Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1405. School Festival Day 2 / After the Festival (Part 4)



「 I came here to dance with him too 」

Nagisa told Megu with a smile.

「 T-That’s…no, uhm, if Nagisa-oneesan wants to dance then I think that’s great, but… 」

Megu looks down.

「 T-That’s right. N-Nagisa-oneesan and Katsuko-oneesan didn’t get to dance after the school festival. So that’s why it’s okay if you want to take that back 」

Megu seems to feel bad for the rest of the girls that she’s the only one dancing, but…

When Nagisa said that she’ll dance with me, she feels sad too.

「 Take back? Don’t be ridiculous 」

Nagisa bonks Megu’s head.

「 I’m not taking things back. Past is past, and present is present, see? 」

「 Nagisa-oneesan 」

「 His first year’s high-school festival after-party is only for today, so if I want to dance with him, then it has to be today 」

Only for today.

「 Of course, I’ll dance with him next year too. And the year after that. I’ll be there during his sophomore and senior year in high school 」

Nagisa says energetically.

「 Megumi-chan, you can’t get memories unless you make them yourself. You don’t get that from other people 」

Nagisa said. Megu’s surprised.

「 I want to make memories with him today. That’s why I will dance with him for my sake, I don’t care what everyone else says. Oh, but that doesn’t mean that I’m pushing Megumi-chan away. If Megumi-chan wants to make memories with him too, then do it, dance with him, nobody’s stopping you 」

Nagisa said, then, she pats Mao-chan’s head.

「 I just want to make my memories, but that’s not all. I want the three of us to dance together 」

「 Mama? 」

Mao-chan looks up at her mother blankly.

Nagisa wants to dance with Mao-chan and me?

「 Adults make their memories, and what’s happening in front of them, whether it’s a good memory or a bad memory, it’s all because of them. But, that’s not the case with children 」

Nagisa gives Mao-chan a gentle look.

「 I’m a mother, and so I want to make a lot of good memories for my child 」


「 I don’t know if she’ll remember this day for long, but don’t you think it would be a lovely memory to look back on, her Papa and Mama dancing with her in the school festival when he was in high school? 」

Nagisa smiles happily.

「 I’ll remember it! Mao doesn’t forget the fun! 」

Mao-chan puffs her cheeks.

「 Right, Mama won’t forget too. That’s why I’m not letting go of the opportunity to make a sweet memory. It would be a waste 」

Nagisa laughs.

「 Then, maybe I’ll dance too 」

Luna said with a smile.

「 I will also give birth to Nii-san’s child someday. Then, I want to tell the story of Mama and Papa dancing at the school festival to my child too 」

Saying that Luna looked up at Megu.

「 I feel sorry for Agnes-chan, but I can’t let the opportunity go waste. It’s a happy memory waiting to happen after all 」


Dancing at the closing party isn’t a duty.

It’s not like Megu and I have to show ourselves in front of the students in the school because we’re engaged.

「 What about you Megu, do you want to dance? 」

I asked Megu.

Megu looked at me.

「 How about Yoshi-kun? 」


「 Yoshi-kun, do you want to dance with me? 」

Megu’s still looking down.

「 I’ve been having it hard in the past two days. The big sisters say that I’m the perfect one for Yoshi-kun’s fiance for Yoshi-kun because I’m a normal girl 」

As usual, Megu’s “I’m a disease” is deeply rooted.

「 But, I’m darker, dumber, and much more selfish than a normal girl. I feel like Kana-san’s much better as the ordinary girl for Yoshi-kun compared to me 」


「 Kana-senpai’s an ordinary girl too, but she’s cheerful, beautiful, and she’s popular. She’s much more mature than me and reliable 」

Oh, I see.

Kana-senpai’s efforts made our bakery and the tennis club create the cafe project.

Kana-senpai’s in control of the store outside.

「 Katsuko-oneesan and Ai-chan worked hard in the bakery, Even Mana went in and helped. I didn’t do anything to help Yoshi-kun at all 」

Oh, now that her insecurity towards Misuzu and Ruriko is fixed…

This time. She’s now feeling inferior to Kana-senpai, Katsuko-nee, and Ai.

Megu sure is a handful.

「 Whatever they doing doesn’t matter to the two of us 」

I replied.

「 I need Megu, and it has to be Megu 」

「 Why does it have to be me? I don’t have the charm that others have 」

Megu looks down again, so I held her hand.

「 Y-Yoshi-kun? 」

「 Listen here Megu 」

I pulled her face closer and looked into her eye and said.

