EX-8 Producer Ran’s idol capture operation.


Looking up at the sky that pours in the starlight, Kirishima Ran tilts his glasses.
It’s a wine glass that seemed to have been made by processing monster materials, a tasteless, odorless, and transparent liquid was poured in.

What’s inside is just a plain water (It’s produced with water magic so it’s literally just water) however, Ran shows a theatrical play of wetting his lips.

After moistening his dry throat, Ran turns his glance inside the room.
Ahead of his sight are two high school girls wearing sailor unifor,

High school student is an age of curiosity to love in sexual and affection meaning.
The opposite sex who never seemed to be attractive during enrollment is now the interest for some reason.
Even though one’s making a daily conversation facing each other, the heartbeats go fast.
If the other tries to make friends with the opposite sex, it gives an indescribable feeling in the chest.

It’s ideal to feel the same way but one way romance is a part of youth.
Even if that other one thinks one them as less than garbage, there are many situations where it seems the other might’ve forgotten that they’re classmates, but the like doesn’t change.

After all, it’s high school love. It’s not a huge event that will influence one’s whole life, it’s not a game where you must grab victory.
There’s no need to have the menial thought of giving up because the girl isn’t interested in him.

By the way, even Ran who’s a scum never had mean thoughts when it comes to love.

Before Retainer Training. He had lived his school life languid, like an air.
He also swings from joy to sorrow on every small act of his love, when their eyes met, his heartbeat goes fastーhe had such beautiful romantic emotions before.

That personーwhen the school girl he yearns for enters his sight, Ran’s mouth loosens.
Currently in Ran’s room, the classmate that captivated Ran’s heartーNekoyama Misuzu, and the other matchless existence, Shirayuki Saki relaxing their waist on the bed.

The two relax their legs and their ass on the bed.
Popular in the class, Misuzu and Saki are on the top of the hierarchy.
The two people are gathered into Ran’s room who’s the lowest part of the castle.
It’s a spectacle unimaginable in the former world.

The most popular girls in the classーin the present time words, they’re the class idols.
It’s the so-called school idols in the current trends.
It’s different.

「Misuzu, Saki. Don’t hold back, come here」

After putting the empty glass on the window, Ran beckons the two obscenely with his hand.
Without showing any doubt on that act, Misuzu comes close.
She drops her head on Ran’s chest who’s staying by the window gracefully.
Sniffing Ran’s scent, Misuzu happily snuggles into Ran’s body.「」

「I love Ran-kun’s scent. I want to smell it forever」

While Misuzu’s being pampered in his chest, Ran sends Saki a glance.
Saki who should be relaxed and happy is showing an upset expression for some reason, she’s pouting her lips.

「Saki too. Come here」
「I-I’m fine. Y-You want to flirt with Misuzun first right? I’ll wait until you’re done」
「There’s no need to wait. I’ll make love with the two of you together」

While embracing Misuzu’s soft body in his arms, Ran beckons her with obscene hands.
Bending his middle finger and the remaining fingers stroke the air.
If you encounter such a spectacle normally, you’d think of escaping the place without hesitation.

「I’m fine. You don’t have to be considerate」

Though she’s refraining for Misuzu who shakes her tail happily, Saki comes close to Ran gradually.
She’s approaching casually like she’s slipping on the floor.
Though that’s not intended by the person, it’s an act of stirring up his sadistic mind.
Though she’s refusing, her body moves obediently.

「I’m not being considerate. Besides, if I’m going to embrace you two in turns, then it’s meaningless to call the two of you tonight」

Saki lets out a strange voice from what Ran said.
Doubting what she said, Saki ponders about what Ran just said.

