Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1458. Morning Preparations 3: Then I…



Misuzu squats in the corner of the bathroom, her legs spread open and she shows how she pees.

Finally, the urine coming out of her crotch ran out.

The trickle changed to drips and stopped.

「 I’m sorry, I’ve shown something poor 」

Misuzu looked up at me and said.

Seems like she’s happy that I got erect while I was watching her urinate.

「 Okay, let’s wash it off 」

Mana cleans up Misuzu’s crotch and the pea-soaked bathroom floor with hot water from the shower.

「 Then, it’s my turn now 」

Coming from the changing room, Michi says, then she rolls up her skirt and took off her panty.

Misuzu and Michi are good friends, so she came here intending to show off herself peeing too.

「 Wait 」


「 I’ll do the same 」

Megu stopped Michi.

「 Yoshi-kun got hard watching Misuzu-san pee, I’m a little jealous 」



「 Besides, Yoshi-kun will be busy the whole day, I heard that you’ll be outside the whole day 」

I guess Megu asked Nei about my schedule for the day

I’ve been busy with the preparation for the school festival and other stuff until yesterday.

Today, we have a compensated holiday for the school festival but I have a packed schedule from morning to night.

And all of those are cases where Megu can’t come.

「 Right. Then, Mana and Megu-oneechan can do it together 」

Mana stopped the shower and said.

「 Mana also wants Onii-chan to get erect from watching Mana pee 」

Saying that, she strokes the tip of my half-erect penis with her wet fingertips.

「 It can’t be helped, let’s do it together 」

Megu’s weak to Mana.

Mana is her sister from another mother, and Megu treasures her.

Mana also seems to be more comfortable with Megu compared to Yukino, her blood sister.

「 Yes, Mana goes here, and I’ll go here 」

「 Okay 」

And so, going to the corner where Misuzu just urinated.

This time, Megu and Mana squat down and spread their legs.

The sisters are peeing together.

「 Yoshi-kun, watch 」

「 Onii-chan, it’s coming out soon 」

Megu’s a slender, well-framed girl with a body of a track-and-field girl.

Mana’s lengthened her arms and legs by improving her constitution as her goal is to become a supermodel. When clothed, you can mistake her for an adult.

However, when she’s naked, you can figure out her age. Her breasts and ass don’t have much meat.

「 Hmm, wait a minute, Megu-oneechan, it’s coming 」

「 Hurry up Mana, I’m about to leak 」

The sisters try to match their timing.

「 You don’t have to start at the same time. If you’re about to leak, then don’t hold back 」

I warned them out of worry.

「 I’m sorry, then, I’ll start 」

Hot liquid pours out of Megu’s crotch.

「 Thank you for waiting, Mana will start peeing too 」

Mana also leaks pee from her slit.

Ososo and Clito looked dumbfounded.

Well, they’re definitely curious about what we’re doing.

No culture in the world has it where a man watches a woman pee.

I also watch Misuzu pee every day and I often wonder why I’m doing this.

Even so, Misuzu’s happy so I’m okay with it.

「 Ah, Onii-chan’s penis got smaller 」

「 Hey, what are you doing, Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu and Mana got angry while peeing.

「 No, look, seeing the two of you pee side by side is more powerful than I thought 」

Yeah, the scene is quite amazing. It’s oppressive. It looks like I’m watching the Niagara falls.

「 Geez 」

Megu gets sullen.

「 Oh. Onii-chan, Megu-oneechan can’t show herself peeing anymore. Are you sure? 」


No, besides, do I even want to watch women pee?

「 Mana will show it anytime you want though. Even other things than peeing 」

Mana laughs, but Megu…

「 Even I will show myself peeing to Yoshi-kun anytime. I’ll show everything to Yoshi-kun 」

Even if it’s her sister, Megu’s getting fiery with rivalry. That’s what’s cute about her.

「 So watch me, Yoshi-kun 」

「 Onii-chan watch Mana 」


I watched the two pee.

Before long, Mana ended up peeing first.

Megu also ended a few seconds later.

