Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1039. VS Torii Mariko – Deflowering Battle / Self-Defense



「 Hmmmm, Papa 」

Agnes moves her hips above me.

Agnes’ small pussy squeezes my penis with love.

Grinding the erect penis inside her round and round.

Agnes’ cute stomach moves left and right.

Each time she constricts, her belly dents in.

「 It feels good, Agnes 」

I also grind from below.

「 Aaaahn! Papa! Agnes feels good too 」

Agnes huffs hot air.

「 Agnes is always so cute, but… 」

I speak while swinging my hips from below Agnes.

「 Agnes is cutest when having sex like this 」

This small and lovely body swallows my penis to the root, feeling happy.

Feeling pleasure.

「 Because it’s Papa 」

Agnes says with her eyes melting in pleasure.

「 Papa’s making Agnes feel good. And it’s only Papa 」

I reach out for Agnes’ cute breasts.

Agnes’ skin is flushed as my penis is inside her.

Feeling the still-unpolished breasts of her, it has indescribable lewdness in it.

My hand gropes her breast that fits perfectly.

This sensation is only for now.

「 I love you, Papa! Let’s gallop! 」

Gallop. That’s the technique Katsuko-nee taught Agnes.

Moving her hips forward upward and downward like she’s riding a horse.

Even so, her hips remain plastered to my torso.

「 Papa! Hold hands with Agnes 」

「 Sure 」

I support Agnes from below while holding hands.

My hand becomes the bridle.

「 Here I go! Horsie! Horsie! Pakaran! Pakaran! Ran ran! 」

Agnes bounces her cute ass while we’re holding hands in cowgirl position.

Agnes matches it with her voice.

「 Aaaahn ! Aaahn! Pakaran! Pkaran! 」

I continue to thrust from below. For the blonde beauty riding the horse.

「 Aaaaahn! Kuaaaan! Pakaran…ran! 」

Man, my daughter is so cute.

She’s having fun in sex too.

「 Oh, I want to do that too 」

Ruriko mutters.

「 Huh, Ruri-oneechan, you haven’t done that with Onii-chan yet? 」

Mana who’s naked while holding a camera, looked at Ruriko in surprise.

「 Huh, Mana-chan already did it? 」

Ruriko’s also surprised.

「 Yep. I often do horsie ride stuff. I love getting on top of Onii-chan after all 」

Mana said.

「 Nono, let me fix that. Mana loves doing it above, below, from behind, and even while standing! Anything goes as long as Onii-chan bangs me! 」

She’s my sex slave and so she thought that she shouldn’t speak her preference in public space.

「 I often do it too. Like, when I’m really horny and want to attack Yo-chan. Like, when you hold Yo-chan’s hand tightly and move your butt intensely, it looks like reverse-rape and it’s hot 」

Nei who’s holding a video camera while naked said with a smile.

This is just a warm-up match so the two aren’t recording yet.

「 Misuzu-oneesama, what do you think? 」

Ruriko asks. Misuzu;.

「 I love it when Danna-sama attacks me but that looks good too. I’ll try that out next time 」

「 When you start intensely, the penis will slip out, and so you do it gradually while making sure that it doesn’t come out. That’s how you do it 」

Mana tells Misuzu.

「 I see. We all live together but we don’t watch the girls have sex with Yo-chan all the time. Only Minaho-neesan do that I think 」

Nei said.

They could watch videos in the mansion when it’s not their turn to have sex with me but…

But they have to go to bed early since there’s preparation to be made the next day.

Misuzu and Ruriko also stay in the Kouzuki mansion for a few days for Jii-chan.

Minaho-neesan’s the only one who’s watching me all the time even when she’s working.

Well, it’s her habit to watch people through the cameras anyway.

「 Papa! Papa!!! Papa!!! Pakaranran!! 」

Sweat glitters from Agnes’ white skin.

Usually, we’d be switching positions by now, but…

This time, she’s going to cum on top of me.

Agnes had a lot of sex for the past six months.

I know that Agnes wants to get to the next stage.

「 Agnes, it’s okay 」

I said.

「 Okay, desuno! 」

Agnes stops moving her hips.

「 I’m going to make you cum. Although I can’t do it together with you 」

I still have to deal with Torii-san after this.

After all the consecutive ejaculations I had…

If I pour it on Agnes, it’ll take time to get it erect again.

If we have time, then I could ejaculate five more times but…

I’d like to return home as soon as possible…I feel sorry letting Ai and Katsuko-nee take care of the bakery by themselves.

「 No need. Agnes is already satisfied 」

Agnes said. Then she slides down her lower half while I’m still inside.

「 Papa. Just connecting to Papa already makes Agnes happy, no need to cum! 」

She said and kissed me.

Not just once. She kissed me again and again and again.