「Kiririn… You serious?」
「Well, I only have one of that so it’s impossible to have sex with the two of you at the same time. But, we can have Misuzu fellate me while Saki kisses me right?」

Becoming aware of the real meaning of his words being used metaphorically, Saki’s cheeks blushed./

「T-Then that means…3P?」
「Making a girl say ‘3P’ from her mouth is somewhat arousing」
「Doing the act with more than two people. Could it be that Ran-kun’s room have a mirror on the ceiling?!」

Though she instinctively checked the ceiling in uneasiness, there was nothing of such sticking on it.
The bed’s not rotating, and there’s no hot spring mark installed in the entrance.
It doesn’t even have a bath.

「What’s with a mirror on the ceiling?」
「It’s fine if Misuzun doesn’t know! Or rather, even I never went to those places!」

Trying to gloss her embarrassment, Saki rushes to Ran and embraced him.
Fortunately, from the current conversation, Ran also didn’t understand what she was talking about.

「…Misuzu, Saki」

Ran embraces the two who entrusted their bodies to his chest.
Embracing the two idols in his arms, he stroke their body across the school uniform.

Touching and stroking the shoulders, arms, poking the side.
Misuzu relaxes feeling reassured, Saki leaks out a cute voice, surprised form his touch.
Caressing the two high school girls’ body gently, he massaged their soft asses with his gentle palm.

Tracing the slit in their ass under the skirt with his fingertips, he breathed deeply under the two heads buried in his chest.
Misuzu’s sweet milk scent and Saki’s somewhat sweaty smell comes to his nose.
With the two feeling his heartbeat in his chest, Ran moved to the edge of the bed embracing the two.


The bed given to Ran won’t be able to have three people at the same time so it’ll be an act with them sitting on the edge.
The three lined up in the corner of the bed loosened their mouths looking at each other embarrassed.

After looking at Misuzu and Saki alternatively, Ran first put Saki’s body on his knee.
Embracing Saki who’s showing a vacant face from the hug, he then put his hand on her chin.
Showing Saki who’s feeling uneasy with a gentle smile, Ran pushed his lips to Saki’s mouth without hesitation.

「Fuee! Naa, nuuー…!」

Because she’s from the track and field, she’s got a somewhat muscular body for a girl, but her chest and back is so thin that she has the fragile sensation.
If he turn his arm a bit then Saki’s whole body would be inside his arms.
Caressing her stretched limbs because of tension, Ran tastes Saki’s whole mouth.

「Nn, Nuu, nnnnー!」

Did the kiss feel good? Saki turns her arms around Ran’s back and embraced him tightly.
Clinging like a koala, Saki lets out a melting voice.
Each of her reactions are cute it’s unbearable.

While tasting Saki’s lips, Ran puts Misuzu’s body onto his knee as well.
Misuzu who straddles over his knee begins to rub her slit over her shorts against Ran’s legs without hesitation.
It’s already slightly wet.

「ーPuha. Misuzu, you already want to do it that much?」

While a string of light connects Ran with Saki who’s making a melting expression, he looked at Misuzu’s face amazed.
As if asking for a kiss, Misuzu’s lips have already pursed.
Ran’s back shivers from the swelling and pink temptation.
There’s no way one would be able to endure when a class idol shows such a face.

Though he feel reluctant to part with Saki who’s staring into the space looking entranced, Ran put his hand on Misuzu’s shoulder and brought her body closer.
He feels a fluffy and soft touch and a sweet scent.
Just from a kiss, Ran got instinctively erect.
Of course, Ran’s reaction is well understood by the two idols in close contact with him.

「Nyaa… Ran-kun got big」
「It got big with Misuzun’s kiss, that makes me feel a bit jealous… As expected, Kiririn gets aroused with Misuzun more」

Misuzu puts her hand on his pants and Saki touches the penis from top of the pants.
Showing her teeth lewdly, Saki grasps Ran’s penis on top of the pants tightly.

「Misuzun. Once you’re done removing Kirin’s clothes, give it a lot of kisses. Kiririn seems to be pleased with that
「Nmyuuー Got it nyaa!」

Lowering his pants, Misuzu’s fingertips hold into Ran’s underwear.
Lowering it without hesitation, Ran’s half erect penis jumped in reaction.
Seeing that, Saki put her hand on her mouth and laughed.

