Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1298. Crushing Negatives / Three Successive Sex on the Afternoon: Vs Momoka (Both Parts)



「 I couldn’t imagine doing this back when I was at my parent’s home 」

Momoka, who’s a sporty girl, laughs.

「 Like, having sex while in school. You know, I’m quite the earnest girl 」

Talking to me, someone who’s a year younger than her is probably also because of her sports-minded upbringing.

Momoka’s a prostitute of the Black Forest, and I belong to the Kuromori house, controlling the brothel itself.

「 Even I think the same! 」

Shirahata Setsuna speaks from the sides.

「 Really, we’ve changed 」

Nozomi, who’s at the same age as me, says while shaking her brown hair.

She didn’t dye her hair. Nozomi’s a quarter foreigner so her hair is like that at birth.

I’m with the three prostitute cadets in the bakery’s break room that has a small bed.

Then there’s also Tsukiko who’s keeping Dolly and Anna’s minds calm.

「 Err, well, how do we begin? 」

Momoka, the first girl asks me.

「 Should we go with requests? I can do anything. Uhm, I’m ready for it 」

Momoka’s training as a prostitute continues every day.

Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee taught them various sex techniques and ways to appeal to men’s psychology, so they have some knowledge and skills.

I’m sure that they received lectures on many many things that men with special sexual fetishes seek prostitutes for.

But I…

「 Just normal will do 」

I tell Momoka.

Even if their sexual knowledge increased, Momoka and the girls still have limited knowledge when it comes to actual sex.

I’m the only man they did the deed with yet.

If we do anything reckless at this stage, it might turn into a weird habit of theirs.

So, I’m going to go for normal sex decisively.

Still, Momoka;

「 Oh, I see. If we don’t go with normal then we won’t know if I master what was taught to me 」

When she heard me say “Normal,” she misunderstood that I meant “the normal duties of a prostitute”

「 Then, Kuromori Kou-sama, I’ll serve you like a normal customer 」

She smiles with energy.


「 Well then, let’s begin 」

Momoka took a deep breath to calm her mind down.

「 Welcome! Thank you for picking me, I’m Momoka! 」

She bows her head to me, starting with greetings.

「 Err, can I sit next to you? 」

She asks me as I’m sitting on the bed.

「 Sure, go ahead 」

「 Excuse me 」

Momoka sits next to me.

「 Oh, this is getting me nervous. I guess it’s different from when Katsuko-san’s training us. Sitting next to a man like this… 」

Momoka speaks embarrassed.

「 Momoka-san, you need to be closer to Kuromori-kun 」

Nozomi said.

「 Also, your hand! You know where to place them, right? 」

Shirahata-san added.

「 Oh right! 」

Momoka sticks her body closer to me.

「 Err and my hands go to the lap of the customer 」

She puts her hand on my lap.

「 Momoka-san, talking like that won’t make it casual 」

「 Oh right, sorry 」

Nozomi points out, Momoka apologized.

「 No, it’s better this way, it shows Momoka’s hard work and her forward-looking charm 」

I said with a smile.

「 Ah, err. Yes, thank you. I’ll do my best 」

Momoka says bashfully.

「 Leave that aside, Momoka-san, you can’t move forward like that 」

Shirahata-san speaks strictly.

「 Ah, yes, right. Let’s see, err 」

Momoka took out a notebook from her pocket

「 According to Katsuko-san’s class, let’s see, try to devise various ways to show your sex appeal 」

She puts the open notebook to the side of the bed.

「 Ah, uhm, it’s a little hot in this room, isn’t it? 」

Momoka took off two buttons from her blouse.

「 D-Don’t you think so? 」

Then, she bent over to send glances of her cleavage to me.

Oh, her bra’s light blue today.

「 Err, was that bad? My breasts aren’t as big as Setsuna-san 」

Momoka asks me.

