Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1119. Sex Training with the Virgins / Momoka 2 – Amazing Grace



「 Right, how about we start by putting this on? 」

I picked a red cheerleader costume from the costume trunk.

But, it’s not real cheerleader clothing.

It’s one of those cheerleader costumes that have a high degree of exposure, the one’s gravure idols or American bar girls wear.

Of course, it’s a mini skirt, the midriffs are exposed, and their cleavage is exposed through a heart-shaped hole. It’s sleeveless, and the back is wide open.

「 Also, put this on while we’re at it 」

I also took out a long hair wig.

The color’s white-pink.

It’s the type of wig that cosplayers wear on comicket or something.

「 I-I can’t wear this 」

Sumitomo-san refuses.

「 Why? 」

I asked her lightly.

「 I-I mean, I never wore these kinds of clothing before 」

「 And that’s why I’m telling you to wear this 」

I said this time.

So far, people wanted her to act and speak like the honor student wherever she goes.

Class representative, student council president, captain of the lacrosse club.

Even when she’s sold as a prostitute, her father wants her to act as the ideal daughter who’ll save them from their predicament.

「 Do it as he says, it’s your training 」

Katsuko-nee told Sumitomo-san strictly.

「 I don’t mind if you put this on instead 」

I take a black g-string from the clothing trunk and showed it to Sumitomo-san.

「 We have even more lewd clothes here 」


「 I-I get it, I-I’ll put this on. I just have to wear this, right? 」

Unwilling, but she agreed.

「 Katsuko-nee, pick suitable underwear for Sumitomo-san. It’s okay even if it’s not too lewd, but, I want something that fits with this cheerleader outfit 」

It’s too early to go for maximum lewdness.

That’ll only shrink Sumitomo-san’s heart even more.

「 I also thought of suggesting that now. Sumitomo-san brought nothing but sports bras from her home 」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「 This one has a design that emphasizes the cleavage, and so it would not look good if we use sports bra on her 」

Yeah, the part where you can see the skin on her chest is blocked by her sports bra.

「 I think that Tamayo-san’s looked up Sumitomo-san’s size so she has a variety in here, so… 」

Katsuko-nee looks inside the trunk.

「 I think this will do. It’ll show her cleavage nicely 」

Katsuko-nee picks a black bra and panty set.

「 Black underwear… 」

Sumitomo-san gasps.

「 What’s wrong, this is your first time wearing black? 」

「 School regulations say that we can only wear white underwear 」

Sumitomo-san’s walked in a life where she’s screwed.

「 But, you don’t have to follow school regulations anymore, do you? Sumitomo-san, you’re a prostitute here 」

I said.

「 You’re putting on any kind of underwear, if you don’t want that, then you’ll have to spend your time here wearing no underwear 」

Sumitomo-san trembled.

「 O-Okay 」

「 Dear, take it slow with your tea, this girl will put on her clothes in five minutes 」

Katsuko-nee goes to Sumitomo-san.

「 Yeah, please do. I want to watch Mt. Fuji for now 」

I had no intention of peeking at Sumitomo-san changing her clothes at this point.

It would be much harder for Sumitomo-san if I completely ignore her instead.

I face the window and then stare at the distant mountain while I drink the tea Katsuko-nee prepared for me.

Before long.

「 It’s okay now, look here 」

Katsuko-nee called and I turned to them.

「 !!! 」

Sumitomo Momoka-san’s short black hair is turned into unnatural long pink hair.

Then, a red cheerleader clothing that suits her slender and tall physique.

Her too-short mini-skirt makes it seem that her panties will expose themselves.

Then, there are her long healthy legs.

It’s firm, but it’s not too tempered, it’s a good harmony of pleasant meat and muscle.

White knee socks.

Then, she’s holding gold pom-poms at the end of her long arms.

「 Yeah, it suits you just as I expected. That’s really cute 」

I told Sumitomo-san with a smile.

Sumitomo-san looks confused, but…

「 Katsuko-nee. Can you turn the window here into a mirror? 」

The party room window can change to a mirror using electricity, but…

「 Yes, we can change that in this room too 」

「 Then, please do 」

Following my demand, Katsuko-nee pressed a switch in the control panel on the bedside.

