Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1192. Fighting On / Beautiful Rivals



「 It’s weird no matter how you look at it! I was getting numb like my body’s being electrocuted during the match! 」

「 I’m sure that’s foul play! 」

「 You must be hiding a stun gun or something! 」

The girls in the pink training wear, including those who were against Edie in the qualifiers make verbal claims.

「 That’s what our girls are saying, so I’m going to ask you to come with us to the head office 」

As expected, Remy Fujiwara, a tall girl with her hair all swept back, wearing the same pink clothing as the other athletes, who run the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu organization “European Fujiwara,” talks to Edie.

「 Is there any proof that I’m doing a foul play? 」

Edie talks back to Remy Fujiwara while eating her ice cream with that usual smile.

「 I-I mean when you touched me my body turned numb! 」

「 You lost because your body turned numb then 」

「 If not for that foul play then I would never lose to someone like you! 」

「 It’s definitely foul play! You should be disqualified from the game! 」

The dozens of pink-wear European Fujiwara members all believe that Edie’s doing a foul play.

「 What, what? 」

「 Foul play? 」

「 Seems like the foreigner was doing foul play 」

Oh wow, now the spectators are here.

However, Edie continues to eat her ice cream.

「 In this outfit? Where could I hide my stun gun then? 」

She said with a smile.

「 I’m not an electric eel so I have no electricity in my hands 」

Right, Edie;

She wears a sports bra for the match. And below, she’s wearing tight-fit shorts.

If she hides her stun gun or something, then everyone can find that out.

「 B-But, you still used electric shock! 」

「 I’m sure that you did something! 」

「 We’re presenting the case to the main office so just come with us quietly 」

The female athletes of European Fujiwara adamantly try to take Edie.

「 Right, you can state your defense in the main office. Come with us 」

Remy Fujiwara grabs Edie’s hand.

At that moment.

「 WOO!!! 」

Edie brushes off Remy Fujiwara’s hand, but…

「 W-What?!!! 」

Remy Fujiwara’s body twitched.

「 Is that what they meant when they said that they received electric shock? 」

Edie smiled.

「 But, it’s no electric attack. The numbness is different 」

Remy Fujiwara stares at her numb arm with a surprised look.

She opens and closes her hand, confirming the paralysis.

「 It’s okay. There’s no unnecessary damage for those who will continue their games. That numbness will disappear on your next game 」

Edie said.

「 Don’t bullshit us! What do you think of Remy-san’s body! 」

「 She’s aiming to win the super unlimited class! What will you do if she can’t fight because of you? 」

「 I mean, that’s definitely foul play, isn’t it?!!! 」

「 Remy-san, let’s appeal to the official in charge! This girl’s definitely dangerous! 」

「 That’s right. She tried to hurt Remy-san before her match! 」

No look, Remy Fujiwara’s the one who tried to grab Edie’s arm forcibly, but…

The members of the European Fujiwara group are getting noisier.

This is definitely bad.

They have the numbers.

「 I see. So you’re going to complain about something this level? 」

I hear a familiar voice from the onlookers.

「 Sorry, let me though 」

Margo-san appears among the people.

「 W-What? Who are you? 」

Remy Fujiwara stares at Margo-san.

「 A relative of hers. Margo Starkweather Kuromori, the leader of team Kuromori 」

Margo-san replied with a smile.

「 I heard that some dumb people will immediately say that they’ve been fouled when someone used a technique they didn’t know on them, so I went to see them 」

「 W-What’s with this person? 」

「 Are you calling us dumb?! 」

「 Don’t look down on European Fujiwara! 」

The pink training wear group changed their anger from Edie to Margo-san.


「 Stop it you all 」

Remy Fujiwara stopped the group.

「 Are you saying that was a technique? 」

She asks Margo-san with a displeased face.


「 It’s a technique that numbs you like you were going on an electric shock, right? 」

Kuromiya Motoko-san comes forward from our sides.

When a beautiful girl wearing a hakama, looking like a high school girl from the Taisho era, comes on stage, all eyes focused on Kuromiya-san.

「 It’s not that rare. I can use the same technique too 」

Kuromiya-san points at her bodyguard, Mikuriya Kurumi-san.

「 Our Mikuriya can use them too. Mikuriya, greet them 」

「 Yes, I’m Mikuriya Kurumi, 14 years old. 」

A cute and gentle girl wearing the same hakama as her master, bows her head.


「 You, you, and you, the three of you aren’t participating in the tournament anymore, are you? 」

She points at the three athletes who were particularly noisy.

「 Well yeah 」

「 We lost in the preliminaries 」

「 We don’t have a match anymore 」

The three replied sullenly.

「 I see. Well then, excuse me 」

Mikuriya-san’s body moved swiftly.

「 Ei, ei, ei!! 」

「 Higuu 」

「 Muguu 」

「 Hogepyoon!! 」1

Mikuriya-san lightly touched the body of the three, and yet…

They all crumbled down.

