Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1412. School Festival Day 2 / Good Job Sex (Outside and Inside)



「 I want to be on top. Lie down here Nobu 」

「 Oh, I see 」

I lie down on the same workbench Ai was lying down just earlier.

「 Ufufu, you know, I’m so itching for it that I can’t hold back anymore 」

Kana-senpai’s wearing only a sports bra on her upper body, and a tennis mini-skirt on her lower half. She climbs up on the workbench and straddles the top of me.

「 Aah, Nobu’s so hot. You just came and yet it’s still so hard 」

She grabs my erect penis and rubs it on her slit.

Kana-senpai’s warm love nectar overflows from her slit and drips down to my glans.

「 Ufufu, it feels great. I’m putting it in 」


「 Aaaahn! 」

Cowgirl position.

I’m getting sucked inside Kana-senpai’s pussy.

『 Hey, hey, something is amazing posted on the net 』

I hear a guy from the monitor on the bakery’s wall.

It’s a video feed coming from the other side of the door, the cafeteria.

「 Ahn~ I’ve got something more amazing inside my body than that! 」

Kana-senpai says while moving her hips on top of me.

「 Nobu, grab my breasts from below. Please 」

I stretch out my hand and grabbed Kana-senpai’s rich breasts above.

Her nipples are hard, I can feel it even through her bra.

「 Aaah, amazing! More. more! Nobu! 」

Kana-senpai moves her hips up and down.

「 Aaah, the students have decreased since the last time we checked 」

Nei says while looking at the monitor, as Kana-senpai and I are having sex next to her.

「 But, I bet the girls over there can’t imagine that Kana-chan and Yo-chan are having sex in the room next door 」

Nei laughs.

「 Right, I’m quite the pure girl after all! Oooh, Nobu. Your dick’s amazing! This feels great!!! 」

Kana-senpai takes off her bra and exposed her breasts.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaahn! 」

Each time she shakes her hips to a rhythm, Kana-senpai’s breasts sway around prettily.

『 I told you. It’s getting really absurd!! 』

The monitor shows a male student, showing his phone to his friends around him.

『 So noisy, what is this about? 』

Finally, the friends turn their heads to their smartphones.

『 I’m talking about the weird martial arts tournament that was on the schoolyard earlier today 』

Oh, he’s talking about the school swimsuit judo tournament Edie hosted earlier?

「 Hey, Nobu, focus on sex! 」

Kaana-senpai covers me and kisses me on the lips.

I can feel Kana-senpai’s breasts on my chest and my lips feel hers.

Then, My dick feels Kana-senpai’s insides. Rubbing.

I can’t focus on anything but sex.

Even so, my ears hear the voices of the boys outside our room.

『 Yeah, that was the live coverage on TV, right? 』

『 Huh? What’s that? I didn’t know about this! 』

Some guys didn’t know about the school swimsuit judo tournament?

『 What, you didn’t know? 』

『 Yeah! That made a lot of noise! 』

『 I went to watch it. They were broadcasting it on TV 』

『 Also, I don’t know who she was but there was an idol there too 』

『 Name her 』

『 She’s not that popular! But, she’s not an underground idol, she’s a death star productions girl 』

『 Death Pro? Then that’s a proper idol. 』

Death Star Productions is a major entertainment production company, so everyone knows about it.

『 I mean, she’s an unknown idol, but she’s a cutie 』

『 Yeah, she’s beautiful. Her legs are also slender 』

『 She was wearing a miniskirt idol outfit, so it really highlights how slender her legs were 』

『 Though her chest is a bit unfortunate 』

The boys talk about Saito Yuki-san.

『 I mean, why do you not know?! We all came and watched it 』

『 No, you know, I was in the club exhibit the whole day 』

『 Aaaaah, right! He’s in Shogi club 』

『 You were playing Shogi the whole day? 』

『 Are you stupid? You just let an idol go without seeing her 』

『 I don’t know who she was but she’s still a celebrity! I’ve been watching her from afar but she had a halo 』

『 Namusan, namusan! Thanks! Thanks! 』

『 Cheers to those slender legs of hers! 』

『 I saw something good even from afar 』

『 Silly, that idol was just in her until earlier 』

『 That’s right, we got close to her that we got to see her face 』

『 And she’s super cute up close 』

『 Huh? Seriously? Where’s the idol now? 』

『 She’s gone home now. Do you really think she’s going to stay in our school the whole time? 』

Saito Yuki-san and her manager returned home.

