Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1061. Pastry Filled Adventure / Five Precepts



「 Oh man, I never thought that I’d meet you here. Are you returning from a wedding ceremony or something today? 」

The old man named Matsuzawa talks to Mariko with an overly familiar tone.

He thinks that we’ve returned from a wedding ceremony because we’re wearing school uniforms.

Yomi and Haiji’s apron dress looks prim and proper too.

「 No, we’re not. I’m just with my close friends 」

Mariko forced a smile while speaking evasively

She’s cautious of Matsuzawa.

「 I see. So they’re Torii-san’s close friends 」

Matsuzawa stares at us as if he’s appraising us.


「 Matsuzawa-kun, what’s wrong? 」

More old men wearing an expensive suit from the table where Matsuzawa appeared.

Among them is an old man wearing a flamboyant blue tie calling him out.

「 Oh, Torii-san’s daughter is over here! Torii Electronics 」

They shout loudly without caring about their surroundings.

「 Oh, the young lady of Torii Electronics? Matsuzawa-kun, invite her to our table?! 」

W-What’s with that?

Who are these old men?

「 Oh, it is as he said. Torii-kun, come to our table 」

They’re taking Mariko along.

「 I’m very sorry but I’m with my friends right now 」

Mariko rejects the offer without breaking her smile.

「 Don’t say that. it’s just for a moment. See? Just think of it as saving my face. It’s nothing bad at all 」

I don’t like this grinning attitude of this old man.

「 Uhm, Mariko doesn’t like what you’re doing 」

I said.

「 Hm, what? Are you talking to me? 」

「 Who else am I talking to? 」

The atmosphere turned tense.

「 Hey, Kou, calm down 」

Mariko says in a panic, but…

「 Matsuzawa-kun, what’s wrong? Did anything happen? 」

Another old man with a flashy necktie shouts from the other table.

「 Well, Misawa-san, you see 」

Matsuzawa returned to the table and reported to the other flashy necktie called Misawa.

The table has two old men wearing suits.

They all send us a glance.

「 Who are those people? 」

Kana-senpai asks Mariko.

「 Some troublesome people. That Matsuzawa-san runs an IT company. Recently, he’s been trying to get close with Father at parties and stuff. Saying that he wants to collaborate in business 」

「 That suspicious-looking old man? 」

I asked.

「 Well, his business runs smoothly. He butters up people in political and business circles and so Father’s cautious of him, but… 」

「 So, what about the other people at the table? 」

Kana-senpai looks at the other men wearing flashy neckties.

「 That one…do you know about the restaurant chain named “Green Buckeyes”? 」

Mariko said.

「 Oh, I know that 」

「 That man’s the founder. He’s the founder and he owns the majority of the stock, but he no longer does management. That guy’s a member of the Diet now 」

A Diet member?

「 A politician? But I don’t even know that guy 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Well, there are a lot of people in the Diet. Unless you live in that guy’s district, you won’t even see his campaign posters. He’s only been accepted as a politician once so he’s not in a position where he’s going to be on TV news 」

Anyway, Matsuzawa’s a hotshot IT executive…

And Misawa is a restaurant chain founder and a member of the Diet.

「 The two of them are socially successful before their 40’s so they’re getting carried away 」

Mariko said.

「 But, they’re quite the troublesome people so be careful of them 」

「 O-Okay 」

Saying that; Yomi puts herself on guard.


「 Haiji, don’t rush 」

I look at the table of the old men.

「 Huh, shouldn’t they have bodyguards? 」

I can’t sense any staff that you can call bodyguards together with Matsuzawa or Misawa.

「 Right. I think that Matsuzawa-san should have a secretary or a subordinate with him 」

Mariko said.

「 I don’t know what they’re discussing in a fancy hotel but it’s not a kind of relationship where you bring your security to each other 」

I concluded.

「 I don’t know how much do they trust each other but if they want to show each other that they have trust in the other, then, bringing a bodyguard with them shows distrust 」

「 True. I think that the actual bodyguards are watching over from afar 」

「 Is that so? 」

Mariko said. Kana-senpai tried to look around, but…

「 Don’t look at them 」

Yomi stopped her.