「Yaanー, Kiririn’s so funny」
「Is it that funny?」

Looking at Saki who smiled while poking the penis, Misuzu stands on her knees in front of Ran.
Loosening the scarf of her sailor uniform, she lowered the zipper and took the uniform off.
With her light blue bra showing from the gap from her shoulder, Misuzu puts her hand on Ran’s nape


Calling his name, their lips touched.
His desire springs up with his contact with Misuzu and his waist floats instinctively.
Even though it’s just a light tough, his heart is burning like it’s a deep kiss.

「Kiririn, it’s amazingly erect now」
「It can’t be helーfugu!?」

Before he was able to finish what he’s saying, pleasure pierced his waist.
A charming tone played with wet sounds.
While embracing Misuzu’s shoulder, he looked at his crotch, then he saw Saki’s sitting before his penis.

Saki who’s sitting on the floor on her knees took in the erect penis in her mouth and she licks and suck it with her tongue and mouth.
She’s not used to it. Saliva hangs from the mouth sandwiching the tip and obscenely drops down to her neck.

Saki licks up Ran’s penis while taking care not to make noise as much as possible.
The devoted act is more arousing than the pleasure of the fellatio.

「Uoooo… The roughness of your tongue, afuaa!」

For a boy to be able to kiss the very popular idol among school boys, Nekoyama Misuzu, and having one’s penis licked by Shirayuki Saki who’s popular in the class as well.

「Furthermore, both of them are still wearing sailor uniforms, the immorality’s so dangerous…!」

When he close his legs to escape pleasure, he sandwiched Saki in between his thighs.
The rubbing of her silky short hair tickles his thighs, it’s a pleasure that can’t be described.
The sprinter of the track. The face of the cheerful short black haired sports high school girl in between his thighs.

「Ran-kun, do it with me too? I can’t wait anymore nya」

Wiping her flushed face from the kiss, Misuzu rolls up her sailor uniform.
A beautiful navel comes into his vision. After rolling the hem part, Misuzu then put her fingers into her bra hook.
At the moment the light blue bra is taken off, Misuzu’s humble breast comes out.
The maiden part exposed into the air. The pure white skin not tanned is like a marshmallow.

「I want you to suck it like a baby nyan」
「Thanks for the treat」

While Saki sucks his crotch, Ran buries his face on Misuzu’s breasts.
If you ask if it’s Kyonyuu or Hinyuu, then it’s definitely hinyuu. But, it’s not like the sadistic tea ceremony club school girl who doesn’t have any bulge, it holds softness and a small puff peculiar to girls.
Therefore, when he buried his face and lick it, it’s soft, sweet, and pleasant.

「Nn, nmyyy, nmyyuuuu……」
「Hafu, hauu… Misuzu’s, Misuzu’s soft breasts…」

The delicately towering nipples played with his tongue, he also massage Misuzu’s breasts gently with his palm.
While Saki sucks his penis, Ran sucks into Misuzu’s nipples.
Leaking out cowper fluid inside Saki’s mouth, he sandwiches her head in his legs tightly.

With her soft hair and tongue licking his penis makes his waist tremble, he sucks on Misuzu’s breasts.
His consciousness of enjoying the feeling crawls into his mouth and crotch quickly, his head goes dizzy.

Sucking the class idol’s nipple, another class idol is devotedly sucking his penis.
Swallowed in the whirlpool of pleasure, thinking about the situation that’s happening to him, he doesn’t know what’s true anymore.

「Nya, nyaaau!? R-Ran-kun… Don’t suck that strongly, nyaaan!」

Misuzu slightly bends to escape from the pleasure of Ran’s tongue attack. Ran pressed his face against her body that’s held by his left arm firmly.
Ran holds into her delicate limbs as if saying he won’t let go.

「Nya, nyaaaan! Ran-kun, you’re being too much nyaaan!」
「Fukuu… Misuzu, I want to ejaculate while sucking Misuzu’s breasts. I want to do it today by all means!」

Caressing Misuzu’s trembling body with his arms, Ran sucks Misuzu’s nipples like crazy.

