Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1222. Sakurako – The Young Lady That Wants to do Prostitution / Reason Part 2



「 The woman who gave birth to me is a university professor’s child in Kansai 」

Kanou Sakurako-san said.

「 She has an orderly family, and she received a proper education. Then, she went to a college in Tokyo, and a friend she knew happened to invite her to a store in Ginza to work as a part-time employee. She kept it a secret from her parents 」

「 Oh, so she doesn’t know the ways of the world 」

Mariko said.

「 Yes. From her perspective, she thinks that it’s a social study, or she just wanted to peek into a world she doesn’t know. Her friend told her that if she worked at an establishment like that, she would be able to get to know the people in politics and business, which would give her an advantage in finding a job in the future 」

「 Does that even happen? 」

I ask Mariko.

「 Why are you asking me? 」

I thought so too.

「 If they’re honest people, then they won’t mix their public and private lives, so they won’t look for women to employ from a bar 」

Michi says with a straight face.

「 However, the politics and business people have more dishonest people 」

So that doesn’t mean that nobody would look after a college student who’s a part-time hostess.

「 So, the woman who gave birth to me began working at the night business, and met Father 」

They started as a college-student hostess and a customer.

「 I don’t know what my father had in mind when he started associating himself with that woman. He’s already married to Mother 」

Sakurako-san said.

「 It happens a lot in the nobility 」


「 He had a fiance from a young age, and he grew up thinking that he would marry that person 」

「 You mean marrying his fiance and starting a family without properly experiencing love? 」

Mariko looked at Michi.

「 Those people often have such love affair case because they become adults like that 」

Yeah, having a fiance that their parents decided since childhood.

Furthermore, the family and other nobility know about it.

As such, one can’t fall in love with anyone other than their fiance.

The people of the nobility have guards with them since childhood.

「 When I was officially appointed as Misuzu-oneesama’s bodyguard, I received lectures from the Kouzuki SS. That’s also when I first saw the files about “Love affairs,” which happens in the nobility from the past 」

Usual bodyguards are recruited from families that have been serving the nobility for generations.

Michi doesn’t come from that family, and the Kouzuki house has a company that specializes in security, which is Kouzuki SS.

「 I have received the same training as the professional bodyguards for the nobility. They told me everything about each of the nobility, from their faces, names, locations of their homes, their hobbies, and the problems that had occurred in the past. People listed as dangerous that we shouldn’t allow approaching Misuzu-oneesama 」

Recently, I’ve been learning a lot so I can understand that.

The nobility is quite fussy about the ranks of the families and the hierarchy.

The age of the house, lineage, and the difference of their peerage from before, their current fortunes, all those change their social status.

It’s a lot of trouble.

「 If a house had an incident in the past, you shouldn’t mention any subject that implies that 」

Yeah, for example, a family member who had an affair with a hostess from Ginza.

You’re not to talk about any of the clubs in Ginza.

「 AS for Kanou-sama’s case, I couldn’t find it in the files, so it must’ve been hidden until now 」

Not even Kouzuki SS knows that Kanou Sakurako-san was a child from an affair.

No, Jii-chan and chief Yazawa from Kouzuki SS may know about it, but…

There’s no need to tell Michi and others as long as the Kanou house is hiding it completely.

「 Either way, the nobility, especially the males, often make love affair cases in their adult life and beyond. Mostly, their partners are subordinates of their company or women in the night business. Usually, the attendant warns them not to get too deep, but 」

「 Father dove deep 」

Sakurako-san said.

「 Having an affair with a woman at a bar while having a wife. No, the truth is, she’s a college student who works part-time at such store and had fallen into an illicit love affair 」

「 And she became pregnant 」

I said.

「 Yes, it was the worst-case scenario. My mother was still 19 at that time 」

Why did they not use contraception?

Well, we’re using the ideal contraceptive that’s out there, but…

I guess it’s impossible for a boy of nobility, who never experienced romance, before, to get a thing like that.

He’s having an affair while keeping it a secret from the family too.

It’s also possible that the condom broke.

「 Both my Father and the woman were afraid, so they couldn’t tell anyone about it, then time passed until they reached a point of no return. That’s when they told Grandfather, who was still alive at that time, and they couldn’t abort the child anymore 」

Sakurako-san speaks in pain.