「 Any strange movements could stir them up 」

「 Yomi, you know where? 」

I asked.

「 No, they’re further than the range of my power 」

“Miko power” doesn’t work on people far away from her.

「 Then, I understand now 」


「 There are various spots in this tea lounge where you can monitor the inside 」

Oh, I see.

If it’s outside Yomi’s range, then it should be outside.

If that’s the case, it would be the entrance to the place.

Either way, if there’s a problem, it’ll take more than ten seconds for Matsuzawa and Misawa’s bodyguards to jump in.

「 Huh, they’re coming over here? 」

Kana-senpai’s right. Matsuzawa and Misawa leave their table and goes to us.

「 It doesn’t seem that Torii-san doesn’t want to go to our table, so… 」

Matsuzawa smiled.

「 We came over instead 」

Misawa’s smile is even uglier.

「 Misawa-sensei seems to want to hear opinions from the young people 」

「 Anyway, let’s sit 」

They make a rude entrance, bring over a chair from the nearby table, and sits on our table.

「 Well, Torii-kun, you’re still a schoolgirl and yet you’re interested in Equity investment, right? 」

Misawa speaks to Mariko without warning.

「 Well, I told Misawa-san about it! You see, I was talking to your father during the party recently… 」

Matsuzawa talks in such an excited tone.

「 I’m just doing some child’s play 」

Mariko speaks confusedly.

「 Well, no, that’s a good start! Investing while you’re still a student, I believe that’s a good start! 」

What’s with this Diet member.

「 You can talk to me anytime when it comes to investments. I think you know about me already but I’m also doing a broking firm over the internet 」

「 Yes, that. You can find good advice from Matsuzawa-kun. He’s a good one! 」

They say that they want to hear opinions from young people but they just keep on talking.

Furthermore, they only focus on Mariko.

「 Well, it’s that. You can’t really trust the brokerage firms around here. All they do is waste your time. They don’t even get considerable pay and yet they think that they’re big shots because they’re investing their customer’s money. If it’s me, I won’t be afraid to put 200 to 300 million into my investments and all of it will come from my pocket. Our motivation and resolve are different 」

「 Yes, that, Matsuzawa-kun’s amazing. Right? 」

「 Right! 」

Matsuzawa and Misawa smile at each other.

「 Misawa-sensei’s amazing too! After all, you’re a member of the Diet 」

「 Well, I only became a member when I left the company, see? Then, the sales dropped off a bit, and so I told the current management team that “If you keep this up then I’ll take off my badge and go back to the presidential chair.” They were all scared to bits. Seriously, they’re so useless unless I’m there to watch them 」

Misawa said.

「 Misawa-sensei’s a business genius who started the Green Buckeyes in a single generation and built it into a huge restaurant chain group. I respect you every day 」

「 No, no, Matsuzawa-kun. I didn’t do anything big. I just worked recklessly to achieve my young self envisioned! Hey, Santao, bring me that thing 」

Misawa calls his secretary.

「 Yes! 」

The secretary wearing a suit brings over something.

「 Here, I’ll give you this 」

Misawa distributes some books.

To Mariko, Kana-senpai, Ai, Yomi, Haiji…

And he ignored me.

「 Oh, that’s Misawa-sensei’s book 」

「 Yes, it’s my autobiography. Feel free to read it 」


「 We have every full-time employee, contractors, and part-time employees read it all! After all, it has all my ideas written in it. After all, if you want to grow together with the company, you have to get the subordinates to share the same philosophy with me 」


「 Then, I have everyone write a report of their impressions. Every week. For example, this week, they read “Chapter 3 – Startup and Business Crisis at the same time! The tears I’ve pledged on the Chiba sea!” Submit at least 800 words about your impressions…nufufufu 」

What’s with that.

「 If you want to, then you can write your impression report too! I’ll be waiting! Well, to be honest, I think that the impression report of my employees is a mess! After all, all my employees are just a Yes-man! They all work 26 hours a day to achieve our dreams 」


「 I’d like to implement this education system nationwide 」

What do you mean?

