Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1292. Crushing Negatives / Independence!



「 Auauaua 」

「 Hauhauha 」

Dolly and Anna, the drill spear sisters are telling me something.

「 “Using our spear is the only thing we know” 」

「 “Even if you tell us that, I don’t know what to do,” they say 」

Anya and Edie translate.


「 Maybe the art of killing is the only thing you know right now but you’ll be able to learn plenty of other skills to live by in the future 」

I looked into their eyes and said.

「 Do you girls want to go back to where you were before? 」

Edie translates what I say and the faces of the sisters have changed.

「 Do you girls want to go back as assassins, just from a different organization? 」

Dolly says something.

「 “We thought that we’re just going to do the same job,” she says 」

Anya translates.

「 This is Japan. It’s different from the country you were in before. Assassination jobs are…well, let’s see, I guess only once a year case 」

If I say that there’s none, the drill spear sisters will be confused so I said it that way.

「 If it’s just a once-in-a-year job, then you girls aren’t needed. It’s impossible for an assassin who’s on station 365 days a year to earn money. If you want someone else to do it, it’s much cheaper for Kyouko-san and does it as they only deal with what they signed up for that time 」

I try to make it as easy as possible to understand the two.

It doesn’t have to be facts. All we need is to induce the thought of a life other than assassination to them.

Dolly glares at me.

「 Hmm, “Then we don’t have to be in this country. There has to be a lot of countries that want assassins so we’ll promote ourselves to them,” she says 」

These girls also have their pride.

They take pride in being an assassin that survived for so many missions.


「 I mean, I’m asking you girls if you want to continue that life 」

I speak with an intense tone.

「 If you continue being assassins, you’ll be killed or abandoned at some point, you’ll never live long enough!! 」

Edie conveys my words then the younger sister, Anna;

「 “We know that, but this is our only way of living,” she says 」

「 “We only have our spears” 」

Anya translates what Anna says then Edie does the same for Dolly.

「 It’s not like this is the only way, is it? 」


「 You girls were watching me bake pastry, weren’t you? It wasn’t hard at all! If I can do it, you can do it too. I tell you 」

I speak to the two with hot passion.

「 It’s not just baking, everyone’s doing some kind of work to make a living. Everyone learns various skills to survive, so you girls can learn too! You can learn something other than assassinating, making a living without dying, or killing. Trust me 」

The drill spear sisters fell silent at my heated atmosphere.

「 Besides, Kyouko-san asked me to take care not just you two but your fellow assassins, eleven of them, right? I’m asked to look after all thirteen of you! 」

The Southeast Asian organization that Kyouko-san crushed had 13 assassin survivors.

「 I want to save all thirteen of you. I want you all to live a life without the need of being assassins! So, try imagining it! A future where you girls aren’t assassins 」

Then, Anya;

「 They can’t. These girls never decided their future on their own, only following orders from their boss 」

Yeah, Dolly and Anna have a complicated look at their faces.

「 “We don’t think, just do what we’re told to do,” that’s how they lived. If they think about their reality too much, then they’ll die from hopelessness. That’s why they had to stop thinking. They’re assassins after all 」

Anya told me.

「 Wrong. These girls are no longer assassins. I won’t let them kill again 」

I talked back to Anya.

「 That’s why these girls need to think for themselves and use their power to decide their lives! They can’t go back to being just tools for someone else. They can’t just stop thinking! After all, even these girls are human 」


「 Meaning “Be independent” 」

Nei said.

「 Become self-reliant. Be independent, use your feet to stand on your own 」

「 Yes, I can understand that… Ai, couldn’t decide for herself before after all… 」

Ai said.

Back then, Ai was a girl who abandons her thoughts, just letting her mother control her.

She refused to think, but now…

「 Now, Ai chose to stay here willingly…That’s why I can make bread with pride…Ai decided to become Yoshida-kun’s family….and to become a baker…Ai decided all of that… I’m doing my best for my dream 」

Ai said. Edie translates for the sisters.

「 At first, I didn’t think I could ever make bread. I wasn’t confident, but, nothing will change unless I face it 」

Then, she looked at me.