Agnes’ pink nipple rubs to my chest.

「 Yes. Agnes is now filled with happiness 」

The angel smiled and kissed me again.

The smell of her sweat, her hot breath, and her skin.

The wriggling of her vagina.

「 Okay, Papa seems lively too! 」

Agnes poses her legs to an M shape…

Then, showing the connected part to Kaan Momoko-neechan and Torii-san…

「 There we go 」

She slowly pulls out my penis from the inside.

Agnes’ sparkling love nectar dripping on my dick seems to be steaming.

「 My 」

It isn’t an erection that withered after ejaculating…

The maximum erection goes from Agnes’ small slit.

「 Kuuun~ 」


The reddish-brown strained glans slips out of Agnes’ entrance.

「 Okay, Papa’s penis is so lively now! 」

Agnes says while gently patting my penis with her fingers.

「 Now, it’s Onee-chan’s turn! 」

She speaks to Torii-san with a cute smile.

Her smile is so pure that you’d never think that she just had sex.

「 Ah, I-I… 」

Torii-san’s confused as she’s suddenly called out.

「 Huh, Huh, huh? What’s wrong Mariko-chan? 」

Nei comes to my side.

「 Are you chickening out? 」

Mana too.

「 Here, Yo-chan, breasts 」

Nei pushes her large breasts onto me.

「 Agnes-chan, me too 」

Mana goes to the bed and touches my penis along with Agnes.

「 It’s still wet with Agnes-chan’s liquid so Mana will lick it clean 」

「 Agnes will lick it too 」

They started double fellatio on my crotch.

Meanwhile, I’m sucking Nei’s nipples.

「 There, there, Yo-chan’s penis is in it’s the best state! Hurry up and take off your clothes and come over here Mariko-chan 」

Nei invites Torii-san.

「 That’s right. Everyone’s going after Onii-chan’s penis! 」

「 It’s filled with energy! 」

But, Torii-san;

「 B-But I’m scared 」

「 You don’t have to. It’s Yo-chan after all 」

「 Why would you be afraid? He’s gentle you know 」

「 That’s right. Papa’s gentle 」

The three naked beauties on the bed speak with a smile while caressing me.

「 B-But… 」

Torii-san’s afraid. Momoko-neechan;

「 Mariko, you promised to show me your first time, right? 」

She speaks at her protegee with a tone of displeasure.

「 That’s right, but… 」

「 Mariko, you’re not overwhelmed by these people thinking that they’re much more beautiful than you, are you? 」


「 That’s not it! 」

Nei said.

「 Well, we’re saying that to ourselves but yes, we’re confident that we’re cute. But you see, right, Yo-chan? 」

She looked at me and smiled.

Oh, right.

「 Yeah. Torii-san is also beautiful and cute

I said.

「 The difference between Mariko-chan and us isn’t the cuteness. It’s because we have composure. Everyone loves Yo-chan and we’re confident that he loves us back 」

Nei said.

「 That’s why we’re okay letting Mariko-chan have sex with Yo-chan. We know that it won’t move our relationship an inch. Besides, we don’t think that Mariko-chan will take Yo-chan away 」


「 I guess it’s my fault? 」

Misuzu speaks up suddenly.

「 I was wrong to introduce Danna-sama to Mariko-san and Momoko-oneesama? 」


「 I think so, yeah 」

Nei said.

「 Mii-chan, you already showed off to everyone that you’re Yo-chan’s partner during the party yesterday. To all the young ladies. That might not be the intention but that was the result 」


「 The young ladies whose fate of future marriage partner is decided, enclosed in an uptight prestigious school since kindergarten, monitored by the whole clan to prevent any weird people from approaching, and young ladies who hardly had any contact with men other than their family…saw your partner that Kouzuki Ojii-chan accepted, and someone you flirt anytime, anywhere 」

Nei speaks without breaking her smile.

「 They’re all girls filled with lust inside and so Mariko-chan said that she wants to experience sex, and that girl over there says that she wants to watch. It’s natural 」

I recall the events yesterday.

「 The problem is that Yo-chan isn’t from the nobility. In fact, he’s not even a son of a director in the Kouzui group, nor a son of a wealthy man. He’s just an ordinary high school boy 」


「 It’s impossible. 「 If we follow the common sense of the young ladies of nobility, it’s impossible for Yo-chan to become the chosen partner of the young lady of the Kouzuki house 」

That’s true.

「 This is why no matter how much Mii-chan shows how intimate she is with Yo-chan, they prioritize the common sense they have than the reality in front of their eyes. Mariko-chan and that young lady are all too smart. Smart girls always think with reason 」

Nei said. Misuzu’s face looked like she’s poured cold water.