「 Anyway, my dreams…no, it’s the dreams of me and my friends. My goal is to have the entire population of Japan read this book and submit a report on it. I want to wake up the whole nation with my philosophy! Once my philosophy spreads throughout the nation, Japan will be 10 times more amazing than today! No, ten times and ten times more! Meaning, 2000 times bigger! 」

I don’t even get you anymore.

「 Then, my next goal is to become global. My philosophy is revolutionary 」

「 As expected! It’s wonderful Misawa-sensei, great! 」

We’re just dumbfounded.

「 Oh, I’ll tell you beforehand, we’re giving away that book for free as a political reporting document. I’m not giving you anything of value so don’t get me wrong. It’s printed using government affairs money but there’s no violation. I didn’t put a price on it so it won’t happen and I didn’t get an ISBN for publication 」

W-What is this guy talking about?

「 Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you can’t put a price on my thoughts…The truth is, you have to pay 3 million yen for a copy of my book, but it can’t be helped. On the other hand, I’m a Diet member so I can print it with the government’s money and distribute it to the public like this 」

This guy is just abusing the government’s money.

「 Hmm. Wonderful, Misawa-sensei’s dream is truly wonderful. The truth is that I’m also thinking of introducing the Misawa system into y company. I’m working hard on writing my book right now. No, I just do the talk, then, they take notes, or should I say that I let the writer summarize what I’m talking about. But, it will be my book! 」

「 Matsuzawa-kun, you too 」

Misawa smiles.

「 Yes, I’m writing a biography of my ideology and my life until I arrived in it, Misawa-sensei 」

This guy’s writing his own book too.

You know, I had to deal with insider training and window dressing before I could get here today. I’ve had a life full of drama before I became separated from the ordinary people 」

「 Oooooh, It’s got to be that… That’s a good idea. Of course, it’s got to have Matsuzawa-kun’s justice. There were companies that did window dressing worse than Matsuzawa-kun but eventually, you’re the one who made it into the guesthouse, right? 」

「 Haa, that was eight months ago 」

So he was arrested and put in jail?

「 This is indeed pompous. Now that I’m a member of the diet, I will be cracking them down! I’ll be moving the Diet to my will! 」

「 Thank you, Misawa-sensei 」

「 Indeed! It’s a national loss to create a time where energetic entrepreneurs can’t participate in any economic activity! It’s wrong to judge people who move money around by millions! It’s wrong to apply the same laws to them! 」

Who elected this guy?

「 We’re correcting education and justice! That’s my mission! And then, I’ll make it easier for Matsuzawa-kun and the energetic Monday entrap to operate more widely, shallowly, in Japan! Well, just wait until we gain a reliable big boat! Nuhahahahaha 」

「 Yes, I’ll be waiting, Misawa-san 」

「 I got it. I got it! Leave this to Misawa! Ooh, speaking of boats, I have a cruiser parked at the Zushi Mariana 」

「 Oh, that’s indeed a magnificent vessel 」

「 Yes. You can take a ride there, Matsuzawa-kun 」

「 Thank you, I’ll be intruding in your luxury ship then 」

「 It’s not that big, but, does it shake you? 」

「 It doesn’t, but, it’s still a big ship 」

「 Yes, you can just sit down dignified, like me 」

「 Indeed 」

「 And then, I plan to start a party in the cruiser by next week 」

Misawa said.

「 The party will have the chief secretary, and young politicians, and as well as some young entrepreneurs who are familiar. It will be a small gathering. For the young of the political and business circle. Are you coming, Matsuzawa-kun? 」

「 Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I would like to join in at any cost 」

「 Hmm, sure. Come over, Matsuzawa-kun 」

「 Yes, yes, Misawa-sensei 」

「 And so, Matsuzawa-kun, if we were to invite Torii-san to the party, will the young lady come? 」


「 Of course, she will! It’s at Misawa-sensei’s party! Furthermore, it’s a gathering of young politicians and businessmen! 」

「 Of course. I think that it would be nice if Torii-san comes over 」

「 I also believe that it would be great if she joins 」

Misawa smiles.

「 Oh, why don’t we invite her friends to come too? 」

「 Ooh, that’s a good idea. Matsuzawa-kun, that’s definitely a YES on that idea. You girls should come too! The sea is good, it calms your mind! 」

「 Oh, of course, Misawa-sensei’s talking about the girls 」

「 That’s right 」

Matsuzawa looked at me.