「 Haa 」

「 Okay, we’re done 」

「 Wait 」

I got the hot water out of the shower and rinse their crotch.

「 Does it smell? If it does then I’m sorry 」

Megu speaks, as she’s suddenly back to her mindset.

「 Don’t mind it. Pee smells like pee, and that’s obvious. besides, it’s Megu and Mana’s pee, so I’m okay with it 」

「 Yes, it’s too late to say that Megu-oneechan you know 」

Mana laughed.

「 It’s finally my turn 」

Michi, who already took off her panty, also took off her socks and came to the bathroom barefooted.

Of course, she’s still wearing her greed school uniform.


「 Wait, Michi 」

「 N-No way, are you telling me not to pee at this point? 」

She’s as beautiful as a Japanese doll if only she was silent, but why is she so intimidating.

「 No, I’m not telling you that… 」

I looked at Arisu.

「 Arisu, are you going to pee too? 」

I asked her.

「 Err, I think it’s coming out 」

「 Then, sorry, to ask but do it with Michi 」

I said. Michi…

「 Am I not enough? 」

「 No, the other 」

I soothed Michi.

「 You alone seem too powerful so I’m going to add Michi to alleviate that. Besides 」

I pat Arisu’s shoulder.

「 Doing silly stuff like this makes us get together better. It’s a good opportunity for Michi and Arisu to get to know each other 」

Michi’s the bodyguard of the Kouzuki house.

Arisu’s the young lady of the Mizushima house, which has collapsed.

Arisu was once a student of the same school for the young ladies, but…

At that time, she had no interaction with Michi in particular, especially since they were in different grades and statuses.

Now that Arisu has moved to another middle school, they have less contact.

Even in the mansion, Michi and Arisu are never talking to each other.

「 I see, that’s inevitable indeed. Come here, Arisu-imouto 」

「 Yes 」

Michi and Arisu go to the corner where Megu and Mana just peed on.

「 Ready 」

Michi squats down, lifting her skirt so I could see inside, and spreads her legs.

Seeing that, Arisu also squats down.

「 Y-Yes. Ready 」

The young lady feels embarrassed by my gaze.

I had a full view of Michi and Arisu’s hairless crotch.

「 Next, confirm where you’re urinating. I will be urinating on the tile here, and so Arisu-imouto should aim for the tiles around that area 」

Michi points at the tiles on the floor and explained to Arisu.

「 Yes, I understand 」

Arisu’s nervous.

Michi pats Arisu’s back with her left hand.

「 then, her right-hand touches her tummy. 」

「 You need to focus your attention on your lower abdomen, and feel where the urine is pooling 」

「 Yes 」

「 Then, you have to visualize the route down there, can you do that? 」

「 Yes, I have an image in mind 」

「 Good, now release your safety lock 」

Michi, your urethra has a safety lock?

「 Once again, check the aim, and fix your angle. One to the right. Then three up and down 」

Michi fixes her posture.

Arisu followed, moving her butt.

「 Ten seconds to launch, shock and odor protection. 」

She’s just doing as she pleases.

「 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 launch 」

「 Aah 」


Michi used her Qi. She released it on her hand touching Arisu’s back.

That’s why they peed at the same time.

The amount of pee spurting and the angle of the arc are also exactly the same.

The pee of the two beauties bounces off the tiles of the bathroom and the steam rises.

「 As expected of Michi 」

Misuzu, who’s wearing a shower cap, praises her bodyguard with her arms folded.

「 Arisu-imouto, Master’s watching us 」

Michi calls out to Arisu while peeing.

「 How is it? Do you feel embarrassed? 」

Arisu looked up at me.

「 I’m embarrassed… 」

「 But the embarrassment feels great, doesn’t it? 」

Michi further whispers to Arisu’s ears.


「 It feels good 」

「 Then, say your gratitude to Master 」

「 Yes…Kuromori-sama… T-Thank you for watching Arisu’s embarrassing moment. Arisu’s feeling good 」

She speaks to me with hot wet eyes.

「 Ah, Onii-chan’s standing again 」

Mana noticed my penis.