「 That’s why they only think of Yo-chan as Mii-chan’s pet. Someone who serves Mii-chan. They only see him as a servant for romance and sex. Even more when they had a conversation with Yo-chan, and moved around together with him 」

「 They think of Onii-chan as Mii-chan’s butter dog, and so they think that it’s okay to borrow him like this 」

Mana said.

「 What is a butter dog? 」

Agnes tilts her head.

「 When you spin a dog round and round, they turn to butter. And then, you use that to make pancakes and make a 169 piece pancake! 」

Nei said.

「 Who does that? 」

「 It’ll cause a lot of problems if I say it so I won’t~ 」


「 Anyway, no matter how much you explain the truth, they won’t get it. They’re people who live above. They will not understand Mii-chan and Yo-chan’s relationship. After all, their heads already say that he’s just a butter dog 」

「 Furthermore, with all that Danna-sama did since yesterday 」

「 Yep, that. He went around here and there like he’s a servant of the Kouzuki house 」

Momoko-neechan and Torii-san don’t know about the relationship between Kouzuki and Kuromori house.

I mean, these people think that the head of the Kouzuki house, Jii-chan is above everyone…

So, they think of me as a small fry, a minion.

「 Yo-chan showed Mariko-chan his sex with Mii-chan and Ruri-chan where he’s serving them. Then, Haiji-chan, the twins, Mitama-chan, Kinuka-chan, and Arisu-chan were all virgins. Yo-chan has to be careful with them 」

They only see it as my duty.

「 That’s why we thought of showing them sex filled with love or it can’t move forward. Mii-chan and Ruri-chan can’t do it. No matter how much love you show to Yo-chan in sex, they won’t get it 」

They only think of the fact that Misuzu and Ruriko are daughters of nobility and stop to think what’s after that.

The conclusion that I’m just a sex servant will come to their head.

「 That’s why it’s Agnes-chan! 」

「 I’m Agnes! 」

Mana and Agnes puff their chest.

「 We show how serious we are with our love with Yo-chan, how much we treasure him. Mariko-chan won’t be able to borrow Yo-chan if she knows that 」


Misuzu stands up and prostrates herself.


「 I’m very sorry 」

Misuzu sticks out her fingers and kneels before Nei and the girls.

「 Misuzu-sama? 」

「 Misuzu, what are you doing? 」

「 Why? 」

Torii-san, Momoko-neechan, and Yoshiko-san are all surprised.

「 My carelessness, my self-conceit, Danna-sama… 」

「 That’s right. These girls were looking down on us 」

Nei said.

「 Furthermore, you thought that it’s okay if they borrow Yo-chan, haven’t you? 」

「 I’m really sorry! This isn’t just Misuzu-oneesama, this is also my mistake 」

Ruriko also leaves her seat and prostrates on the floor.

「 Yep. Ruri-chan also got off-point. We’re in this mansion but still, you prioritized the rules of the nobility than our family 」


「 That’s right. Ruri-oneechan is just like Mana, we’re Onii-chan’s sex slaves. I know that you can’t help but keep that face of a young lady for the other people but you seem to have forgotten the duties of the slave, haven’t you? 」

My first sex slave, Mana, said.

「 You’re Onii-chan’s sex slave. That’s everything to Ruri-oneechan! Your face on the surface is just a way to conceal the real you, right? Despite that, you assumed importance because these people are here 」

「 Mana-san is correct. I should’ve taken off my clothes and joined everyone and served Onii-sama 」

「 No, that’s not it, Ruriko. If the young lady of the Kouzuki house joins in, it’ll only bring in misunderstandings from Momoko-neechan 」

That’s why Misuzu and Ruriko had to sit down as an observer.

「 Even so, I am Onii-sama’s slave. I should’ve taken the initiative and served. And… 」

Ruriko said.

「 Staying in the spectator seat with Misuzu-oneesama will also bring the wrong impression I believe 」

Oh, right. Nei and the girls chose that cloth-covered sofa in this gorgeous room on purpose.

That’s because it’s a seat reserved for the young ladies of nobility.

It’s structured so the people with high status, like Momoko-neechan, will watch us, lower people, have sex.

「 Yo-chan’s been troubled a lot ever since he came in the Kouzuki house yesterday 」

Nei said.

「 Well, Yo-chan and all of us thought that it’s for the family. Not for the Kouzuki house, not for Mii-chan 」

「 Yes 」

「 Knowing that Megu-chan, Ai-chan, and even Yukino-chi gladly stayed home, haven’t they? 」

The three of them remained in the Kuromori mansion.

「 Yes…I…I’ve been too full of myself. My arrogance brought the thickheaded Momoko-oneesama…I’m very sorry 」

Misuzu presses her forehead on the floor.

