Hero Pandemic chapter 35

Chapter 35: Exposure



“……I will kill you”

Those words leaked out of Shizuyo’s mouth.

For a moment, just a moment, I had no strength to endure my guilt. But I remembered from seeing my daughter in my arms, that this life wasn’t only my life. Of course I couldn’t afford to be killed.

I picked up the kitchen knife Shizuyo-chan lost and headed to the living room while holding Aya in my arms. There was Kurumi-chan sitting on a colorful dish in a dark room.

“Aya-chan, I think I will tell them everything. Please observe from the living room”

When I said that, this pretty girl looked a bit worried, so I caressed her head to let her feel relieved and Aya got out of the room after nodding to me.


When I opened the curtains and called out to Kurumi, she only looked at me while narrowing her eyes to the light. She had a somewhat relieved expression on her face, before snorting.

“My sister took a knife with her, but you seem well”

“It is difficult to say, to be honest I have a lot to mention. ……Didn’t you want that your sister doesn’t know?”

“……It doesn’t matter anymore”


I looked at the outside while playing with the kitchen knife. It was cloudy, but the sky was surprisingly sunny.

While I was looking at the sky silently, Shizuyo-chan came into the living room while holding her belly. I wondered if it still hurt. Did Aya overdone it? She may have broken her ribs.

Well, I can’t say anything because even if the position is reversed Shizuyo-chan would still be on the floor.


She doesn’t even call me Senpai anymore.

Well, it was a terrible scene. One sister was looking at the table, lost in thought, while the other sister was holding her belly and staring at me, who played with the kitchen knife without being concerned about her.


Next I opened the window thinking that it was about time and a glass broke in that moment. Needless to say, it wasn’t the window in front of me.

“Hey, both of you. Look at that”

Leaning against the veranda, I pointed to the ground. There was Aya-chan ,who destroyed the window of a car at the roadside, looking up at me.

Here, on the 12 floor, there were no zombies, but Aya was surrounded by zombies in a blink of an eye from the sound she made.

Kurumi didn’t move, but Shizuyo-chan who was still worried about the sound looked at the ground while being wary of me.


Of course it was Aya who was there, but it couldn’t be clearly seen from the distance. That’s why Shizuyo-chan looked at me with a dumbstruck face, before she looked at Aya again.

“Eh? Eh?”

But nothing other than “Eh” came out of her mouth.

Being intrigued by her elder sister, Kurumi also went to the veranda and saw the ground in the same perplexed way.

“Wh!? What……that?”

Unlike her older sister, the younger sister who was bitten by a zombie seemed to have grasped the situation quickly and left the veranda to help Aya-chan――――I took her hand to stop her, but she showed me a expression that told me she didn’t care.

“What are you thinking!? Your daughter may be chewed!!”

“What about my daughter?”

“So! Aya-chan is a zombie――――really……?”

However, noticing the zombies who don’t even look at Aya-chan in the middle of these words, they were both stunned.

And when I waved my hand as a signal, Aya-chan also lightly waved her hand and moved away from that place. Of course she was never attacked by a zombie and on the contrary she pushed the obstructing zombies away from her path.


Kurumi-chan sat down on the spot flatly. Besides, Shizuyo-chan who still didn’t understand the current situation and threw out misplaced words to her sister like “Is she okay?” or “Isn’t it painful?”. Naturally Kurumi who witnessed “that the zombies didn’t attack” was unable to answer.

I left the sisters alone on the veranda and went back to the living room, then prepared a cold drink for Aya-chan who finished her work.

I felt like drinking black tea gracefully, but because we only had tea and apple juice, I put ice in a cup and poured plenty of apple juice into it.

Aya came home before I finished to fill my cup with tea.

“Here, for you”

Aya received the cup from me and sat down next to me. My smart daughter seemed to have a good understanding that the briefing will be held now.

It wasn’t not a bad guess, but the sisters who were left behind didn’t come from the veranda even when Aya refilled her cup.

By the time the ice was almost gone, Kurumi finally came back to the living room with Shizuyo-chan on her shoulder. She didn’t look at me, but Shizuyo looked at Aya as if she was a monster.

Shizuyo-chan was looking alternately between Kurumi and Aya-chan without worrying about it.

“That……what does this mean?”

Her question wasn’t returned immediately, and a small ice cup is biten.

“Kurumi, what’s up? That’s……”

“Onee-chan you saw it too!! Aya-chan wasn’t attacked by a zombie a while ago! Zombies don’t attack other zombies, only zombies!”

Oh Kurumi hit the nail on the head. Only zombies aren’t attacked by zombies. I’m not a zombie because I have a resistance against the infection, that’s why I’m attacked by zombies more than humans.

“A, After all just now……she. But how……?”

“That’s why I want to hear it now!!”

Kurumi-chan was worried enough that there would be cracks in the bond with her sister who she had a good relationship with. It must be because there was hope in front of her. Maybe I could save myself?

Therefore I put my cup away and told them the facts.

“Kurumi-chan is right. Only zombies aren’t attacked by zombies――――and Aya-chan is a zombie”

Both sisters were speechless hearing my words and Aya-chan took my finger and chewed on it. No, I don’t want such a mysterious zombie appeal. However, it’s cute.

“Na……e…………is there a medicine……?”

“Is there?”

“Why didn’t you give the medicine to me……!”

“No, I gave the medicine to you, Kurumi-chan”

Ha? After I said so, Kurumi-chan opened her mouth, while Shizuyo-chan did the same at the same time.

“Th, Then senpai……Kurumi won’t become a zombie……?”


“That’s good……!”

Shizuyo returned calling me Senpai, while she hugged Kurumi. However, Kurumi who was hugged had no idea about the medicine and had a suspicious expression on her face.

“What medicine and where……?”

“Where? Emmm”

I recall from the first day.

“The first time in the infirmary room? Then the bath and restroom. And today in the shop……”

At last, Kurumi-chan understood what I meant with medicine and her whole face became bright red.

“E, Eh!? Do you mean the medicine is……”


“Aaa! Don’t tell meee!!!”

She stood up and hit the desk with a *Bang*, before shaking her head as if she didn’t want to hear anything.

She just wanted to avoid this topic, but this wouldn’t happen so easily.


When Kurumi suddenly stopped shaking her head *Gigigi*……Aya-chan was like a broken toy.

And Kurumi looked at me slowly with a face that said, “Did you rape your own daughter?”

It couldn’t be helped if it is noticed, so I nodded to approve.

“The worst! You pervert!”

Kurumi embraced her sister while swearing. Her reaction was reasonable.

However, she wasn’t my real daughter exactly. I had to tell her that as well or I’d be a pervert until then. ……No, there is no change, I”m a pervert because I raped elementary and junior high school students.

That is why I talked about what happened before I met them. I hid the matter of Honjo-san and revealed Aya-chan’s part which couldn’t be hidden. Of course I lied with the experiment I made to confirm that my semen was effective and my blood was not.

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