Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1107. Sex Trend / Sex with Misato-san and Arisu (Part 2)



「 Misato-oneesama, I’ll teach you the methods of sucking I learned for the past week 」

Arisu smiled at her sister.

The Kurama sisters in their underwear kneel before me, who’s sitting on the bed with my dick exposed.

「 First, you hold it like this…if you’d excuse me 」

Arisu holds my penis with both hands and brings her lips closer.

She kisses the tip of the glans.

「 At times like this, you look at Kuromori-sama’s face. He could enjoy watching Arisu’s embarrassed face while serving with her mouth 」

Arisu uses the tip of her tongue to lick my glans.

Her eyes look up at me.

「 This is quite hard 」

Misato-san watches her younger sister fellate me with an earnest look.

「 That’s not true. What’s important is the thought of making Kuromori-sama feel good. That’s what Agnes-san told me 」

Arisu says while licking the back of my glans.


「 Ufufu, Kuromori-sama’s quite sensitive when you lick him here. Agnes-san taught me that too 」

Arisu shows a smile that’s unthinkable for her age.

「 I’m happy that you feel good with Arisu’s mouth 」

Arisu puts my glans in her mouth and sucks it.

It’s just a week, but Arisu, who resolved herself to live as my slave, looks at sex with earnest feelings.

She learns techniques from Agnes and the other girls with her best effort.

「 Okay, Onee-sama’s turn 」

Arisu lets go of her mouth, then a thin line of saliva connects her lips and my glans.

She wipes it off elegantly.

When the “young lady of nobility,” and “sex slave,” overlaps, it becomes a very elegant yet indecent beauty.

「 Then, excuse me, Kuromori-sama 」

This time, the elder sister copies her younger sister, holding my penis with both hands.

「 Allow me to serve 」

Misato-san licks my glans like a cat drinking milk.

This is also good.

Then, she meticulously licks my whole penis.

Misato-san smears all of it with saliva.

Then, doing what Arisu did, she holds my glans in her mouth and moves up and down.

「 U-Uuu 」

Ooh, I’m hitting her throat.

「 Don’t rush, do it gently 」

「 Yes, I’m very sorry 」

I gently pat Misato-san’s cheeks.

「 Don’t apologize. It feels good, Misato-san 」

「 Thank you very much 」

Misato-san looked up at me bashfully.

「 Yeah. Misato-san, Arisu… 」


「 Take off your bras 」

「 Certainly 」

The Kurama sisters unhooked their bra and took them off.

Hmm. Women taking off their underwear while looking bashful is just perfectly lewd.

The breasts tucked in by the cups spill out.

I can see the pink nipples.

As expected of the sisters. Their nipples aren’t that different.

「 Good, now lick me from both sides 」

「 Okay 」

Misato-san’s tongue licks the right side of my glans and Arisu goes to my left.

The tongues of the beautiful sisters crawl in my penis.

I stretched out my hands and groped Misato-san’s breasts on my right, and Arisu’s chest on my left.

Yeah, as expected, the volume and elasticity have an age difference.

But, the soft and squishy breasts of the elder and the still-stiff breasts of the younger…both of them are charming.

Oh, Misato-san’s nipples are stiff. I knead it with my fingers.

As for Arisu, I use my index finger to tease her areola.

「 They take turns putting it in their mouth, sucking it ten times then swapping 」

First, Misato-san sucks me.

She doesn’t know how to use her mouth yet, but that awkwardness is good.

Next, Arisu.

Oh, Arisu’s got a warmer mouth. I feel it in her mouth.

Arisu narrows her lips and fellates me skillfully.

She uses her tongue skills while I’m inside her mouth.

「 Good, continue with that Arisu. Misato-san, sit next to me 」

「 Ah, yes, excuse me 」

Misato-san who’s wearing nothing but a panty sits next to me on the edge of the bed.

「 Come closer to me 」

I embraced Misato-san.

「 Hauu 」

Misato-san trembled.