『 Geeeeh!! All those things happened while I was in Shogi? 』

I can tell that the shogi guy is shocked even just from his voice.

『 But still, what I don’t get is why did an event in our school festival got televised? 』

『 Right, besides, there wasn’t a martial arts tournament in our school festival program, right? 』

『 I see. So that’s why I didn’t know about it! If not, I wouldn’t have stayed in the room all day! 』

『 Somehow, it was hastily decided just yesterday 』

『 Why? 』

『 No, you know. Anjou Mitama is in our school right? It seems to be related to that 』

『 Oh, it’s the girl that appears on TV 』

Mitama appears as the cover girl in Yukino’s TV show every week.

『 And So, yesterday, Anjou Mitama and the twins came to do a talk show in front of the cafeteria 』

『 I saw that. I love those twins 』

『 Are you a pedo? Those are in middle school, right? 』

『 Why not? Those girls are fun when they talk. They’re on a much better level than most of the comedians out there 』

『 Well, putting his perversion aside. The school festival committee wasn’t happy that they did that kind of talk show yesterday as it wasn’t on the school festival program 』

『 And for some reason, they went for an upgrade and even called in TV to start a live broadcast 』

『 I don’t get it 』

『 They’re related to Shirasaka Yukino’s show anyway 』

『 Anything goes for them 』

Normally, absurd things happen on Yukino’s show so…

They already got used to it.

『 Still, Anjou Mitama enrolled in our school in that new special classroom, was it Nadeshiko Department? 』

『 Yeah, it’s some kind of entertainment arts for beauties 』

『 Shirasaka Yukino’s also transferred to that department 』

The students think that the Nadeshiko department is like that

Well, besides Mitama, the girls who came into our school’s Nadeshiko department are Tsukiko, Misato, and all the other prostitute cadets, and they’re indeed beautiful.

『 I know about that too. But you never get to see those beauties within the school. They’re not allowed to make contact with the public, and their classrooms are separated from ours, right? 』

The shogi guy said.

『 What? You don’t know about that either? 』

『 W-What? 』

『 Today, the beauties of the Nadeshiko department were helping the tennis club at the cafe 』

『 No way?! 』

『 It’s real 』

『 Oh, they weren’t wearing a uniform like the tennis girls, but they worked all day in the tent, serving drinks 』

『 I took a photo with my phone. Look 』

『 Oh, let me see too! 』

『 Hmm, yeah, they are beautiful 』

『 Yeah, but they’re much cuter in flesh 』

『 Eh?! What the hell! Dammit! I wanted to see them too! I shouldn’t have played shogi all day!!! 』

『 Well, that’s because you’re in the Shogi club!!! 』

Hearing the guys make a fuss.

「 Pfft, those guys are stupid 」

Kana-senpai laughs as she moves her hips on top of me.

「 Huh, Kana-chan, I thought you said “focus on sex”? 」

Nei laughs.

「 It’s okay, this kind of sex is also fun and liberating! Aaahn! 」

Kana-senpai squeezes her hips hard.

『 I mean, you should’ve seen the martial arts tournament 』

『 It wasn’t just the idol that’s beautiful 』

『 Agree. You definitely missed out a lot 』

『 Yeah, that was a heavy loss 』

『 Eh, what do you mean 』

The shogi guy asks the other boys.

『 What I mean is that the idol sure was cute, but… 』

『 Not only the idol but also the female fighters were all high-grade 』

『 Were they that beautiful? 』

『 Yeah, well, not all of them 』

『 There was this huge lady that got KO’d by our freshman right at the first round 』

『 But the other martial artist ladies were hot 』

『 Like, Grace Marinka-san who came over the other day 』

『 Also, Kudou Haruka, the high-school karate champion, was also here 』

『 Eh? Uhm, the karate girl that appears on TV? 』

『 Yeah. It’s that Kudou Haruka. There were also other cuties there.

『 Furthermore, for some unknown reason, they were wearing school swimsuits and judo uniforms on top 』

『 Even Anjou Mitama participated wearing a school swimsuit, and the special referee was Fujimiya Reika! 』

『 Eeeeh?! Even Fujimiya Reika came over!? 』

『 That’s right! I don’t get why but she was here 』

『 Although you won’t expect Fujimiya Reika to put on a school swimsuit! 』

『 Eh, what the hell, if we had that event, then I should’ve left the shogi club in the dust 』

『 That’s right. You blew it 』

『 I saw it so it’s good 』

『 Shogi club should just disband now 』

『 Leave the shogi club and join the Go or Football club tomorrow 』

『 I’ve been watching from the ringside! That event was definitely worth televising 』

The boys watching the school swimsuit tournament say excitedly.