「 Yoshida-kun is gentle, but he’s strict. If you want to stay, then you have to make the effort yourself. You’re not allowed to do anything. That’s why even I am doing my best to learn skills for my living 」

Ai looked at the drill spear sisters with gentle eyes.

「 Oh? But I’m not doing anything. I’m adamantly not going to do anything 」

Yukino said.

Yukino’s always sitting around the mansion, never helping out with any of the chores.

「 Well, that’s Yukino-san’s resolve, I think that’s okay too. But, Ai thinks that Yukino-san’s also doing her part. After all, Yukino-san doesn’t stop her thoughts 」

Ai continued.

「 Anyway, Nei-san is right. Be independent…You girls need to be self-reliant if you want to be happy 」

Edie conveys Ai’s words to them. Dolly;

「 She’s asking “Is it okay for someone like us to be happy?” 」


「 Bullshit! Humans are born to be happy! You should strive for happiness while you’re alive! Don’t stop thinking, think hard! Act according to your will! That’s what it means to be alive!! 」

Dolly and Anna said.

「 I see. So that’s why Kyouko-sama assigned me to be their watchdog 」

Anya sighed.

「 She’s also asking me to be independent too. It means that I should just accept Kyouko-sama and Cordelia-sama’s orders without thinking and I should think and act on my own 」


「 Can I ask one thing? You have Kouzuki SS, don’t you? 」

Anya asks me.

「 The combat power of these girls is extreme. Why not use Kouzuki SS for them instead? If there’s thirteen of them, then you can make your special task force 」

「 Kouzuki SS is a security company 」

I replied.

「 We do hire people with offensive capabilities as a back group, but… 」

Kudou-papa and Neko-san for example.

「 But, those people are selected because of their self-restraint 」

Kudou-papa’s goofy but he’s a restrained man.

「 These girls are probably out of control. If we use them for a Kouzuki SS job, then…

「 Yes, it will be overkill 」

Edie said.

「 They already have experience in thoughtless assassination so they can’t stop. They’ll involve unrelated people and they might even commit genocide 」

「 Now that you mention it. The organization these girls belong to used any number of people as collateral just to pull off their assassination 」

Anya’s convinced.

「 That’s the reason why Kyouko gave Darling the thirteen assassins. Kyouko and Cordelia’s job can’t use these girls. These girls are overkill so they’re dangerous to use. It’s different if they’re disposable but Kyouko’s not that ruthless 」

Kyouko-san doesn’t like the idea of using the drill spear sisters as decoys and letting them go to sacrifice their lives from the start.

「 But still, it’s amazing. Kyouko-sama and you both know the fighting ability of these girls but you simply decide not to use them as a fighting force 」

Anya looked at me and said.

「 They’ll soon be a fighting force, Michi and I will take our time to teach them how to control themselves. We can’t use them for offense, but we definitely can use them for defense. We’re not going to put their spear skills to waste 」

Edie said and smiled.

They’re not suited for defense right now. These girls will kill anyone, even if it’s just someone pestering them.

But if we take our time in educating them, people change.

「 Anyway, be independent. Think about how you sisters and 11 of your allies are going to live from now on. You can talk to us, and we’ll help you out 」

I told Dolly and Anna.

「 Still, I’m just listening from the side and I don’t know the situation but, Nobu’s really good at taking care of people 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 I just don’t like when people don’t treat others as human 」

I said.

「 I won’t use them as tools. I want them to be human, and I want them to live as one. That’s why… 」

Dolly and Anna look at me with a surprised faces.

「 But, if these sister’s martial art is useless, then what about mine? 」

Grace Marinka-san mutters.

「 Jun’s basically the same as these girls 」

Edie said.

「 Jun beat up the president of the wrestling company you belong to, but you can’t show yourself in pro wrestling. Currently, Jun’s a player in the ring made by others, right? You abandoned your former company and switched to Margo and Nei’s group 」

「 That’s… 」

「 I get that Jun has a desire to fight stronger opponents, but I don’t think you’re doing enough to earn a place to fight 」

「 I’m strong. I have enough worth as a martial artist 」

Grace-san tries to convince herself.

