Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 381. Pancake



「Hey…try to imagine a bit」

Kyouko-san tells Yukino.

「In the middle of Mojave desert, there’s a girl and a robber with a pistol. The robber points the gun to the girl…and said『I’ll take your money, rape you then, kill you』 What do you think the girl should do?」


「…Where’s Mojave Desert?」1

That’s what you’re curious about?

「It’s ahead of Los Angeles. Well, it doesn’t matter where. The setting is a place where help can’t come immediately」
「Then, it’s a waste to do anything. Either way, that girl would be killed」

Yukino answers.

「Are you not considering the possibility of her kneeling and begging『at least spare my life』?」
「No, I’m not that girl so I don’t know. But, it’s meaningless to do that. The robber intends to kill her, right?」
「Then, if you were that girl? You won’t beg for your life?」
「I don’t know. There’s no way I would experience that」


「I don’t think I’ll go to Mojave desert for my lifetime…」

T-That’s your point?

「In the first place, it’s foolish to be alone with that robber…I won’t do that. My eyes at judging people are certain…and I have a cautious personality」


「Therefore, it’s a『what if』the given isn’t established」

Yukino…is now talking to an internationally famous criminal, but…
No, you…miss Cordelia who’s next to Kyouko-san, killed Ruriko’s father with a single kick in front of your eyes.
She really is a woman who doesn’t understand her own position from an objective point of view.
I feel the creeps as she made this far.

「Your ideas are of a hopeless『noble』 」

Kyoko-san smiles, as if giving up.

「Is that a compliment? Or an insult?」

Yukino doesn’t even understand what irony is.

「Of course it’s a compliment」

Yukino looks at Minaho-neesan.

「That’s enough isn’t it?…Let me go home」
「Margo…send her off」

Margo-san heads to Yukino.

「Bye bye, Megumi…thinking that I’ll never have to see your face anymore, I feel refreshed」

Yukino tells Megu
Megu doesn’t answer.

「Maika…this is your last chance. Come home with me」

Mana doesn’t answer.

「I see…you traitor. Remember this. You’ll regret this someday」

Then, Yukino looks at me.

「I know it. You really like me」

Yukino’s eyes are looking down on me until the very end.

「Weren’t you looking at me with such greedy eyes? Ever since before…!」


「Since the entrance ceremony day… There’s a lot of boys who were looking at me but…you’re the only one who kept looking at me with creepy eyes., Let me tell you know…that always felt disgusting」

Yukino was aware of my gaze.
No, that’s obvious.

「You’ll never be able to embrace my body again…you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!」

…Yukino thinks that she’s more valuable than anyone in this world.
I can’t talk with Yukino until that delusion is removed.
I didn’t answer anything…

「Hmph…let’s go!」

Yukino tells Margo-san

「Yes, yes…Then, we’ll be delivering the『princess』」

Yukino bangs the entrance door and went out.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Now, the plague God has come out…so shall we eat?」

Katsuko-nee said.
Edie who’s been in the back for this whole time…talks to Mana

「…What’s up?」
「Oh, she’s asking『What’s with her』?」

Mana translates.

「『I feel a very weird aura from that woman』she said」

Edie’s also a fighter who can sense other people’s『Qi』
…She can’t read the atmosphere though

「Anyway, I just told her『That person won’t be coming here anymore so don’t worry』!」

Mana said.

「Well…there’s not many people who have that huge self-esteem. As expected of Sousuke’s daughter」

Kyouko-san said.

「I’m truly sorry」

Megu and Mana who are Yukino’s 『sisters』apologized to everyone.

「Ah, sorry, sorry…it’s not that I’m talking about you girls」

Kyouko-san apologizes, but…

「No…Mana too, back when she was Maika-san, she thinks the same way as Yukino-san… I have thought that I was a special girl…that it’s natural to have special treatment…that Onii-chan likes me, so I could depend on him, that I would be forgiven whatever I do…」

Mana’s reformed her thoughts at the hotel once again, and she became our『family』from the bottom of her heart.

「Looking at Yukino-san…feels like looking at the person I am before. The me right now…is only allowed by everyone to live」
「…You don’t have to mind that. You’re already in our『family』」

Kyouko-san who’s the father role of the『family』…tells Mana.

「Yes…thank you very much. I will do my best as a member of the『family』so please…if I get caught up in the moment and become cheeky, please scold me right away. Please punish me. Thank you very much…!」

Mana kneels on the spot then bows her head to us.

「It may be sudden but…today’s the start of Mana-chan’s『Special diet』」

Katsuko-nee said…gently smiling.