「 That’s not true. Momoka’s cute, and this healthy body of yours is sexy 」

I replied honestly.

「 T-Thank you! U-Uhm, if you think so, then you can touch my breast or butt all you want 」

She says blushingly.

「 No, before that Momoka 」

I approached Momoka’s face.

「 W-What? 」

「 Let’s kiss. That’s first, right? 」

「 Huh? Ah, yes 」

Momoka and I kissed.


「 What’s up, Momoka? 」

Momoka starts tearing up, it’s flowing down her cheeks.

「 Uhm, well, I was just thinking that kissing while wearing a uniform…makes it feel like, I’ve fallen in love 」

Momoka had no experience in romance and she lost her virginity to me as a prostitute cadet.

Momoka’s not allowed to have any romance until the five-year contract period ends.

「 I’m sure there will be times where I put on my school uniform to serve a customer but I just thought that while I’m in high school, Kuromori Kou-sama’s the only real boy in high school I’ll kiss 」

「 Right, I’m the only high school boy you’ll probably get 」

I embraced Momoka’s body and said.

「 Oh, don’t misunderstand. Momoka doesn’t hate to kiss Kuromori Kou-sama at all. That’s not the case, it’s just… 」

「 Yeah, I know 」

Momoka’s shock was for the potential loss.

Now that she’s living as a prostitute of the Black Forest, she has no chance of falling in love with a high-school boy while still in high school.

Feeling it in her heart again made her feel suddenly sad.

「 Momoka-san. I can understand how you feel, but you’re not the only one 」

Shirahata-san told Momoka.

「 Nozomi, Misato-san, Sonoko-san, Naoko-san, and I all have the same condition 」

「 That’s right! We’re the same, besides! 」

Nozomi said.

「 We can kiss Kuromori-kun, so isn’t that good enough? 」


「 Kuromori-kun’s the only one we can kiss and have sex with without any money involved, he’s not an ordinary customer 」

I’m not their customer.

「 Right, Minaho-san and Katsuko-san told us. If it’s painful for us, then we can come to you and cry 」

Shirahata-san tells me.

「 I don’t get it yet, but we’re told that if we continue to be a prostitute, there would be a time where I’d want to let all my pent out of emotions regardless of the job, so we should ask you to embrace us. That was the instruction we received 」

「 Yes. That seems to be a must-obey order 」

Shirahata-san said, Momoka added.

「 Kuromori-kun, you’re our sex healer, right? 」

Nozomi said laughingly.

「 Seems like it. When Kuromori Kou-sama hugs me like this, the sadness disappears 」

Momoka in my arms says.

「 Kuromori Kou-sama’s so warm. 」

She speaks her impressions as she feels my body.

「 Oh? But, don’t they say that men with warm hands have a cold heart? 」

Shirahata-san tells Momoka.

「 It’s not just Kuromori Kou-sama’s hand that’s warm 」

Momoka stares into my eyes.

「 I often think back to the time when Kuromori Kou-sama embraced me. Like, before sleeping at night 」

「 Oh, me too! When I think of Kuromori-kun, I think of the way he embraced me and the warmth of his body! 」

Nozomi said.

「 I mean, uhm, I’ve been masturbating every night. I keep recalling Kuromori-kun’s embrace 」

「 Momoka too, I’ve been doing it every day recently 」

Since their deflowering?

「 Hey, girls! 」

「 Huh, you’re not doing it Setsuna-san? Like, remembering Kuromori-kun? 」

Nozomi asks. Shirahata-san;

「 T-That’s…I-I do. Even I do. B-But, it’s only for the revenge Katsuko-san and others taught me, I do a little image training in my head before going to sleep in the room, it’s just that you’re the partner in that imagination 」

Shirahata-san is also using me as material for her masturbation?

「 I mean, I can’t help it! Y-You’re the only one I did it with so when I think of sex, I remember your hands, your body, your lips, the smell of your skin 」

「 That’s right. Yes, it’s this smell. I’ll never forget this smell 」

Momoka sniffs my body.