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 Uhm, I’m not used to men embracing me yet 」

「 Then, we’re going to have special training for that 」

I kissed Misato-san while Arisu’s fellating me.

「 Hmmm!! 」

I feel the heat of the mouth of the sisters through my mouth and penis.


「 I want to lick Misato-san’s breasts 」

「 Y-Yes, please enjoy it 」

Misato-san sticks her breasts to me bashfully.

I then grabbed her breasts and licked her nipples. Sucked on it.

「 Hyaaa 」

Misato-san trembles.

「 Can you feel it? 」

「 Y-Yes, it makes me shiver 」

Misato-san replies with a blushing face.

「 Hmm, this is a nice round shape breast 」

I licked her nipples even more.

「 Aaah, aaaaahn! 」

Misato-san’s mouth leaks out lewd sounds.

I tease Misato-san’s nipples in my mouth.

I lick the tip with my tongue.

「 Iyaaan 」

Misato-san can feel it.

「 See? Isn’t she cute? Don’t you think that she’s charming even in your eyes? 」

Katsuko-nee asked Sumitomo Momoka-san, Shirahata Setsuna-san, and Asahina Nozomi-san, who watches us dumbfoundedly.

「 You girls can’t bring out that cuteness right now 」

Entrusting their body to a man unconditionally, showing the charm, and the enriched lewdness of a woman.

「 Kuromori-sama, it feels good. Misato’s breasts can feel it 」

She’s blushing, trembling from pleasure.

「 Yeah, come here Arisu. I want to compare your breasts 」

「 I’m no match against Misato-oneesama 」

Arisu lets go of my glans and stand up.

「 That’s not true. Arisu’s much cuter than me 」

Misato-san said.

「 Both of you are charming 」

I hold the sisters with both hands and flop onto the bed.

I press their breasts on both sides of my face and rub my cheeks in turns.

Yeah, they both have a good feel.

Then, I sucked on Arisu’s nipples.

「 Haan~ You really love breasts 」

Arisu’s already accustomed to it, so she hugged my head.

Like she’s nursing a baby.

「 But, Arisu loves it too. Please enjoy this to your heart’s content 」


I sucked on Arisu’s breasts.

「 My, Arisu, making such a happy face 」

Misato-san told her sister.

「 I’m happy. Arisu’s loved as a woman right now

Arisu replies happily.

I reached to Arisu and Misato-san’s crotch with both of my hands.

This time, my right-hand goes to Arisu, and my left goes to Misato-san.

Girls who aren’t accustomed to sex seem to be much more sensitive when touching across their panties.

「 Ahn~ 」

「 Kyauu! 」

Since Arisu’s already done it a few times, she gets wet easily.

As for Misato-san, this is going to be her second time.

I kiss them in turns while playing with their genitals.

The sisters gladly answer my actions.


「 It’s about time I put it in. Take it off you two 」

「 Yes 」

The sisters who were young ladies of nobility took off their panties bashfully.

Oh, I knew it, Arisu’s got more stain on her panty.

「 I took it off 」

Misato-san said with a blushing face.

「 Good. Now lie down over there, spread your legs wide, and show me where I should put it in 」

「 Certainly 」

The sisters line up and spread their legs before me.

「 Onee-sama, don’t close your eyes, you need to look at Kuromori-sama all the time 」

「 Y-You’re right, Arisu 」

「 It’s embarrassing to do this in front of everyone, but, the pleasures of sex includes enjoying that embarrassment 」

「 I understand. Thank you 」

Oh right, it’s not just Mitama, Kinuka, Karen, and Katsuko-nee, but…

Sumitomo-san, Shirahata-san, and Asahina-san, they’re embarrassed to show their silliness to them.

「 Misato-san, just look at me and nobody else 」

I said.

「 I’m your only customer here. So, you only have to think of my enjoyment 」

「 Y-Yes, certainly 」

I spread Arisu’s cute lips down there.

The pink entrance leaks love nectar.

I scooped it out with my finger and licked it.


Then, I also opened Misato-san’s genitals with my fingers.

It’s not as much as Arisu’s, but she’s wet enough too.

