Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1166. In the Dark of the Night / Bath Time



「 Okay, we’ll start with Erica, come here 」

We had no time to wash our bodies earlier so Erica, Marika, and I are now in the bathroom.

Some members of the family are also here.

Nagisa, Nei, Tsukiko, Ai, Ruriko, Michi, Arisu, Mitama and Kinuka, Karen, Mana, Yomi, Haiji, Eri and Rie.

Ruriko and Erica’s school has most of the students brought up from the kindergarten, and there are only a few of them, so most of them know each other.

Especially the young ladies of nobility, so Erica should know about Arisu from the Kurama house and Karen from the Mizushima house.

Mitama and Kinuka, who are bodyguards, and Mariko’s bodyguards should also be acquainted with her.

Half of them are girls Erica knows, and half of them are new girls.

Mixing in girls who are aggressive talkers and timid girls.

It’s a well-thought selection I think.

Marika will feel at ease when Nei and Tsukiko, girls who she has been with earlier, with her.

「 It’s Onii-chan’s right and duty to wash the girls he deflowered! 」

Mana smiled.

「 Mana also had hers washed in this huge bathroom 」

That was half a year ago.

「 Come here, Erica 」

I whipped some body-shampoo on the sponge and wait for Erica.

「 O-Okay 」

Erica comes over.

She’s been tied up with a rope on her chest ever since I deflowered her, so…

The rope marks are clearly visible on her white skin.

「 It’s okay. This will just disappear by tomorrow morning

Nagisa said with a smile while dipping in the bathtub.

As expected of Nagisa, she knows how it is just from the redness of the mark.

「 Well, he never ties women up to the extent that it’ll hurt your skin so there should be no problems 」

She smiled at me.

「 Oh, I didn’t tie it up that hard from the beginning 」

I say while checking the mark of the rope on Erica’s skin closer.

「 If you do it poorly, it’ll hinder blood flow, and I know that’s bad for the body 」

It would be outrageous if it leads to Erica’s poor health.

「 Is that so? This will disappear tomorrow? 」

Erica looks a bit dissatisfied.

「 I wanted this to remain forever 」

I think that’s just a line coming from Erica’s unease right now.

She feels pressure from the girls around her so she feels the bond with me with this mark of the rope.

Therefore, she feels a bit lonely that the mark will disappear.

「 You just have to ask Yo-chan to tie you up again. As much as you want. It’s much more fun to think that way, right? 」

Nei’s prided ample breasts float in the water as she speaks with a smile.

「 That’s right, there’s no need to rush things 」

I begin to wash Erica’s smooth skin with the sponge.

「 Hauu 」

Erica’s body trembled as she feels the sponge rub on her skin.

「 It’s okay, leave it to me 」

「 O-Okay 」

I gently washed Erica’s back first.

「 See, it feels good when Onii-chan washes you, right? 」

Mana tells Erica.

「 Onii-san always washes our bodies 」

「 He gently rubs it so it doesn’t hurt 」

The twins said.

「 Yeah, I always wash someone’s body every day. Well, of course, I’ll get better at it 」

I replied.

When we’re washing off our sweat after sex, I basically wash my partner’s body.

When I have sex, it’s mostly with several women nowadays.

So, I don’t just wash one woman.

I can’t possibly remain unskilled at washing women’s bodies if that’s my lifestyle already.

「 That’s not true. Onii-chan’s already so gentle even when you were washing Mana the first time 」

Mana said.

「 Right. Parents usually scrub their children with so much strength that it hurts the child, and yet, he does it so softly that it doesn’t hurt at all 」

Nagisa smiled.

「 That’s because my Grandma was like that. She washes me using a towel when I was young, and she scrubs my body like she’s scrubbing nylon, that it really hurts a lot 」

It’s like she’s rubbing sandpaper on my skin.

I’m raised with that kind of experience, so I want to wash my women as gently as possible.

I scrub Erica’s body with the soft sponge.

「 Ahn, hmmm 」

Seems like the sponge touched some erogenous zone of Erica’s.

「 It tickles but get used to it 」

「 O-Okay 」

I wash Erica’s white back and…

Next, her hips and ass, and wash Erica’s legs and the back of it.

「 Uuuu 」

Erica’s trembling lightly as I wash her body.

My hand feels through Erica’s soft body line across the sponge.

Her body’s plenty meaty.

Her hips and legs are thin, and yet her small ass is round.

「 Okay, now sit here 」

「 O-Okay 」

Erica sits on the bathroom stool.

「 Haa 」

She sighed loudly.

「 Kuromori-sama, are you going to do the front too? 」

She covers her chest and asks me bashfully.


