Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1140. Before Sunset / The Taste of Semen



「 Uuuu, here I go, Ruriko!!! 」

Michi, who’s the best at hand job, strokes me.

Then, I stick out my penis to Ruriko’s face.

「 Yes, please pour it on Ruriko’s face. Onii-sama! 」

I release it on the white skin and nice face of this young lady.

「 Uuuu 」

Byururururu! Byrururu! Byrurururu

「 Hyaa!! 」

Anna-san, Momoko-neechan, and Sebastianus (Yamada Umeko-san)

The three virgins are shocked at the vigor of the semen released from the penis.

「 It’s really white 」

「 Is it normal to let out that much? 」

「 Wow 」

Anna-san who read books seems to know the color of semen.

「 In La Rose d’Amour, they say that the color is pearl grey, but… 」

She looks at Ruriko’s face stained by my semen in surprise.

「 Ruri-chan, I’ll have some too 」

Nei scoops some semen from Ruriko’s face and licks it.

「 Yep, delicious 」

「 Me too! I’ll scoop from here 」

Edie sucks on my glans and takes out the remaining semen from my urethra.

「 Ahn, that’s unfair you two! 」

Ruriko scoops the semen on her nose and licks it.

「 Ruriruri, me too 」

Michi licks Ruriko’s face like a puppy.

「 Me too! 」

Misuzu licks Ruriko’s face on the other side.

「 Mariko-chan, try it out 」

Nei said. Mariko.

「 Ah, yeah. Ruriko-sama, I’ll take some too 」

She takes some semen with her finger and licks it.

「 It’s a little bitter 」

Mariko smiled.

「 Mariko, are you okay licking that? 」

Momoko-neechan asks reflexively.

「 It’s not really a problem, since it’s Kou’s baby seeds 」

Mariko replies with a smile.

「 It’s natural for Kou’s women to lick it 」

「 If you don’t taste it every day, you won’t be able to see Darling’s state of health 」

Edie said.

「 You seem tired today. It’s lightly seasoned compared to the usual 」

Well, it’s because I ejaculated so many times today already.

「 I-Is that so? Then, Sebastianus, try licking it too 」

「 M-Momoko-ojousama! 」

Yamada Umeko-san panics.

「 I mean, Kou-chan’s going to violate you later so why don’t you learn the taste of semen now? 」

As usual, she’s absurd with her servant.

「 Momoko-oneesama, why don’t you try the same? 」

Ruriko said.

「 I-I… 」

Momoko-neechan mumbles.

「 It’s safe to lick it, you saw us do it, so why are you scared? 」

Edie provokes her.

「 I-I’m not! Sebastianus! I’m going to lick it too! So you do too! 」

「 Huh? Ah, Y-Yes 」

「 Here, feel free 」

Ruriko scoops out semen from her face and then brings it to Momoko-neechan’s face.

「 You too, lick this 」

Edie does the same to Yamada Umeko-san.

「 Sebastianus, we’re doing it in three… 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Sebastianus (Yamada Umeko-san) seem to be ready for it too.

「 Here we go, 1, 2, 3! 」

Momoko-neechan and Yamada-san licked the fingers presented to them.

「 I-It’s bitter 」

「 So this is how Kou-chan tastes like 」

Both of them frown on their faces…looks like they don’t find it delicious.


I also scoop some of the semen from Ruriko’s face and tell Anna-san;

「 Lick it 」

「 HUh? 」

「 You want to be my slave, don’t you? 」

「 That’s… 」

Anna-san looked down.

I get that she’s confused because of the difference between the sexual knowledge from books and the real sex we displayed to her.

「 Just lick it 」

「 Hii 」

「 This is an order 」

Anna-san noticed that the girls around her all stare at her.

And since she’s the only one who hasn’t tasted my semen yet…

「 I-I understand 」

Anna-san, the young lady timidly…

Licks my finger.

「 Clean it up 」

「 Uuuu 」

Her small pink tongue licks my fingers.

It’s not just the semen, but the idea of licking a man’s finger…that’s got to be a first for her.

