Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1325. Farewell to the Spear / Advancing to Independence



「 True, it’s going to cause more trouble to us if Kuromiya-san stays over as a concubine 」

I said.

「 Sakurako’s right. There are only risks and no advantages to the Kuromori house 」

I’m Misuzu’s partner and so if I welcome Kuromiya Motoko-san, another young lady of the nobility, as my concubine…

Other noble families will likely revolt against the Kouzuki house

「 But, I think that Kuromiya-san’s passion for her spear is wonderful. That’s why I’m willing to help Kuromiya-san continue your fighting style if possible 」

I’m willing to help

However, there aren’t many options when it comes to what I can do.

What to do then?

「 You can’t. You can’t promise without getting anything in return 」

Sakurako told me.

「 Sakurako, you gave me your opinion but I’m the one to decide on what to do 」

I speak calmly.

「 I-I’m sorry 」

Sakurako bows her head to me in a panic.

「 No, it’s okay. You did that because you believed it’s your role to do, Sakurako 」

Misuzu from the Kouzuki house and Minaho-neesan the head of the Kuromori house had been harsh on Kuromiya-san.

So Sakurako, a young lady of the Kanou house is the one talking to Kuromiya-san instead.

I have to praise her for that.


「 Besides, Sakurako, it’s shameful to ask for something in return from people 」

I speak to Sakurako gently.

「 Just because you did something for someone doesn’t mean that they have to return the favor. I think it’s wrong to think that you deserve something in return. It would make you a condescending person. Imposing goodwill is nothing but bad faith 」

There are no advantages to taking in Kuromiya-san.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to force and ask them “What can you give in return?”

「 You’re right. I was mistaken 」

Sakurako admitted her fault obediently.

「 I just hoped that Kuromiya-san knows that it wasn’t a fair deal either 」

I look at Sakurako.

Kuromiya-san thought that she’d be able to keep her Kuromiya style of spear fighting by becoming my concubine.

「 Kuromiya-san and Mikuriya-san are indeed beautiful and good cooks, but… 」

Kuromiya-san and Mikuriya-san stares at me.

「 But that doesn’t mean that I want Kuromiya-san to become my woman no matter what 」

「 Are we not worthy of becoming Kuromori-sama’s concubine? 」

Kuromiya-san asks me calmly.

Mikuriya-san’s staring at me with a sad face.

「 That’s not the case. You two are charming as a woman 」

「 If that’s the case, we can be… 」

「 But, it’s not pleasant to have someone ignore my thoughts and just impose on me one-sidedly, don’t you think? 」

I make it clear with them.

「 Kuromiya-san, you’re only thinking about protecting the Kuromiya style of spear fighting. Either way, you thought that if you pushed yourself into this mansion, sit here, everything else will fall into place, right? You thought that it was natural that I would accept you, haven’t you? 」

「 That’s… 」

Kuromiya-san falters.

「 It’s Jii-chan, the Kouzuki house who wants to keep the tradition of the nobility. Maybe the Kuromiya style is one of those traditions that Jii-chan wants to protect. And so, if you want to keep the Kuromiya style alive, then you should go and ask for Jii-chan’s help, fair and square. I think it’s unreasonable for you to ignore me, force yourself in, and think that the problem will resolve itself 」

I’m sure that Kuromiya-san’s already reaching her wits’ end.

But, I think that she’s breaching her manners quite a bit.

「 Misuzu and Ruriko feel that Kuromiya-san’s underestimating us. But, those girls are daughters of the Kouzuki house and they have their pride, and so they treat Kuromiya-san as a guest in the end 」

Even if she pushed herself into this place, staying over, they’ll accept her calmly.

However, Kuromiya-san isn’t family, but just a guest.

「 That’s the reason why Misuzu and the girls aren’t touching Kuromiya-san’s issue directly but instead, they leave it to Rei-chan or Michi, the servants of the Kouzuki house 」

They pretend to listen to the problems of the Kuromiya house as the Kouzuki house.