「 Maybe, if you were in the pro wrestling company you were in before. Jun probably overwhelmed the other athletes with your qualities because your body is blessed. But, it’s going to be different from now on. Jun, didn’t Kyouko just toss you around earlier 」

Right, earlier this morning, in the mansion’s courtyard.

Grace Marinka-san lost to Kyouko-san’s same pro wrestling move dozens of times.

「 There’s always someone higher in this world. If you want to be the king of the hill, then go back to your pro wrestling world. If you want to go forward, then you have to be independent too, Jun 」

Edie’s seeking independence from Grace-san too.

「 I… 」

「 Come with me and let’s sweat for a bit, we’re borrowing the Judo hall of this school. I won’t pinch and crush you like Kyouko. I’ll be sure to take Jun’s strength out 」

「 Edie and I have different weight 」

Right, during the tournament the other day.

Edie’s the champion in the lightest class, but Grace-san is competing in the unrestricted weight limit class.

「 It doesn’t matter, I usually spar with Margo 」

Edie smiles.

「 Oh, wait a second, Judo hall would be used by the second-years during the fifth period. If you want to spar then do it in the sixth period! While at it, use the school broadcast 」

Nei’s checking the schedule in the school from the system connected to the bakery.

「 Let’s make it a special exhibition match to celebrate Edie’s victory in her class, and it’ll be a surprise broadcast! 」

「 That’s good 」

Edie looked at Grace Marinka-san.

「 Jun, can’t move forward unless you lose. So I’ll make sure you’re thoroughly defeated. You probably feel that it’s inevitable to lose to Margo or Kyouko, but if you lose to someone lighter, then you’d feel down, won’t you? 」

She smiles.

「 I-I know when I lose, and I have no intention of glossing it over 」

「 But, that’s not enough sweat and tears 」

「 ……!!! 」

「 I’ll be sure to squeeze it out, Jun 」

Edie said.

◇ ◇ ◇

Well then, lunch is over, and only five minutes left before the lunch break is over.

「 See you later Nobu, I’ll be back in my classroom 」

「 Yoshi-kun, I’m going too 」

Kana-senpai and Megu are regular students, so they had to go back to their classrooms.

「 I’m going too since the Nadeshiko department girls are taking their lunch break 」

Katsuko-nee said.

To prevent the ordinary students from making contact with the new prostitute cadets, their lunch break is shifted one period off.

「 Can you and Ai-chan calculate the sales for today? 」

「 Sure, I got it 」

Katsuko-nee’s busy so I’ll do it

「 Once lunch break is over, Edie and Grace-san will come with me! I’ll prepare the surprise broadcast on the sixth period! 」

Nei told the two.

「 I will return with Katsuko-oneesama to the Nadeshiko department. If Edie-san’s leaving this place, then shall we leave Mitama-san as Kou-sama’s bodyguard? 」

Tsukiko asks.

「 Oh? I’m also here you know 」

Anya said, but…

「 No, I’ll also stay 」

Mitama replies.

「 Then, I’ll return to the Nadeshiko department. If we’re going to be in the same class together, then I’d like to know those girls a little better 」

Yukino smiles wryly.

「 That’s not like me, but thinking about those girl’s situation, I think that I’m the only one who wants to get along 」

Those girls are high school students, and yet, they have to become prostitutes.

I guess only Yukino, who had her rape video spread out, and even her pregnancy known throughout Japan because of her father will be someone they can open up to.

「 Yes, they aren’t open to Mitama-san nor me 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Okay, let’s begin moving! 」

Katsuko-nee tells us.

Kana-senpai, Megu, Katsuko-nee, and Tsukiko left the bakery before the fifth-period bell rings.

After the bell rang and the surroundings turned quiet, Nei, Edie, and Grace-san left.

Ai, Mitama, Anya, and the drill spear sisters are left with me in the bakery.

「 Let’s clean up first, we’ll do the counting afterward 」

I said.

「 Wait, before that 」

Anya said.

「 I want to have sex 」