Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1300. Crushing Negatives / Three Successive Sex on the Afternoon: VS Setsuna Part 2



「 Yeah, your nipples are stiff too 」

I touched Shirahata-san’s breasts as she crawls on the bed on all fours.

Shirahata-san’s uniform is half-off.

I tore off the buttons in front of her blouse, exposing her raw breasts.

She’s on all fours, I scoop up her huge tits facing downwards and enjoy the feeling of the weight on my palms.

「 T-That tickles 」

Shirahata-san tries to escape from my hands.

「 Don’t. I’m still touching you 」

「 Geez, that’s sexual harassment, perv! 」

「 Setsuna-san, that’s just weird to say you know 」

Nozomi said laughingly.

「 You’re in the middle of sex with Kuromori-kun so saying that its harassment is just weird 」

「 Right, I think you’re right about the sexual part though 」

Momoka said.

「 D-Don’t take it seriously. Ahn~ 」

Shirahata-san moans cutely when I knead her nipples.

「 Right. We’re going to do something lewder than just sexual harassment 」

I play with Shirahata-san’s breasts and lick her nape.

「 Hyaa!! 」

「 It makes you shiver, doesn’t it? You see, you have various erogenous zones 」

I licked Shirahata-san’s neck and whispered in her ear.

「 That’s…I learned it in training but..Aaaahn!! 」

「 Learning isn’t enough. You need to learn it through your body 」

「 Aaah, uuuu, iyaaan 」

Shirahata-san’s temperature is rising up.

She’s leaking out hot breaths.

Her slit is…oh, there’s more love nectar dripping out.

I think it’s about time.

「 I’m putting it in now. Raise your ass 」

I licked Shirahata-san’s ears and then whispered.

「 P-Please be gentle, I-I’m still not used to it yet 」

「 Yeah, I know 」

I went behind Shirahata-san who’s on all fours.

I grabbed her slender hips with my left arm.

I use my right hand to put my glans on Shirahata-san’s glans.

「 Uuu, I’m scared 」

Shirahata-san’s body trembles after feeling the heat of my penis in her mucous membrane.

「 It’s okay. I’ve just done it now 」

Momoka speaks gently while patting her abdomen.

「 That’s right, Kuromori-kun is good at this 」

Nozomi said with a smile.

「 I get that but… 」

Of course, she’ll be afraid, it’s her second time having sex.

That’s another thing she has to get used to through practice.

「 Haaaa, uuuuu, haaaa 」

Maybe it’s because of her nervousness. Shirahata-san’s breath is already getting rough.

I feel her breath.

「 Haaaa, fuuuuuu, haaaaaa, fuuuu 」

I’m aiming for the moment she exhaled everything and is about to inhale again.

「 Aguu!! 」

Zoom, my glans sinks inside Shirahata-san.

「 Haaaaaa 」

Still, Shirahata-san had to breathe in.

I match my movement while this woman’s breathing in.

Gugugugugunuuu, my penis is pushing inside Shirahata-san.

「 !!!! 」

Shirahata-san grips the sheets tightly, enduring.

「 Wow, it went in smoothly! 」

Nozomi’s surprised how easily my dick got swallowed inside Shirahata-san’s vagina.

「 Haaa, aaaaah, aaaaaah!! 」

Shirahata-san’s body began to sweat as she’s suddenly penetrated.

Yeah, Shirahata-san’s insides are hot to feel with my raw penis.

It’s much hotter than Momoka’s insides. Also, it’s wet.

「 How is it? Does it hurt? 」

Momoka asks.

「 N-No, it doesn’t 」

Shirahata-san replies.

「 Aahn, geez! I’m a woman too I get it 」


「 My body can do this. It’s frustrating to say though 」

Shirahata-san tightens her vagina, clamping my penis.

「 Yeah, we’re connected as a man and a woman. But, Shirahata-san’s insides are nice 」

I stir up her vagina using my penis, grinding my hips in.

