Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 378. Morning Sex




The morning light comes from the ceiling.
It’s already morning.
I’m being hugged by Katsuko-nee’s warm and rich body…


Somehow, there’s something soft hitting my back…?

「…Good morning, Yo-chan」

Nei whispers to my ear.
Is it Nei who’s hugging me from behind?

「You see…I was told by Ikeda-sensei yesterday…」

The female doctor『Kuromori’s』indebt to…

「『You can’t have sex until tomorrow morning』She said…」


Nei’s hand reaches to my croch.

「And now…it’s morning!!!!」

Nei gently pats my morning wood.

「…Let’s do it, Yo-chan」
「No…Nei, that’s…」

Then…Katsuko-nee who’s hugging me opens up her eyes.

「My, it can’t be helped! I concede!」

Eh…you were awake?

「…I’m participating too though」

Katsuko-nee opens up her bathrobe sleepwear…
Her rich breasts…nipples are in front of me.

「Here…have a taste」
「Ah, Katsu-nee you sly!」

Nei tells Katsuko-nee while stroking my glans.

「This much is fine」

Katsuko-nee hugs me tightly
My face is buried on her fresh and soft skin.


Hearing a voice from the side, I somehow raised my face from Katsuko-nee’s breasts…
Megu and Mana are already naked

「Last night, Nei-oneechan was the only one who didn’t have sex with Onii-chan so…」
「We’ll concede for now」
「Me too…」
「Well then, let’s flip Yo-chan!」

Ordered by Nei…the four beauties attack me.
My bathrobe is forcibly taken…
Having me lay down…my arms and legs are spread and pinned down

「…Ufufu, Yoshi-kun」

Megu licks up my right hand.
She strokes my fingers with her lips as if she’s fellating me.


Mana pushed my left hand to her chest and licks around my stomach.
At the same time…Katsuko-nee’s licking my toes.

「You like it here don’t you?」

She searches for my erogenous zones…stimulating it.

「I’ll go for this one!」

Nei puts my penis that pierces the heavens into her mouth.
Making slurping sounds, she crawls her tongue around.

「Okay, Agnes, are you watching?!」

Nei waves at Agnes.
I see.
Agnes’ daily『ritual』routines are also done in mornings.
In order to break her routine, we have to show our raw sex ahead of time.
I raised my head and looked at Agnes.
…Agnes is.
She’s looking…at my erect penis.
Edie on the same bed as Agnes too.
She’s looking this way with ferocious eyes.


Nei sucks my penis, making slurping sounds like it’s bad manners


Nei takes off her bathrobe and got naked.
Then…she turned around on top of me.
Her head is fellating my penis…and her crotch is on top of my face.
Nei’s pussy…have clear liquid already dripping from the slit.

「…Lick it」

I stretch my tongue and slurp Nei’s vagina.

「…Aaaaaahn, it feels good」

Nei’s mouth has it’s surroundings sticky.
Nei’s taste is sweet and sour.
The scent of woman’s sex tingles my nose.

「…Ahn, this is…so lewd」

My glans is rubbed inside Nei’s wet and hot mouth.
My tongue…pushes inside Nei’s hot and moist secret part…and dig out.

「Wow…it looks amazing」

Mana speaks up as she watches us do silly things.

「This position where you lick each other’s parts is called『69』1

Katsuko-nee teaches her little sisters.

「Ah, speaking of which, I’ve heard about this from seniors in the club…!」

Megu said.

「Mana wants to try it too」
「Just do it later. I’ll also do it」
「Un, right! Megu-oneechan!」

Click…I hear the shutter of the camera.
Looking at it, Katsuko-nee got off the air mat and takes pictures with her digital camera.

「Geez…Katsu-nee, don’t take photos here!」

Nei’s embarrassed

「Well…the black haired Nei is beautiful」

…That’s right.
It’s my first time having sex with the black haired Nei…

「Hm…what’s up? Want to put it in?」

Nei answers me brightly

「Nee-san…I want to do it while looking at your face」


「Ufufu…what a coincidence! I also thought of the same thing!」

Nei gets up.

「Yo-chan, where do you want, up or down?」
「Top…I want to embrace Nee-san!」
「Okay! Mana, space」
「Ah, okay!」

Nei lies down on the mat.

「Can Agnes see from this angle?」
「Yeah…I think this is good enough」

Katsuko-nee adjusts the position of the body.

「Ah, Reika-oneesan don’t stay there…come and take a closer look!」

Nei calls Reika.
Reika…is getting small in the corner of the arranged air mats.

「No…I, that」

I ordered

「Y-Yes, Lord」
「Okay, come…Yo-chan!」

Nei who’s lying down on the mat opens her arms and legs widely, inviting me.