「 I have some work that needs to be done after this school festival ends 」

「 Huh? 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 Marika brought this to my attention, but for the sake of Marika’s friend, I need to use Tsukiko to manipulate someone’s mind 」

「 Nii-san, it doesn’t have to be Tsukiko-oneesama, I can do it too 」

Tsukiko’s little sister, Luna, tells me, but…

「 No. Tsukiko has to be there or they’ll be suspicious 」

Luna and Yomi are too young in appearance.

Tsukiko’s already 18, so if we make her dress maturely, then she’ll look like Minaho-neesan’s secretary.

「 Besides, we only need the minimum of manipulation on the person we’re dealing with tonight. That’s why I’m asking Tsukiko, who has the most experience among you three 」

If it was an enemy, then I don’t care if their minds break and it ruins them, but…

The grandfather of the Matsumoto siblings can’t get crippled.

We’ll just bend Matsumoto Maki-san and Miki-san’s grandfather’s minds so he’ll let the sisters continue their music study.

The grandfather still needs to run his drugstore chain.

That’s why we’ll have to be careful in manipulating his mind.

Yomi’s aggressive nature makes her a good breaker, but she’s not good at delicate manipulation.

Meanwhile, Luna and Koyomi-chan’s power control is still not that great, there’s the danger of negative emotions flowing back on them and hurting them.

「 Oh, right. If that’s the case, then Tsukiko-oneesama’s better suited for this than us 」

Luna’s convinced.

「 Well, it’s Tsukiko who does the mind alteration, but I’m the one who gives the orders. I’m the only one who can do that, that’s why Tsukiko can use her powers, and not break her mind.

The Takakura shrine maidens destroy their minds by tampering with the minds of others.

「 Yes. We belong to Nii-san. We give our everything to Nii-san, that’s why we remain whole 」

Luna nods.

「 Right. I make Tsukiko do it, but I take responsibility for it. Of course, it’s still a crime to manipulate someone’s mind 」

「 Indeed, it’s something that’s forbidden to people normally 」

Nagisa says with a smile.

「 But, we’re a crime syndicate 」

「 Yeah, we’ve been criminals since long ago. But… 」

I looked at Megu.

「 That doesn’t mean that I won’t fight back. I won’t forget that committing a crime is a bad thing and I’m doing something wrong. If I just become defiant and affirm that I’m a criminal, then I’m will regress to a subhuman scum on the same level as Shirasaka Sousuke and Cesario Viola 」

「 !!! 」

Megu’s expression changed after hearing the name of her father who died last May

「 I’m the worst. I say, but I want to remain human 」

I don’t want to be a bastard who takes it for granted, thinking that they’re special, that they take away someone’s happiness, making them suffer, just like Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 That’s why I can’t forget that what I do is wrong, that it’s not allowed, that I’m the bad guy. That’s how I commit crimes, I don’t forget about it 」

「 Yoshi-kun 」

Megu holds my hand

「 Why do you need to do it, Yoshi-kun? 」

「 It’s for my family 」

I accepted Marika to the family.

I had sex with her, and Marika will also give birth to my child.

If Marika wants Matsumoto Maki-san, then,…

I’ll save Maki-san for Marika’s sake.

「 You don’t need to carry your burdens alone, we’re here, right? Mao? 」

Nagisa smiled at Mao-chan

「 Ushishi, that’s right! 」

Mao-chan hugs my hips.

「 If it’s for us, he’ll do anything, whether it’s crime or starting a bakery. That’s why we’ll do anything for him too 」


「 Well, I say everything, but each one has their share of what to do. I can’t go to school with him every day. But, I’ve got things only I can do 」

「 Mao will always take a bath with Papa! 」


「 Oh, earlier, one of the customers in my shop said that his daughter stopped taking a bath with him after she reached elementary-age 」

Nagisa tried to explain.

「 Mao heard about that, then… 」

「 Mao will always take a bath with Papa, even after elementary, middle, or even high school!! 」

Mao-chan jumped at me.

I hugged Mao-chan’s small body.

「 What about Megumi-chan? 」

Mao-chan asks Megu;

「 I… 」

She goes back to her gloomy face.

「 What can I do? 」


「 I’m able to talk like this because Megu’s with me 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Do you think I can tell Kana-senpai all about this? 」

Kana-senpai doesn’t know about the Black Forest.