「 Ufufu, it seems to be receiving good favor 」

Kana-senpai on top of me is flushed, sweating on her forehead.

「 Kana-senpai’s body is amazing too 」

I grab Kana-senpai’s ass from below and groped it.

「 Aaahn! Yes! I like that 」

Kana-senpai’s pussy tightens up when I squeezed her ass.

「 Nobu, I love that! Aaahn! 」

Kana-senpai moans loudly that the other side should almost hear it.

『 Uhm, can we go back on topic now? 』

The smartphone guy who started the conversation talked to the other guys.

『 As mentioned earlier, the live broadcast just today is making a lot of buzz on social media 』

『 Well yeah. There’s an idol, beauties from martial arts, Anjou Mitama, and even Fujimiya Reika too 』

『 Yeah, it’s kind of obvious that I’ll create a buzz 』

The other boys said, but…

『 No, first of all, your perception is quite wrong 』

The smartphone guy speaks heavily.

『 You see, the people who were competing at our high school today are real martial artists, and they’re popular and talented 』

『 Huh? 』

『 What’s the problem with that? 』

The other guys don’t get what he means

『 What I mean is that people were surprised because a tournament between female martial artists got aired on TV without prior notice! 』

『 Oh, you’re right. There’s this martial arts board. Woah, it just finished broadcasting, but they’re already on thread 12! 』

The other guys started checking stuff over their phones.

『 Ah, I see. the women’s martial arts tournament is usually a netcast, or satellite broadcast. If it’s a local broadcast, then it airs at night 』

『 I guess people are surprised that it suddenly went on air on Sunday afternoon 』

『 Let’s see, I want to see it too 』

『 Oh, you’re right. Oh, there seems to be a divide between those who say that “If they’re all this good, why are they having this kind of school swimsuit judo tournament?” Then some say “The idea of a school swimsuit judo tournament is stupid, but it was amazing” 』

『 Sertan Motoyama, a former editor-in-chief in a martial arts magazine is in hot water for muttering “well, if they didn’t invite me to this tournament, then it’s nothing important” 』

『 Then, Yoshida Gyouga picked it up, and said “I’m more surprised that these competitions are being broadcasted on TV than Tarzan not getting invited” 』

『 The two of them used to be editors and writers for the same magazine 』

『 Who cares about that 』

The smartphone guy shouts.

『 There are so many comments just from the martial arts board! By the way 』

『 Huh, martial arts board? There are other boards making posts about this? 』

『 Go check your idol and tv boards 』

The smartphone guy and they all checked their phones.


『 Oooh, what the hell?! 』

『 Who’s this angel named Natou Nei? Part 32?!!! 』

『 Woah! Natou Nei’s so popular! 』


「 Huh? Me? 」

Nei, who was watching me have sex with Kana-senpai looked up at the monitor.

『 Yes. People who were watching the martial arts tournament are making a big fuss about the beauty who just appeared! 』

『 That’s true. Natou-san’s quite the beauty after all 』

『 She’s insanely beautiful 』

『 It’s just that we go to the same school, so I guess we got familiar with seeing her, right? 』

『 I’ve been looking at her since she enrolled. It’s been two and a half years already 』

『 Natou-san’s a repeater so she’s still in her second year 』

So these guys are seniors.

『 I usually go buy bread from her 』

『 That’s why I got used to it, but 』

『 But still… 』

『 Right… The guys who saw her for the first time… 』

『 Yeah, well, she’s a sensational beauty after all 』

The guys said. Nei;

「 Ufufu, Yo-chan, they’re praising me 」

She pushes her breasts to my face.

「 Nobu, lick on Nei-san’s breasts 」

I feel Nei’s voluptuous breasts on my cheeks, and I suck on her cherry-red nipples while having sex with Kana-senpai.

『 Huh, wait a second. Natou Nei was also in the tournament?! 』

The Shogi guy who doesn’t know anything about the martial arts tournament asks.

『 You idiot! Natou-san isn’t joining the martial arts tournament itself. 』

『 She’s not like that 』

『 Well, if possible, I wanted to see her in a school swimsuit too 』

『 Then, how? 』

『 What I mean by that is that she’s the host! She was hosting the event together with the idol girl 』

『 I don’t know why but she was still wearing the school uniform 』

The guys explain what Nei did.