I also scooped and licked Misato-san’s love nectar.

「 As expected of you sisters, it tastes the same 」

I said. The two looked at each other.

「 You girls will be apart for a while, but once the contract period ends, you can live together happily again 」

「 But, Arisu’s already Kuromori-sama’s slave 」

Misato-san said feeling lonely.

「 And I will return to the Kurama house alone 」


「 Then I’ll just take Kurama house too 」

The parents of these sisters already escaped. Jii-chan and the Kouzuki SS knows where he is.

Then, The current head of the Kurama house has lost all of the assets from their ancestors.

Therefore, to be honest, Misato-san can’t return home even after retiring as a prostitute.

「 Yes, I’ll be waiting. Misato-oneesama, you can become Kuromori-sama’s slave together with us once you’re done with your duties 」

Arisu smiled.

「 We will be waiting too 」

「 Me too 」

Mitama and Kinuka said from the side.

「 Arisu…Mitama…Kinuka… 」

Misato-san’s eyes got teary.

「 Then, Misato-oneesama, let’s bear Kuromori-sama’s child together. Then, we’ll all raise it happily 」

Arisu told her sister.

「 Oh? But if you get pregnant today then you will be released. Didn’t I say that earlier? If you’re to get pregnant with his child, then all your debts are released 」

Katsuko-nee said with a smile.

「 I can’t allow that. Our family’s debt won’t disappear that easily 」

Misato-san said.

「 I’ll do my best at work. For five years. I have nothing but my body, and so I’ll use it all to serve my customers to repay the debts of our family 」

She’s determined.

The truth is, Misato-san won’t be having sex with the customers, but still…

That’s Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan’s decision.

The fact that a young lady of the nobility became a prostitute due to the debts of the father in his scandal is enough.

It’s to show an example so the other noble families don’t become too dependent on Kouzuki and Kaan house.

The truth is, Misato-san won’t be prostituting herself.

Therefore, she’ll become a prostitute only for me.

The people who were indebted to Misato-san’s grandfather will be paying for Misato-san’s time, but…

They won’t have sex with her.

If anyone among them tried to do it with Misato-san.

That person will become enemies with Jii-chan and other influential people.

Minaho-neesan won’t let people who can’t understand that reason meet with Misato-san.

「 Yeah, good luck, Misato-san 」

I can’t tell Misato-san the truth, she’s doing her best.

I’m not allowed to.

Minaho-neesan says that people want to pay for her time because Misato-san’s commendable.

Therefore, this is okay.

I should think that way.

「 Okay, then let’s have sex. We’ll start with Arisu 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Make it so the others can see my thing entering Arisu 」

I lie down on the bed.

Then, Arisu gets on top of me.

She’ll take in my penis in cowgirl position.

「 Hey, do greet the people who’ll see raw sex for the first time 」

「 Yes 」

Arisu turned to Sumitomo-san and the girls

「 Kuromori-sama’s penis will be entering me. Please watch Arisu’s lewd sex 」

Then, Arisu’s small hands grabbed my glans and placed it to her entrance.

「 T-That won’t fit in 」

Asahina-san mutters

「 S-Stop it. Aren’t you still young?! 」

「 Even if you’re ordered to do that, you shouldn’t do anything unreasonable! 」

Sumitomo-san and Shirahata-san think that Arisu’s doing something reckless by having sex with me.

「 It’s not unreasonable. My genitals are made to accept Kuromori-sama’s penis 」

Then, Arisu…

「 Hmmm 」

She slowly lowers her hips.

「 N-No way?! 」

Asahina-san mutters.

Shirahata-san and Sumitomo-san watch us combine.

The tip of my glans spreads Arisu’s entrance open.

「 I-It’s really going in?! 」

Arisu’s love nectar from inside becomes lubricant.

I’m going inside her narrow pussy.

「 Haa, it’s coming in 」

Asahina Nozomi-san mutters as the glans slip in.

「 Not yet…kuuuu!! 」

Arisu lowers her hips further.

