Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1329. Deflowering the Combat Young Lady / Slave Declaration (Holding the Reins)



「 Aaaaah, aaaaaah, uuuuuu, aaaaaahn!!! 」

Rie cums hard on my lap with my dick buried deep inside her.

Her body’s convulsing, and her sweat-soaked body bows wide and she moans cutely.

「 Yees, aaaah, it feels good! Aaaaaahn!! 」

Rie’s pussy is twitching, as she’s clamping my maximum erect penis again and again.

「 You seem to be cumming too much, Rie-chan 」

The twin sister Eri smiles.

「 That’s so cute, Rie-chan 」

Her fingers rub Rie’s clitoris and she also sucks on Rie’s nipples.

「 Hyauuuuu!!! 」

The stimulation further stimulates Rie’s sensitive body.

I also embrace Rie’s small body from her back and stroked her soft belly.

It’s to warm her uterus from above with my palm.

「 Aaaah, kuuuu, hafuuuu, haaaa 」

Finally, Rie’s recovered from her ecstasy.

「 Once you feel this, you can’t go back 」

She mutters with a hoarse voice.

「 I’ll never be able to leave Onii-san 」

「 Right, our bodies were taught this kind of sex after all 」

Eri laughs.

「 I don’t care about other men 」

「 That’s right, it’s scary to have Onii-san abandon us 」

「 That’s why I’ll stay here forever 」

「 Rie-chan and I will be Onii-san’s sex slave forever 」

Eri hugs the front while I also hug Rie from behind.

「 Eri-chan 」

「 Rie-chan 」

「 We’ll be together forever 」

「 Yes. We’ll receive Onii-san’s love forever 」

The twins hug each other, smile at each other, and kiss each other.

Meanwhile, the virgins, Kuromiya Motoko-san and Mikuriya-san are watching that unfold.

「 I feel sorry that I’m the only one who has done it all 」

Rie said.

「 Don’t mind it. We’re just doing an example here so it would be bad if we spend too much time with Onii-san 」

「 Right, I think we need to give the floor to the Onee-san now 」

「 Well yes. I’m satisfied just watching Rie-chan feel good. and I can have sex with Onii-san anytime too 」

「 Yeah, next time, I’ll do the serving and you can get the banging Eri-chan 」

The twins talk happily.

「 Onii-san, thank you for making me feel good tonight too. 」 It’s regretful but I’m pulling out now 」

Rie turns to me with a smile on her face and sweat on her nose as she speaks.


「 There we go 」

Rie stood up from my hips, but…

She’s still in the afterglow of ecstasy that she can’t move her body.

「 Rie-chan, hold to my shoulders 」

「 Yes, thank you Eri-chan 」

Eri lends her shoulders and Rie raised her hips.

I also help Rie get up from behind.


My erect penis is pulled out of the womb of a beautiful middle-school girl.

「 Aaah, it’s pulling out. 」

「 Just a bit more, Rie-chan 」


My tensed glans spills out of her narrow opening.

「 There, Rie-chan, now you can lie out of the bed 」

Eri guides Rie to the bed.

Rie lies down next to me.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Her still flushed skin, and appearance after just reaching climax is sexy.

「 Nice, Onii-san’s still looking big. I shouldn’t give it to them with Rie-chan’s juices still in them so I’ll lick it off 」

Eri said, squatted before me, and put my penis in her mouth.

She licks off Rie’s love nectar clinging to my dick with her saliva.

Kuromiya-san’s staring at the mouth service of the young girl dumbfoundedly.

「 Onii-san 」

Rie took my hand while lying on the bed.

She begins to fellate my fingers.

These twins sure are beautiful, and lewd.

「 Rie-chan, do you want to suck on it too? 」

「 Sure 」

Rie got up from the bed and approached my crotch.

「 I love you Onii-san 」

「 Me too! 」

These beautiful sisters crawl their tongues on me at the same time.

「 Ahn, just the smell makes me want it again 」

「 Me too, I feel my spine shivering just from the taste 」

Their red tongues filled with lust give my penis maintenance.

「 Okay, that’s good enough 」

「 Right 」

The two gave the tip of my glans a kiss in the end.

「 Okay, it’s big now Onee-san 」

「 I think that Onii-san will cum right away as soon as he puts it inside you 」

Rie and Eri looked up at Kuromiya-san.

「 Y-Yes, t-thank you 」

「 Thank you 」

Kuromiya-san and Mikuriya-san answered tremblingly.

Both their faces are blushing and sweating.

Their skins have become damp.

「 Could it be that you two are scared? 」

Rie smiles.

