the gum doll men there’s a 『Contract』done right?… What’s that?
「…? E-err…『Kiss for ten seconds』…then『Contract Sign』and 『Opposite Sex’s』would be carved on the body to control…?」
『Kiss for ten seconds』then 『Opposite sex’s…』body would be carved with 『Contract Sign』
Doing so and the 『Opposite Sex’s』body would be able to become 『Gum doll』, furthermore, it’s possible to manipulate them freelyー.
It’s the true color of Mirza’s magic.
I see, interesting. Or rather, it’s 『perfect』 in this situation.

I approached the bewitching gold limbs and smiled broadly.

Mirza’s body trembled and her blonde hair swings.
Thanks Arina. Thanks to Arina, this girl has no freedom.

「W-what…what’s going on…? Aren’t you going to help me…?」

「ーWell, I thought of making the damn bitch who never kissed on their own until now experience being 『Kissed forcibly』」

「………!? W-wait…! You…Stop thiーNbuu!?」

Then I massaged Mirza’s soft breasts and snatched a kiss.
The softness is transmitten enough on top of the bikini. It’s a bit bigger than Arina’s yet, when I massaged it, I can feel the greater difference.
Mirza lips is sucked and absorb my saliva one sidedly.
Before long, she got drunk from the pleasure transmitted to her breasts.
「Nfu…! Nbu…nfubu…chupa…chuu…n♥ hafuu」
「Hahaha… I was looking at this the whole time we’re fighting…this boobs…big tits!」
「Nfuuu…♥ Ha…puhaa…! Wait…I told you to stop this at once…! This chains…if you remove the chains, I’ll let you do as you please」
「Are you an idiot?… There’s the chance that you might run if I remove the chains!」
「ーAunbu! Gubu, obu…♥Nn, Nnu…! Ah, han~♥」
The lukewarm air that’s peculiar in the underground heated up.
While I taste Mirza’s saliva from her mouth, sniffing the scent of her blonde hair, thenー sucking the lips of this lewd bitch again.
The damn bitch Mirza’s pussy would probably raise a cute scream if I thrust my huge dick in her 『Loli Pussy』ー


  1. Honorifics, polite expression
  2. セフr…仲間として
  3.  ニタァァァ……。
  4. Arina is the last boss!
  5. This is fucking hilarious, he just said ‘large penis’ on the crowd
  6.  ハゲた数学教師の授業を不真面目に聞いていた頃の俺には想像だにできないだろう。
  7. 「……って、なぁに?ココ、地上から普通に入れちゃうの?うげ」