『 Furthermore, the way she speaks is quite eccentric, right? To be honest, she’s quite funny as a host 』

『 She completely overshadowed the idol girl 』

『 And so, the social media’s praising her goofy by saying that she’s beautiful and even funny 』

The smartphone guy said.

Nei’s hosting seems to have good reception too.

「 Yo-chan, praise me too! 」

「 Yeah, you did great Ya-chan. You’re a good host, and you looked beautiful on TV 」

I said.

「 Kufufu, Yo-chan praised me 」

She smiled happily.

「 Geez, you’re so helpless. Let’s switch, Nei-san 」

Kana-senpai told Nei

「 Here 」

She got up and then pull my penis out of her vagina.

「 You sure, Kana-chan? 」

「 Yes, I think it’s good to have sex with Nobu while others are praising you out there 」

Kana-senpai got off the workbench

「 Then, I’ll take your offer. Thanks for the meal! 」

Nei swapped with Kana-senpai and got on top of me.

「 Ya-chan, you want it in cowgirl too? 」

I asked.

「 Right…why don’t we change it? I want hugs! 」

And so, I got off the workbench and sat on the chair.

I sat down on the chair and the half-naked Nei came over and hugged me.

She’s wearing her uniform, but her breasts and lower half are exposed.

Nei’s going to connect to me in a sitting position.

「 I’m putting it in, Yo-chan 」

Nei’s vagina is moist, dripping wet.

「 Aha~ Yo-chan’s coming in!! 」

My thick penis is pushing inside Nei’s narrow pussy.

「 Yo-chan! I love, love, love you!! 」

Nei goes deeper, accepting me in her body.

Embracing me tightly.

Nei’s soft body wraps me around.

『 Oh, I see. The people on the internet don’t know about Natou so they’re making a fuss 』

I hear the boys say that through the monitor.

『 Yeah, the other people who appeared, the idol obviously has her name and face on Death Pro’s website, and the martial artists have their past fights and profiles around. 』

Even Edie and Kendou Maria have records from the martial arts tournament last time.

That was a regular tournament.

『 Some people seem to think that Natou belongs to some agency 』

『 Well, it’s kinda fun that she gets more discussions than the idol because of her beauty 』

『 But still, Natou’s just a high-school girl 』

『 She’s not even in any agencies 』

『 There’s someone who looks a bit similar on an agency so they ask if it’s her, but… 』

『 Yeah, they got angry at him, saying that he’s way off point 』

『 Natou’s beauty is beyond that 』

『 It seems that some are trying to comb through individual blogs 』

『 Yeah, but Natou’s not on any social media at all 』

Nei’s been hiding from Cesario Viola until May this year.

Any information about Nei is blocked off from leaking over the net.

Even after that, nobody can find Nei’s photo or profile.

「 Obviously. I don’t care about that world at all! All I want is for Yo-chan to be by my side! 」

Nei tightens up her vagina, squeezing my penis.

「 Kufufu! Yo-chan’s inside me! I’m satisfied 」

Then, she slowly moved her hips.

「 Hmm, this is amazing, Yo-chan 」

「 I’m feeling good too 」

『 Hmm. It seems that the only information they have on Natou is coming from a guy in our school posting on the boards 』

『 Oh, they’re not giving much information apart from that she’s selling pastries during lunch break. Must be a freshman 』

『 Right, they don’t seem to know Natou’s delinquent past 』

The guys continue talking while looking at their phones.

『 Speaking of which, Natou-san stopped dying her hair blonde 』

『 Yeah, she was scary back then 』

Nei had blonde hair and she acts like a delinquent until the Golden Week.

Although, it’s immediately after the freshmen enrolled, so they don’t remember much from Nei’s delinquent era.

『 Oh, there’s this idiot. They’re asking the freshman if Natou’s a virgin 』

『 Then he just replies “I think she’s a virgin,” he’s not even thinking 』

The guys at the monitor said.

「 Unfortunately, I already gave my virginity to Yo-chan 」

Nei smiled and kissed me.

「 I love you, Yo-chan 」

Nei’s tongue entwined with mine.

The thrill of pleasure runs up my back.

