Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1333. Deflowering the Combat Young Lady / Slaves



「 Haaaaaa, uuuuuu, haaaaaaaa 」

Motoko’s breathing heavily below me.

「 Uuuu 」

I ejaculated my last drop of semen into Motoko’s womb and fell on her naked body.

I bury my face on her flushed skin and breasts.

I feel Motoko’s nipples on my cheeks.

I licked her nipple, which tastes like sweat.

「 Ahn! 」

Motoko’s vagina tightens up.

Squeezing out the remaining semen in my urethra.

「 That was great, Motoko 」

I look at Motoko’s face and said.

「 It must be painful right now but once you get used to it, it’ll start to feel good. 」 Don’t worry, Kurumi and you will be able to cum in sex 」

I say while gently caressing Motoko’s naked body.

「 Yes, please take care of us 」

Motoko endures the pain of deflowering and smiled at me.

「 Uhm, If Kurumi is calling Kuromori-sama as “Otono-sama,” then, shall I do it with “Dono?”1

「 I don’t mind, pick whichever you like 」

「 Then, thank you for embracing me gently, Dono. Motoko’s happy to have offered her chastity to Dono 」

「 Me too, I feel happy 」

Kurumi, whose holding Motoko’s hand, said.

「 Everyone thinks the same 」

「 Onii-chan took the virginity of everyone in this place 」

「 Then, we became Onii-san’s women 」

「 It’s the definition of happiness. 」

The twins added.

「 And finally, you two have joined us 」

Ruriko says while taking photos of Motoko and me.

「 Yes, we’re finally companions now 」

Motoko looked at the camera and said.

「 Companions and family 」

「 Now, Motoko-oneesan and Kurumi-oneesan are our sisters 」

The twins smiled.

「 Onii-sama, it’s time 」

Ruriko calls me.

「 Yeah, I should 」

She just lost her virginity so it would be painful to keep the foreign object shoved inside her.

「 I’m puling out, Motoko 」

「 I feel sad that Dono will be away from my inside now 」

Motoko said.

「 We’ll just do it again. Besides, your womb is already filled with my semen 」

「 Indeed. I’m going to become pregnant with Dono’s children too 」

Motoko looks at her abdomen.

「 Yeah, I’m taking off the handcuffs I put on you earlier 」

Mana began to remove Motoko’s leather handcuffs which is placed above her head.

「 Dono, will you allow me to pass the Kuromiya style of spearmanship to my child? 」

Motoko looks up at me.

「 I don’t mind, but, I think that you have to think about modernizing Kuromiya style first 」

I replied.

「 You heard some opinions earlier, but there is no concrete plan yet 」

「 I think someone’s already fixing that 」

Mana says while taking off Motoko’s handcuffs.

「 Our capable sisters can’t help but start making moves 」

They’re already making plans while I’m having sex with Motoko and Kurumi.

Either way, they’ve already heard our conversation.

「 Okay, it’s off. It’s much easier to take them off than put them on, this is nice 」

Mana’s done taking off the leather handcuffs from Motoko’s wrists.

「 You should give Onii-chan a hug before he pulls out his penis. Motoko-oneechan, give Onii-chan a big hug. Onii-chan worked hard you know 」

「 Yes, Dono 」

Motoko embraces me from below.

I also embraced Motoko’s body.

I kissed her and entwined our tongues.

「 I’m happy. Dono’s loving me 」

「 I’m happy too, Motoko, you and Kurumi are welcomed to the family 」

I rub my cheeks with Motoko’s.

「 Next, will you make love with Kurumi and me together? 」

「 Of course. Let’s do 3P just like when I did it with Eri and Rie. Kurumi’s okay with that too, right? 」

「 Of course 」

Kurumi replies with a smile.

「 Oh? This ceiling has a mirror 」

Motoko said.

「 I didn’t notice that until now 」

「 Me too, I haven’t noticed that at all 」

Kurumi also said.

These two were so focused on losing their virginity that they couldn’t look around.