The Mt. Fuji view from the 32nd floor of the hotel disappeared instantly.

Replacing that, is Sumitomo-san’s body, wearing the cheerleader outfit in the mirror.

「 So? Sumitomo-san, what are your impressions after seeing yourself? 」

I asked.

「 This outfit is stupid. I feel like I’m stupid 」

She speaks looking sad.

「 Well, can’t help it. Any girl would look stupid if they put on a pink wig 」

I said.

「 Right. It’s an unlikely hair color among nature 」

Katsuko-nee also said laughingly.

「 Yeah, Ya-chan mentioned this before, but you see 」

I remembered the story Nei mentioned before.

「 In the old manga and anime, pink and blue, people with unnatural hair color were all yokai or aliens 」

Because it’s an improbable color, it conveys that it’s not ordinary.

「 Really? Recent manga makes ordinary high school girls pink-haired, don’t they? 」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「 Yeah, it was during the 80s, when stuff was still indefinite. I don’t know why tho 」

「 But, seeing a girl put on a pink wig in practice, it sure looks weird. Somehow, it’s funny. She’s like a circus clown 」

「 Yeah, pink hair is quite silly 」

Sumitomo-san’s confused from our gazes.

「 Oh, use this too, Sumitomo-san. I think you look cuter in this 」

Katsuko-nee takes out a cat ear headband from the clothing trunk.

「 Katsuko-nee, that’s great! Sumitomo-san, put that on 」

「 Ah, okay 」

Sumitomo-san’s confused, but she puts on the cat ear headband on her long pink hair-wig.

「 Nice. The stupidity jumped three times 」

「 The cuteness also jumped three times 」

Katsuko-nee nod at each other.

「 W-What’s this?! 」

Sumitomo-san looks at herself in the mirror dumbfoundedly.

「 No, it’s stupid-cute, right? 」


「 Don’t you think so too, Sumitomo-san? 」

I smiled.

「 Sumitomo-san looked at herself in the mirror in dissatisfaction 」

「 It’s true that it looks stupid. But, I don’t understand what’s cute about it 」


「 And this look isn’t like me at all 」

I’ve been waiting for that line

「 Really? That’s not very much like you? What do you mean? 」

I cut in quickly.

「 T-That’s… 」

「 The hairstyle that follows the school regulations? The clean style of a sporty girl? 」

I said.

「 T-That’s right. I prefer to look decent 」

「 So far, yes 」

I cut her off.

「 Your parents, teachers, and the students around you expect you to be the honor student, and so that’s okay. But, Sumitomo-san’s going to be a prostitute now, right? 」

I purposely agitate her.

「 If you’re a prostitute, then dress like one 」

Sumitomo-san looks offended.

「 What kind of look does a prostitute have? 」

「 Hey now, try to imagine that yourself 」

I’m not going to spoil her. This is our fight.

「 What kind of work does a prostitute do? And, what kind of clothing do you wear for that kind of work? 」

「 N-Naked? 」

Sumitomo-san replies with a small voice.

「 Are you stupid? Do you think that prostitutes have to be naked from the beginning? 」

「 I don’t know! I have no idea how the prostitutes work in this world! 」

Good, now she’s heating up.

It’s much better than her feeling down.

「 Don’t be proud of your ignorance! 」

「 I’m not proud! I just don’t know! I was an ordinary high school girl until last week! As if I could know about all of this! 」

Finally, Sumitomo-san snapped.

Now’s the time.

「 If you don’t know then why are you not asking?! 」

I shoot back at Sumitomo-san’s tension.

「 Isn’t that why Katsuko-nee’s here?! She’s here to be your teacher! 」

「 T-That’s… 」

「 Shut up! Sumitomo-san, you weren’t listening in Tamayo-san’s lecture earlier! You were absent-minded all the time, I know that 」

「 Wait for a second 」

「 I’m not waiting! You should stop this already! We’re not here for you girls! Don’t misunderstand! 」

「 But! You’re making me a prostitute, aren’t you? I don’t want to be a prostitute so I wanted you to be a little gentle with me at least! 」

「 Okay, I get it already, Sumitomo-san doesn’t want to become a prostitute 」

I make it clear.