「 W-What did you do? 」

Remy Fujimiya shouts at Mikuriya-san.

「 I’m demonstrating the technique 」

「 That’s no foul play. As you can see, even a 14-year-old girl can use it when learned 」

Mikuriya-san and Kuromiya-san replied with a smile.

「 I’m asking what kind of technique was that?! 」

Remy Fujiwara asks Kuromiya filled with anger, but…

「 Oh? Are you really asking that? 」

Kuromiya-san replies with a dumbfounded look.

「 Shouldn’t you be the one trying to discern your opponent’s techniques? 」

Mikuriya-san speaks politely.

「 Remy Fujiwara-san, you’re in the super unlimited class, right? Me too, but… 」

Margo-san speaks to Remy Fujiwara.

「 Of course, I can use the same technique as Edie. We’re likely going to face each other, so we won’t be exposing our technique on purpose 」

Well yeah.

Margo-san’s goal is to win the super unlimited class.

「 I remember you, you’re that foreigner who forcibly entered the super unlimited class because of a sponsor’s referral 」

Remy Fujiwara glared at Margo-san and said.

「 I’ll ask you to say that I forced my way through after seeing my skills 」

Margo-san replied with a smile.

「 After all, that’s something you should say after you settle the fight on the ring, isn’t it? It’s lame to say that “It must’ve been a foul” after the match is over, but it seems to be the opposite in your organization 」

「 Are you trying to pick a fight with me? 」

Remy Fujiwara speaks in a low tone.

「 No way, that’s not my intention 」

「 That’s right, we don’t like bullying the weak 」

Edie fans it up further.

「 There’s no point in fighting the weak, it’s just stupid 」

「 Are you calling us weak?! 」

Remy Fujiwara screams in fury.

「 That’s about it 」

Another person appears.

A blonde woman in a fit yellow tracksuit.

「 Remy-san, I know that you love your students, but I think that it’s insane for you to barge in on your opponents with such a large group and try to hang them based on their testimonies 」

「 Seiko 」

Remy Fujiwara looked at the woman in the yellow suit and muttered.

「 Much less not seeing their actual skills 」

The woman in the yellow suit smiled at Margo-san and Edie.

「 Rodulfo Seiko from Martial Arts Production. Golden Balm Gym 」

「 I know the name, yes. You’re Empress Rodulfo, yes? 」

Margo-san knows this person?

「 That’s how the media named me. I personally don’t like the empress title 」

She’s an influential person in martial arts that she’s called the empress.

「 Nice to meet you, Margo Starkweather Kuromori’s the name 」

「 And I’m Edie 」

The two gave their greetings.

「 Ufufu, you two are good. I like those who participate in matches with such liveliness, Margo-san’s fighting in the super unlimited class like me, and Edie-san’s on the lightest class, isn’t she? 」

「 Yes 」

Edie replies with a smile.

「 Haruko, come here 」

「 Yes 」

Rodulfo Seiko-san called over a girl, and she came in.

She’s also wearing a perfectly tight fit tracksuit, but the color the Haruko girl wearing is black.

Her body is thin, but her muscles are well trained and you can see through that she has a well-toned body through the fabric.

「 This is Haruko, I think that she will be a good match against Edie-san 」

「 Midorigawa Haruko 」

The girl in the black suit bows politely.

「 Come here Haruko-chan, I gave you such a wonderful ring name, haven’t I? 」

Rodulfo-san said.

Oh, Rodulfo Seko-san’s ring name is Rodulfo.

「 I’m Line Haruko 」

Haruko-san blushed and said.

Yep, seems like she’s embarrassed with her ring name too.

「 I asked her between “Line Haruko,” “Haruko Kill Heath,” or “Midorigawa Oberstein,” and this girl picked the simplest one 」

「 Staden Haruko and Midorigawa Ofreser were also in the choices 」

「 Geez! It’s much better than Trubner Haruko! 」

What’s with that conversation?

「 So, Remy-san, do you have any young hopefuls in the 48kg class? 」

Rodulfo Seiko-san asks Remy Fujiwara, then.

「 I-I do! Of course, I do! I still have three girls in the 48kg class! Come here! 」

Three girls wearing pink training wear come forward.

「 Koganei Hana 」

「 Kurasuyama Chihiro 」

「 Shinmachi Sakura! 」

The three of them are…well, they’re normal female athletes.

「 What, you still have three on you, there’s no problem then! 」

Rodulfo-san said.

「 If you still Edie-san breaking the rules, then obtain evidence and protest to the referee. Then, make an appeal by the time the match concludes, can you do that? 」

「 Right. It’s lame to be complaining after the match is over 」

Margo-san told Remy Fujiwara.

「 Okay. I’ll be watching her matches. I’m going to see through the truth of that thing you call “technique” no matter what happens! 」

Remy Fujiwara said.