「 Your Mother was 19, and how old was your father back then? 」

I asked.

「 Father was 28 back then 」

A 28-year-old son of nobility had an affair with a 19-year-old college woman.

「 Mother was 26. It was three years since their marriage 」

They’ve been engaged since childhood.

The 25-year-old married his 23-year-old wife, and after three years, the husband cheated with a 19-year-old woman.


「 So in the end, Mother pretended to be pregnant. Grandfather and mother were present at the local private hospital with the woman who gave birth to me 」

Sakurako-san’s expression turns even darker.

「 Grandfather deceived her. The woman who gave birth to me was promised that she can see me anytime despite being born in and raised in the Kanou house. And yet… 」

I see.

「 Grandfather drove out the woman who gave birth to me. He gave her some money and used the authority of the nobility to threaten her. 『 Any records of you giving birth to my son’s child will be expunged, you are unrelated to the Kanou house. Never involve with the Kanou house from now on. If you ever try to get close to my son or the Kanou house, we will use all our influence to eliminate you, we know many people in politics and business 』he said… 」

「 If he makes threats like that, she’ll believe it. She’s just a 19-year-old college student, no, she’s already 20 when she gave birth to Sakurako-san 」

Mariko said.

「 Father just watched Grandfather’s outbursts in silence. That’s the most painful thing for the woman who gave birth to me 」

In the end, after the pregnancy, her father couldn’t do anything but let the head of the Kanou house cover up for him.

Sakurako-san’s father wasn’t in a state where he could complain.

「 Thus, the woman returned to her parent’s home, heartbroken as I was taken away from her 」

She wanted to make connections with the people in the politics and business world, so she worked as a part-time hostess at a bar in Ginza.

Then, a man from the nobility impregnated her.

And she’s pretty much threatened by the head of the Kanou house, one of the three great nobility.

She must’ve thought that she can’t stay in Tokyo anymore.

After getting involved in such a world and seeing so many things.

「 Then, she seems to have told her parents what happened in Tokyo, no, she didn’t talk about the Kanou house and the details, but 」

She should be studying at Tokyo University, but…

She worked at a night bar, had a relationship with a married customer.

She gave birth to a child, handed money, and chased out of Tokyo.

「 As mentioned earlier, this woman’s father was a University professor, and his morals are strict 」

Oh yeah, a serious person.

「 The woman was disowned by her angry father and chased out of her home 」

Chased out of Tokyo, chased out of her parent’s home.

「 In the end, she went to Kyushu, and as expected, she went with night jobs 」

She has no experience in labor apart from being a hostess in Ginza.

She drifted to a province and did night business.

「 And uhm, it seems that her life was harsh, that she was deceived by people even in Kyushu, and uhm 」

Sakurako-san trembles.

「 In the end, she resorted to prostitution 」


「 I-I didn’t know much, but it seems to be a customer calls her through phone, go to a specified hotel, and she sells her body as her job 」

She resorted to actual prostitution.

No, wait.

「 Kanou-san, you said, “in the end” 」

That caught my attention.

「 The woman who gave birth to me is no longer in this world 」

She died?

「 The person giving her the prostitution work was related to a criminal syndicate, and she was killed. The investigation papers attached on Yoshihiko-san’s mail said so 」

So she’s killed by hotel prostitution manager gangs.

「 Therefore, I’m actually a daughter of a prostitute. The one who gave birth to me took a wrong turn in her life by giving birth to me, and in the end, she died as a prostitute 」

「 Wait, Sakurako-san 」

Mariko calls out Sakurako-san in a panic after seeing her state.

「 You’re not to blame here, it’s all your father and late grandfather’s doing 」

Right, people can’t be held responsible for their birth.

「 But, Yoshihiko-san said so. 」 He wrote it in his mail, “You’re a daughter of a prostitute” 」

Yoshihiko…He was Kanou Sakurako-san’s fiance.

He’s most likely a son of nobility too.

That’s why his thoughts are fussy about cleanliness too.

「 It’s true that the woman has become a prostitute because of her involvement with the Kanou house. Yoshihiko-san, no, Takahashi house can’t forgive the Kanou house for letting a college woman give birth to a child, give her some money and send her away, and stop supporting her. It’s unforgivable as a person, and so they’re cutting ties with the Kanou house. They promised not to tell anyone about the incident because of our past relationship and the fact that tarnishing the name of the Kanou house would affect the whole nobility 」

They’re also part of the nobility, so they promised not to expose the scandal.