「 Can you even read the mood? 」


「 You’re the only one not mentioned 」

「 Yeah, well, of course, 」

These two old men should just stop.

As soon as I thought of that.

「 Hey, which party is this guy from? Admin? Opposition? 」

Kana-senpai asks Mariko.

「 Opposition. Furthermore, they just split up the other day and now there are only ten people in his group

Mariko replied.

「 T-That’s because the opposition party is preparing to assemble and build a larger opposing party! It’s going to be big someday 」

Misawa said.

「 Someday. Meaning, it’s nothing big right now, right? You know, I was just thinking about it but people like you are just plain stupid, and your friends are plain stupid too 」

Kana-senpai said calmly.

「 I have no interest in parties of such people. I’m scared riding a cruiser, and I don’t even know what you’d do with us 」

「 T-T-T-T-T-That’s rude! You think that we’re shameless men! 」

Misawa shouts.

「 I don’t think that you guys are molesters but you still are shameless 」

Kana-senpai said and looked at Mariko.

「 Mariko’s a young lady so she couldn’t talk her complaints to people like you but I’m just a commoner so I’ll get it straight! You guys are just annoying! Just go back to your table! I don’t need this book! I have no interest in your philosophy or your life! 」

「 W-W-W-W-What are you talking about! You haven’t read it yet at all! You have to read it first and make an 800-page report of your impressions! 」

Misawa shouts.

「 No way. I won’t waste my time on that 」

Kana-senpai made it clear.

「 You’re incredibly rude! Misawa-senseis’ a member of the diet! Oh, say your name, your school, and your parent’s jobs! I’m calling my lawyer 」

This is bad.

These people will go to extremes if they can.

So I…

「 Yomi 」

「 Yes, Sensei 」

Yomi turned to me with a smile.

「 Done checking these people? 」

「 Yes, already done 」

Yomi replied.

「 They have no other sides. They’re small fries in politics and business. They know nothing about us, it’s just a coincidence that they met us here 」

I see.

So, nobody sent them to investigate the Black Forest and the Kouzuki house.

「 Yes, that is correct 」

Yomi read my thoughts and replied.

「 Should we erase their memories? 」

Yomi asks me.

「 That would be unreasonable 」

The other guests of the tea lounge are looking at us.

Misawa and Matsuzawa both have their secretaries and subordinates.

We can’t change the fact that we met here.

「 For now, have them apologize for their rudeness to Mariko and Kana-senpai. 」

I told the old men.

「 Y-You! What are you talking about?! 」

Matsuzawa glared at me.

「 You’re the rude one here! Who do you think we are? Huh? 」

Oh man, this is annoying.

「 Seriously, the youngsters these days are so self-centered! Try to be a bit more mature. It’s troublesome to have people who can’t read the mood, right, Matsuzawa-kun 」

Misawa said.

「 Indeed. Youngsters who think that they only want the good things for themselves are increasing 」

「 It makes me grieve. As expected, the people in this country need to study my philosophy 」

Oh, I’m already past my limit with these people

「 Yomi 」

「 Yes, Sensei 」

Yomi speaks to the old men.

「 Shut up you two. Don’t open your mouth, it makes our ears rot 」

「 Numumumu 」

「 Nnnnn? 」

The two can no longer speak.

「 Okay, now stand and raise your right hand 」

Yomi uses her power.

「 Okay, that person over there, loudly recite the words floating in your head with all your heart 」

Yomi told Matsuzawa.

「 Now 」

Matsuzawa’s controlled by the Miko power.

「 F-First, to be honest 」

Matsuzawa shouts.

「 Second, to reflect on your apologies! 」

The people around are dumbfounded.

「 Third, humility 」

What’s that?

「 Fourth, servitude 」

And then…

「 Fifth…grateful spirit 」

Matsuzawa speaks loudly.

「 Well done, what was that? 」

Yomi asks with a smile.

「 I-It’s the five precepts we’re forced to recite every day in prison 」

Matsuzawa replied.

「 That’s right. It’s a humiliating memory you don’t want to recall, but 」

Yomi said.

「 I think that it’s the warning you need right now 」