「 Hey, why is that Yoshi-kun? It was small during our time…what’s the difference! 」

Megu gets angry, but…

「 Megumi-ane, and Mana-imouto seem to be lacking in shame recently 」

Michi talked to the two without stopping her pee.

「 T-That’s… 」

「 Yeah, I think so too. We need to be careful, Megu-oneechan 」

Megu and Mana seem to have been convinced by Michi’s explanation, but…

Michi, you don’t even look embarrassed at all.

It’s just Arisu who feels embarrassed.

「 We’re ending it in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, it’s over 」

Michi and Arisu also finished peeing at the same time.

「 Haaa… 」

Freed from Michi’s Qi control, Arisu slumps on the floor.

With Arisu’s stamina, she would’ve been exhausted just by squatting with her legs spread out.

「 Arisu, keep your hips up, you’ll get wet with your pee if you sit there 」

I say as I shower the two.

「 Yes, thank you 」

Arisu managed to get up.

Michi’s wearing her school uniform, so she can’t help out Arisu who’s naked and wet.

「 Okay, okay, stand up Arisu-chan 」

In the end, Mana approached and held Arisu from behind to help her stand up.

Mana’s also naked, so getting wet isn’t a problem. If she gets pee on it, she can just wash it off.

「 Okay, this is good 」

I carefully wash off the bathroom tiles.

「 Haiji-san, what about you? 」

Misuzu calls Haiji who’s watching from the changing room.

「 Haiji-san, will you do it too? 」

After getting this far, she’d feel like she’s being left out of the group if she doesn’t do it

Of course, she can’t do that.

「 Haiji, don’t push yourself 」

It’s not like I want to watch women pee.

This shouldn’t be mandatory.

But Haiji;

「 Yes. I’m not pushing myself 」

She said smiling.

「 I still have some shame and restraint in me, so I’ll do it when I’m alone with Kuromori-sama 」

Haiji smiled.

Right, Haiji’s a bit of sarcastic tongue.

「 Oh? You said it now 」

Misuzu laughed, but Megu and Mana are reflecting.

Seems like being told by Michi that they’re not feeling enough embarrassment has done a lot to them.


For now, let’s end the event…


Michi’s talking to Ososo and Clito in French.

「 Master. These two seem like they’re going to pee too 」


No, Michi’s judgment is right.

If we don’t make Clito and Ososo pee here, then they’ll think that they’re let out

「 Right, tell them to pee here too 」

I gesture to Ososo and Clito to go to the corner and crouch down.

Michi further communicated my intentions with words.

「 Oui 」

Ososo nods and tries to act without hesitation, but…

Clito’s become frightened, unable to move.

Ososo urged Clito by kicking Clito’s lovely ass with her foot.

Clito looked at Ososo, then at me.

Then, she followed Ososo and went to the corner of the bathroom.

「 Okay, squat down 」

Michi translates.

Ososo moved first. Clito sensed it and squat down as well.

「 Spread your legs so I can see it 」

Ososo looks embarrassed, but she managed to open her legs.

Clito also spread her legs.

I see.

Ososo’s African so she’s tanned, but inside her slit is still pink.

「 Then, start peeing 」

I ordered, and Michi translates.

Both of them are too tense, they can’t do it.

Well, of course.

They were with our family for a few days, so we’re getting used to each other, but…

Ososo and Clito are still unknown.

Yet, peeing while Michi, Arisu, Megu, Mana, Misuzu, Haiji, and I are watching…It’s a little hard for them.

「 Michi, do it 」

I ordered.

We’ll use Michi’s Qi at times like this.

「 Certainly, well then… 」

Michi stands in front of Ososo and Clito, who were spreading their legs.

Ososo and Clito looked up at Michi, wondering what was going on.

In an instant…

「 Haa 」

Michi shoots her Qi at the two.

「 ??!! 」

After a pause…


Clito and Ososo started peeing.

「 ?!??? 」

The two of them are surprised that they started peeing regardless of their intention.


「 Onii-chan’s peeing too 」

Mana’s right

Michi’s Qi also broke my bladder.

I started pissing.