But, to Sakurako-san…

The secrets of the birth she never knew before…

Especially what horrible things Kanou house did to her birth mother.

That life was ruined from giving birth to her, in the end, her mother’s fallen into prostitution and was killed.

Then, the fiance of hers broke the engagement.

Sakurako-san’s cornered with the accumulation of shocking events.

「 I’m a daughter of a prostitute. If I wasn’t born, that woman didn’t have to become a prostitute 」

She’s mistaking the cause for the end.

But, that’s how Sakurako-san feels as she’s hurt.

「 Is that why Sakurako-san wants to become a prostitute? 」

I asked.

「 Yes, I want to experience the regrets the woman who gave birth to me has felt 」

That’s a wrong way to think about it.


But, she has to release the swirl of emotions inside her.


「 Sakurako-san’s fiance, who was it again… 」

「 Takahashi Yoshihiko-sama 」

Mariko tells me.

「 Oh, yes, that Yoshihiko-san, what are your thoughts about him now? 」

I asked.

「 T-Thoughts? 」

Sakurako-san’s surprised.

「 What I mean is, do you still love that fiance of yours? 」

「 ?!! 」

Sakurako-san gasps.

「 L-Love? Uhm, that’s… 」

「 I mean, you two were engaged since childhood, you always thought that you would marry him in the future,, so he must be special to you, right? And all of a sudden, this happened, and the engagement is called off. Personally, how do you feel, Sakurako-san? 」

I asked again.

「 W-What do I feel? I… 」

Sakurako-san looks down.

「 After everything that’s happened, my relationship with Yoshihiko-san has been cut off 」

「 I don’t care about how you see the reality. Sakurako-san, do you like Yoshihiko-san even now? If you could, would you like to marry him? Do you still think that way? 」

「 Even if I do, there’s nothing I can do about it! 」

Sakurako-san shouts.

I see. Her feelings for her fiance still remain.

「 Yes Kou, it’s a relationship between nobility, so Sakurako-san and Yoshihiko-sama can’t marry anymore. They’re no longer tied together 」

Mariko said.

「 Yes, that’s right 」

Sakurako-san replied feebly, expressing despair.

「 If Sakurako-san wants to prostitute herself, doesn’t that mean that you want to defile yourself and break off with your emotions for Yoshihiko-san? 」

I asked.

「 That’s…yes, I think that’s it 」

Sakurako-san admitted it.

Meaning, she’s just desperate.

「 Sakurako-sama, please strengthen your heart. It may be impossible now, but I’m sure that Yoshihiko-sama will accept Sakurako-sama. Sakurako-sama should keep her purity until the day Yoshihiko-sama marries you! 」

Shiranui-san, her bodyguard, appeals to her master with her everything.


「 It’s impossible, Yoshihiko-san can’t accept me anymore. The Takahashi house will not allow Kanou house, or me in their home anymore, and even if they do, I can’t allow it 」

Sakurako-san said.

「 According to the investigation, the person who gave birth to me was still alive until last year. She was suffering alone and was killed. I lived carefree without knowing her suffering. In fact, I assumed that she was just a bad person who abandoned me for money. This sin of mine will never be forgiven

Her guilt towards her birth mother.

That she couldn’t save her.

That, she hated her, assuming that she’s a bad person.

That emotion will torment Sakurako-san.

「 Thus, I must experience her pain. That’s why I had to become a prostitute 」

That’s self-harm.

You’re trying to escape the guilt by hurting your body.

If that’s the case.

「 Okay, I’ll buy Sakurako-san’s body

I said.

「 Kuromori-sama, why?!

Shiranui-san tries to protest to me with an angry look, but…

「 Just let Kou take care of this, Shiranui-san, be quiet

「 Please stay calm

Mariko and Michi hold Shiranui-san back.

「 However, promise me this. Even now, you’re still a young lady of the Kanou house, so you must not worsen the reputation of Kanou house. Therefore, you’ll be a prostitute only to me. I’ll never tell anyone after all

If we leave her self-harm act, then it will get worse.

In the end, it will escalate until she sells her body to anyone.

That’s why I’m giving the warning beforehand.