「 What do I do? Momoka’s getting wet just from getting hugged and sniffing like this 」


「 Isn’t that great? We can have sex right away 」

「 You’re right! It’s good! Uhm, Kuromori Kou-sama 」

「 What’s up? 」

「 Momoka’s heart is pounding. My body feels hot. It’s weird. It’s like… 」

Momoka stares at me with her wet eyes.

「 I feel like I’m in love 」

That’s wrong.

Momoka’s not in love with me.

「 Embrace me. Just like the dreams I have every night 」

Even so, I…

I will still have sex with her.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Oh, right. Every night, I do this and imagine that you were rubbing my breasts 」

I grope Momoka’s breasts on top of her uniform and bra.

「 Aaaahn!! Kuromori Kou-sama’s real hands rubbing me is much better than my imagination! I feel it! I feel it! Aaahn! 」

Momoka smiles at me with a blushing face.

「 Momoka, I’m taking it off 」

「 Y-Yes, please do 」

I unbuttoned Momoka’s blouse.

「 Haaaa, haaa, haaa 」

The white skin and her breasts wrapped in her light-blue bra rose and fall with her loud breathing.

「 T-The hook is on front. It’s because Katsuko-san told me that I would be able to see Kuromori Kou-sama on my first day in school today. That’s why I chose an easy to take off bra so it’s easy to have sex with Kuromori Kou-sama while I was putting on my new school uniform 」

Momoka’s face is totally desiring for it.

Was Momoka imagining me having sex with me since this morning?

「 So, p-please 」

I took off Momoka’s front hook without saying anything.

Her cute breasts jumped out.

Her vivid pink nipples are already stiff.

「 U-Uhm, p-please lick them… 」


「 My breasts aren’t that big. I recall your hands when masturbating, I touch myself, but, licking my breasts…I can’t do it 」

「 Yeah 」

I licked Momoka’s right nipple.

「 Aaahn! I’m feeling shivers!! Aaah! The real thing is much better than recalling it when masturbating!!! 」

Using her experience in deflowering, her daily sex training, and her nightly masturbation.

The three fuse together and it develops Momoka’s arousal.

It’s natural for her to feel more today than we did the first time we had sex.

「 Aaaaahn! Please suck it!! 」

Momoka requests, I sucked on her nipples.

「 Yes! This is great! Aaahn!! 」

Momoka trembles and moans.

Momoka’s nipples become stiffer in my mouth.

I bury my face on her cute breast, stimulating her left and right nipple with my tongue.

「 Ah, aahn! Uhm. Uhm, Kuormori Kou-sama! 」

「 What is it this time? 」

I paused from attacking her with my tongue.

「 P-Please take down my lower half. It’s my first time putting on this uniform so I don’t want it to get wrinkled 」

「 Right, let’s take off your skirt 」

「 It’s okay if the blouse gets dirty. Katsuko-san said that she has spares 」

Momoka said.

「 Uhm, it’s okay even if Kuormori Kou-sama’s semen stains it, it’s also okay to tear it up 」

Momoka’s quite the masochist.

「 You want that kind of sex? 」

I ask her teasingly and then.

「 Err, uhm, yes. I want to 」

Momoka tells me bashfully.

「 I’d like to have sex with Kuromori Kou-sama, cum all over deep inside my stomach. Then, I want to walk around the school while having my blouse stained with semen on 」


「Then, I’m taking off your skirt」

I speak to Momoka.

「Ah, yes」

It’s our school’s uniform.

Megu, Edie, Nei, and Kana-senpai wear them all the time so I’m used to it.

I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled the zipper on the side.

「Wow, you took it off smoothly」

Momoka’s surprised.

Her half-off blouse and exposed breasts…

Her lower half is wearing panty and socks.

Momoka does sports so she has a slender body line.

