Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1112. Sex Trend / Deciding the Order



In the end, after Misato, Tokuda-san, and Kurosawa-san urged them.

Sumitomo-san, Shirahata-san, and Asahina began reviewing the prostitute etiquette.

They read Misato’s notes, and asked Katsuko-nee, and Tamayo-san, their lecturers.

As expected, they didn’t go to Minaho-neesan to ask her, but still.

「 You lot can take a plate of sandwich with you, go eat in the next room 」

Minaho-neesan whispered to me.

「 If you stay here, those girls will be conscious of you in all sorts of ways 」

Oh right, the prostitute cadets…

They’re rushing a review for their sex training with me later in the afternoon.

They’re talking about how to greet the customers as of now, but…

Soon, the contents will become about sex.

They probably don’t want to see me, their training partner.

「 Okay, we’re going to that room 」

I took Arisu, Karen, Mitama, and Kinuka with me to the next room.

Mitama and Kinuka are already holding food and drinks.

「 Finally, those girls seem to be in the mood to study 」

Mitama said.

「 After all, people won’t learn something unless they have the desire 」

「 Desire to learn? 」

I only see them as trying to do something in a hurry since Minaho-neesan cornered them.

「 That’s good for them, it’s their fate on the line after all. Even so, they’ll learn more in the next hour compared to the several days of learning they had 」

Well yeah.

Minaho-neesan planned for Sumitomo-san and the girls to study this way from the beginning.

「 Oh well. Either way, I’ll only do what I have to 」

As a member of the Black Forest, I’ll follow Minaho-neesan’s instructions.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 It’s time 」

Before long, Minaho-neesan said that.

「 Kou, come to this room 」

I left Arisu and the girls and go to the former room.

Sumitomo-san, Shirahata-san, and Asahina-san are a little agitated, their faces blushing.

「 First, look at this 」

Minaho-neesan brings out two bottles with pills of different colors and shape

「 Do you know what kind of medicine is this? 」

Minaho-neesan asks.

「 I’m asking you girls, Sumitomo-san, Shirahata-san, and Asahina-san 」

The three are confused.

「 You girls are asked so you should answer already 」

Kurosawa-san whispered to the three.

Misato-san opened her notes and pointed at some writings.

『 Answer all the questions right away. (If you don’t understand, then just answer that you don’t know,) not answering would be rude to the customers, so it doesn’t matter if you’re wrong, just answer immediately 』

That’s what’s written.

「 U-Uhm, we don’t know what that is 」

Shirahata-san answered Minaho-neesan timidly.

「 Is that your response when you don’t know? 」

Minaho-neesan looked at Shirahata-san and the girls coldly.

Then, Misato-san showed another page of her notes.

『 After saying that you don’t know, don’t forget to ask “teach us” 』

「 I-I don’t know, so please teach us 」

This time, Sumitomo-san answered.

「 Good job. Then, I’ll tell you 」

Minaho-neesan shakes the bottle, rattling it.

「 As mentioned earlier, for your training with Kou, you won’t experience just the deflowering but also creampie 」

Right, it’s an unsafe day for Sumitomo-san and the girls.

「 And then, in case that you become pregnant, you’ll have to give birth to his child and your contract as a prostitute will end…I won’t be taking back the money I lent to your family, didn’t I promise that? 」

Minaho-neesan smiled.

「 Well, the question of whether the woman becomes pregnant or not, should be a matter of God’s intervention, but… Recently, we have some convenient medicines for that 」

She shows the medicine bottles in her hand.

「 The blue one is a contraceptive pill. If you drink this, you won’t get pregnant, no matter how many times you receive an ejaculation. You heard about these, haven’t you? This is the medicine hospitals give to women who were raped 」

It’s the contraceptives my women take.

「 And then, this red pill is the opposite. It’s an ovulation-inducing drug. A drug that raises the likelihood of conception. It won’t go to 100%, but, if you drink this and have sex, you’ll get pregnant

Medicine to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

「 You girls are still young, so it might not be real for you yet, but… Humans don’t live as free as they think. Some say that “It’s your life, so you can make your decisions,” but, they’re just idiots. It’s a waste of time to talk to them. They don’t know anything about their life 」


「 For example, many say “I was born in a poor family, but I struggled to get into a top-notch university, joined a big company, and rose through the ranks.” or “I started my own company and became successful.” Then say, “I worked harder than others. That’s why I succeeded. That’s why I won in life. It’s all because of my good choices,” and they boast. People who are that excessive often publish books of their lives, or try to become a politician. 」 But… 」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「 Sure, I accept their effort, but still, they were just lucky. There are a lot of factors that are beyond your control in this world 」


「 For example, fires or natural disasters, or unforeseen accidents. Getting dragged into a crime, or suddenly becoming sick. People you believe betrays you, deceive you. Your family got in an accident, and so you have to cut off your dreams. Your effort is essential, but that alone won’t do. You also need luck 」

Minaho-neesan said. Sumitomo-san and the girls listen earnestly.