If I can release the negative energy inside Sakurako-san through sex, then…

Then, she won’t have to prostitute herself to anyone but me.

「 I’ll ask for the same. If you can keep it only with Onii-sama, then I won’t tell anyone else 」

Ruriko said.

「 If Sakurako-san, who isn’t a legitimate daughter, want to end the history of the Kanou house, then so be it 」

Currently, Kanou house has lost its fortune and managed to maintain its family status with the support of the Kouzuki house and other noble families.

If Sakurako-san’s birth, while not much about the fact that she’s a child of an affair, but the way they treated the woman who gave birth to Sakurako-san, which resulted in her cruel end, is exposed. Then it will be a big scandal.

The support from other families to the Kanou house might get cut off altogether.

「 I’m sorry to hear about Sakurako-san’s birth mother’s story, but if the Kanou house collapses because of you, I’m sure that your ancestors from dozens of generations will rise from the dead 」

Ruriko weighs Sakurako-san’s feelings for her mother against the history of the Kanou house to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control.

「 Indeed. Kanou house isn’t just the main house, we can’t let the entire clan go down. I understand I promise to sell my body only to Kuromori-sama 」

For now, we managed to restrain her.

Although, it’s still self-harm.

If her negative emotions continue to increase, our brakes might lose its effect on her.

「 By the way, as for Sakurako-san’s price 」

She’s trying to punish herself by making herself suffer.

And so, she will sell her body for 100 yen each round, but…

「 Shall we use hourly pay? 」

I purposely break Sakurako-san’s expectations.

「 Hourly? 」

「 Yes, nowadays, the minimum wage for labor is close to 800 yen per hour, but… 」

If I recall, differences are depending on your prefecture.

「 it’s too much trouble to calculate, so let’s just go with, let’s say 1000 yen per hour? 」

「 I’ll let Kuromori-sama decide 」

Sakurako-san isn’t doing it for the money.

So, she doesn’t care how much it is.

「 I have to leave before evening, that means that you will work until 5PM, correct? 」

Margo-san and Edie’s victory party is tonight.

「 Yes, I understand 」

Sakurako-san nods.

「 Well then, let’s cut off the troublesome minutes. For now, the sum for your prostitution today will be 6000 yen, is that okay? 」

I said and took out six 1000 yen bills.

「 Y-Yes 」

This beautiful young lady who never even kissed before.

Six thousand.

「 Then, here you go 」

I gave the six bills to Sakurako-san like a natural.

「 T-Thank you 」

As soon as Sakurako-san took the bills, I…

「 From the moment you took the 6000 yen until six hours later. Sakurako-san will listen to whatever I say, right? 」

I speak calmly.

「 I think that Sakurako-san already knows what prostitution means, but I doubt that you know what to do 」

「 I-I know, I… 」

Sakurako-san replies sullenly.

「 I’ll leave my body in Kuromori-sama’s care 」

I sighed.

「 Sakurako-san, that’s what they call “tuna state1,” and that’s the worst thing you can do in prostitution. You’ll only anger your customers if you take the money and do nothing else. You’re failing as a prostitute 」

「 I-Is that so? 」

「 Your birth mother won’t be allowed to do something that lax 」

As expected, this girl’s a young lady.

She doesn’t have enough knowledge of prostitution, nor sex.

「 If you’re a prostitute, then Sakurako-san, you’re the one to serve me 」

「 Y-Yes 」

The young lady’s confused.

「 If you don’t understand, then I’ll teach you, what will you do? 」

If we’re letting all her negative emotions out through sex, then…

I need her to experience rough sex.

「 P-Please teach me 」

Sakurako-san replies.

「 Oh boy, I’m the one paying here, and yet, I also have to teach you 」

「 Uhm, if that’s the case, I can return the money for today 」

Sakurako-san’s dragged to my pace now.

「 What are you talking about, this is prostitution, so there has to be a payment. I’m allowed to do whatever I want with Sakurako-san’s body with that compensation 」

「 Anything you want? 」

「 Isn’t that obvious? I have you for myself for the next six hours. You’ll do embarrassing and lewd things until I’m satisfied 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Now, let’s bring out our first card.

「 Also, you might get pregnant with my child, but you don’t mind, do you? 」


  1. a person who’s inactive during sex, literal meaning too long, so I’m borrowing how they say it in Japanese