「 So, what do you think of the taste? 」

Ruriko asks. Anna-san;

「 It’s salty and bitter 」

She replied with teary eyes.

「 Good, it’s gonna be dinner soon so let’s wash our bodies lightly 」

I said and stood up.

◇ ◇ ◇

We moved to the shower room.

We didn’t have intense sex so we didn’t sweat that much.

We just have to rinse our bodies from the sexual fluids.

「 Come here Ruriko 」

「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

I wash Ruriko, Misuzu, Michi, and Mariko in turns.

「 I also got wet so wash me too, Yo-chan 」

Nei and Edie got naked on their lower half and I washed them too

「 Hyauu~ The water’s warm 」


「 Momoko-oneesama, do you not feel uncomfortable that your crotch is wet? 」

Mariko smiles.

「 You may want Kou to wash it too, but… 」

「 Sebastianus, have him do it for you, as for me… 」

Momoko-neechan’s fidgeting.

「 I-I can do it myself! I-I’ll have to wash deeper 」

She’s going to wash her genitals in a place I can’t see.

「 Momoko-oneesama, you gazed at Kou’s penis so much and yet you want to hide yours? 」

Mariko smiled.

「 I-I wasn’t gazing at it! 」

Momoko-neechan shakes her head.

「 You were 」

「 Yep, definitely 」

Edie and Nei laughed.

「 You already have the mole in Yo-chan’s penis in your memory, right? 」

「 T-That’s… 」

Momoko-neechan blushed.

「 Momoko-oneesama, it’s not like Kou will attack you after seeing your body. There are a lot of beautiful women who can keep him entertained anyway 」

「 T-That’s true 」

「 You already saw us have sex, so I believe that Momoko-oneesama should get naked too 」

Misuzu, the representative of the Kouzuki house said.

「 I get it. I can’t be the only one with the special treatment! 」

Momoko-neechan takes off her thin pants and bikini.

Momoko-neechan’s lower half sure is glamorous with her tall body.

「 Okay, is that good enough? Now wash it Kou-chan 」

「 Yeah, come here, I’ll wash that 」

I gently wash Momoko-neechan’s crotch.

「 Oh, Kou-chan’s good at this 」

「 I do this with multiple people every day, so yes 」

I replied.

「 Well, Kou-chan’s the Master in the harem, and yet…that’s a lot of trouble. 」

「 It’s because I’m the master that’s why I can’t just let my hand go free, you build a mutual trust relationship by repeating some mundane routines 」

「 Hmm, really? 」

「 It’s especially true with male-female relationships. If I cut corners, then everyone will be sad… 」

「 I see. Still, you’re good at this. It makes me want you to have as my maid 」

I understood one thing from that line.

「 Momoko-neechan’s also accustomed to getting washed by others 」

「 Yes, I have three maids accompanying me when I take a bath 」

She’s that kind of young lady.

「 There we go 」

I’m done washing Momoko-neechan

「 Thanks, Sebastianus, you should get yours cleaned up too 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Sebastianus, (Yamada Umeko-san) comes forward feeling like she has no choice.

She also got naked only on her lower half.

Yamada-san fidgets. She’s definitely not accustomed to having others wash her.

I pour water on her crotch, and then…

「 Oh, your muscles seem different than Edie and Michi 」

I sensed as I look at Yamada-san’s thighs.

「 It’s also different from Mitama, Kinuka, or Haiji. Maybe it’s the difference in your training school? 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Yamada-san’s embarrassed as I look at her naked body.

「 Umeko’s body specializes in high power output. 」

Edie said.

「 She can deal with any of the dangers approaching her Master in a moment, but that’s exactly why she’s weak at her timings. As of now, if she tries to fight me off a hundred times, I’ll win a hundred times too 」

「 Why would you point out my weakness then? 」

Yamada-san asks curiously.

「 If you give me a hint, then I can start training to conquer it. Once I do that, I’ll be able to take my win for sure 」


「 You’re already letting Darling wash your body so for me, Umeko’s already my friend. We’re friends, so I’m giving you a bit of advice 」

「 Yes. Sebastianus, Kou-chan’s going to deflower you later so these girls are your friends now 」

Momoko-neechan smiles.