「 Ahn, ahn. Don’t praise me like that 」

「 I will praise you, Shirahata-san, you have a good body 」

I get on top of Shriahata-san’s back from behind and rub her breasts with both hands.

「 I’m jealous. Shirahata-san’s breasts are huge. 」

Nozomi touched her breasts and said.

「 It’s just b-big, and nothing else. I’m not as cute as Nozomi-san and Momoka-san. I’m just cheeky and uncute 」

「 I wonder? 」

Momoka said.

「 I think that Setsuna-san is cute 」

「 B-But, I’m…ah, iyaan 」

I tease her nipples to make her focus on sex before getting into a weird argument.

「 Don’t worry about it, I’ll make you a cute woman 」

I slowly move my hips.

「 I-Iyaan, ah, ah, aahn, hmm, hmmm 」

Necho, necho, necho.

Shirahata-san’s completely aroused insides are melting.

My tensed-up glans is polishing up her vaginal walls.

The bumps and folds in Shirahata-san’s flesh feel good.

「 Hmm, hmm, aaaah, aaah, aaahn! 」

It doesn’t seem like she’s in pain.

If so.

「 Hii! Yaa! Aah, aaah, kuu, aaah!! 」

I thrust stronger.

「 Nu, guh, haa, hii, aaah!! 」

Shirahata-san’s love nectar and sweat flies on the bedsheets.

「 Uu, guu, haa, hiii, uuu, kuuuu!! 」

Shirahata-san’s feeling it.

Her vagina that just learned the taste of a man clamps me.

「 Wow, that’s some intense movement 」

「 Shirahata-san’s a closer pervert so I was expecting her to improve in sex faster, but not this much 」

Momoka and Nozomi are amazed.

「 N-No! Aaahn! I’m!! Kyauu!! I’m not a closet pervert! Iyaaaan!! 」

「 Nono, you’re quite the pervert 」

「 That’s right, the queen of closet perverts! 」


「 Iyaaan, aah, uuu, aaaahn! Aaaahn! Nnn, kuuuu!! 」

I thrust deeper.

「 Hyauuu!!! 」

Let’s go for an eight-beat first.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and a strong thrust on the last.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, uhh, kuu, haa, kyaaan!! 」

Now four beats.

「 Ah, ah, ah, kyaan!! 」

Three beats!

「 Ah, ah, aaaahn!! 」

Now gradually speeding it up.

「 W-Wait! Wait a second!! 」

Shirahata-san shouts.

「 I don’t want this. I don’t want this pose! 」

Huh, it was you who said that you want to do it on all fours, wasn’t it?

「 I-I can’t see your face!!! I want to look at your face, doing it while kissing!! 」

I see.

I pulled out my penis from Shirahata-san’s insides.

「 Kyaaan!! 」

The love nectar on my glans drips to the sheets.

「 Hurry! 」

「 Y-Yeah! 」

Shirahata-san went from all fours to lying down on the bed.

「 Come! 」

She spreads her arms, inviting me.

「 Yeah! 」

I jumped in, covered Shirahata-san, and put my erect penis once again.

「 Ahaaaa!! 」

Then, I resume my furious piston.

「 Aaaaaaah! Hyauuu!! Aaaah, kuuuuuu!! 」

I also love seeing their faces.

Shirahata-san’s face has a wistful expression, accepting our sex. She’s pleased. She’s enjoying it.

I kissed Shirahata-san.

「 Hmmmmm!!! 」

Shirahata-san slurps my tongue intensely.

「 Aaaaaah, amazing! Amazing! My body feels like it’s melting in pleasure!!! 」

Shirahata-san looked up at me and said.

「 Do more please! Mess me up! Break this body of mine!!! 」

Every time I make an intense thrust, Shirahata-san’s huge breasts sway intensely as well.

「 Aaaaah, aaaaaah, yes!!! This is amazing!! 」

I know.

The fuse inside Shirahata-san has been lit.

It’ll explode soon.

