Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1434. Matsumoto Sisters – Changing Elder Sister / Marika and Maki (Missionary sex with Marika)



「 Yes, Kou-kun 」

Next, Marika will have sex with me

Standing up, Marika had one of her hands still holding Matusmoto Maki-san.

「 Matsumoto-san, go to the bed too 」

Marika tells Maki-san with a kind smile.

「 I want you to watch closely 」

Maki-san looks up at Marika’s eyes, she’s unable to reply.

「 Matsumoto-san, I want you to know everything. All about me 」


「 I understand, Takahata-san 」

Maki-san also stood up.


「 How about you stop that now? 」

Mariko says from the bed.

「 Matsumoto-san, Takahata-san, are you still doing that? Call each other with your names. This is even more complicated since there are two Matsumotos 」

Mariko laughed and looked at Maki-san, and her sister, Miki-san.

「 Indeed, can I call you Maki? Call me Marika too 」

Marika said.

「 Yes, I’ll do so, Maika 」

Maki-san replied with a smile.

「 There we go 」

Marika lays down her bathrobe in the empty space in the bed.

She lets go of Maki-san’s hand so she could lie down.

The bed is even bigger than the king-size, so even with Mariko, and Luna lying down there, Marika still has space to lie down on.

「 I’ll go over there 」

Awakened from the aftertaste of ecstasy. Michi goes back to camera work.

「 I’ll take the stills, Michi will capture the video 」

「 Roger that, Ruriruri 」

Michi and Ruriko share the camera.

They already had sex in turn, and Marika’s next, and after that, it’s finally Matsumoto Maki-san’s turn.

From here on out, I need to fire myself up.

「 Maki, come here 」

Marika calls Maki by tapping the open space next to her on the bed.

「 But… 」

Maki-san is puzzled.

No matter how slender the girls are, there’s no room for me when the four of them lie down together.

「 It’s okay. Kou-kun will be on top of me 」

Marika laughs.

「 I haven’t had much sex yet, so I usually go on top 」

In short, she wants to have missionary sex.

「 I only have sex with Kou-kun. I gave my virginity to Kou-kun. I’ll continue to have male-female sex with Kou-kun, and I’ll bear his child someday. Just like everyone else in the family 」

Marika tells Maki-san.

「 Yes. We’re all the same, we only do it with Kou, and we will give birth to his child 」

Mariko affirmed.

「 Indeed, and I want Maki to do the same 」

「 Marika 」

「 I want to have everything the same with Maki. Have sex with the same man, get pregnant with the same man, isn’t that lovely? 」

Marika said.

「 You can’t do that! Matsumoto-san! You can’t! 」

Igarashi Izumi, who’s left at the visitor’s table, pleads to Maki-san.

「 This is scary! These people are weird! Matsumoto-san! You can’t mingle with these people! 」

Oh, our family…

Igarashi Izumi is right, we’re an anomaly.

I’m aware of that.


「 Come here, Maki 」

Marika lies down on the bed, inviting Maki-san with her wet eyes.

「 …. 」

Maki-san wavers, but…

「 You can’t! Matsumoto-san!! 」

Igarashi Izumi’s voice just pushed Maki-san instead.

「 Okay, I’ll come to you, Marika 」

Maki-san goes next to Marika, and lies down.

「 Matsumoto-san! 」

Igarashi Izumi tries to say something, but Luna…

「 Please quiet down and watch 」

She used her Miko power.

At this close range, her power is still at 100%

Now, Igarashi Izumi will just watch, she can’t hinder us from having sex.

「 I kept you waiting, Kou-kun 」

Marika calls me.

「 Yeah, I’ve been waiting for this, Marika 」

I got on the bed and got on top of Marika.

「 Watch me, Maki, 」

「 Yes 」

Marika and Maki-san held each other’s hand again.


I loosened Marika’s bathrobe and opened it from the neck part.

Marika’s breasts, cute navel, and pussy are all exposed.

「 Ah.. 」

Maki-san’s eyes focused on Marika’s nipples for a moment, but perhaps she felt embarrassed, she looked away in a hurry.

「 I don’t mind… I want Maki to look. See all of it 」

Marika smiled and told Maki-san.

「 I will only kiss Kou-kun. Only him 」

Marika said, and so I put my lips on her.

Marika passionately sought my tongue.

Maki’s watching us kiss from a close distance.

「 Kou-kun 」

Once our lips were apart, Marika looks up at me with a heated gaze.

「 What? 」

「 Uhm, can I kiss Maki too? 」

Maki-san’s surprised.

「 I want to kiss Maki 」

Marika’s lying on the bed, with her bathrobe opened, exposing her boobs, navel, and slit, looking at Maki-san.