「 Kana-senpai surely noticed that we’ve got something dangerous, but she doesn’t touch the subject. Since we don’t talk anything serious with Kana-senpai, we can maintain that easygoing relationship, but… 」

I looked at Megu.

「 On the other hand, serious talk is a no go to Kana-senpai. It has to be Megu 」

Megu’s born in the brothel, and she knows the Black forest to the depths.

「 But, it doesn’t have to be me 」

「 No, it has to be Megumi-chan 」

Nagisa cuts off Megu.

「 You two are in sync. Just like how Katsuko and I are 」

Nagisa and Katsuko are the same age, and both of them got kidnapped in their freshmen year in spring.

「 You two are pretty much the same, going from normal kids, to entering the Black Forest, right? That’s why most of his confusion is something only Megumi-chan can understand. 」

Megu and I are of the same age.

「 Above all, he’s always trying to push himself to the limit, but he’s still an ordinary guy inside. Especially in the mental aspect 」

Nagisa smiled at me.

「 And, just as mentioned before, he’s already decided to work for the Black Forest after this. Now, try to guess what he wants to do right now? 」

She asks Megu.

「 Yoshi-kun’s… 」

Megu looked at my face.

「 Yoshi-kun would want to reset his mind before going to work 」

「 Correct. I think so too. And, where do you think his reference point is? 」

Nagisa asks. Megu;

「 Yoshi-kun’s reference point isn’t Kuromori Kou of the Black Forest, but Yoshida Yoshinobu, a high-school student. 」

Yes, I’m…

Whether I become a crime syndicate member, acquaintance of the nobility, the owner of Kouzuki SS, or the master of the Takakura shrine maidens…

My true nature is still just a slow high-school guy.

「 I see. You’re right 」

Megu looked at my face and is convinced somewhat.

「 I want to dance with Yoshi-kun 」

I need Megu to return to my reference point, a normal high school student.

Not Kana-senpai.

It’s not Kana-senpai who’s one of the most beautiful girls in our school dancing with me.

Megu’s also a beauty that’s too good for me, but…

Megu and I are engaged, and the school sees it that way.

That means, dancing with Megu is natural, it’s normal.

「 It’s not about whether it’s okay or not. I want to dance with Megu, and that’s what matters 」

「 Yes. Mao and I will be cutting in halfway, but Megumi-chan has to be the first one to dance with him or the people around won’t like it 」

Nagisa smiles.

The irregular event of me dancing with Nagisa and Mao-chan would be after I dance with Megu, which is the normal one.

「 If we don’t do that, I won’t be able to calm down until we convince the people 」

I can’t endure it unless I return to “normal”

「 I see. Okay, I got it 」

Megu grips my hand tightly.

「 It’s normal for me to be with Yoshi-kun 」

「 Yes, it’s normal, it’s the natural 」

I also grasp Megu’s hand.

「 Thanks, Yoshi-kun. Nagisa-oneesan, Luna-chan, Mao-chan 」

「 Say that to Kurose-san too. She’s been quiet all this time 」

I turn around to Kurose Anju, who had been guarding from behind.

「 N-No, I didn’t do anything 」

Kurose Anju was backing off, but…

「 Thanks, Kurose-san 」

Megu thanked her.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Wow 」

「 Oh, that’s a lot of people 」

Nagisa and Mao-chan are surprised by the number of people.

「 Oh, there he is! Yo-chan 」

「 Darling! This way!

The closing party is at the gym

Nei took Saito Yuki-san, the idol, and Fujimori-san, her manager.

Edie’s accompanied by Line Haruko-san and Rodulfo Seiko-san.

Katsuko-nee, Ai, Mitama, Kinuka, Eri and Rie from the bakery group.

Kana-senpai is with the tennis club.

I mean, that’s a gathering of people.

There are students up to the second floor of the gym.

「 Back then, they used to have bonfires outside and dance around it, but after a lot of circumstances, the fires are no longer allowed! 」

Nei explained to Saito Yuki-san.

「 And so, it’s held at the gymnasium in the 21st century. That’s great actually since you’re already sheltered from the rain 」

Right, if you dance around a bonfire, then it’ll stop as soon as it rains

「 Oh, the baker couple’s here! You guys should dance here 」

Seeing that Megu and I arrived, the seniors wearing school festival committee bands give instructions at the center of the gym.

Oh, you’re right, there are only pairs of men and women in line at the basketball court.

Err, it’s about thirty groups I think.

Well, that’s kind of normal.

Even if you gather all the couples in our school…

Not every couple would come here to dance.