Then, they want them to get out of this place as soon as possible.

They have no intention of accepting Kuromiya-san at all.

「 Ah, I see. So that’s how it is 」

Sakurako nods.

「 Then, what do we have to do? 」

Kuromiya-san asks.

「 I really don’t know. How can we preserve the Kuromiya style of spear fighting? 」

She’s only interested in using her spear.

「 Why don’t you leave your home and become independent? 」

I said.

「 Leave the house? 」

Kuromiya-san’s surprised.

「 Yes, From what I heard, Kuromiya house doesn’t need the Kuromiya style now, right? Do they think that they no longer need to pass down the spear technique as a family tradition to their descendants? 」

You can’t use spear techniques in this day and age.

「 It’s shameful to say but it is as you say 」

Kuromiya-san admits it.

「 The current head of our house thinks that it’s no longer necessary. Everyone in the family does. But Kurumi and I remain, learning all the techniques from the previous generation

「 Then, the only option is to leave the house, right? 」

I asserted.

「 It seems contradictory to leave the Kuromiya house to keep the Kuromiya style,, but as long as you belong to the house, you have to obey their decisions 」

「 Indeed, I don’t think we can allow ourselves to be selfish when we carry the family name 」

Sakurako said.

「 Currently, your family is feeding you, Kuromiya-san. If you want to do something different from what the people at your home think, then leave your home and become independent 」

「 B-But, we’re… 」

Kuromiya-san hesitates.

「 I don’t think Kurumi and I will be able to make a life independently 」

She’s born a young lady too.

She doesn’t have the skill to make her money and live on it.

「 So, the only thing you can do is learn the skills to support yourselves 」

I said.

「 You feel threatened that you’ll be married off to another family and have to throw away your spear if things continue, but, it’s at least a few more years before you’re forced to marry, right? 」

Kuromiya-san is still 17.

It doesn’t seem like she’ll get married right after graduating from school anyways.

「 I think that’s true, but… 」


「 But, they’ve already decided who will become my fiance 」

「 Engagement? Just break it off before you get married 」

「 Kuromori-sama? 」

「 It’s a decision made against your will, without your consent. Your fiance may hate you later but for now, just stall for time 」

「 Stall for time? 」

「 Yes, time for you and Mikuriya-san to learn how to live independently 」

Be it two or three years, if you have time, then you’ll manage.

「 Anyway, if you want to continue using the spear then you’ll need to be independent of the house. Meaning, you need to ready yourself to leave the world of nobility 」

I look into Kuromiya-san’s eyes and said.

「 The reason why Kuromiya-san wants to be my concubine is that you want to continue using your spear and also stay in the world of the nobility, am I right? 」

Becoming the concubine of Kouzuki Misuzu’s fiance.

She won’t have to abandon the family name of Kuromiya house as she’s protected by the Kouzuki house.

「 That’s naive thinking, and a shameful act of relying on other people’s power. If you want to hold that spear, then abandon your home. Abandoning your home means that you have to prepare to cease to be a member of the nobility 」

「 I will no longer be a daughter of the Kuromiya house, and leave the world of nobility 」

「 Correct. If you have that resolve to become independent in the outside world. Then I don’t think that you can continue to protect your Kuromiya style 」

I said. Kuromiya-san trembles.

「 T-That’s impossible. Leaving the nobility… 」

Kuromiya-san’s born as a young lady of nobility, she studied at the school for young ladies since she was in kindergarten.

All her friends must be from the nobility as well.

「 If you can’t, then you have to give up on your spear. If you want to stay as a member of the nobility, then you’ll have to follow the head of the house, abandon your spear, and marry into another noble family 」

It would be too selfish for her to continue both being a young lady of nobility, and carry her spear.

「 Kuromiya house doesn’t need the Kuromiya style anymore, so that’s the only choice 」

「 If you wish to continue using your spear, which is against the will of your house, then leave. Kuromori-sama’s right 」

「 But I… 」

Kuromiya-san’s confused.