「 If you’re afraid, then we can stop for tonight. I can go for it instead 」

Eri says while stroking my penis that’s shining from her saliva.

「 Right, it can’t be helped if you’re scared 」

「 It can’t be helped right…But sex does feel good though 」

「 It’s amazing to get this inside you 」

「 Just one shot will get you addicted. Sex with Onii-san is the best 」

「 But, well, if you don’t have the courage then it can’t be helped 」

「 Right, those who don’t want to do it won’t do it 」

The twins provoke Kuromiya-san.

Ruriko’s recording that situation.

「 N-No… 」

Kuromiya-san’s voice is trembling.

「 What? Do you want to? Or you don’t want to? 」

「 You need to make it clear or we won’t understand 」

The twins look up at Kuromiya-san from the sides of my penis.

To create a situation where Kuromiya-san has to look at my penis.

「 I-I want to do it! I-I have the courage to do this! 」

Kuromiya-san is dragged to the twins’ pace.

「 Do what? 」

「 Yes that. What is it that you want to do? You have to make it clear 」

「 T-That…s-s-s-sex!! 」

「 With whom? Is Onee-san okay having sex with any other men? 」

「 You’re being rude to Onii-san if you’re not clear with your words 」


「 I-I want to have s-sex with K-Kuromori-sama!! 」

Kuromiya-san shouts as she’s taken away by the momentum.

「 You say that you want to have sex, but Onee-san’s still inexperienced, so you’re most likely letting Onii-san do everything 」

「 Right, in that case, you don’t say that it’s sex, but Onii-san violating you instead 」

Rie said. Eri added.

「 You’ve got to say “sorry for not knowing anything because I’m a virgin. I’m sorry to bother you but could you please break my virginity with Onii-san’s mighty cock and fuck me to pieces,” and beg as you mean it 」

「 “I won’t use contraceptives, please do it raw. Please pour lots of Onii-san’s semen inside my baby chamber. I don’t mind getting pregnant,” It’s courtesy to say that 」

This time, Rie complemented Eri.

「 Yes, correct. Onee-san, you’re about to become Onii-san’s sex slave 」

「 Onii-san will shower you with love forever, just like us 」

「 Just like us 」

「 Onii-san will make you happy 」


「 P-Please, Kuromori-sama, please violate me 」

Mikuriya Kurumi-san shouts before her master, Kuromiya-san, as she’s trembling on her side.

「 You’re to say that you’re a slave so you have to name yourself 」

「 That’s right, you need to be thorough with that 」

「 Look into Onii-san’s eyes 」

「 Yes, now do it from the top 」

The twins said and Ruriko’s camera goes to my back.

She intends to capture Kuromiya-san’s slave declaration right on the front.

「 Okay, start with your name and age 」

「 Speak like you’re answering a doctor 」

The twins stir them up.

「 I-I’m Mikuriya Kurumi, fourteen years old 」

Mikuriya-san speaks to me trembling.

「 Okay, what’s your purpose today? 」

「 What do you want from Onii-san? 」

Mikuriya-san grips her hand tightly, stopping herself from trembling.

「 I-I’m still a virgin who doesn’t know anything. I may be inexperienced, but please dye me in Kuromori-sama’s color 」

「 You’re being too vague that I didn’t get what you’re trying to say 」

「 You need to be much more blunt 」

The twins corner her.

「 Y-Yes, P-Please take my virginity Please take my chastity. Please do my body as you please, even make a child, until you’re satisfied, Kuromori-sama 」

「 Kurumi 」

Kuromiya-san’s dumbfounded with the lines the bodyguard she’s affectionate with has said.

「 Motoko-sama and I will serve Kuromori-sama for the rest of our lives 」

「 Do you want to do the same 3P as Rie-chan and I did? 」

「 Onee-san wants to be violated together, right? 」

The twins approach the core.

「 Y-Yes, that’s right. 」 I’d like to serve Kuromori-sama together with Motoko-ojousama 」

Mikuriya-san replies with wet eyes.

「 I want to do it happily just like you two earlier 」

Where I’m having sex with Rie and Eri’s supporting.

That seems to have moved Mikuriya-san.

「 I want to serve together with Motoko-ojousama! I would like Ojou-sama to embrace me while Kuormori-sama’s violating me. I won’t go as far as asking for a kiss. I’d be happy to accept Kuromori-sama’s organ, and happily pat my head with a gentle smile 」

「 Kurumi, you? 」

「 I want to be with Motoko-ojousama for the rest of my life! I want to be loved the same way those who love her! I want to see the same thing and share emotions with her! 」

Mikuriya-san’s expressing out her heart in one go.

