Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1460. We’re going



Marika, Maki, and Izumi performed their piano and vocal music in front of the family.

The applause ended, and the three of them came to me.

The eyes of the women in the room focus on me too.

Everyone wants to know what I think of Marika and the girls’ music.

「 How was it, Kou-kun? 」

Marika, representing the three, asks me.

「 Yeah, that was lovely 」

I speak clearly.

「 Marika and Maki were much better compared to yesterday. Especially Maki, your hesitation is now out of the water and the sound is much clear. Marika’s harmony with Maki also got better 」

Then, I looked at Izumi.

「 Izumi too, so this is how it sounds when you’re serious. It’s much better than when you sang the anthem yesterday 」

Maki and Izumi felt relieved when I said that. They looked at each other and smiled.

Izumi doesn’t understand the meaning of my praise, she looks at Maki with a confused expression.

「 We talked last night, and thought that we want you to see the real performance before we go back to the dorm 」

「 We borrowed the piano in the morning and started practicing 」

Marika and Maki speak excitedly to me.

I know that they want the family to see their musical talent.

Last night, they didn’t only greet with by bringing the naked Izumi.

But Marika and Maki also decided to take the initiative to do a morning concert.

Izumi will also have an easier time living in the mansion from now on if she shows her skills in singing instead of being a dull pet.

「 You speak like you know a lot, yet you don’t even know what’s good or bad in music 」

Yukino, who’s eating my sandwich next to me said.

「 Yeah, I don’t know much about music. But, I think that their performance was good. By the way 」

I looked at Yukino.

「 What are your thoughts, Yukino? 」

「 Me? 」

Yukino turned stiff, she was still holding the sandwich.

The girls in the room looked at Yukino.

Yukino also felt it.

「 I-I don’t know much about piano or singing either 」

「 You don’t have to, just tell me how you felt and when you heard them play and sing 」


「 Hmm, ah, I guess it’s good. I can tell that they worked hard and want us to listen 」

「 See? Yukino’s also praising you. That means it’s good 」

I said. Marika and Maki smiled happily.

The women in the room looked at us with gentle eyes.


「 Oh, it really is Shirasaka Yukino 」


Hey, silly Izumi can’t read the mood, and just spoke her mind out

「 Izumi, that’s rude 」

「 You did bad, Izumi Apologize 」

Marika and Maki scold Izumi.

「 Hii, I’m sorry~ Maki-oneesama, Marika-oneesama 」

「 You shouldn’t apologize to us 」

「 You should apologize to Yukino-san 」

But, Yukino…

「 No need. I’m used to it. People look at me like I’m a rare animal 」

She smiled wryly and said.

Ever since the scandal of her father, Shirasaka Sousuke’s crimes was exposed to the world half a year ago, Yukino’s been living in a harsh environment.

But that’s exactly why…

「 No, It can’t pass 」

I stood up from my seat.

「 Yukino’s our precious family…Izumi’s also part of the family, as Maki and Marika’s pet 」

「 That’s right, Yukino-chan’s precious family, so bad manners towards her have to be scolded! 」

I said. Agnes shouts in response.

Agnes is one of Yukino’s half-sisters, but Agnes isn’t aware of it.

To Agnes, the family is her world, and there must be harmony in that world.

The rule of getting along is absolute.

「 Izumi, I’m giving you a spank on the ass as punishment, take off your panty 」

I ordered.

Izumi saw that I beat Clito’s ass for trying to take Matsumoto Miki’s violin without permission.

That’s why it’s easy to understand.

「 Errr, uhm 」

「 Hurry, Izumi 」

「 Kou-kun’s going to spank your butt, hurry 」

The two owners ordered her, so Izumi;

「 I-I understand I get it already 」

Last night, she greeted everyone naked.

It’s too late for her to hide her ass in front of the family.

「 Hurry up 」

I roll up Izumi’s skirt and pull down her panty.

「 No, no, no, wait for a second 」

I’m not waiting

I slapped Izumi’s ass with all my might.

「 Kyaan!! 」

Izumi squealed cutely every time I hit her.

I didn’t care and continued spanking her.

「 Here’s the tenth! 」

I’m spanking Izumi’s ass one last time, It’s already swelling and has my handprint.

「 Hyaaaan!! 」

Izumi collapsed on the floor with her butt exposed.

「 If this continues to happen I might turn into a masochist nyan 」

Izumi mumbled, remembering last night’s order to add meow at the end of every sentence.

「 That’s okay too. Izumi will come here every weekend to have Kou-kun violate you 」

「 Indeed. It’s better to become a masochist, in Izumi’s case 」

Marika said, Maki agreed. Then…

「 Kou-kun…what Izumi did is also our responsibility. Please spank us too 」

「 Yes, please do me as well 」

Marika and Maki turned their backs to me and showed me their asses with their panties already down.