「Body remodeling to become a super model…is starting! Later in the afternoon, you’ve got the exercise programs made by Margo-oneechan」

Nei tells Mana.

「Yes! I’ll be in your care…!」

Mana stands up then bows politely.



「What’s wrong, Reika-oneesan?」

Nagisa asks with a smile.

「Is it really okay?」

Reika’s confused.

「Me…entering this『family』」
「I think that is for Reika-oneesan to judge herself…!」

Minaho-neesan said.
Then, she looks at me.

「He already thinks of Reika-oneesan as his『family』 Therefore, whatever your standpoint may be in the future…he will support you as his『family』with all of his power. We just follow his will」


「…Yeah. If ever Reika says『I want to get out of the family』… I will allow it…and I think that I will still continue to treat Reika as a『family』even though you no longer are. Because…I’ve already stepped in Reika’s life」
「…Stepped in my life?」
「Yeah…I have to take responsibility for it for the rest of my life」

Saying that myself…I’m taken aback.

「Well, there’s no need to rush. Take your time to think about it」

Kyouko-san tells Reika.

「That’s right. If you want, you can join our group. Gay sex is fun!」

Miss Cordelia said…then laughed.

◇ ◇ ◇

Then…the morning pancake competition begins.
Making a huge bowl of pancake mix.
They keep on baking on multiple stoves.
The basement in the morning smells sweet and tasty.
…Agnes is looking this way interested from the bed.
Up until now, Agnes has only seen the finished dishes.
Watching the powder, milk, eggs stirred…baked and turned to a cake, she looks surprised.
If she understands that food…that someone’s making it for herself…
On the other hand…Edie’s making a racket, working together with everyone.
Mana and Mao-chan seems to be having fun stirring the pancake mix.
A large mountain of pancakes are made in a blink of an eye.

「Eat it with honey, butter, or whipped cream, whichever you like. There’s also ham. Also, please eat salad too」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Mana-chan can only eat one pancake. You can eat as much salad as you want. There will be a lot of meds and supplements later…okay?」

Mana replies

「Well then…everyone」
「Let’s eat!」

We take the pancakes from the plate and start eating.
Edie takes Agnes’ share, but…
Mana tells Edie something.

「Mao-chan…we’ll deliver cake to that Onee-chan over there so let’s go」
「Mao, go. She’s a very beautiful Onee-san right?」

Nagisa tells her daughter


Then, Edie, Mana and Mao-chan goes to Agnes.

「Here, Onee-chan…eat!」

Mao-chan hands the pancake dish.
Edie from the side nods repeatedly.
Mana also smiles at Agnes.


Agnes takes the plate timidly.

「Onee-chan! When you receive something from people, you must say『Thank you』!」

Mao-chan said.

「…T-Thank you」

It’s a small voice but…she definitely replied

「Ehehehe…you’re welcome!」

Mao-chan smiles.

「Onee-chan…what’s your name?!」
「Mao-chan, in that situation, you have to tell your name first!」

Mana speaks like an elder sister.

「Oh right! Hello, nice to meet you…I’m Mao…! Onee-chan, you’re beautiful!」


「…A-Agnes desu no」

It’s small but it’s a clear voice.

「It means Agnes! Mao-chan!」

Mana said, then looked at Agnes…

「I’m Mana! Nice to meet you!」

Then…the three people surrounding Agnes starts eating.
Mana translates for Edie.
Un…it’s going good.

「It’s a nice view…cute girls gathering and eating together」

Kyouko-san mutters.

「True…I wonder if those girls will awaken to homosexuality?」

Miss Cordelia says something dangerous

「Mao likes little birds! What does Agnes-chan like?」

Mao-chan’s attacking further…

「…Small birds?」
「Small birds…look, those over there」

Mao-chan points at the ceiling.
Just in time…there’s a small bird coming down the window.

「Oh…a small bird」
「Yes…then, what does Agnes-chan like?」

Agnes thinks for a while…

「It’s Papa, Mao-chan」

Mana said.

「Oh I see! …Mao loves her Papa too! But, I also love Mama!」
「Mao-chan…why do you like your Papa?」

Mana asks.

「Because…she’s Mao’s Papa!」

Then, Mao-chan puts down the plate on the bed…she comes running towards me.

「Agnes-chan…this is Mao’s Papa!」

Then, she goes before Nagisa…

「This is Mao’s Mama!!!」

Mao-chan’s very happy.

「When the breakfast is over…let’s take that down」

Kyouko-san points at Shirasaka Sousuke’s statue.