「 The walls and the ceiling in this room are all mirrors, that’s why it’s called the mirror hall 」

I tell them.

「 Oh, I see Dono and me reflected in the mirror. Amazing. So we’re connected like this 」

Motoko looks up at the mirror and smiled happily.

「 Dono’s here, I’m here, Kurumi’s here 」

「 Us too 」

「 Mana-oneesan, Ruriko-oneesan, and Michi-oneesan is over there 」

The twins said.

「 Everyone’s watching over me. I feel happy 」

Kurumi said.

「 Yes, thank you. Everyone 」

Motoko thanked the girls watching her deflowered.

「 Then, I’m pulling it out now. We still have to wash our sweaty bodies, and I think Rei-chan’s already arranging the checkup with the doctor 」

They should’ve already thought about Motoko and Kurumi’s post-deflowering checkup.

「 We all had our checkup after having our first sex 」

「 I think only Yukino-oneechan didn’t get a medical checkup right after deflowering. That was half a year ago already 」

Ruriko and Mana said.

「 Motoko and Kurumi, get yourself a checkup. I’m going to be using your bodies for a long time so get your genitals examined to make sure you didn’t get any damage from the deflowering. 」

「 Yes, certainly, Dono 」

Motoko replies.

「 Good, well then 」

「 Guh 」

I pull my hips and Motoko makes a frowning look.

Wow, that’s a lot of blood.

Motoko seems to have received more damage from the deflowering than Kurumi.

「 Auuu!! 」

My glans comes out.

Motoko’s vagina spills out a mixture of love nectar, semen, and her virgin blood.

「 Okay, don’t close your legs for now 」

Ruriko takes photos of the deflowered girl.

「 Here, Onii-chan 」

Mana gives me a clean towel.

「 Thanks 」

I used the towel to wipe off the sweat on my face and nape.

My dick’s gone crazy with the virgin blood of Motoko and Kurumi, but…

We’ll wash them off with a shower.

If I rub it with a towel in front of them, the two of them will feel sad.

「 Okay, now we’re done recording 」

Ruriko puts down the camera.

「 Mitchi, come over here 」

Ruriko calls Michi, who’s at the recording laptop.

「 Motoko-oneesan, you did well. That was cute 」

The naked Eri cuddles Motoko.

「 Kurumi-oneesan, that was a lovely first time 」

Rie also approached Kurumi.

I mean, why are Ruriko and Michi taking off their clothes now?

「 Huh? Why are you girls getting naked? 」

「 You’ll understand soon 」

Ruriko laughs.

「 Motoko-oneesama, I’ve been thinking 」

Ruriko speaks to Motoko while undressing.

「 I think the “Kuromiya style of spear fighting” was the same as the “Kouzuki house” for me in the past 」

Motoko looks at Ruriko.

「 Half a year ago, I was still a young lass, and yet, I kept thinking that I will be the heir of the Kouzuki house, and I kept thinking all about the unnecessary things that I have to do, that I must do 」

Ruriko shows a smile, all while in her underwear.

「 But, that idea has been fundamentally wrong. Therefore, I’ve become Onii-sama’s sex slave 」

To be precise, Jii-chan sold her to me for 3000 yen.

「 Now that I’m a slave, I’ve erased the things that I should be thinking about in my mind. I’ll let Onii-sama take care of the future of the Kouzuki house. As his slave, all I have to do is follow him 」

Meaning, Ruriko accepted being a slave.

Now I have to carry all the responsibilities Ruriko’s carrying.

「 Then, Onii-sama’s also supported with a lot of family members. 」

Ruriko took off her bra and panty.

Ruriko and Michi got naked in no time.

Michi stripped down almost simultaneously.

「 That also is true at this moment. Motoko-oneesama, and Kurumi-san, it wasn’t just us who’s watching you two 」


「 Everyone, please come in 」

Ruriko speaks to the door.


The lock on the door to the corridor unlocks.

The door opens.