「 Then go back home already. Go with your family and suffer from your debts and die pitifully. Go tell your parents and the employees of your father that you don’t want to become a prostitute so let the company burn 」

「 You’re unfair 」

Sumitomo-san speaks in frustration.

「 It’s not unfair. Becoming a prostitute is part of the condition as per the contract to save your Father. If Sumitomo-san doesn’t become a prostitute, then our organization isn’t helping Sumitomo-san’s father. Isn’t that obvious? 」

I looked at her in the eye and said.

「 I-Isn’t that why I’m here? 」

「 You just came here, you said it yourself. You don’t know anything about prostitution. If you don’t know, then learn. Learn from Katsuko-nee and Tamayo-san, they’re teaching you. If you don’t know then ask. Put some effort in becoming a prostitute 」

I dominate Sumitomo-san with my Qi.

「 No, show us that you’re putting on some effort all the time! If we see that you’re useless as a prostitute, then we can toss you out anytime, do you get it? 」

「 I-I understand 」

Sumitomo-san’s speech goes back to polite.

「 No, I don’t think you get it so I’ll make it clear. Our customers are big-shots from politics and business. They’re all great people. They’re influential people 」

「 I-I know that. Katsuko-san told me that multiple times 」

「 You are aware of it but you can’t imagine what it means. Listen, We’re here to offer prostitute to those influential people, if a bad prostitute shows rudeness to them, even if it’s just trivial 」

I paused for a moment.

「 It’s our lives that get in danger here 」

Sumitomo-san’s shocked.

「 We’re putting our lives on the line here! Our promise to our customers is to bring them the best prostitutes we have, and so, we’re giving your parents a guaranteed reward for their huge debt by letting you earn it for five years. On the other hand, if you’re not a high-class prostitute, then you can’t entertain the big-shots of politics and business 」

「 We’re not bringing out prostitutes if we see that they can’t do it at this stage. It is as he says, our lives are at stake here 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 It’s not an ordinary job. It’s not just an ordinary prostitute, it’s a “high-class prostitute” You’re not allowed to learn slowly while at work. Therefore, this is why there are advanced training 」

「 If the girls are just spoiled like Sumitomo-san and Shirahata-san, then we have to cut you off 」


「 A-Are we that spoiled 」

「 Yeah, you are. Look at Misato, Tokuda-san, and Kurosawa-san. Those three are listening to Tamayo-san’s lessons with all they can. The three of them knows that everyone’s lives are on the line

「 Didn’t he tell Asahina-san earlier? That we can’t bring out girls who aren’t accomplices to our customers, right? You need that much resolve 」

Misato and Tokuda-san even gave their notes to Nozomi and the girls before the training and taught them anything they don’t know.

They know about it.

Without amassing complicity, the brothel can’t survive.

「 Nozomi understands. And she’s prepared for it 」

「 Asahina-san felt despair as her family abandoned her. He’s built mutual trust with her so she’s okay. Unlike Sumitomo-san and Shirahata-san, she’s a girl who’s got sharp perception and she’s clever, and so there’s no need to worry about Asahina-san 」

Katsuko-nee, their lecturer, said.

「 W-What should I do? 」

Sumitomo-san asks me.

「 Think of what you should do yourself 」

「 I-I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking 」

Sumitomo-san said with a face that’s about to cry anytime.

「 Then, first, I’ll teach you how to speak. Is that a phrase you hear from someone who’s told “If you don’t know, then ask” ?! 」


「 I-I don’t know. P-Please teach me 」

「 That’s 30 points 」

I commented.

「 Oh well, look at the mirror. 」 What do you see? 」

I point at the window-turned-mirror.

「 I-I see me 」

Yeah, the mirror displays Sumitomo-san with pink hair and a cheerleader outfit.

「 Take a good look. Sumitomo-san, you look stupid, right? 」

「 Y-Yes 」

「 That’s Sumitomo Momoka right now. Really stupid, a disgraceful woman 」

I said.

「 Sumitomo Momoka who does anything to meet expectations from everyone, the girl who pretends to be a decent and an honor student is no longer here. This brothel doesn’t need women with two faces 」

「 Do you get it, Sumitomo-san? 」

Katsuko-nee added, scolding Sumitomo-san.