「 No, we’re not yet done washing your legs, right? 」

「 What? 」

「 I meant, I’m asking you to sit down so you don’t break your balance 」

I said, then I lifted Erica’s ankle

「 Hiee?! 」

Erica’s frightened, but…

「 Don’t be afraid. I’m just washing your toes 」

I use the sponge to gently scrub Erica’s sole, and the gap in between her toe fingers.

「 Aah, aaaah, uuuuu 」

Erica leaks out hot sighs.

「 Oh, that sound was it, right? 」

Nei smiled while watching Erica and me.

「 Right. It makes your spine shiver, to think that the gentle washing would reach that place 」

Mana also said smiling.

「 That’s right. We’re also weak to that attack 」

Rie said.

「 Rie-chan’s ticklish after all 」

「 Eri-chan too 」

The twins tell each other.

「 Aaahn! 」

Erica leaks out a cute moan while I wash her feet.

I continue to wash Erica’s toes while checking her situation.

「 Uuuu 」

Then, I slide the sponge to her thighs, and…

「 Hyaaaa!! 」

I washed Erica’s hairless abdomen and her soft stomach.

「 Aaaah 」

Then, I also plastered Erica’s cute breasts with plenty of soap.

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

Erica’s breathing is getting rougher.

She sure is sensitive.

「 Raise your hand, Erica 」

Lastly, Erica’s arms.

Then, her fingers, in between, I gently wash them as if I’m licking them

「 Haaa, Kuromori-sama 」

Erica’s blushing, watching me wash her with hot eyes.

「 Okay, that’s over. Now I’m going to pour water on you 」

「 What? 」

I grab the shower head and bring out warm water.

「 Now, Erica 」

The shower’s warm and gentle, it cleanses off the foam on Erica’s body.

「 K-Kuromori-samaa 」

Her body hidden by the white foam is exposed once again.

Erica’s looking at me with moist eyes.

Yeah, I get that she’s craving for it.

But, let’s not push her down for now.

「 Yeah, Erica’s clean now. Good. It’s Marika’s turn next!

I left Erica and go to her sister.

「 Kuromori-sama! 」

Erica’s looking at me with such a hungry-looking eye, but…

「 We have to follow the order so what can we do? 」

I said, then go to Marika.

「 Please 」

Marika looked up at me and said.

「 Yeah, I’ll wash you now 」

As for Marika, her body’s slender, and yet, her ass and chest are voluptuous.

Oh, her nipples are already hard.

She probably felt it while watching me wash Erica’s body.

These two sure are sensitive.

「 Let’s start from the back. 」

Just like with Erica, I washed Marika’s back too.

「 Kuu 」

As soon as the sponge touched her, Marika trembled like her sister.


「 Sorry, I’ll get used to it. I’ll get used to it, so… 」

Marika’s trying to accept our relationship positively.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Hmm, now that’s good 」

I stopped the shower.

Marika’s body is now clean too.

I finished washing these two who just got deflowered earlier.


「 Then, I will do the same with Kuromori-sama’s body 」

Marika tells me.

「 M-Me too! I’ll wash your body! 」

Erica tries to say, but…

「 Okay, that’s enough! 」

Yomi comes over.

「 The ritual post-deflowering where Sensei washes your body is over. We’re going back to the usual program from here on! 」

Yomi smiled.

「 The usual? 」

「 Yes. I’m sorry to say but I’m the one in charge of washing Sensei’s body today! 」

Yomi said.

「 Uhm, we have turns on who will serve Kuromori-sama 」

「 And tonight, it’s our turn 」

Arisu and Karen also come over.

「 I see. So it’s already decided who’s turn it is 」

「 Erica-san and Marika-san’s turn will be decided tomorrow! 」

Nagisa and Nei told Erica and Marika with a smile.

「 And so, you girls should watch, for now, you still don’t know how to do it, right? 」

「 How to wash bodies? 」

Erica’s asking blankly.


「 Sensei, this way 」

Yomi calls me to the air mat.

「 Yeah, thanks 」

「 Okay, now relax over here 」

Yomi invites me over.

Then, I lie down on the matt.

「 Please wait a second! 」

She paints her loli tits with soap and then whips it.

「 Okay, Takakura Yomiko’s service will begin! 」

Then, she piles her body on top of me.

Yomi’s springy breasts rub into my back.

Her skin’s all slimy because of the soap, and so I can feel the softness of her breasts and her nipple with my back.

「 We should join in too…excuse us 」

Arisu and Karen also poured body shampoo on their chests, and then…

They start rubbing my arms and hand.

These three beauties are giving me a soapland bath.

「 Yomi-oneesama, is this good enough? 」

Arisu and Karen seem to be nervous.

「 Yes, I think that’s good enough 」

Yomi smiled at the two.

Yomi and the Takakura sisters, they already read through Katsuko-nee and Nagisa’s techniques using the Miko power.