「 Excuse me 」

Misuzu, Sakurako, Karen, Arisu, Mitama, Kinuka, and Haiji.

They’re all naked.

No. Mitama and Kinuka are carrying a strangely huge bag.

「 The girls who are currently in the mansion have decided to gather to join the sex slave sisterhood 」

Misuzu speaks as the representative.

「 Sex slave sisterhood? 」

「 Yes. It literally is a convention of Danna-sama’s sex slaves. Mariko and Erica-san who aren’t in the mansion are also joining us tonight. Also 」

「 Shie said that she’d like to participate if you embraced her 」

Misuzu and Sakurako said.

「 That’s unfortunate, but Ai-san doesn’t want to join in. Also, the Takakura house girls too 」

Well yeah, Ai is bad at groups. Especially when it’s all young ladies of nobility and their bodyguards.

Tsukiko would avoid this too.

Misuzu’s the leading figure in this group.

So, Tsukiko will have a problem in her status compared to Misuzu.

Besides, the Takakura shrine maidens probably feel that it’s a bad idea to be in a situation where they’re directed by Misuzu because of their power.

「 Of course, I’m joining in 」

「 Me too 」

Ruriko and Michi said.

「 What about us, Rie-chan? 」

「 Let’s see, Eri-chan 」

「 I think that we’ll be holding off for now 」

The twins and Mana aren’t interested.

Well yeah.

After all.

From the Kouzuki house, Misuzu, Ruriko, and the bodyguard, Michi.

From Kanou house, Sakurako (and Shiranui-san who isn’t here right now)

Mizushima house’s Karen.

From the Kurama house, Arisu, and the bodyguards, Mitama and Kinuka.

Then, she’s not from the nobility but still.

Mariko from the Torii house and Haiji, her bodyguard.

Anna house’s Erica. (Her sister, Marika probably won’t join here)

The people in this group are all attending the school for the young ladies.

That makes it hard for the girls from other homes to join in.


「 Is everyone really Dono’s sex slave? 」

To Motoko of the Kuromiya house, she’s familiar with this group.

You can call the girls who live in the world of nobility as friends.

「 We’re not yet there, but I thought of using this opportunity to become a sex slave too 」

Sakurako said.

「 Ruriko-san was right, if you’re aware that you’re just a slave, then you’ll stop thinking about the complicated matters 」

「 Me too, I felt like I had to go back to the beginning to understand my position 」

Misuzu said.

「 Becoming Danna-sama’s slave means that you’ll entrust everything to him…We realized that if we acted according to our ideas, we’ll just destroy the harmony of the family. Thus, one has to let go of oneself 」

In the end, these young ladies are too smart, too skilled, and too confident with themselves.

They were carrying their family name since childhood, and have been the center of attraction.

It’s also expected that they show leadership in the group.

They’ve been living like that for so long that when in family, they do that a bit too much.

「 As long as you stand behind Danna-sama and obey him, you’ll be able to keep the principle of getting along no matter how big the family gets 」

「 I’ve noticed that as well. Therefore, I thought of turning myself into a slave where everyone’s watching.

Misuzu and Sakurako said.

Misuzu was feeling uneasy when Sakurako, the daughter of the Kanou house, which is one of the big three families, has become my woman.

Then Sakurako, she’s cautious of Motoko who comes from the Kuromiya house when she became my woman.

Both are issues on their own, but their worries are unrelated to me, or the whole family.

It’s a matter of not liking for some reason, and being a little concerned with it.

If such “self” thoughts pile up, it eventually ends up in frustration, and explode, damaging the entire family.

To prevent that.

They declare that they’re my slaves, act on it, and suppress any of their selfish unneeded thoughts.

That’s the only way to take off the sharp parts of their minds while making it clean.

「 And so, I’ve brought everyone here some collars. Would you mind putting these on all of us, Danna-sama? 」

Misuzu took out her red collar from the bag Mitama was carrying.

「 I want to take a photo of all the members wearing their collars as our inauguration ceremony of the sex slave sisterhood 」

Yeah, events like this are necessary.