Some are embarrassed so they won’t dance

On the other hand, I know some people here who just started dating today for this dance.

『 Okay, get ready, we’re about to start 』

Oh, Iwakura-san, the student council president, and also the head of the school festival committee is here.

She’s talking at the gym stage.

I didn’t see her at all today, but…

As expected, she shows up at the end of the school festival.

『 Are these the only couples dancing? We’re closing in five minutes! 』

Iwakura-san said.

「 U-Uhm, Natou Nei-san, c-c-c-c-c-c-could you please dance with me?! 」

Suddenly, guys surround Nei.

「 Eeeh?! What’s going on? What do I do, Yo-chan? 」

Nei shouts at me.

「 Wait a second!!! 」

Then, five more guys come to Nei.

「 Natou Nei-san, P-Please dance with me with the intention to date! 」

「 Nono! Dance with me! 」

「 No, it should be me! Please! 」

「 Please! Dance with me Nei! 」

「 We’ll use this dance and I’ll make you my woman, Natou! 」

The guys bring their hand out to Nei

「 Wait a second!! 」

Then, another guy was off timing, trying to look cool, and appeared in front of Nei.

「 Woah, that’s youth for you, Nei-san 」

Saito Yuki-san’s eyes are sparkling.

「 Eeeh? But I don’t like this kind of thing 」

Edie comes over to the confused Nei.

「 If you don’t like it, then I’ll just dispose of them all 」

She laughs.


「 True~ Sorry, but you’re all rejected!!! 」

She rejected all of them.

「 Drats 」

「 Man~ 」

「 Kuuu 」

「 That hurts 」

「 I know dude 」

「 Thank you very much 」

The six rejected guys were feeling sad.

After the fuss in front of Nei, this time;

「 Hoshizaki Kana-san, please dance with me! 」

This time, four guys gather around Kana-senpai.

「 I won’t be accepting any offers~ Sorry 」

Kana-senpai immediately rejects the arms hold out to her.

Oh, it’s a tradition at this closing party too.

Of course, they feel like “if lucky, I can use this chance to get a lover,” but…

「 ***-san, please dance with me! 」

More of the same behavior comes out within the gym.

「 ****-kun, please! 」

Most of it is guys inviting girls, but…

I see some girls also mustering their courage.

「 Oh, it’s an unspoken rule to not call out the couples already here 」

Megu said.

I see. To make sure that there won’t be any trouble, the pairs who already decided to dance are already segregated in the court.

If not, there would be some idiots who’ll just harass someone with a lover.

「 Anjou Mitama-san, please 」

Mitama also has guys gathering around her.

「 You jest, do you want to be sliced?! 」

Mitama threatens the guys with her sword.

On the other hand.

「 Kiyohara Ai-san, please dance with me 」

Ah, Ai’s also getting surrounded.

「 K-Katsuko-saaaaaan!! 」

Ai hid behind Katsuko-nee out of fear.

「 Sorry, Ai-chan’s a shy girl 」

Katsuko-nee rejected them for Ai.

「 Takanashi Katsuko-san, please dance with me! 」

Even Katsuko-nee’s getting invitations

「 Oh? I’m much older than you though 」

Katsuko-nee smiled wryly.

「 I don’t care about age, please 」

Seeing that.

「 M-Me too! 」

The guys gather around Katsuko-nee.

「 Hmm, sorry, but thank you for the kind offers 」

Katsuko-nee rejected them too

「 Eei, if that’s the case, I’ve been watching the tournament from outside the ring, I don’t know your name but please dance with me 」

And finally, Saito Yuki-san’s also getting invitations.

「 Sorry, I can’t accept that based on the rules of our agency 」

The manager rejected them for Saito-san.

『 Okay, we’re cutting everyone off now 』

Iwakura-san speaks to the mic

『 Those who are participating, then hurry up and come 』

Still, it seems like some got paired up as a result of the exchange earlier.

About five more couples joined in.

『 Okay, we’re closing it down 』

Iwakura-san blows the whistle.

『 Well then, our annual after-party folk dance is starting. We call it folk dance, but most of you probably haven’t danced since elementary school. So you can dance however you want 』

That helps.

To be honest, I don’t even know what a folk dance is.

『 However, don’t cause trouble for other pairs! Any offenders get kicked out as soon as the committee finds them 』

「 Yeah, we’re not tolerating show-offs 」

「 It’s painful to be here, alone! 」

The guys whose proposals got rejected, shouts

『 Okay, we’re playing the music! 』