「 Y-Yes! 」

「 Sumitomo Momoka knows nothing about what prostitutes do as of now, right? You’re ignorant, and yet, you feel like you will be pampered, and so you got cocky, you’re that stupid person, aren’t you? 」

「 Isn’t that right? Stupid? 」

「 Yes 」

Tears gather in Sumitomo-san’s eyes.

「 Don’t cry! If you do, you escape with your emotions, you gloss over everything with your tears. Especially weak girls like Sumitomo Momoka 」

「 If you cry then I’m hitting you 」

「 Yes, I-I won’t cry 」

She desperately endures her tears.

She’s a girl who does sports-minded club activities so she can endure this.

「 Let me confirm one thing, Sumitomo Momoka, are you ready to become a prostitute in this place? 」

「 Are you willing? Well, if you’re not, then your father is in danger 」

Katsuko-nee brings her to the corner with her cold words.

「 I-I have my resolve. I can’t go back home without anything. If I do that, father… 」

That’s right, she has to work in the brothel for the debts Minaho-neesan paid for.

「 Then, accept that you’re an idiot 」

I said.

「 You already find it in yourself, don’t you? Just how stupid were your speech and actions ever since you came here. You just worsened your image on Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Tamayo-san’s mind, you made them think that “Sumitomo-san is not suited to become a prostitute,” 」

「 Yes. I understand..uuu 」

Sumitomo-san feels pathetic, but she desperately endures her tears.

「 Then, say it. Sumitomo Momoka is an idiot 」

「 Repeat what he said 」

Katsuko-nee ordered.

「 Yes, Sumitomo Momoka….was an idiot 」

「 Why are you putting it in the past tense? Shouldn’t it be in present progressive form? 」

「 Where’s the correction? 」

「 Uuu….Sumitomo Momoka is an idiot 」

「 Repeat it so you won’t forget 」

「 Repeat 」

「 Sumitomo Momoka, is anidiot 」

「 Repeat 」

「 Sumitomo Momoka is an idiot 」

「 Again 」

「 Sumitomo Momoka is a stupid girl 」


「 So, I scored you 30 points earlier, what do you think should be the response? 」

Sumitomo-san thinks for a while.


「 Sumitomo Momoka is a stupid girl… I’m stupid so I don’t know what I should do. Please teach me 」

「 Who are you asking? 」

「 Say the name of the people you’re pleading 」

「 Uhm 」

「 I’m Kuromori Kou, didn’t I gave my greeting earlier 」

「 S-Sorry! Sorry that I’m an idiot 」

「 That’s where you say “I’m terribly sorry,” right? 」

Katsuko-nee speaks with a fed-up tone

「 I-I’m terribly sorry 」 Kuromori Kou-san 」

「 -Sama! 」

「 I’m terribly Sorry Kuromori Kou-sama! S-Sumitomo Momoka’s stupid so…I’m very sorry 」

Sumitomo-san apologizes to me desperately.

「 From now on, when asking someone, be sure to say “I’m very sorry for being an idiot” 」

I ordered her.

「 Y-Yes, Momoka’s an idiot, I’m terribly sorry 」

「 So, what do you want to ask? 」

「 Yes, Kuromori Kou-sama, Sumitomo Momoka’s an idiot, I’m terribly sorry, but, I don’t know what I should do 」

Sumitomo-san looked at me with eyes about to tear up.

「 Sumitomo Momoka, what should this stupid Momoka do? 」


「 It’s simple, if you don’t know what to do, then follow me. That’s absolute obedience. Do everything I tell you. I don’t allow any opposition, is that clear? 」

「 Huh? Ah, yes 」

Sumitomo-san hesitated for a moment.

「 Don’t just say “Yes,” where’s the repeat? 」

Katsuko-nee psyches her up.

「 Y-Yes, I’m sorry, I’m terribly sorry for being an idiot! Sumitomo Momoka’s an idiot so she’ll follow Kuromori Kou-sama! Complete submission! 」

「 “I’m in complete submission,” right? 」

Katsuko-nee fixes her line.