「 Okay. Now break off, the matches are about to begin, prepare yourselves! 」

Rodulfo Seiko-san clapped her hands.

「 Tsk, let’s go 」

The pink training wear army followed Remy Fujiwara and returned to their waiting room.

「 See you later. I’m looking forward to facing you 」

「 Excuse us 」

Rodulfo Seiko-san and Line Haruko-san left.

The spectators around also dispersed in groups.

「 Margo, do you have the athlete list? 」

Edie asked.

「 Yes, I do 」

MArgo-san took out the list of athletes

「 Not those people just now. The weird ones who were watching us from the shadows 」

Watching from the shadows?

「 I can sense some strong Qi from them 」

Edie’s saying that far for those?

「 Oh, it’s these people 」

Margo-san points at names.

Then, spoke to us;

「 The truth is the Kansai Yakuza sent over a group to fight with us 」


「 We beat them up in real fights, and so they want to win against the Kuromori house in this competition at least. You see, we’re participating in this tournament through the connections of Takasaki-san, which is Kansai Yakuza. So in exchange for cooperating, they sent one of their teams to compete too 」

That means?

「 They’ve come all the way from Kansai not for winning but to target the people related to the Kuromori house, the team Kuromori 」

I looked at Margo-san’s list.

I can see the writing “Team Kansai Gachi Toraichi.”

「 They’re all using an alias, but these people are quite skilled 」

Margo-san said.

「 They have an entry on each class it seems. We’ve got to be cautious. These people will break the rules without thinking about it, using every method that could prevent us from advancing to finals, even trying to injure us 」

Margo-san said and looked at us.

「 They also might try to take you hostage so be careful. Bodyguards should never let their guard down 」

「 Certainly 」

「 Roger 」

Michi and Kinuka nodded with a serious look.

「 We have to be careful too 」

「 Yes, Motoko-ojousama 」

The combat young lady and her guard said too.

「 Haruka-chan and Maria-chan has close coverage on TV so they should be okay, but still 」

Nei said.

「 No, we should gather up as a team. Let’s go 」

Margo-san said.

「 Nei, get everyone to the guest seats 」

「 Eh, but I’m the team manager Margo-oneechan, I want to stay here. You know, a second trainer that could deliver your needs or something 」

「 No, you’re the team manager so you should go to the seats. I think the people who sponsored us are also coming to watch the games 」

「 Ya-chan, you have to do the work on the surface so Margo-san can focus on her matches 」

I said.

「 Okay, got it 」

Nei agreed.

「 Then, you guys should go to the audience seats now 」

Margo-san smiled.

「 Yes, good luck. We’ll cheer for you. Edie, you too 」

I said.

「 Good luck, we’ll be watching 」

Megu too.

「 We’ll cheer for you 」


「 Fortunes of war 」

Kuromiya-san said.

「 We’re looking forward to watching you 」

「 Good Luck 」

Mikuriya-san and Kinuka too.

Michi just placed her lam on Edie without saying anything.

「 !! 」

Edie smiles, and Michi remains expressionless.

That’s enough for these two who can use Qi techniques.

「 The matches start with the lighter class and so Edie’s doing the first match, and I’ll do the last 」

Margo-san said with a smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

We’ve reserved our seats so we sit next to each other.

Michi and Kinuka sit on the back since they’re bodyguards

Kuromiya-san and Mikuriya-san are guests so they’re in the middle.

「 By the way, do you know what that technique was earlier? 」

Kuromiya-san asks me.

「 Earlier? The technique that’s similar to electric shock, that numbs the other party? 」

「 Yes, that’s right 」

Kuromiya-san smiled.

「 No, I’m still in my 5th Kyu in Kudou arts so I don’t know 」

I replied with a straight face.

「 There are points where you get tingles 」

Michi speaks from the side.

「 If you strike those points, then it’ll numb, it feels like your body is electrified for a moment. 」

「 Oh, I see, Edie was poking in those points 」

That’s what happened to the female athletes under Remy Fujiwara’s umbrella.

They misunderstood it for her using a stun gun.

「 No, if you just hit the pressure point, then it won’t have an effect of stopping the opponent’s movement for a moment 」

Michi said.

「 Edie-san and Mikuriya-san used their Qi as they poke through the points 」

Kuromiya-san said.

「 That way, the acupuncture points of the human body, or meridians, are the concentration points of nerves and blood vessels, and the qi that is pushed into them will spread throughout the body. 」

「 Oh, so they feel like they were shocked. 」

I understood.

「 In Kudou arts, the technique is called Raishouin Raiden, but it seems that Edie also had a similar technique 」

Yeah, the skills Edie learned in the assassination cult in New Orleans…

There’s an aggressive use of Qi.

「 However, for Edie-san to use that technique so much during the qualifiers… 」

Kuromiya-san sid.

「 I guess Edie-san is weak at pinning? 」



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