「 W-Wait! Onee-sama didn’t do any thing wrong nyan 」

Izumi panics, trying to persuade her owners, but…

「 If you think that way, then be careful not to bring any more shame to us 」

「 Yes, please do it Kou-kun

Marika and Maki have strong wills.

「 I’ll give you three each 」

「 Please do the same count as Izumi’s 」

「 No. I decided to do three, so that’s it. 」

Then, I…

I also spanked Marika and Maki’s asses three times in front of the family.

The two didn’t do weird screams like Izumi.

They clenched their teeth and endured the pain.

Maki’s sister, Matsumoto Miki-san watches her sister get spanked in dismay.

「 Thank you for punishing us, Kou-kun 」

「 Thank you, Kou-kun, Izumi, where’s your gratitude 」

「 Thank you for punishing me nyan…Kou-kun-san 」

Then, spanking the three concert girls from music high school was a success.

「 Okay, I think it’s time now Marika-chan and everyone 」

Rei-chan comes in dressed in a suit.

「 We’re leaving earlier than usual since we have a lot to report to the teachers before the start of the school day 」

Marika told me.

If it’s just Marika, then she comes to the dorm every weekend, and she rides back to school just in time for Monday classes

But Maki and Izumi also stayed here last night without notifying them that they were staying outside.

Maki has to give a detailed explanation about being a scholarship recipient of the Kouzuki cultural foundation

Therefore, they’re leaving so much earlier today.

「 Rei-chan’s driving? 」

I asked.

「 Yes, I think it would be easier to explain to the people in Marika-san’s school 」

The country knows that Rei-chan’s from Kouzuki SS, because of the special show where she fights Kyouko-san.

It’s also the best way to say that Maki’s backed by the Kouzuki house.

「 Okay. Please take care of them, Rei-chan 」

「 Yes, will do 」

Rei-chan speaks cheerfully, and it brought laughter to the room.

「 Well then, everyone, we’ll be back on the weekends. Thank you for the hospitality yesterday and today 」

「 We will continue devoting ourselves to studying every day, so we do not bring shame to everyone. Please take care of us 」

Marika and Maki bow their heads to the family.

Izumi also bows with them.

「 Have a good trip, take care 」

Ruriko told the three, representing the family.


「 Take care! 」

「 Have a nice trip 」

「 Have a nice trip desuno 」

「 Take care… 」

The women in the room returned their greetings.

「 Everyone, thank you 」

Marika and Maki have tears in their eyes, they bowed once again

Izumi did the same.

「 Then, let’s go 」

As soon as Rei-chan says that.

「 Wait 」

I stopped them from exiting.

「 Izumi, you just sighed in relief, haven’t you? 」

I didn’t miss that.

Izumi felt that she finally could escape from me and return to her school life with Marika and Maki.

「 It’s that part of you… 」

「 It’s that part of you desuno! 」

Agnes repeated what I said.


「 Rei-chan, Izumi was feeling unwell, and so she’s coming to school this afternoon 」

I made a decision right away.

I shall strike while the iron is hot.

This can’t wait until next weekend.

Izumi has to be trained on how to be a pet properly

「 Kou-kun? 」

「 Uhm 」

Marika and Maki looked confused, but…

「 Let me take care of it. You two can go to school. 」 Izumi will get there later in the afternoon 」

I said.

「 You can leave her to him. I’ll talk to your teachers in school 」

Rei-chan smiled and told the two.

「 Okay. Izumi will be in Kou-kun’s care. What do you think, Maki? 」

「 Yes. Please take care of Izumi 」

「 Huh? But…what? Wait nyan! 」

Izumi tries to cling to her Master, but it’s too late.

Haiji and Michi pull Izumi away from the two.

「 See you, take care 」

Rei-chan told the two…

「 I’m sorry Miki 」

Maki talks to her sister who’s sitting further.

「 I can’t watch your first time with Kou-kun, but good luck. Believe in Kou-kun, let him take care of things 」

Maki is sure that I’m going to take Miki’s virginity before she returns to the mansion on weekends.

「 Onee-chan, I… 」

Miki-san tries to speak up, but…

「 No, I still don’t get Onee-chan right now, I know that whatever I say won’t work 」

「 Miki will soon get it 」

Maki gazes at her sister gently.

「 Miki-san, let’s do it together with Kou-kun this weekend 」

Marika said with a smile.

「 I’ll join in too 」

Erica raised her hand from a distance.

「 Marika-oneesama and I, then Maki-san and Miki-san. I think having two pairs of sisters is something new 」

The beauty that’s called “the star” in their middle school, is just a lady who loves sex.

「 Right, let’s do that 」

Marika promised her sister.