「 If you’re serious about it, then you’ll have the skills you need to survive in a couple of years. I’m learning the skills now so I can make a living as a baker after graduating from high school you see 」

「 But, there’s no work that I can do while using the spear 」

「 Look for one. If you look for something serious then you’ll find something Anyway, give the idea of becoming independent a serious thought. If not, you’ll always be a bothersome girl no matter where you go 」

To Kuromiya house, to us.

「 You’re a good cook so I think you can find a way to be independent in that direction. Also, you can try what Michi suggested, making a living with spears if they’re modified to fit in the modern world 」

I look at Michi.

「 Michi, let’s say, for example, we use the Kuromiya style spear fighting as a lesson for the new Kouzuki SS guards on stick fighting or subduing thugs, can she be a lecturer or instructor for that? 」

「 That’s possible. That is if Kuromiya-sama approves the modern adaptation of the Kuromiya style spear fighting 」

Michi replies with her usual blank face.

「 I think that we can develop a new self-defense technique for women based on the Kuromiya style 」


「 For example, using a long stick-like object, such as a parasol, making it a strong and lightweight, and when the opportunity comes, they can work it out as a spear-like weapon 」

I see.

「 I think it’s easier to make a living as an instructor by starting a new self-defense system for women using a traditional spear art that’s passed down on generations of nobility than by teaching it to the guards 」

Kouzuki SS new bodyguards are few and far between.

Compared to that, it’s more profitable to promote it as a self-defense technique for women.

「 Parasols? Those are much shorter than the original spear 」

Kuromiya-san said, but…

「 However, the Kuromiya style also has a tradition of techniques using short-hand spears. We can tweak it as a self-defense technique 」

Mikuriya Kurumi-san who has been silent all this time, speaks up.

「 Yes. We need to work on incorporating traditional spear techniques into self-defense. As a result, a new self-defense technique perfected will be different from the original Kuromiya style spear fighting. Even so, it’s possible to adapt the ancient spear technique to the modern age 」

Michi said.

「 Cooking job and Self-defense instructor. I think it’s best to see if you can achieve both 」

Sakurako said.

「 You’ll need a lot of money to spread the word about self-defense You might need to start with the cooking job to save some money. Since you’re leaving the Kuromiya house, you won’t be able to receive support from your family 」

「 That’s right. Since you’re leaving the nobility, you’ll have to do the advertising and everything on your own. Just because you can use spear techniques, it’s not safe to focus all your energy in the self-defense business 」

I added.

「 But of course, that doesn’t mean that only those two are your options. What can Kuromiya-san do right now? What can you learn in the next few years, take that into consideration when planning for the future 」

Kuromiya-san thinks for a moment, and then…

「 Indeed. It is as Kuromori-sama and Sakurako-sama says 」

She mutters.

「 The Kuromiya style and I have to change 」

「 That’s right. Go change, become strong. Be independent 」


「 If you don’t learn the ability to survive on your own, you’ll remain weak and dependent on others. Kuromiya-san and your fighting style can’t survive the way it is now 」

Kuromiya-san looked at me.

Her eyes are filled with energy.

「 I understand, Thank you very much. Uhm, I… 」

Kuromiya-san speaks bashfully.

「 I’m ashamed that I’ve troubled Kuromori-sama too much. I can’t give anything back yet 」


「 Kuromori-sama, would you at least take my chastity? 」


「 If I leave the Kuromiya house, I won’t have to marry the man they decided for me. And so, I want to give my chastity to Kuromori-sama 」

「 Uhm, would you be willing to accept my chastity together with Motoko-sama’s? 」

Mikuriya-san too.

「 I know that this might just be another annoyance I’m imposing but I can’t think of any other way to repay you 」

Kuromiya-san said.

「 I won’t ask to become your concubine, but please, I want to offer my first time to you, Kuromori-sama 」

She wants to have sex with me?