「 The technical term for that is “Rod Sisters” 」

「 Yes, Sebastainus 」

「 Ah, yes 」

Sebastianus (Yamada Umeko-san;)

「 Somehow, I can’t help but feel like it’s natural for Kuromori-sama to wash my body like this 」

「 Right? Right? 」

Momoko-neechan hasn’t noticed that it’s like that with her too.

「 Well, lastly, Erica-san 」

「 Hyaa 」

Ruriko pushed Anna-san forward.

「 Now, take it off 」

「 Y-Yes 」

She’s already made her resolve.

Even so, she’s embarrassed to do it herself so Ruriko strips her.

Ruriko didn’t just take off the lower half but also the top bikini too.

「 I-Iyaan 」

Anna-san hides her breasts…

That’s a behavior suited for her age.

「 Don’t hide it, we all are naked here 」

Ruriko, Misuzu, Michi, and Mariko are completely naked.

「 Now, let Onii-sama wash your body 」

Ruriko pushes the trembling Anna-san forward.

This girl’s not accustomed to other people washing her.

「 Sure, I’ll pour some warm water now 」

Anna-san covers the nipples with both hands…I pour water on her hairless crotch

Yeah, this is a beautiful slit, it’s like it’s a clean-cut by a knife.

Her white skin has no puff.

「 Kou-chan, are you not going to open it up with your fingers and check for her hymen? 」

Momoko-neechan asks curiously.

「 That’s for later before I have sex with Anna-san 」

I replied. Anna-san trembled…

「 U-Uhm, Kuromori-sama, I… 」

She sits with her knees drawn up as I pour water on her, then Anna-san looked up at me afraid.

「 Are you afraid? After seeing real sex? 」

「 T-That’s… 」

I look at Anna-san’s troubled face.

「 But, too late. Anna Erica-san, you have to take responsibility for the things you say 」

I look into her eyes.

「 It was Anna-san who said that she’ll be my sex slave, am I wrong? 」

「 B-But… 」

「 Don’t you think that it’s rude to say “I don’t want to be a slave,” “I’m scared, so I’ll stop,” ignoring my will and just doing what you want? 」

「 Huh? 」

「 You know, sure, I gather amazing girls and make a harem. They’re all women I chose, and they are also ready to come to stay with me. We confirm our trust in each other, and that’s how we live together 」

I said.

「 I’m not irresponsible to accept anyone who wants to apply in my harem. Don’t you think that the idea of asking “Please let me get in?” and then answering “Sure, go on,” is rude to our group? 」

Anna-san’s face changed.

「 Yes, y-you’re right. I was naive 」

Tears gather in Anna-san’s eyes.

「 I never imagined sex or being a slave to be this much trouble. I’m sorry 」

Tears spill from Anna-san’s eyes.

「 But, it’s too late even if you apologize 」

I said.

「 Anna-san said it herself before everyone, that you want to be my sex slave, that you have interest in rape and training. So, it’s too late now 」

「 B-But… 」

I embraced Anna-san’s small waist.

「 Hiii! 」

The young girl turned stiff from the man’s embrace.

「 Besides, I quite like you. Anna-san 」

I smiled at the trembling girl.

「 Anna-san, I think that you have the aptitude 」

「 Me? Aptitude? 」

Her wet big eyes look at me.

「 Yes, the aptitude to be my sex slave 」

「 Isn’t that great? Erica-san? Onii-sama’s accepting you 」

Ruriko smiled brightly.

「 Let’s receive Onii-sama’s love together 」

「 Yes, we’ll take it slow, but I’ll be sure to train you so look forward to it 」

I said. Anna-san trembles again.

「 Isn’t that great? That’s what you wished for after all 」

Kaan Momoko-neechan said smilingly.

「 Right, if a cheeky girl like you get trained…you have a good foundation, so I think that you’ll be a wonderful slave if Kou-chan trains you 」