「 Well, most of the time, you should be getting naked while prostrating but we have no time for that, spare them from that Yo-chan 」

I mean, if they get naked and prostrate themselves, Momoko-oneechan will only think that we’re doing that kind of play.

「 Well, I seem to have misunderstood some things too 」

I worry about Kaan Momoko-neechan.

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa, the former prostitutes, came all the way to greet off, saying that they’re leaving the mansion.

Minaho-neesan, Michi, and Edie aren’t showing up on purpose.

I misunderstood that this kind of consideration is natural, but…

Thinking about it now, that’s only a rule between Kouzuki and Kaan house, a rule between nobilities.

It’s got nothing to do with us.

I’m from Kuromori house, I’m not from the Kouzuki house.

Of course, I wouldn’t be rude to Momoko-neechan, but…

That doesn’t mean that I need to be putting too much consideration towards her.

「 I’m also part of that misunderstanding Momoko-neechan’s having. I get why she thinks of me as a servant of the Kouzuki house from how I behaved yesterday 」

I’m also in the wrong.

「 I guess I have to act like Kyouko-san 」

Showing composure as Jii-chan’s business partner even in front of him.

Speak what I have to say even when the other party is the head of the Kouzuki house.

Don’t flatter, don’t do things that aren’t beneficial to me.

「 I acted like that and so that’s why Katsuko-nee and Nagisa went home lonely 」

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa noticed that Momoko-neechan despises them, even if they were former prostitutes.

Despite the cold gaze, they came to where Momoko-neechan is to say that they’re going back home.

「 Because she thought of me as a servant of the Kouzuki house, she looked down on not just me, but Ya-chan, Mana, Agnes, and my whole family 」

My speech and conduct affected my family.

「 Correct. That’s why we’re here to protest with our bodies 」


The three who don’t care about the power of the nobility.

Furthermore, their beauty overwhelms Momoko-neechan.

「 So, what will you do, Yo-chan 」


「 I’ll apologize to everyone later. Especially Katsuko-nee and Nagisa 」


「 Misuzu, Ruriko, come here. I’m giving you two spanking. I’m giving the two of you ten each, okay? 」

I have to be strict.

If I consider the feelings of my women.

「 Certainly 」

「 I’m coming right now 」

Misuzu and Ruriko comes to me.

「 W-Wait, Kou-chan? 」

Momoko-neechan’s face shows that she doesn’t get what’s going on.

「 Oh, sorry about that but this is a family problem 」

I said.

「 Get on all fours and stick your asses out. Pull down your panties, show me your raw butt 」

「 Yes 」

First, Misuzu rolls up her skirt and exposes her ass to me.

Then, she lowered her panty.

「 Please punish Misuzu 」

I’ll inflict nothing but pain.

To convey that I’m serious to Momoko-neechan.

That this isn’t a play.

「 Okay 」

I slap Misuzu’s ass with all my strength.


「 Hyauuu!! 」

Misuzu trembles in pain.

「 Kou-chan! Stop! 」

I won’t!


「 Kuuuuuu 」

「 Hey! Misuzu’s the daughter of the Kouzuki house! 」

I know that.


「 Hyuuuu!!! 」

「 It’s hurting her! Stop it already! 」


「 Sebastianus, stop him! 」

Momoko-neechan orders her bodyguard, Yamada Umeko-san.

「 Ha! 」

As soon as Yamada-san moved…

「 I won’t let you do that!! 」


I knew it. She’s there.

「 Where did you come from? 」

「 I can always erase my presence anytime!! HAWOOO!!! 」

Edie emits her Qi towards Yamada-san.

「 I won’t lose to that 」

She also knows how to bend Qi?

She’s Kaan house’s bodyguard so I guess she also knows ancient Japanese martial arts.

「 Is that so? 」

Michi’s voice comes from the darkness.


She shoots something and it hit Yamada-san.

「 Mugee! 」

Then, Yamada-san stopped moving.

「 Taser gun 」


「 It’s a gas pin that you can shoot using electricity. You’ll become temporarily immobilized, no matter how trained your body can be 」

Michi said.

「 It won’t have any residual effects so don’t worry 」

Then that’s okay…

「 What have you done to my bodyguard 」

Momoko-neechan trembles in anger but…

「 My Master is in danger and so I did what I had to do 」

Michi speaks with her usual blank expression.

「 Your Master is Misuzu! Not Kou-chan 」

Momoko-neechan shouts in anger.

「 No. I have two Masters, he is my Master 」

Michi’s not shaken at all.

「 I’m going to tie her up for now 」

Edie grabs Yamada-san’s paralyzed body.

It seems that she’s aware of what’s happening.

「 Danna-sama, please continue 」

Misuzu tells me.

「 Oh right 」

I continue slapping Misuzu’s ass.


「 Ruriko, you’re next 」

「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko also showed her naked ass to me.