『 But, I wonder what’s the truth with Natou-san? 』

『 Huh? About whether she’s a virgin or not? 』

『 I mean, she was quite violent when she was a delinquent, right? I think that she tore her hymen from that 』

『 But still…Natou-san was hanging out with that American lady who just graduated, right? 』

『 Oh, the Margo or something 』

『 Yeah, that one’s definitely dangerous, didn’t she almost kill the gym trainer when we were freshmen? 』

Margo-san beat one of Shirasaka Sousuke’s subordinates to the point they were beyond recovery when Nei was in her first year.

「 That was the teacher’s fault! Geez! 」

Nei puffs her cheeks and hugs me.

『 I know about that, I saw the teacher bruised up, carried away in an ambulance 』

『 I mean, Natou-san and that foreigner set the kendo hall on fire, right? 』

『 Oh yeah, that happened 』

That’s also because of one of Shirasaka Sousuke’s underlings.

『 Margo-senpai was also here today 』

『 I saw her, she was scary as usual. She’s tall, and you can feel that she’s become a martial artist 』

『 You idiot, she went to being a martial artist after graduating, the people who went for the match in our school today were her acquaintances 』

They also found out that Margo-san’s a martial artist from the profile and histories of Rodulfo-san and Poron-san who participated in today’s school swimsuit judo tournament.

『 But, Natou-san was always with that foreigner until last year, right? 』

『 Well, that’s true, but what about it? 』

『 No, it’s just a guess, but maybe Natou-san’s actually a lesbian? 』

『 Ah, that’s unlikely, unthinkable 』

『 Then that means, Natou’s a virgin? 』

『 No, no, it won’t break the hymen if it is between girls 』

『 Oh, that’s also true 』

The guys said. Nei.

「 That’s not possible! I’ll only do it with Yo-chan 」

「 Yeah, I know about that, Onee-chan 」

I hugged Nei and pat her back.

「 Uuu, Yo-chan~ I love you 」

Nei asks for a kiss again.

『 Anyway, Natou-san’s getting a lot of attention over the net 』

『 She might just become an idol using that as an opportunity 』

『 Speaking of which, I hear that there were a lot of former delinquents among the idols 』

『 You won’t survive there unless you’re strong-willed after all 』

『 Then, Natou-san will go to the Nadeshiko department? 』

『 Why not? I think that she never went to classes anyway 』

『 True, she’s much more suited to celebrity course 』

The boys said.

『 Either way, I’m not much interested in her 』

『 Ditto. It’s a little daunting to have someone exceedingly beautiful as her 』

『 It’s great to watch her from afar like she’s an idol or a celebrity, but dating her is highly unlikely 』

『 I get why they’re making a fuss, but most of those in the same school as her feel “it’s not really special” 』

Hearing that, Nei;

「 Hey! As if I care about you either! Hmph!! 」

「 Don’t get angry at them, Ya-chan 」

I calm her down.

「 Yeah, let’s get rough then! 」

Nei raised her hips and then started moving at a piston

「 Yo-chan, thrust from below too! 」

「 Yeah 」

I also grind from below, pushing Nei’s cervix.

「 Aaah, yes! I love it Yo-chan! 」

Nei’s eyes are drowning in pleasure.

『 You know, I prefer Hoshizaki Kana compared to Natuo-san 』

『 Oh yeah, that one’s cute 』

The guys now change the topic to Kana-senpai

『 Sure, if you’re going to date someone, then Hoshizaki’s much more realistic than Natou-san 』

The boys say, but Kana-senpai;

「 Silly boys, touch some grass 」

She’s sullen.

『 But you know, I heard that Hoshizaki’s been changing boys since she was in her first year 』

『 Oh yeah, she dates a ton of guys 』

『 Compared to Natou-san, who’s doubted to be a lesbian, Hoshizaki Kana’s now a slut? 』


「 Shut the hell up! I’m only having sex with Nobu!!! Nobu took it forcibly, but now I’m a loyal sex slave of Nobu! Don’t call me a slut!! 」

She stood up angrily

「 I’m going to talk to those guys 」

Kana-senpai said. Ai;

「 With that appearance? 」

She says.

「 Oh right… 」

Kana-senpai noticed that her breast and crotch are exposed and she got embarrassed.

『 If you ask me, I’d prefer Kiyohara Ai 』

This time, they change the topic to Ai

『 Oh, the bakery girl? 』

『 Bakery, I mean, the baking course girl? 』

『 Well yeah, she’s the cutest among the freshmen 』

『 Right?! I always come to buy pastry from her every day 』

Ai has a corner for her pastries among our products.

『 Just imagining that cute small hand of hers grabbing and fondling the dough you’re eating just elevates the flavor 』

『 Dude, that line was disgusting 』

Ai’s fan got cold stares from the other guys.