I jumped in…

「Don’t rush…I won’t run away!」

I suck up the breasts that has it’s volume unchanging even when lying down…

「Aha…Yo-chan loves breasts. You’re like a child!」

Nei’s 18 year old skin feels fresh, tight, and glossy…
I lick up the cherry colored tip.

「Ahn…It makes me shiver…so good…Yo-chan」

Nei’s aroused face is very cute.

「Having one’s breasts licked by Onii-chan makes you feel glad being born a girl」
「You’re right. I feel glad I have breasts」

Megu and Mana said…Reika swallows her saliva.
Reika…you’re 2 years older than Katsuko-nee, right?
23 years old.
She has the most mature body among them.
Observed us have sex multiple times…
It’s about time the『sex is a pleasant thing』is ingrained in Reika’s mind.
Reika will soon want to experience it herself.
No, in Reika’s case…we have to wait for it to happen.
If I command her to have sex…Reika’s heart would remain closed up, I think.
Reika’s still calling me『Lord』even now.
She wants to join in our family and yet.
Reika still brings out the concept of master-slave relationship…
She’s still afraid of liberating her mind completely.
If she has no options as it’s the order of her『Lord』…then Reika can shield her own heart.
But, in that case…we can’t be real『family』

「…Yo-chan, you see」

Hearing Nei’s voice…I take off my mouth from her nipple

「The depths of my stomach goes tight. It seems it want it already」

This black haired beauty…wants me.

「Yeah, I get that…it means that your womb’s getting hot, right?」

Mana said.

「Yes, I can understand that too」

Mana said…Reika touches her own belly gently.

「Let’s go…Nee-san」
「Un…please give it to me!」

I push my erect penis to Nei’s entrance.
The place I just broke through yesterday… is narrow.

「It’s fine even if it hurts…!」

I shouted Nei unconsciously.
I push in my glans to her vagina…


Nei looks like she’s in pain.

「Just go on…give me your everything!!」

My glans penetrates through her narrowest place.
Then…it pushed in all the way to the end.

「…It’s all in!」
「Un…I can feel it」

Nei smiles at me…her face is sweaty

「Let me take a break」
「Let me get familiar with it」

I hug Nei…not moving at all

「Amazing…it all went in」

Mana said…looking at the joint.

「So it’s always like this inside me」


Katsuko-nee captures the connected part.

「Mana-chan…lick up the connected part」
「It feels good…do it」

Katsuko-nee said

「I’ll do it too」

Megu takes the initiative and crawls her tongue on the connecting part.

「How is it, Yoshi-kun…does it feel good?」
「It’s very good…Megu」
「Mana to!」

Mana licks as well

「Un, it makes me shiver, it feels good…!」

Nei said.
Megu and Mana licks the parts where we are connected.
Katsuko-nee takes photos of that too.

「It’s okay to lick the anus too」

Katsuko-nee said while pressing the shutter.


Mana’s surprised.

「I’ll do it!」

Megu licks my anus without any hesitation


I leak out my voice unconsciously

「Does it feel that good? Onii-chan?」
「…Want to do it too, Mana?」

Megu gives way to Mana.

「Sure! Thanks!」

This time, Mana goes to my anus…
Megu licks Nei’s anus.

「Wow, this is good…!」

Nei’s vagina tightens up…

「I’ll do it for you two later!!」

Nei said, feeling good.

「Hey, dear…Look at Agnes」

Katsuko-nee said…I turned around.
Agnes is…
She started masturbating…looking at us.
Not on Shirasaka Sousuke’s statue


Nei looks up at me with hot moist eyes.


I know what Nei wants

「Megu, Mana…that’s enough. We’re going to make love」
「Un…watch us」

I slowly move my waist.
At first, slowly, drawing a circle.
Then, I begin to piston.


Nei’s breath gradually gets rougher.
Her panting voice…grows louder


Nei’s body shakes as I poke her…
Her abundant chest sways like a wave.

「Just because it feels good, you mustn’t loosen up…Nei, move your waist to suit himn. You should clamp his penis」

Katsuko-nee gives advice while taking photos.

「L-Like this?」

Nei too…slams her waist from below.

「Try a lot of things. Try to look for the place where it feels good for both of you…!」
「Un…Yo-chan, look at my face…!」

We look at each other while having sex…
My Nei is truly beautiful.

「Ahn…H-Here…it feels good here. Yo-chan shows a a pained face…!」

Nei who said that is also looking like she’s in pain.

「Huh, me?」
「Yeah…beautiful, cute…just how I like it. I love you」
「Me too…Yo-chan!」

I can’t stop moving my waist.

「…Does it hurt?」
「It’s fine, don’t mind it…I’m happy that it feels painful…!」


「I’m having sex with Yo-chan! I’m so happy!!!! Aah!」


「…I’m about to」
「Go on! Let out a lot…!」

Nei hasn’t climaxed yet.