It’s sexy.

「Momoka, lie down the bed」


Momoka lies down the bed, then speaks bashfully.

「Uhm, please be gentle. This is still my second time」

「Yeah, I know」

「I learned a lot through training but I haven’t done it in real situation」

It’s natural since I’m the only one she can have sex with yet.

「If so, let’s try out the things Momoka learned」

「Of course! Kyaa」

I put my finger on Momoka’s crotch.


She’s quite wet.

My index and middle finger pushed and rubbed, making wet sounds.

「Ahn! I knew it, you’re good」

Momoka said.

「Uhm, since then, Nozomi-chan and I tried touching each other, but we can’t do it this well」

「You girls did that?」

Shirahata-san, who’s watching from the side, asked Momoka.

「Eeh, but you know. Didn’t we discover that it’s much better if someone else touches you instead of doing it yourself? Like when Kuromori Kou-sama took our virginities」

Momoka replies bashfully.

「But, ahn. It doesn’t seem like I’m a lesbian, and even now, Kuromori Kou-sama’s hands are much better! Aaahn! Iyaaan!!」

Momoka’s thighs trap my hand.

I kissed Momoka’s lips.

I suck on Momoka’s nipples while caressing her crotch.

「Aah, yes! This is amazing!!! Aaaahn!!」

Momoka’s skin starts to sweat.

Her white skin turns red.

She’s getting aroused.

Momoka’s light blue panty is leaking love nectar, getting heavier.

「Momoka, I’m taking this off too」

「Y-Yes, please take care of me」

She shouts. Just like how the sports-minded upbringing does her.

I pull down Momoka’s panty.


It then moved smoothly through her thin and long legs.

「You’re really good at taking off clothes」

Nozomi speaks her thoughts.

I do this every day for half a year already.

I mean, I’m just as good at putting them.

Seriously, putting it on my women and taking them off every day.

「Spread your legs, Momoka」

I keep the panty on her ankle.

「I-I understand」

Momoka lies down on the bed, spreading her legs apart.

「Don’t hide it」

「Oh right, sorry」

Momoka’s hiding her crotch with her hand.

「But uhm, it’s too wet that it’s embarrassing to be seen」

「I want to see it」

「Ah, I guess it can’t be helped then」

Momoka let’s go.

Her slit that only took in a man one time looks like it’s cut by a knife, it’s beautiful.

「I’m spreading it」

I opened her slit with my hands and hot liquid drips out from the inside.

Her vivid pink insides are shining from her love nectar.

「Uwaaa, this is embarrassing. Too embarrassing」

Momoka’s bashful expression is so cute.

「Uhm, am I going to get licked down there too?」

Momoka looks up at me with a blushing face and asks.

「Do you want it?」

「No, uhm, Nozomi-chan and I tried touching each other, but the hurdle is higher when licking each other」

「Licking breasts is okay, but doing it down there is a bit…」

I guess they didn’t cunnilingus each other.

「Then, I’ll give it a good licking」

I put my face on the slit of this sporty beauty and stick out my tongue.

「Aaahn! Iyaaan!!」

Momoka trembles.

The sour taste of a woman spreads in my mouth.

「Momoka’s pussy tastes delicious」

「Aaahn, don’t say it like that. Uha!! That’s embarrassing!」

Momoka’s becoming disheveled.

Having a healthy body, Momoka’s pussy is leaking out a lewd smell.

「Kyauuu!! Efuu! Aaahn! Aaahn! Aaahn!!」

Momoka moans cutely.

I peel out her clitoris.

Oh, her small pea is shining red.

I licked it with the tip of my tongue.

「Kyaaan!!! Aaaaaah! That place!! Iyaaan!!!」

Momoka grabs my head, twists her body, trying to escape my tongue, but…

I didn’t allow her. I adamantly continued licking.