「 Disgusting 」

Even Ai says that.

『 But you know, I’m sure that Kiyohara Ai-chan’s a virgin. No doubt about it. She’s too pure… If I date her now, I’ll get to take her first! 』

The guy said.

「 Sorry…but Ai isn’t a virgin anymore 」

I already took her virginity

「 Besides…Ai is a lewd girl…always having sex with Yosida-kun 」

I just gave Ai a creampie.

My semen’s dripping out from Ai’s slit and down to the floor.

『 I wonder? Kiyohara-chan’s cute, but that girl’s always been alone with the bakery guy when working right? 』

『 Yeah, those guys might’ve done it already 』

Some of them are quite perceptive.

『 No way. That guy’s got a fiance, right? 』

『 Who cares about the fiance? Kiyohara-chan’s much cuter. If they’re together all the time, you won’t cross out the possibility that he’s already attacked Kiyohara-chan, right? 』

『 I wonder? I think his fiance’s quite cute too 』


「 Look, Megumi-chan, they’re complimenting you 」

She turned to Megu and smiled.

『 Well, she’s cute, but not as much as Kiyohara-chan, right? 』

『 She’s cute, but not as much as Kiyohara-chan, but she’s quite heavy 』

『 True. I’ve seen her help out in the bakery, and yeah, she’s definitely a heavy woman 』

Huh, Megu’s slender and light though?

『 Yeah. If the baker guy cheats with Kiyohara-chan, he’ll definitely get a nice boat.1 She’s that type after all 』


「 I won’t do that 」

Now Megu’s angry.

「 Calm down Megumi-chan, they’re just saying whatever they think is convenient to them! Ignore them, ignore them 」

Kana-senpai tries to calm down Megu.

『 I mean, the bakery guy isn’t always alone with Kiyohara-chan, right? 』

『 Yeah, their teacher, Katsuko-san is with them 』

『 Katsuko-san’s there, do you think that the two of them can do something absurd? 』

The guys say things convenient to them.

『 But you know, the bakery guy could be coming after both of them, right? 』

『 Idiot, do you think he can do that? 』

『 Right, no matter how you look at him, he’s definitely a herbivore 』

『 But still, he got engaged in his first year, right? 』

『 I’m telling you, he’s already busy trying to deal with that fiance of his, keeping her from stabbing him 』

『 Yeah, no way he could touch Kiyohara-chan and Katsuko-san 』


「 They don’t get it, right, Yo-chan? 」

Nei looked at me and swings her hips.

「 The truth is all the girls they mentioned already had sex with Yo-chan 」

She looks at me with wet eyes.

「 We had sex and made love, yet they don’t notice. Kukuku, weird, don’t you think? 」


『 Speaking of which, did they already go home? 』

『 I wonder? I feel like they’re still cleaning up that room 』

The other guys look at the bakery door.

『 Hey, let’s go take a look 』

『 Yeah, Kiyohara-chan should still be there, you can use that opportunity to confess to her 』

『 Yeah, it’s the school festival night after all 』

『 I’ll pass 』

『 What are you talking about? Take your defeat and confess to her 』

『 Once the school festival is over, we need to start studying for the exams. So. You. Have. To. Go. Now! 』

『 Anyway, let’s go check if they’re here first 』

The guys walk to the bakery door.

「 Nobu, the door’s locked, right? 」

Kana-senpai asks me.

「 Yeah, I locked it just earlier 」

「 I’ll check it again 」

Megu checks the automated lock in a hurry.

Knock knock.

The door leading to the cafeteria gets knocked on.

「 !!! 」

Nei’s vagina suddenly clamps my penis.

It’s too tight.

They turn the doorknob, but it’s locked.

『 It’s locked! They’re home 』

『 Oh man, can’t help it 』

The guys laughed it off.

「 Haaa, that was exciting 」

Nei smiled.

「 Well then, let’s have sex as much as we want that those guys will get frustrated! 」

「 This room is soundproof, right? 」

「 Yeah 」

「 I also want to shout 」

Nei, Kana-senpai, Ai, and Megu, who became topics of the boys, said.

「 Why not? I think that’s a good way to vent out in this situation 」

Mana said with a smile.

Haiji, Luna, and Yomi are also watching us with a smile.

Only Kurose Anju looks confused.

「 What are you talking about? You should also use this opportunity to vent out 」

Kana-senpai talked back.


  1. Stabby stab stab