Arisu’s insides spread to the shape of my penis.

「 Hey, how far are you going in?! 」

「 Until it’s all inside 」

Arisu speaks in pain.

「 Arisu, don’t strain yourself. It’s the opposite, loosen up, relax 」

「 O-Okay 」

「 Take a deep breath…Suuu, haa 」

Arisu takes deep breaths.

「 Suuuuu 」

Then, she breathes out.

「 Haaaaaaa 」

Arisu loosens up after breathing out.

My penis went all inside Arisu’s pussy.

「 It really went all in 」

「 To think that it goes inside that young girl 」

「 I-Is that sex? 」

Asahina-san, Shirahata-san, and Sumitomo-san muttered at the same time.

「 Yes, this is sex. No, we’re halfway there 」

Arisu told the three.

「 Real sex is when you move your hips, then Kuromori-sama pours his semen inside of me 」

Then, Arisu moves her hips slowly.

She’s not too accustomed to it and so she couldn’t move her hips that intensely.

First, she remains sticking to me, moving her hips round and round.

「 Does it hurt, Arisu? 」

I asked from below.

「 It’s not that much…ah, ah…at least…aah, it makes me feel good….ah 」

She replies with slight moans.

「 I’ll learn more and then…aah, more..it will feel better! 」

「 Yeah, I’ll give Arisu a lot of pleasure 」

I get up and now we’re in a sitting position.

I embraced Arisu’s small body and thrust my hips from below.

「 Aaaah, aaaah, auu, Kuromori-samaaa!! 」

「 Okay, now lie down on the bed 」

「 O-Okay 」

We changed position again while still connected.

To make the newcomers see my penis thrust inside ARisu…

We’re going with the lateral sexual position.

I embrace Arisu from behind and thrust my hips.

「 Aaah, aaaah, aaaaah!! 」

「 S-Stop it already! Poor girl!! 」

Asahina-san screams.

「 She’s still young, and yet…this is horrible! 」

However, Arisu;

「 I’m…very happy right now! Aaah, aah! Aaahn! 」

She says with a bewitching expression.

「 I’m loved after all…aaaah 」

「 Yeah, Arisu’s insides are already melting 」

「 Aaaaah, more! More! Enjoy Arisu’s body more!! Please enjoy it 」

「 Arisu, look at your sister 」

Misato-san’s next to us in the bed, watching Arisu and me have sex.

「 Onee-sama!!! Misato-oneesama!!! Arisu…Kuromori-sama’s giving Arisu so much love! 」

「 Yes, I can see it. Arisu 」

Misato-san replies with a smile.

「 Arisu, I think it’s Misato-san’s turn now? 」

I whispered to Arisu’s ears.

「 Yes, give Onee-sama your love too 」

I pull out my penis that’s sticky from Arisu’s love nectar.

Then, I go from the younger pussy to her big sister.

「 Misato-san, this is your second time, so it might still hurt, but… 」

「 I’ll be okay 」

「 Yeah, you’re not used to it yet so let’s go with missionary. Misato-san, I’m putting a pillow below your hips 」

「 Kuromori-sama? 」

「 This way, we can change the angle and we can make it enter smoothly 」

「 I understand 」

I placed a pillow below Misato-san’s hips.

「 Okay, now spread your legs wide, and take a deep breath 」

「 O-Okay 」

My glans rubs into her entrance.

There seem no problems with her wetness.

「 Okay, now breathe in… breath out 」

「 Haaaaaa, suuuuuuuu 」

「 Again 」

This time, I aim when Misato-san’s breathing in.

Then, I thrust my hips in.

「 Aguuu!! 」

I hold Misato-san’s hand and gripped it tightly.

Then, I went in deeper.

「 Ouch 」

My penis rubs in the place where I tore her hymen last week.

「 Aaaaaaaah, K-Kuromori-samaaa!! 」

「 Do your best, Onee-sama!! 」


「 Hauuu!!! 」

My penis goes into the root.

Yeah, the younger has the narrower pussy, but the elder has the tighter one.