「Aaaah, aaaaaah, kyaaaaaa! I’m dying! I’m dying!!!」

「You won’t die from that」

Shirahata-san said.

「But, I get why people keep saying that they’re cumming when having sex. Cumming means going」

Nozomi said.

「Stop! Stop! I’m about to cum! I’m cumming!!」

Momoka moans loudly.

Yeah, I should make her cum once.

That way, we can have sex smoothly.

That’ll arouse Shirahata-san and Nozomi, who’s waiting after Momoka.

I vibrate my tongue slightly and speed up my attack on her clitoris.

「Aaaah, haaaaaaaa!!! Uuuuuu!!! No!! No more!!!」


「Cumming! Cumming!! Momoka’s cumming!!!」

She squirted.

My face is sprayed with hot liquid.

「Hyauuuuu!!! Kyauuunn!!」

Women have longer ecstasy than men.

I continue to caress her with my tongue while Momoka’s in her climax.

Actually, I want to wipe off the liquid on my face right away but it can’t be helped.

「Ha, ha, haa!! Aguuu!!!」

Momoka’s thighs are grabbing my face.

A woman’s smooth skin is pressed against my cheeks.


Then, Momoka fell exhausted.

Yeah, this is good enough.

I lift my face from Momoka’s slit and…where’s the towel. Oh, it’s on the shelf over there.

I took out the towel and wiped my face.

「Aaaaaah, that was amazing. It felt great」

Her consciousness has recovered from her ecstasy.

If so…

I spread out Momoka’s weak legs.

Then, I prepare for insertion.

「We’re doing it now, right?」

Momoka asks, her body is still weakened.

「Isn’t that obvious? If Momoka-san’s the only one in pleasure, then poor Kuromori-kun」

Nozomi smiles.

「R-Right, t-this is my second time, so I don’t think it’ll hurt that much, shove it in with all your strength!」

Momoka looked up at me and said.

「Oh yeah. Katsuko-san said that it’ll start feeling good on your second time」

Nozomi said.

「Yes, that. She even said that depending on the person, they might even feel it the first time. We’re not like them though」

Shirahata-san said.

「Okay, let’s go in」

I push in my erect tip on Momoka’s slit.

「Y-Yes, please come」

Momoka swallowed her saliva, getting ready.




Momoka’s face frowns as a foreign object goes inside her.

「O-Ouch! It still hurts!」

「Oh my, seems like Momoka-san’s body wasn’t able to feel pleasure on her second time」

Shirahata-san said, but…

「No, that’s not true」

I confirm the sensation on my penis.

Yeah, I thought so, she’s just too tense that her body is stiff.

She says that it’s her second time so it should be okay, but Momoka is still scared.

Besides, it’s going to hurt more if the rest of her membrane was damaged, and she has wounds inside.

「Seems like Momoka’s vagina isn’t accustomed to sex yet. But you’ll soon get used to it」

I wait while only the glans is inside Momoka.

I feel Momoka’s heat through the tip of my dick.

「Take a deep breath」


「Breathe together with me, suuuuu, haaaaaa」

「Suuuuuu, haaaaa」

We continued to take deep breaths.

Yeah, Momoka’s insides are loosening up.

The tension on her entrance is slowly opening.

「Momoka’s woman body can take in my penis」

I said.


Momoka stares at me.

「That’s why change your perception. Sex isn’t something so special. Making this connection is normal」



「It’s normal that Kuromori Kou-sama is inside me, right?」

「That’s right」

I make it clear.

「Haaa, you’re right」

Momoka’s body loosens up.

「Come. Please come closer to Momoka」

My penis pushes inside Momoka.

「Aaah, it’s coming in! But this is normal, this is natural!!」

My penis spreads Momoka’s insides to its shape.


Aah, so warm. And, it’s dripping wet.

「Haaaaa, Kuromori Kou-sama!!」

Then, my penis goes inside Momoka to the root.