「 Maki, have you ever kissed someone before? 」

Marika asks. Maki-san;

「 No, I never kissed 」

「 I want Maki’s first kiss. Kou-kun, please 」


「 I think that’s good 」

I want to fill the wants of my women as much as possible.

That’s what I believe in.

I intend to accept Matsumoto Maki-san as Marika’s lover in the family in the first place.

「 Thank you, Kou-kun. Maki… 」

Marika speaks to Maki-san and then…

「 Let’s do it 」


「 Okay… 」

The two beauties kissed each other while we were watching.

「 !!! 」

Igarashi Izumi looks like she’s in pain while doing so.

She really is into Maki-san, romantically.

「 Puha~ 」

Before long, Maki-san looks up, struggling to breathe.

「 What’s wrong, Maki? 」

「 I’m running out of breath, I don’t know how to inhale 」

Maki-san seems to have stopped breathing while kissing.

「 Just breathe through your nose if your mouth is taken 」

Marika said with a smile.

「 But, if I breathe through my nose, Marika might hate me 」

Maki-san said bashfully.

「 I won’t hate you for that 」

Marika smiled.

「 Maki, we’re going to be living together from here on. I want to see Maki’s embarrassments and even your bad sides. And every time I know more about Maki, I will come to love you more and more 」

「 I’m also liking Marika more and more 」

The two laughed.

「 How was your first kiss? 」

Mariko asks Maki-san.

「 It was sweet. It tastes like lemon, it’s like I finally understand with my body that I love Marika 」

Maki-san speaks out her thoughts.

「 Me too, it tasted like lemon. When I first kissed Kou-kun, my heart was beating so fast that I didn’t know the taste, and yet… 」

Marika said…

「 Marika… 」

I reached out to Marika’s breasts.

Slowly, and gently, groping her soft breasts.

「 Aah, yes. Kou-kun isn’t violent, so it feels good 」

Then, I licked Marika’s nipples.

「 Ahn~ 」

I lick and taste Marika’s hardened nipples.

I roll my tongue on her nipples.

「 I love it too. It feels good. 」


「 Maki-san, you too 」

「 Huh? 」

Matsumoto Maki-san’s confused with my suggestion.

「 Marika has two breasts so you can lick that side, Maki, 」

I focus only on Marika’s right breast while letting Maki-san take care of the left.

「 She can feel it more on her left. That’s where her heart is after all 」

Luna told Maki-san

「 Maki, lick it. 」

Marika also tells Maki-san.

「 O-Okay, I’ll give it a try 」

「 Try following what Kou-kun is doing 」

Maki-san timidly touched Marika’s left breast.

「 Soft 」

「 Don’t be so surprised. You have your breasts too Maki 」

「 But, I’ve only touched someone else’s breast when I was a child, and that was my mother 」

Maki-san’s copying me, groping Marika’s breasts as if kneading them.

「 Also, Marika’s breasts, it’s warm 」

「 It’s because I’m aroused. I’m doing lewd things after all 」

Marika’s skin is flushed.

Her skin is warm.

「 My nipples are erect. Maki, lick it 」

「 Okay 」

Maki’s cherry-red lips bite on Marika’s pink nipples.

I copied her and sucked it.

「 Aaahn, that feels great! Maki and Kou-kun are both sucking me. I’m so happy 」

Marika said with a blushing face.

The two of us were licking on Marika’s breasts and then…

Maki-san also does her best to copy me on fondling and sucking Marika’s breasts.


「 Kou-kun, I want it now 」

Marika spreads her legs.

The hem of her bathrobe opens wide, showing Marika’s thin white legs, and her slit.

It’s already leaking out thick love nectar.

「 Maki, watch. This is where Kou-kun goes in

Marika uses the hand that’s not holding Maki-san and shows her slit to her.

「 I don’t have my hymen anymore, but my first time with Kou-kun is all recorded, so I’ll show it to you later. Now, just watch me 」

「 O-Okay… 」

Maki-san peeks inside Marika’s slit.

「 Wow 」

「 What’s amazing? 」

Mariko asks Maki-san from the side.

「 That’s, uhm, it’s really wet 」

「 I’m about to have sex with Kou-kun, so it’s better if it’s wet. The entry becomes smooth 」

Marika smiles.

「 Kou-kun, go ahead 」

Marika said, but…

「 Put on a cushion on Marika’s ass so Maki-san could see 」

I suggested.

「 Here you go, Nii-san 」

Luna hands me a cushion.

「 Thanks, Luna 」

I slid it under Marika’s ass and make her hips float higher.

Marika’s slit is now much cleared to Maki-san’s eyes.

「 Take a good look, Maki 」

Maki-san watches Marika from the side.