「Having that thing stay up there…isn’t good for her education」

It’s a statue of a naked man with an erect penis after all.

「What about we replace that with your statue?」

Kyouko-san looks at me.
…Huh, why?

「I want you to be aware but…once a person’s been brainwashed, there’s no choice but to create a different brainwashing. The brain『overwrites』it」

She looks at me with serious eyes.

「Agnes is already been brainwashed by『Sousuke’s supremacy』 To break this, we have to put something that’s more important than Sousuke inside her head」
「True…to Agnes, this basement is everything. She was ordered to『not get out of here』by Shirasaka Sousuke…and as long as Shirasaka Sousuke’s a superior existence in her mind…she can’t get out of here by her own will」

Minaho-neesan said.

「To make it easy to understand…we’ll remove the statue of Sousuke from Agnes’ altar and replace it with yours. Even that girl would understand who’s her master」

…Is that okay?
If we do that…will Agnes be happy.

「…I don’t like it to be my statue」

I said…

「Let’s take a photo with everyone」

Hearing what I said, Kyouko-san shows a questioning face.

「Yes…a『family photo』 We can print a big one and stick it over there」

I think that’s the best option.

「Of course…a photo with Agnes included in it」

That’s right…Agnes must be inside the『family』
Now, Agnes only treasures…Shirasaka Sousuke only.
But, Agnes starting now…
She has to treasure herself as well.

「…Hmm. That’s good too」

Kyouko-san said

「I didn’t think that far…in the end, I only think of how to make others follow my own will…」

Then, to Minaho-neesan…

「I now understand why you take care of this guy」
「But, he himself who said that…doesn’t care about himself the most」

Nagisa said.

「That’s why we’re taking care of that…this boy is still a child. Besides…you also want to take care of him, don’t you?」
「That’s obvious!」

Nagisa and Katsuko-nee replies at the same time.

「Then, that’s fine」

Kyouko-san laughs.
Agnes, Edie, Mana, and Mao-chan…continues eating together.

「Let’s leave it to Mao for today. I think it’s better to have her take care of Agnes」

Nagisa said.

「I will watch over the mansion…I think that it’s better for Mana-chan to stay as well. Let’s increase the people who she can speak with easily」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Edie’s a no. We’ll take that girl with us…we’ll have her work. She’ll explode if she doesn’t move her body outside」

Kyouko-san said.

「We’ll be checking up Sousuke just in case, Cordelia and I will be crushing some gangs in Japan. With the current situation, it’s better for us to put a strong impression of how dangerous we are」
「We’ll show to the world that Kyouko and I are working together」
「With『Malandro』backing me, Cordelia’s organization as well, we can put some useful results in our partnership」
「Even with the connection with Mr. Kouzuki in Japan, my organization would have an excuse but since we’re at it, I want to show off a big fireworks. I’m going to sell my name」
「…It’s inevitable if you want to survive after all」

Kyouko-san and miss Cordelia…are always in survival in the『underground world』
No…we too…
『Kuromori』is a criminal organization.
Therefore, I shouldn’t forget that I’m also a criminal.
I’ll do anything to make everyone in the『family』happy…
I’ve made that promise.

「I’m going with Kyouko-san to the school too. Megumi…get in my car」
「Yes, Minaho-san」
「Sorry but…we’ll be going to the school by car for a while. The people in surveillance are unfamiliar…so we don’t want to make any strange fiction」

Un…the underlings who are in hurry might try to detain me or Megu.
If it’s a student in their high school uniform…they’d think that threatening is effective.

「Megu…I’ll come to pick you up when the practice is over」

I have to go and kidnap Ruriko today…
Tomorrow, I can’t go to school.
But…I’m not an athletics member so it’s strange for me to be wandering around during a holiday…

「Yoshi-kun. It’s okay to go after it’s done. If Yoshi-kun watches the ground from the outside while we practice…I think that captain Takeshiba would be angry due to『distraction』」

Captain Takeshiba’s a tough woman.
That said, if I don’t come to pick up Megu, then she’d『Why are you not coming to pick up your fiance. Are you not worried?』and get angry…

「What about you Nei?」

Minaho-neesan looks at Nei.

「Hmm, I’ll think about it after Margo-oneechan comes back. Either way, we can’t start the matter with Ruriko-san unless Margo-oneechan comers back, right?」

We’ll sneak through Kouzuki security service and kidnap Ruriko.
We need Margo-san’s pwoer.

「Reika-oneesan, please come to my shop as planned」

Nagisa tells Reika.