「Aaah, wow, Kuromori Kou-sama’s penis is twitching inside of me」

Momoka’s impressed.

「Aaah, I’m doing something lewd! But this is natural, this is normal」


I kiss Momoka while we’re connected.

I put my tongue inside Momoka’s mouth and entwined with hers.

Then, she slowly gets accustomed to my penis.

「I’m moving now, Momoka」


I slowly moved my hips.

「Kuu, uuu」

Momoka seems to be in pain at first, but…

「Ah, haaa, aaaahn! Afuu」

Her voice gradually turns to cute moans.

「Uuu, ahn!」

She reacted greatly there.

「Do you feel it here?」

My tensed-up glans rub into Momoka’s sensitive spots.

「Kyaaaan! There! I’m so sensitive there! Aaahn!」

There’s no such thing as too much pleasure in sex.

「Then, you can feel it here too, right?」

I poke at another spot.

「Hyauuu!!! Ahn! How do you know?!」

It’s because I play with various girls every day.

So, I can tell the patterns in women’s bodies.

「Aaah, aaaah!! Aaaaahn!!」

Momoka coils her arm around my back, clinging to me.

「hyaaaaan!! Ahn! Aaahn! Aaaaaahn!!!」

She moans like a cat.

「That’s cute, Momoka」

「Iyaaaan, don’t say that! Don’t say that! Aaaahn!!」

Each thrust makes Momoka’s breast sway around cutely.

「Aaaahn, this is embarrassing! So embarrassing! Iyaaaan!!」

「Momoka-san’s so cute」

「And lewd」

Nozomi and Shirahata-san mutter as they watch us have sex.

「Iyaaaaan!! This is embarrassing! Embarrassing!! Aaaah, aaaaah!!!」

It’s just as I thought.

Once you remove the tension from insertion, Momoka’s flame burns brighter.

「Aaaaaah, I!! I’m!!! Aaaaaaaaahn!!!」

Momoka looks up at me with endearing eyes.

「Aaaahn! I’m…I’m feeling weird again! I’m! I’m!!」

「Let’s cum together, okay? I’m going to cum inside Momoka」

The desire to ejaculate rises inside me.

「Y-Yes! Let it out! Feel good inside Momoka!!」


「Please give me your hot stuff…just like last time!!!」

The creampie during her deflowering was deeply etched in Momoka’s memory.

She can’t forget it.


I went for the last spurt.

I violate Momoka’s insides intensely.

「Aaaaaah, aaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Aaaaaaaaaahn!!!」

Momoka’s body shakes from my thrusts as she sweats all over.

Her cute breasts sway around in a circle.

「Aaaah!! Aaaaah!! Kuromori Kou-sama! I’m! I’m! I’m! Hyaaa!!」

Momoka’s climbing the catapult to ecstasy.

「Momoka’s cumming again!!!! Cumming! Cumming! Cumming! Aaaaaaah! Cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnggg!」

Momoka’s body twitched intensely.

Momoka’s vagina also convulses.


「Cumming! Momoka!!!」

I thrust inside Momoka with all my might.

Rubbing the tip of my glans on Momoka’s uterus.

「Aaaaaah! Iyaaaaaaaan!!!」


My white liquid is released inside Momoka!

「Aaaah, aaaah, aaaaaah!!」

Momoka stares at me, staring at the man ejaculating inside her.

「Aaaaaah!! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaahnnnn!!!」

Momoka’s womb is overflowing with my white liquid.

「Uuuuu, Momoka!!!!」

I embraced Momoka’s slender body and continued my long ejaculation.

「Aaaaaah, aaaaaah, aaaaaaaaah!!!」

Momoka’s drowning in the wave of ecstasy.

Accepting my semen inside her.

「Uuuu, uuuu, uuuu!!」

Momoka’s womb squirms.

It’s drinking my semen.

「Aaaaahn! Aaaaah!!」

This young beauty is undergoing an emergence as a woman.