「 Well then, we will go ahead 」

「 Please take care of Izumi 」

Then, Marika and Maki bowed and left the room with Rei-chan

「 Onee-sama…Izumi’s sad nyan 」

Izumi, who was left behind said, then looked at me.

「 Are you going to rape me again nyan? 」

She asks worriedly.

「 Don’t assume that it ends there 」

I told Izumi.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 You sure have it hard 」

Going back to my seat, Yukino’s still eating the sandwich from my plate.

The iced tea is already bottomed up.

I feel disappointed as I sit down.

Izumi stands before me, looking apologetic.

「 Okay, those who have school, get ready, those who have a day off can take a break now 」

Nei said, then the girls from the school for the young ladies stood up and went down to the first floor.

After Marika and Maki’s courtesy car…

Their car convoy will be leaving this mansion.

After that, Mana, Eri, and Rie’s car will drive to their middle school.

They all changed to their uniforms, and probably already had breakfast, but girls take a long time to get dressed before going out.

So, they will be meeting with me to say that they’re leaving before they do.

「 Still, it’s just amazing how you can find cute girls with talent one after another 」

Yukino told me.

「 I’m not looking for them 」

Recently, it’s just gathering before I knew it.

「 But, those piano girls are amazing, and honestly, the singer is good too. I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t have any performance talent in the group, right? 」


「 Yukino has been appearing on TV since half a year ago 」

Yukino’s live show has no sponsors and no commercials.

「 I’m not even doing anything there. I just sit there and say whatever I want. And if it comes to talk show talent, the twins are much better, aren’t they? 」

Yukino points at Eri and Rie leaving the room.

「 Recently, people start to notice those sisters too 」

Then, at Mitama and Kinuka.

The two sisters have been appearing on Yukino’s show recently.

「 I wonder? I think that Yukino’s got talent in showbusiness too 」

I looked Yukino in the eye and said.

「 W-What? Flattery won’t get you anywhere 」

Yukino’s confused.

「 Don’t worry. Yukino’s got talent. I believe that 」

「 Be sure to take the blame for saying that 」

It’s a liability…

Well, I raped Yukino multiple times that I got her pregnant.

Next year, Yukino will give birth to my child.

「 Yeah, I know. I’ll be sure to make Yukino and our child happy 」

「 Y-You said it, I’m counting on that 」

「 Yes, you can count on that 」

Izumi seems confused about our conversation.


「 Okay, excuse me, Yo-chan, Minaho-oneechan’s calling 」

Nei hands me a cordless receiver

『 Hello, Yoshinobu? 』

「 What is it, Minaho-neesan? 」

Minaho-neesan made the call, so it’s got to be with the entertainment agency that we’re moving to later tonight.

『 I heard your suggestion from Nei. I think that’s good. Use Kouzuki SS’ name 』


I told Nei last night that I’m willing to expose that Kouzuki SS is behind us in getting their agency.

「 I think it’s about time 」

Yukino’s mysterious show, Rei-chan and Kyouko-san’s special fight show, and Edie’s school swimsuit judo tournament yesterday.

It all broadcasts on the TV station that the Shirasaka house owns.

It’s about time the real people in control of the TV station realize that it’s the Kouzuki house behind all of it.

「 Yesterday, Mitama and Rei-chan appeared in Edie’s tournament. I think some already figured it out 」

The two come from different shows, but everyone sees them as being in good company.

「 I mean, I think that’s Edie’s telling me that it’s time to expose it now 」

There’s no way the genius girl would take such a drastic step otherwise.

「 Saying that we should head to the next stage 」

The Kouzuki SS is deeply involved in the world of show business.

「 Besides, I don’t think hat we could open up an entertainment agency calling it Shirasaka Yukino’s office 」

I don’t want any more mental burden for Yukino, who’s pregnant

『 I know. I’ll just revise my plans based on your idea 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 You reached conclusion quick. That’s great 』

She praised me.

「 No, I know that it’s in times like this that we have to stay alert and act calmly. That’s why I need Minaho-neesan right now 」

I want to make it clear to Minaho-neesan so she doesn’t think that I don’t need her anymore.

「 I’m still inexperienced, and I’m still slow. If I get carried away now and do something unnecessary, then it’ll cause trouble for the family. That’s why I want Minaho-neesan to guide me as always 」

The only way to fix the behavior of a mistake-prone person like me is to trust the family.

『 Right… I still have some things I can do for you. Very well, I’ll revise my plan and contact you later. You still have to finish the case of Matsumoto Miki-san, right? 』


I still have to go to Miki-san’s middle school and take down the embarrassing photo that she sent to her boyfriend during morning training.

「 Yes. Take care, Minaho-neesan 」

I noticed that people are gathering around me now.

Kinoshita-san of Kouzuki SS, Kurose Anju.

Tsukiko and Edie.

Then, Nei brings Miki-san over.

So this is the team we’re taking to Miki-san’s middle school.