They’re still holding hands.

I put my penis close to Marika’s slit.

I’m going for a missionary position.

「 Something this big can get inside/ 」

Maki-san mutters.

「 You’ve seen us have sex with Kou, haven’t you? It will go inside. She’s much bigger than Luna-chan 」

Mariko said.

Marika’s body is much more developed compared to Luna’s.

My dick that went all the way inside Luna, should also get inside Marika’s pussy.


「 I already gave him my virginity and done it multiple times. It will go in 」

Marika tells Maki-san.

「 Take a good look, Maki 」

「 O-Okay… 」

In front of Maki-san’s eyes is my glans diving inside Marika’s slit.


My hot rod sticks into her melting vagina.

「 Aaah 」

Marika makes a cute moan.

「 Does it hurt? 」

「 It hurts at first, but now it feels good, aah~ 」


Before long, I’m inside Marika to the root.

「 Good, I took photos 」

Ruriko captures the moment of our union at close range.

Michi’s capturing with her video camera.

「 Are you not embarrassed by the camera? 」

Maki-san asks.

「 I’m used to it now. Besides, only the family can watch the records. Nobody outside can watch it so it’s okay 」

Marika replies with a smile.

「 That’s the rule of the family, so accept it as such 」

「 I see 」


「 Onii-sama, feel free… 」

Ruriko said, and she stopped taking close-up shots and moved away from the bed.

「 I’m moving now, Marika 」

「 Yes, Kou-kun 」

I started moving my hips slowly.

「 Ah, ah, ahn! Aha~ 」

Marika moans to each thrust I make.

So far, it’s only been sex with girls I just met today, but…

Marika’s a girl who studies in the same school, and so it’s special to Matsumoto Maki-san to watch this.

She’s watching earnestly.

Gripping Marika’s hand tightly.

「 Maki’s watching, that feels amazing…aah, I feel it 」

Marika’s much more aroused.

「 Does it feel that good, Marika? 」

「 Yes! Maki. That’s because you’re right there, and Kou-kun’s doing it with me, it’s like a dream…ah..yes…it feels amazing 」

Marika watched me have sex with the other girls and her body was totally on fire.

She’s close to climax.

「 Maki, kiss me, Maki, 」

「 Okay… 」

Marika kisses Maki-san while I have missionary sex with her.

The two girls entwine their tongues.

Marika’s arousal is permeating through Maki’s skin.

「 Aaah, Maki! I love you! I loved you all this time!!! 」

「 Me too! I love Marika!! 」

Their emotions kept inside their hearts have become exposed.

Igarashi Izumi hears Marika and Maki-san’s confession right beside the bed…

「 Aaaah, yes! I’m…I’m about to!!! 」

Marika shows signs of climax, then Luna approached Marika and Maki-san.

She touched the skin of the two.

Marika’s sexual pleasure is directly conveyed to Maki-san.

「 W-What’s this feeling? 」

「 Can you feel it? This is me, this is what I’m feeling right now, it’s happiness! 」

「 I feel it! Marika, I’m also feeling it…ah, what? Aaaaaah!! 」

I wait for Maki-san to reach the same arousal as Marika, and then…

I went for the home stretch.

「 Marika!! 」

I thrust my hips with all my strength!!

Faster, stronger, harder.

「 Aaaaaah, aaaaahn!! Aaah, I feel it! I feel it!!!! Aaaaah!!! 」

「 Aaah, Marika, Marika, I’m! I’m!!! 」

「 Maki! Me too! Maki!! Aaaah!! 」

Their hands are clasped tightly together, and Marika and Maki ascend to higher heights together.

I’m about to!!

「 Aaaah, aaaaaah! Aaaaauuuu!!! Maki! I’m about to cum! Cumming!!! 」

「 Me too! marika!!! Aaaahn!! Aaaaah!! 」

「 Marika!! I’m cumming!!! 」


「 Aaaaah, cumming! cumming!! I’m cumming! Maki! Maki!!! 」

「 Marika! Marika!!! Aaaaah!!! Auuuuu!!!! 」

The two piano beauties came at the same time, and I followed.

「 Cumming! I’m cumming Marika!! 」

My ejaculation started.

「 Aaah, so hot!!! I’m feeling something hot coming in!!! It’s going in deep!! 」

Marika’s feeling my hot liquid diving into her womb.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! 」

Maki’s still a virgin, yet she’s sharing Marika’s senses in her vagina.

「 Marika, I’m still cumming!! 」

I continue to push my glans against Marika’s uterus…

My ejaculation continues.

「 Aaaah, cumming! Aaaaah! 」

「 Aaaaaaah!!! 」

Marika and Maki-san are both drowning in a long and intense wave of ecstasy.