「 You girls are in here because you were unlucky. You had to become prostitutes to save your fathers, your company people, and all the affiliated businesses. Furthermore, you’re not cold daughters who’ll abandon your parents in a predicament 」

Minaho-neesan saw that personality in those girls, and so that’s why she picked Sumitomo-san and the girls.

「 For women, their dream would be to offer their virginity to the man they love, marry that man, and make a happy family, but, how many people actually walk the path of their dreams? Most of them don’t marry the man they offer their virginity to, or rather, after having sex, they’ll say that it’s different. And then it cools off, then the woman abandons the man, right? Most of them just got in the mood, and so they gave their first experience to someone they don’t even love. I’ve been in the brothel all the time so I don’t know much, but still 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 But, anyway, you girls are not lucky with your first experience. It may seem pitiful, but your first partner will be Kou. You have to give up on that. After all, you weren’t lucky enough that you could choose your first-time partner 」

Minaho-neesan insists that it’s a matter of luck.

「 For Tamayo-san, Katsuko, and me, we weren’t lucky either. Therefore, we did things prostitute does in a brothel 」

Katsuko-nee and Tamayo-san smiled wryly.

「 People aren’t born equal. Life is unfair, and luck is unswayed. Even if “you gained a good life from your choice,” is true, that only means that the person who’s given the choice had good luck 」

Some are blessed with the chance to make choices.

「 That’s why one becomes angry when they rethink their life. That they were unlucky. That they’re never given the opportunity in their life to make a choice 」

Minaho-neesan brings the two bottles close together and makes them click.

「 Therefore, this isn’t much, but this will be your opportunity for the choice. It’s nothing big, but, I’m giving you the choice of whether you want to become pregnant after having sex with Kou or not 」

Minaho-neesan looked at the three prostitute candidates.

「 If you choose the contraceptive, you won’t get pregnant, but you’ll need to work for five years as a prostitute 」

She swings the blue pill bottle.

「 On the contrary, if you pick the ovulation-inducing drug, you won’t have to work as a prostitute after becoming pregnant and giving a child. 」 You’ll be able to go back home within a year 」

She shakes the red pill bottle.

「 Of course, you also have the choice of not drinking any and letting God do the work. If you have no courage to chose your life, then do that 」

They’re not forced to drink either of the medicines.

「 Oh, Kurama Misato-san, you also received Kou’s creampie earlier. You can pick yours too. Which one will you take? 」


「 Then, I’ll take the blue pill. This is the path I’m walking for the sake of the Kurama house’s debt. I’ll work as a prostitute 」

She replied immediately.

「 I see. Then, here. Blue pill. Oh, drink this with water 」

Minaho-neesan opens the bottle and holds out a single blue pill to Misato.

「 Thank you 」

Misato takes the medicine politely.

「 Misato-chan, water 」

Katsuko-nee pours water on a cup and hands it to Misato.

「 Thank you 」

Misato puts the blue pill on her mouth then she drinks water.

I hear Misato’s throat making gulps.

Sumitomo-san, Shirahata-san, and Asahina-san watched that.

「 Now, Kurama Misato-san no longer has the likelihood of becoming pregnant. While at it, she decided to live her life as a prostitute for the next five years 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 So, Sumitomo Momoka-san, Shirahata Setsuna-san, and Asahina Nozomi-san, which will you chose? 」


「 I’ll take the red pill! 」

Asahina-san, who’s been quiet all this time, speaks loudly.

「 I’d pick getting pregnant! If I can end this in a year, then I don’t want to stay here for five! I don’t even want to become a prostitute! 」

She shouts while disheveling her pigtails.

「 I see. What about you, Sumitomo-san and Shirahata-san? 」

Minaho-neesan asks the remaining two.

「 I’ll take the blue pill 」

Sumitomo-san, the sporty short-cut haired beauty, said feebly.

「 I already prepared myself to live in this place for five years, and if my father hears that I got pregnant, he might commit suicide 」

「 What about Shirahata-san? 」

「 Uhm, could you give me some time? I can’t decide right now 」

Shirahata-san, the Japanese-style beauty with huge tits, says while looking down.