‘I want to taste the class idols at the same time’
‘I want to eat both Nekoyama Misuzu who’s popular on the boys as a little sister like girl and Shirayuki Saki who’s cheerful and friends with both men and women’
‘I want to defile Saki’s cute mouth with semen while I’m filling my mouth with Misuzu’s breasts’
I want to experience the feeling of ejaculation while being wrapped in Misuzu’s breasts.
‘I want to release all of my desires while rubbing her sweet nipples in my mouth’

Ran lowers his gaze while licking Misuzu’s nipple.
Looking at the head of the black short haired girl trembling in his thighs, he gently pat the head with his right hand.
Noticing Ran’s touch, Saki looked at Ran’s eyes and narrow it obscenely.

Spreading her plump lips, Saki warms up the penis with her body temperature.
The cute mouth swallows his article that’s accumulating desire, her mouth moving softly is very obscene.

「Shit…I’m going to cum」

He released Saki’s head and embraced Misuzu’s body tightly.
As if saying he won’t let go, he put in Misuzu’s nipples in his mouth and sucked it .

「Nya, nyaaaan!」
「Uooo… I-I’m cumming…!」

While tasting Misuzu’s nipples in his mouth, he unleased his crotch faucet without hesitation.
His testicles rise and a tremendous ejaculation runs up his penis.

「Saki! M-Misuzu!? S-Sakiii, ua, Misuzu, uh, ah…」

While enjoying the feeling of the self asserting nipple inside his mouth, Ran released a cloudy liquid into Saki’s mouth.
At the moment of ejaculation, is the face floating on his head is Misuzu, or Saki?
The intraoral ejaculation as he suck on the other’s breast was too pleasant for Ran that he didn’t know who he was thinking of at the moment.

The scenery became pure white for a moment of ejaculation, and then the scenery gradually gains back color.
In between Ran’s thighs, there’s a track and field girl making her throat sound.
Staring at Ran with upturned eyes, she wipes her white stained mouth with the back of her hand.
Narrowing her eyes, the track and field girlーShirayuki Saki slowly lifts her body holding Ran’s thighs.

「N, ah…」

Saki slowly opnes her mouth while looking at Ran who’s melting in tremendous pleasure.
Along with the sticky sound, a cloudy bridge connects Saki’s tongue and the inside of her mouth.
The tanned face and the pure white mouth.

Sticking out her tongue while sending an upward glance, she shows her tongue painted with semen to Ran.
She then rolled back her tongue inside her mouth, mixed saliva inside her mouth while making obscene sounds.
She put her hand on Ran’s shoulder and brought her face close to his ear.
After hesitating for a moment, *gulp*…the sound of semen poured into her mouth goes through her throat.

「…I drank all of Kiririn’s semen」

Showing a mischievous girl’s face, Saki smiles.
That face is too lovely that his reproductive instincts spring up again.

It just ejaculated a while ago but it doesn’t care.
He was able to pour in the semen into Saki’s mouth while tasting Misuzu’s breasts.

‘What to do next?’
‘hat’s obvious. I want to poke the two vaginal holes of alternately while hugging Saki and Misuzu’
Embracing the two class idols, pouring in the baby seed into which pussy he likes anytime.

「Saki, Misuzu… I live you two」
「Kiririn, you’re really unmatched. So sturdy
「It’s fine, Ran-kun. Let’s have sex until your heart is satisfied」

Caressing Ran’s crotch, Misuzu applies reinforced recovery on his testicles.
The penis that rose by itself changes the energy Misuzu had given to to stamina, becoming more solid and robust.
His reproductive instincts pushed up, everything from the tough of their body to the sweet smell unique to girls stimulate Ran’s desire.

The delicate body that’s moderately muscular and the soft delicate body embraced in his chest.
‘Now then, who should I start with tonight?’
While thinking as such, Ran dig into the two bodies.