「 I…I also feel the same way. Kurumi! 」

Kuromiya-san replies to her bodyguard that she loves.

「 If so, you girls should become my sex slaves 」

I speak in a low tone.

「 I’ll be showering you two with love for the rest of your lives 」

Kuromiya Motoko-san and Mikuriya Kurumi-san look at me at the same time.

「 Now hurry up and decide. You’re making me wait 」

I tell the two while pointing at my angry erect penis.

「 Yes. P-Please, take care of me, Kuromori-sama 」

Kuromiya-san said, but Eri.

「 You have to show your manners! 」

「 You can’t get special treatment you know Onee-san? 」

「 We’re all Onii-san’s sex slaves here 」

「 Sex slaves are equal. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young lady 」

The twins said. Kuromiya-san;

「 I’m Kuromiya Motoko, seventeen. I’m inexperienced who doesn’t know her left to right so please allow me to join as Kuromori-sama’s sex slave in the lowest seat 」

She makes her declaration while trembling.

「 We already told you to be more specific 」

「 Nobody will understand what you’re trying to say 」

Ruriko’s camera is capturing Kuromiya-san’s expressions.

「 Please violate this virgin body of mine as you please. 」 I don’t know if it would be enjoyable but if you wish for it, I’ll do it. I’ll endure the pain of deflowering, and I’m ready to become pregnant 」

Kuromiya-san tells me with a blushing face.

「 And also, swear to never allow anyone has their way with your body. That you won’t have sex with other men 」

「 And promise that you will always serve Onii-san whenever, wherever he asks for it, no complaints 」

「 We’ve made the pledge and we keep it 」

「 If someone other than Onii-san did us, then we’re ready to take our lives 」

「 We’re not playing around, we’re serious about being sex slaves 」

「 We take pride in how we serve Onii-san 」

Rie and Eri said.

「 It’s not just your body. You can’t open up your heart to other men 」

「 Rie-chan and I are always on guard. 」

「 Eri-chan and I are on the lookout 」

「 If either one betrays Onii-san… 」

「 Then, the two of us will have to apologize with our deaths 」

「 Right? Rie-chan? 」

「 Right. Eri-chan 」

The two smile at each other.

「 I-I understand. You’re right. I need to have that kind of resolve too 」

Kuromiya-san says, she turns to the twins…

「 I don’t think that’s what you should say, right? 」

「 We’re your seniors as Onii-san’s sex slaves here 」

「 You did mention that you’re at the lowest seat 」

「 Yep, I definitely heard that 」

Kuromiya-san’s shocked.

「 I-I’m sorry. I’ll not allow any other man to my mind and body except for Kuromori-sama. I firmly promise. I swear. I’ll keep it to my heart 」

Kuromiya-san bows her head to Eri and Rie, her seniors as sex slaves.

「 I-I’ll become a woman only for Kuromori-sama. I won’t speak to any other men. I won’t look at their skin. I swear that on my life, please 」

Mikuriya-san bows her head.

「 Or so they say, what do you think Onii-san? 」

「 I think these girls are a bit too pure that it’s going to be troublesome but I don’t think they’re bad people 」

「 I think that they’re gonna give Onii-san a hard time but I don’t think anyone other than Onii-san can handle their reins 」

「 They seem to be some kind of runaway horse without their coachman after all 」

「 I feel like they’ll be demanding to the people who control them 」

Eri and Rie analyzed.

I see. They’re right.

Kuromiya-san and Mikuriya-san aren’t girls who think logically and act carefully.

They use their feelings and they can’t stop once they start to move.

Therefore, someone has to put weight on them from above.

It’s wrong to make these girls think for themselves and let them choose their future.

Kuromiya-san and Mikuriya-san has to be under my control.

I have to create a relationship where they accept the control first or nothing will start.

Even they seem to understand that.

That’s the reason why they came here to become my concubine.

They can’t control their behavior, and so…

These girls were looking for someone to take control from the start.

「 Motoko, Kurumi, I accept you two as my slaves 」

I declared.

「 From now on, I’m your master, so listen to what I tell you. Don’t do anything on your own. You’ll have to ask for my permission on anything. You hear? 」

「 Y-Yes, certainly 」

「 Please take care of us 」

These two combat girls became my sex slaves.

No, not yet.

「 Well then, I’m taking your virginity now. Accept me with your body and soul 」

「 Y-Yes! 」

「 Please give us your love 」

I’ll have sex with these girls and make sure that they learn the taste.

I’ll make their mind and body mine