And as expected, they have different temperatures.

「 Haa, haaa, haaa, haa 」

Misato-san breathes roughly as a foreign object is inside her vagina.

Her cute breasts move up and down with her deep breaths.

Her white skin turned red and is sweating.

「 They’re having sex again 」

Asahina-san said.

The other two are watching dumbfoundedly.

Well, it’s their first time watching raw sex and it’s with two sisters.

It must be shocking to them.

「 Misato-san, you’re beautiful 」

I stopped moving my hips until she gets used to my penis inserted in her.

But in exchange, I groped Misato-san’s breasts.

「 Yes, Misato-oneesama’s beautiful when Kuromori-sama’s showing his love for her 」

Arisu said.

「 Arisu was also cute earlier 」

Misato-san replies.

「 Kuromori-sama, I…that… 」

Misato-san looked up at me.

「 That? 」

「 Sex…I felt fear from it at first, but, I’m liking it now 」

She shows me a smile on her face sweating on her forehead.

「 As of now, I’m having sex with only Kuromori-sama, but… 」

「 Yeah, take it slow. You can learn things slowly 」

I kissed Misato-san.

Then, I moved my hips slowly.

「 Misato-san, let’s hear your cute moans 」

「 Moans? 」

「 Just like what Arisu did earlier. Make me hear cute voices 」

I begin to intensify my hip movement.

「 Hauuu, aaah, aaaah, aaaah, aaahn! Aaahn! 」

Misato-san lets out natural moans from her mouth.

「 That’s right. Let me hear those embarrassing voices of yours. Misato-san’s cute voice arouses me 」

「 Yes, aaaaaah, aaaah, aaaah 」

Misato-san’s face looks like she’s in pain.

But still, those eyes of hers look at me.

Misato-san’s soft body and the smell of the sweat and love nectar of this girl make me go higher.

「 Aaah, Kuromori-sama!! Aaaah! Aaah! 」

「 Misato-san! Misato!! 」

Unable to hold back anymore, I sped up my hips in one go.

「 Arisu, I’ll cum inside Misato-san first. You don’t mind? 」

I said.

「 No, I always receive Kuromori-sama’s semen, and so let Misato-oneesama take it! 」

「 M-Misato-san. I-I’m cumming soon. Do you want it?! 」

Each of my intense thrust makes Misato-san’s breasts sway hard.

「 Aaaaaah! G-Go on!!!! Aaaaaaah! 」

「 Misato-oneesama, you must answer with “Pour it inside,” or “I don’t mind if I make a child” 」

Arisu shouts at her sister.

Therefore, Misato-san;

「 Aaaaaah! K-Kuromori-sama!!!! Cum! Cum inside Misato! I want Kuromori-sama’s child! I want it!!! 」

Uuuuooooooooooohh!!! I…

「 M-Misatoooo!!! I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming!!! Uuuuuuu 」

The thick shaft on my balls is removed and it pours to my glans.

My cloudy liquid blows out.

「 Aaaaah! It’s so hot 」

I grind my glans on Misato-san’s uterus, blowing in my semen.

「 I can feel the hot stuff spreading in my stomach! Aaaaah!! 」

I’m cumming more and more! I’m filling Misato-san’s womb with my smell.

「 Uuuuu, Misatoooo 」

Misato-san stares at me while I ejaculate inside her womb.

「 Go on…more! 」

She replies with an expression filled with love.

「 Aaaah!!! 」

I released it without leaving a drop.

「 Haaa, haaa, haaa, haaa 」

I fell exhausted on Misato-san’s sweating body.

The feeling of her flushed skin is pleasant.

Misato-san’s breathing heavily.

I bury my face on Misato-san’s soft chest and regain my breathing.

When I looked to the side, I saw Mitama and Kinuka.

「 Uuuuuu 」

Both of them look greedy.

Yeah, I guess.

「 Mitama, Kinuka, take off your clothes and come here 」

I’m going to add Mitama and Kinuka to the sister bowl that is Misato-san and Arisu.