「 Aaaaaaaah!! Aaaah !! Aaaaaaaaahn!!! Aaaaah!!! 」

Her whole body’s sweating and her uniform she just put on today have gotten disheveled.

Shirahata Setsuna moans loudly.

I went in for my last spurt.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah, afuu, iyaaan, iyaiyaiya, aaaaahn!!! 」

After confirming that Shirahata-san’s rising to climax, I too…

I feel the heat rising up from the depths of my body.

I want to ejaculate as soon as Shirahata-san cums.

I want to impregnate this stubborn girl as soon as she becomes defenseless.

「 Aaaahn, it’s weird! Something’s coming! coming!! Aaaah 」

「 Yeah, it’s coming for me too. I-I’m going to cum inside you! 」

「 Aaaaah, you’re going to cum in me again! A creampie! you’re going to fill up my womb!!! 」

Her arousal blazes up.

「 Aaaah, aaaah, it’s coming! Coming! Coming!!! C-Cumming!!!! 」

Shirahata-san jumped to climax.

「 I’m cumming too!!!! 」

「 Let it out! Let it out! Pour it in me! Buhiiii!!! 」


The blazing hot spray gushes out.

「 Gyaaauuunnn!!! 」

My glans pushed against her uterus.

The tip blows a violent release of hot liquid, plunging through her entrance and to the baby chamber.

My semen’s filling up Shirahata-san’s womb!!!

「 Iyaaaaaaaan!! Aaaaaah ! Kuaaaaaaaaaan!! Aaaaah!! 」

Her body squirms in ecstasy!!

She’s squeezing my penis.

She wants every drop of the semen without missing any.

「 Uuuuuu!!! 」

I gripped Shirahata-san’s huge breast tightly.

Ejaculating again and again.

Doku, doku, doppuuu

「 Aaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaah!!! 」

Shirahata-san fell exhausted but her vagina and womb still moves.

I also fell on Shirahata-san’s body, moving only my hips, pouring out the semen on my urethra.

「 You’re an amazing woman, Setsuna-san 」

Nozomi mutters.

「 Kuromori-kun is also an amazing man 」

「 T-True 」

Momoka added.

「 Somehow, they look like they went for a hardcore fight 」

Nozomi said.

「 I wonder what should I do after that? 」

Right, Nozomi’s next.

I listen to Nozomi’s voice as I’m still exhausted on Shirahata-san’s hot body.

「 What should I do? You mean sex? 」

Momoka asks Nozomi curiously.

「 Y-Yes, about sex. There’s that, but… 」


「 If you’re going for that kind flashy sex before me..right? 」

「 Setsuna-san is Setsuna-san, and Nozomi-san is Nozomi-san 」

Momoka speaks gently.

「 We all have our different charms. Nozomi-san, just do what’s like you 」

「 R-Right. Okay 」

Nozomi’s convinced.

「 But, before that, shouldn’t we give these two some cold drinks? 」

「 Oh right 」

Nozomi realized. I…

「 T-There’s some on the fridge over there 」

I pointed at the fridge in the break room.

「 Oh, give me a sec 」

Nozomi goes to the fridge in a hurry and took out bottles of water from inside.

「 Nozomi-san, if it’s like this… 」

「 I know 」

Nozomi opens the bottle and poured water on her mouth.

「 Hmmm!! 」

Then, she fed me water through her mouth.

Aah, I feel the cold water spreading in my body.

I’ve recovered.

I got up from Shirahata-san’s body and then.

「 Nozomi, bottle 」

「 Here you go 」

I took the bottle from Nozomi and then…

This time, I fed Shirahata-san mouth-to-mouth.

「 Hmmm 」

I hear Shirahata-san’s throat gulping.

「 Aaaah, cold water tastes great! 」

Shirahata-san mutters and I drank more water.

The feeling of her puffed lips is great.

「 It’s like I’m in heaven 」

Shirahata-san who hasn’t come out of her afterglow mutters in a dreamy state.