And so, tonight, Yomi’s made preparations with Arisu and Karen for their soapland play together for tonight.

She taught them the method beforehand.

「 Does Yomi’s bubble dance feel good? 」

Yomi’s piling herself onto me and rubbing her breasts to my back rhythmically.

Arisu and Karen gently push my hand into their chests.

「 Yeah, it’s great. Yomi. Arisu and Karen’s breasts also feel great 」

Yomi’s voluptuous breasts, Arisu, and Karen’s expanding chests.

I enjoy the different loli breasts they have.

The sensation of being sandwiched between breasts and the stiff nipples. I can feel the three of them at once.

While Yomi’s washing me;

「 You see, our motto in our family is for everyone to get along. We follow our turns when it comes to serving Yo-chan as much as possible! 」

Nei tells Erica and Marika.

「 Ah, but, if you really want to have sex with Yo-chan then you don’t need to hold back. At times like that, you just have to tell the girl who has the turn and ask her to join the service as a guest 」

「 There’s also Edie-chan who hides and attacks Onii-chan in secret 」

Mana said.

「 That’s just unfair. Like, she goes after Yo-chan in school when the other girls can’t meddle in 」

Edie sometimes ask to have sex with me, saying “Hey, I’m a little horny”

「 Mana and Ya-chan know that? 」

I asked them in surprise.

「 Mana’s staying in the mansion all the time for the past six months so I watch Onii-chan in school all the time! 」

Oh right, our school’s monitored.

And you can watch all of the videos in the mansion.

「 I also watch Yo-chan whenever I slack off from the class! 」

Nei said.

「 And so, I know that Yo-chan and Ai-chan are having sex in the bakery after cleaning up during the lunch break! 」

「 ?!!! 」

Ai panics in the bathtub.

「 No, we don’t mind it at all, I won’t tell Megu-chan at all 」

「 Mana won’t tell Megumi-oneechan either so don’t worry 」

Nei and Mana said with a smile.

「 I know that you girls will have some time where you just want to do it 」

Nei said, looking at Erica.

「 Like, now that Erica-chan experienced it, you want to have sex with Yo-chan the whole time, right? 」

「 That’s…yes 」

Erica admits.

「 Yep, it’s good that you’re honest! If that’s the case, follow your desires have a lot more sex 」

「 However, you need to ask for permission from the girl who’s on duty that night. It’s not like they’re going to say no. Then, you can serve Onii-chan with the girl in turn 」

Nei and Mana said.

「 The other girls were also like that after their first time 」

「 Like, Mana had a time where she had sex with Onii-chan on every opportunity 」

「 Everyone had a phase like that 」

「 But, you’ll calm down soon enough 」

「 Yes, that, you’ll figure out your pace once you get to know how to have sex with Yo-chan 」


「 Men have bodies that can have sex every day, but, they make semen inside and release it 」

「 But, girls have a monthly cycle in their body, right? Therefore, it’s usually twice a month where you get really horny for sex 」

「 Apart from that, I’m usually happy enough without sex until it’s my turn, or should I say… 」

「 Kissing, embracing, holding hands with Yo-chan is enough to satisfy you 」

「 You’ll definitely itch for sex for at least twice a month, but… 」

「 When that time comes, you just have to. I even ask whoever is in turn to swap places. Yo-chan will surely accept it after all 」

When my woman asks for it, I always have sex with them, no matter when or where.

That’s my duty.

Even I seek the same thing to my women.

They all pledged to have sex with me wherever and whenever I ask for it.

Therefore, I shall do the same.

「 But since you’re a newbie, you can indulge yourself in sex to the fullest. It won’t turn you into sex addicts or something. After all, your partner is Yo-chan, he knows moderation, and he’ll accept Erica-chan 」

「 That’s right. Then, once your mind stabilizes, you’ll only need to satisfy yourself when it’s your turn and twice a month, where you are feeling horny. We’re like that 」

Nei, Mana.

「 Oh well, I don’t think it’ll get through them if you talk to them at this moment. These girls were just deflowered, so it still hasn’t hit them, right? 」

Nagisa, the eldest in the room speaks gently.

Then, she speaks to Erica and Marika.

「 For now, you don’t have to think of anything else and just get addicted to sex. Sometimes, you have to indulge yourself in it to make it bearable, right? So it’s okay 」

Nagisa smiled.

「 You don’t have to worry. He’s your partner, so he’ll be sure to embrace you girls no matter what kind of sex you drown yourself into 」

「 If you’re with Yo-chan, you’ll surely be able to come back. It won’t sink into escapism even if you get addicted to it 」

「 Yes, that. It’s also true for us 」

The three said, then Erica and Marika look like they can’t say anything.

「 Well, you’ll soon understand it with your mind and body 」

Nei said and smiled.