「It’s much better to think about various things in my shop than here, right?」

Reika smiles.

「Reika…please guard Nagisa」

I order.


I don’t want a『master-servant』…I want to hurry up and become a real『family』
Even though I those feelings to get through Reika.

「As promised…please come to the store with your usual『British Gentleman』look. If you regain your usual self…your head would be refreshed in various ways」

Nagisa tells Reika.
The phone in Minaho-neesan’s pocket vibrates.
Minaho-neesan answers the call.

「Yes…what is it?」

Immediately after…she looked at me, then hands the phone.

「For you」

Talking about mornings…

『Danna-sama…it’s leakiiiiingggg!!』

…As expected!
Err, my phone is…
I left it on the upper room last night.

「Sorry! Misuzu…where are you right now?」
『I-I’m in the toileeet…I’m in the toileeeet!!!』
「Okay then hurry up! Release it! Misuzu!」
『Yeees…excuse meeeee』

…The sound of water comes out.

『Can you hear it…Danna-samaa?』
「Yeah…I can」
『There’s a lot coming out…ahn…so embarrassing!』

Before long, the flow decreases…

『Haa, haa…I’m very sorry. I intruded on your busy morning』
「No, me too…I’m sorry I’m not close to my phone」
『It’s fine…Ah, Danna-sama, I’ll give over the phone』

Huh…Give over?
Misuzu…aren’t you inside the toilet?

『…It’s switched. Master』

…Could it be.
…You too this morning?

『I’m very sorry…Master. Please give me permission to urinate as well…!』
「Sure, you’re allowed…just hurry up!」

Michi’s too patient so…even if she speaks firmly, I’m worried about her bladder

『Yes…well then, excuse me…!』

Michi’s urination sounds light.
I don’t know why though.

『I-It’s coming out…amazing…1』
「Un, I can hear it…Michi」
『Aaahn…Misuzu-sama’s right…this is very embarrassing…!!』

Michi seems to be feeling dark pleasure as her peeing can be heard.


That voice…reminds me of a woman’s pant during sex.

『…Fuu, I’m done. Pardon the lousiness. Master』

Michi who speaks in few words usually…talks this much.
As expected, she’s aroused.

「Uhm, Michi…you don’t have to join Misuzu this far」
『No, I’m doing this by my own will…』

Speaking of which…
Michi’s a masochist.

『Either way…I will come to see you everyday』
「…I-I see」

I’ve got to see it.

『Rather than that, Master…I noticed something very serious this morning』
「…What? What happend, Michi?」

Misuzu, Ruriko…Jii-chan or Yoshi-san?
Did something happen in Kouzuki house?

『Master…Michi is a creature that dies from loneliness unless Master gives her a hug everyday…!』


『Perhaps, if she doesn’t feel Master’s warmth after 24 hours…she’ll fall and die. I was convinced that this is an unmistakable fact this morning…!』

…I-I see.

「Okay…I’ll come meet you later. I’ll give you as much hugs as you want. Okay, Michi?!」
『Yes. I feel very lonely to reach only through voices…Masteer!』

Michi’s voice…switches from the serious battlefield girl…to a 15 year old beauty.

『Hey, Michi, that’s unfair!』

Misuzu took the phone it seems.

『Danna-sama! Misuzu’s also sad! Misuzu too, if she gets separated from Danna-sama for long, I will die from loneliness!』
「Sure…I get it, Misuzu!」
「Hurry up and flush it. It smells, doesn’t it?」

The two beauties…urinating.
…They should flush it.

『Ah, I’m sorry! Michi, flush it off, hurry!』
『Yes, Misuzu-sama!』

The sound of water flows…

『Okay…it’s done. It’s all right now. Danna-sama』
「Great…by the way, what’s Ruriko doing?」

Ruriko’s still depressed?

『I have invited Ruriko as well, but』

No…It’s not that I’m checking Ruriko’s urination.

『She was called by Grandfather earlier』

Ruriko and Jii-chan?

『Ah, we’re staying from Grandfather’s house since yesterday…and until the funeral ends today…』

Rather than that, because of the incident in the hotel the day before yesterday…he must want his grandchildren within his arm’s reach.


Was Yoshiko-san called by Jii-chan too?

『No, Yoshiko-san’s older than Misuzu, so…』


『I couldn’t tell her to join us give our morning greeting to Danna-sama』

No…there’s no need to pee.

「Yoshiko-san’s at Jii-chan’s too?」
『No. Ruriko’s the only one called』

Somehow, I have a bad feeling…


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