「 Y-Yes, I’m terribly sorry for being an idiot. Sumitomo Momokoa is in complete submission to Kuromori Kou-sama 」

Err, this needs some doubling down.

It’s to change Sumitomo-san from what she was until now.

「 Then, we’re going to change your name 」

「 W-What? 」

I said. Sumitomo-san’s taken aback.

「 This will be your professional name. You’ll name yourself to the prostitute as such. Something like a stage name 」

「 Like Sen or Chihiro? 」

Sumitomo-san said.

「 What’s that? 」

I don’t know.

「 No, nothing. I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry for being an idiot 」


「 We’ll keep the name Momoka However, we’ll use Katakana, not the Kanji. So… 」

“Momoka” alone isn’t enough…

Let’s add something…

「 “Momoka The Great” 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Hey, dear 」

Katsuko-nee glared at me.

「 Nono, that was a slip of my tongue, let’s see. “Momoka ★ Grace.” A star in the center, and when you write it, be sure to make it a red star 」

Yeah, that’s just stupid.

「 I-I’m “Momoka ★ Grace”? 」

「 If you don’t want it, then you can choose between “Momoka ★ Grape,” or “Momoka ★ Golden Apple” 」

「 I’m okay with “Momoka ★ Grace” 」

Sumitomo-san replies with “Momoka ★ Grace” feebly.

「 Hey, wording 」

Katsuko-nee points out.

「 Ah, yes. “Momoka ★ Grace” will do nicely 」

「 Where’re the thanks?! 」

「 I-I’m sorry! “Momoka ★ Grace” is an idiot. I’m very sorry. Err. Thank you for the wonderful name. Thank you, Kuromori Kou-sama. I’m now “Momoka ★ Grace” 」

She’s breaking through nicely.

「 Good, Momoka, now dance with those legs of yours 」

「 D-Dance? 」

「 What’s Momoka’s appearance right now? 」

Momoka looks at the mirror.

「 Cheerleader. Ah! 」

She noticed.

「 Does it mean “Dance like a cheerleader?” 」

「 Well done 」

「 I’m very sorry, “Momoka ★ Grace” is an idiot. I’m terribly sorry 」

「 Well, you still managed to find out so now dance like a cheerleader 」

「 Ah, yes 」

Momoka spreads out the pom-poms then tries to dance, but…

「 U-Uhm, Kuromori Kou-sama 」

「 What’s up? 」

「 If I dance like this, Momoka’s panties will be exposed 」

「 What’s the problem? 」

「 No, well, it’s not a panty meant to be seen 」

Seriously, she’s too much trouble.

「 It’s not a panty meant to be seen so that’s why I want to see it. I’m telling you to dance because I want to see it 」

「 I-I’m very sorry, I’m sorry for being an idiot! 」

Momoka bows her head.

「 Who cares about that, hurry up and dance 」

「 Y-Yes! 」


「 1,2,3,4! Hai! Hai! 」

She does some nice steps and raised her legs high.

Yeah, I can see the black panty of hers.

Putting that aside.

「 Momoka, you also did cheerleading before? 」

That’s a nice dance, but

「 Uhm, I did some cheerleading on a contest during the school sports day 」

「 Dance for me again 」

「 Y-Yes, 1,2,3,4 hai hai! 」

Yeah, her body’s tight so her pivot doesn’t waver.

This girl has some nice reflexes.

「 It’s beautiful. Momoka’s cute 」

I said.

「 Err, uhm 」

Momoka’s confused as she’s suddenly praised.

「 Now, look at the mirror and dance again. Watch yourself dance 」

「 Yes…1,2,3,4, hai, hai! 」

The cheerleader cosplay girl dances in the mirror.

「 See isn’t that cute 」

「 Y-Yes 」

「 The person in the mirror is the real “Momomka ★ Grace” 」

I said.

「 Accept the truth, Momoka ★ Grace is cute 」

「 Yes 」

「 Sumitomo Momoka, the girl who has high morals, the girl who tries to work her best in the wrong way, to answer other people’s expectations is now gone. The girl we have here is an idiot but cute girl, her name is Momoka ★ Grace 」

This girl’s changing at such a fast pace. She’s transforming.