「 I don’t mind, this drug has no effect until post-sex. You can decide after you finish your training with Kou 」

Misato drank it after our sex, but…

The three of them haven’t done it yet.

「 Well then, we have to decide the sequence in training. Kou’s got only one dick so you’ll have to be deflowered one by one 」

The time finally comes. The three prostitute cadets got nervous.

「 Kou, want to decide? Who will you do it first? 」

The gazes of the girls in the room focused on me.

「 Then, Asahina-san’s first 」

I replied immediately.

「 M-Me? 」

Asahina-san’s shocked.

「 Yeah. Asahina-san’s reactions are the most interesting for me 」

「 I-Interesting? 」

「 You’re curious about what will happen if you have sex 」

I replied.

「 Sumitomo-san’s next, and Shirahata-san’s last 」

The two trembled.

「 Oh, Kou. Are you that uninterested in Shirahata-san? 」

Minaho-neesan asks me.

「 It’s not like that, but it seems that she’s the most boring in sex among the three 」

I said it clearly.

「 I wonder? I feel like Asahina-san’s the one who’s going to need more consideration? 」

「 But, I’m sure that it will be the most fun with Asahina-san once we have sex 」

Asahina-san looked at me dumbfoundedly.

「 This is why we need someone like you in our organization. Kou. If this was Katsuko or me, we can’t make decisions from a male’s perspective 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Is Shirahata-san that bad? She’s quite the beauty, and her breasts are big too 」

Shirahata-san looked at me disheartened.

「 But, I can already guess how sex with Shirahata-san will go 」


「 She’ll do only the things Tamayo-san and Katsuko-nee taught her. Even so, it will be only 70% of what she’s learned. It will be something so boring because she sees it as something she can’t avoid so she’s doing it 」

It will almost be like a dead tuna.

「 In that regard, Sumitomo-san’s going to do it with all her best. “Since I have to do this, I’ll do my best,” that’s her personality I believe. Therefore, she’ll do only what she’s taught, but she will give out a refreshing kind of sex 」

Sumitomo-san looked at me confused.

「 As for Asahina-san, she’ll never do anything she’s taught, and since I know that she won’t, it makes me excited about what kind of sex she’ll bring to the table 」

Asahina-san’s dumbfounded.

「 But, if it’s this kind of girl, won’t there be a chance that she’s not even a good partner in sex? 」

Tamayo-san, who’s the lecturer of the girls, asked me.

「 Well, I can establish that in sex. After all, Asahina-san’s cute, and she has a good body proportion, I already know that it will feel good to just embrace her. I’m sure that it’ll be fun 」

I replied with a smile.

「 Minaho-san, was he this scary before? 」

Tamayo-san asks Minaho-neesan.

「 He developed like that because of us 」

「 He only has sex with the best women after all 」

Katsuko-nee smiled wryly.

「 Oh, he’s become a gourmet for women so his eyes and tongue is trained that well 」

Tamayo-san looked at me and muttered.

「 It might be even more than we expect 」

Minaho-neesan mutters.

「 So, as for the deflowering venue of these girls, Minaho-neesan 」

I made a suggestion.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Ooh, this has an amazing view 」

I take the secret elevator from the basement…

Then, go up to the VIP room in the hotel above.

Of course, Katsuko-nee’s with me.

The time is Sunday Afternoon, Autumn.

The pleasant sunshine is flowing through the screen.

Below me are the outskirts of Tokyo.

「 Katsuko-nee, what floor is this? 」

「 32 」

I see. So that’s why this is the view.

「 You see since they’ll be deflowered only once in their life, it’s better to do it in this bright place, not in that basement 」

I said.

Asahina Nozomi-san’s looking down, not saying anything.

「 Look at it, Asahina-san. This is a good view 」

「 I don’t care about the scenery 」

Asahina-san mutters.

「 Look at it, this will become an unforgettable memory for you 」

Katsuko-nee smiles gently.

「 This is much better than only seeing the bed, the color of the sheet, and the ceiling, isn’t it? 」

I wonder if that’s Katsuko-nee’s memories of her first time.

「 The VIP room isn’t just one room, right? 」

I changed the topic.

「 Yes, this is the same as the suite rooms for ordinary hotels. We also have adjoining rooms. There are two bedrooms, a drawing-room, a game room for cards and billiards, and a party room

Yeah, the room’s name is only for the pretext, since the customers of the Black Forest are riding the elevator to the basement.

So, the VIP room can be used to invite people to a party, since many customers will come here.

「 Asahina-san, which room would you like to do it? 」

Now then, what to do?