This will become a precious memory to them someday

「 Okay, come here. Pick whichever collar suits you best.

「 Thank you, Danna-sama 」

With that said, I put on Misuzu’s favorite collar on her.

Then, Mitama and Kinuka spread out the collars from the bags they brought and the girls picked theirs.

Kurumi and Motoko’s hips seem to be sore from the damage of the deflowering so they’re still lying on the bed, I put a collar on them though.

The girls with collars on their necks line up on the bed.

「 Okay, we’re now taking a photo 」

Mana and the twins, who refrained from joining the “Slave Sisterhood,” became the commemorative cameramen

「 We’ll take a photo with this group tonight but we’ll take another one when Mariko and Erica are with us 」

「 Shie will also receive her embrace by then 」

Misuzu said. Sakurako added.

「 Who’s the leader of this association though? 」

I ask while putting on the collar on Karen.

I think it’s going to be the top of the nobility. Misuzu or Sakurako, right?

「 I’ve been appointed as the chairman 」

Mitama was the one to respond.

「 I’m the oldest one in here 」

Right, Mitama’s the only one in her third year

「 If Kouzuki Yoshiko-sama was also here, then it might be her, but we’ve been told that she will not participate in the event at this time 」

Oh, Yoshiko-san, the third daughter of the Kouzuki house, also put her participation in the sisterhood on hold.

「 Yoshiko-oneesama hasn’t done it with Onii-sama yet after all 」

Ruriko said.

Well, that’s not the case.

Yoshiko-san still has a lot of worries she has to go through.

She needs more time and more conversations.

「 After a discussion among the members, Ruriko and Arisu will be the vice-chairman. Then, Michi will be the secretary 」

Misuzu said.

Oh, Misuzu and Sakurako don’t have a role then.

Yeah, Ruriko and the younger girls can see the big picture much more objectively.

「 Ruriko, Michi, are you okay with that? 」

I asked the two. Arisu was in the discussion earlier so she had already given her approval.

「 Yes, I accept it 」

「 I’ll receive the appointment 」

Ruriko and Michi consents.

Well, thinking about it. They probably know it’ll come to that.

「 Okay, now everyone has a collar on them. Let’s take a photo 」

Both I and the girls are completely naked, not covering any of our private parts.

I’m surrounded by girls wearing collars and then we had our photo taken.

They’re all smiling.

This will have the girls from the noble families settle for now.

Really, just for a while.

Relationships are an ever-changing thing.

Today’s stability doesn’t always mean that it’ll continue forever.

You have to repeat the balancing process every day, for the rest of your lives.

Even so.

I think that this stability makes me happy.

「 Since it’s a sisterhood, the elders have to be called “Onee-sama,” and the younger has to be called “Imouto” We have to remain the same as before when outside, in school, when there’s anyone from public watching us, but when in the mansion, we must follow this rule 」

Misuzu told the girls.

「 I’m the youngest here. Please take care of me, Onee-sama 」

Karen, the youngest of the group, bows her head.

「 Motoko-oneesama and Kurumi-oneesama, please take care of me 」

Karen immediately greeted Motoko.

Yeah, she knows what she should do.

「 Likewise, please take care of me 」

Motoko told Karen.

「 I may be older, but I came in later as a sex slave. I’d like to join everyone in the lowest seat and please take care of us 」

「 Please take care of us 」

Motoko and Kurumi know their status.

That should be good.

「 Okay, now everyone, look this way! 」

Eri points the camera she borrowed from Ruriko to us.

「 Normal pose isn’t interesting enough so everyone, go spread your legs or do something lewd around Onii-san! 」

Mana suggested.

「 That’s a good idea 」

Ruriko smiles.

This is how we share our lewd times and thicken our bonds.

We’re becoming a stronger family.

「 If anyone else has a fun idea then we’ll hear it 」

Michi, the secretary of the slave sisterhood asks her fellow sex slaves.


  1. It basically can both mean as “feudal lord,” although Dono is also a suffix