「It’s fine…cum, let it all out!」

Nei pushes her waist upwards…

「I want Yo-chan’s stuff…!」

What cuteness…Nei!

「…I, I, I」
「Go on! Hurry! Faster! Give it to me!!」

Nei looks at me.
She wants me.

「Cum…cumming…I’m cummiiiing!!」

The heat flows into Nei’s uterus

「Aaaaah, it’s coming in…I can feel the hot stuff!」

I hug Nei with all my strength.
I kiss her!
I push in my tongue!
Nei sucks my tongue while her body trembles.
…It’s still coming out
The first semen of the morning is poured inside Nei’s womb…

「…Haa, haa, haa, haa」

We look at each other while hugging

「…You came?」

Nei asks me.

「Yeah. It felt amazing」
「Ufufu…I’m glad」

Nei kisses my lips.

「Making Yo-chan feel good with your body…is amazing! Sex is really amazing」


「Really…it’s something you can only do when your body is naked. It feels happy」
「…You also need to have your heart naked」

I said.

「Oh right」

Nei laughs.

「I’ve dedicated my mind and body to Yo-chan…!」
「Let’s cum together next time」
「Yeah…I’ll do my best next time」

Nei smiles.

「…I’m getting off」
「…Un, Yo-chan」

I pull out my penis from Nei.

「Nei, show it to Agnes」
「Okay, Katsu-nee」

Nei spreads her legs, facing Agnes’ direction
…Immediately after.
The cloudy liquid pours out form her vagina.

「Wow, that’s a lot」

Mana said.

「It’s the first of the morning after all」

Katsuko-nee said.
Agnes’ eyes and mouth are opened widely, she’s looking at the liquid spilling out of Nei’s slit.
Her hand stops masturbating completely.
Shirasaka Sousuke has shown off a lot of male and female having sex, and semen…

「…Thank you, Nei-san」
「…Same here, Yo-chan」

We smile at each other…exchange kisses.
Shirasaka Sousuke’s sex shouldn’t have this…having such a radiant face after the act, smiling at each othe.r


Then suddenly…
Edie roars mysteriously next to Agnes.
Me ejaculating last night…and now, semen dripping from Nei’s womb.
She finally connected the dots inside her head.
She seems to understand that sex is releasing a man’s liquid inside the woman’s body.
Of course, Edie doesn’t know that this is an act of child-making, but…
She seems to have grasped the fundamental actions of a human being.
Edie’s attacked by the real feeling of『sex』

「Well…let’s leave her alone」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Onii-chan…Mana will clean it up!」

The naked Mana puts my penis in her mouth, and begins clean up fellatio.

「Then, I’ll go with Nei-oneesan…」

Likewise, the naked Megu…licks up my sperm coming out of Nei’s crotch.

「Oh, this will be a good photo too!」

Katsuko-nee takes photos of that spectacle…

◇ ◇ ◇

After a while, everyone was playing naked.
Hugging, kissing…laughing.
Katsuko-nee’s camera captures all of those.
Of course, Reika’s just the only one confused, in the corner of the air mats.
Agnes is dumbfounded.
Edie’s curled herself up with the futon on her head.

「Megu, you’re going to your club’s practice today right? What time is it?」

I suddenly remembered so I asked.

「It’s starting at 9 o’clock. But, the first years has to go by 8:30…」

I see, they won’t have any morning practice during the consecutive holidays as I expected.

「…What time is it now?」
「…It’s 6:30」

Reika looked at her wristwatch and said.
As expected of a pro guard…she seems to always have a waterproof watch

「Then, we still have time」

This『mansion』is very close to the school

「Ojou-sama and others will be heading too school by car…so it’s fine to just take the ride」

Katsuko-nee said.
Shirasaka Sousuke’s confined in the school

「Yeah, there’s guards in front of the mansion…so it’s dangerous to go alone. You should do that, Megu」

It’s both the police and Kouzuki security service
Besides, if Minaho-neesan doesn’t go to school, the school’s security system won’t work


Megu’s also convinced

「It’s about time we wear our clothes?」

When I proposed…

「Just a bit more」
「Not yet!」

Nei, Megu, and Mana…replies.
Well, seeing beautiful nude girls in the morning light…is definitely exceptional

「…Good morning!」

A young girl’s voice comes from the entrance of the room.
Looking at it…Nagisa and Mao-chan are there.

「Awawawa! Everyone’s naked!」

Ah…this is a bad education for her.

「It’s fine, Mao. We’re all taking a bath anyway」

Nagisa follows up.

「Tehehehe…bath! Bath!」

I see.
I promised to take a bath with Mao-chan this morning

「Un…shall we?」
「Ah, I’m going to prepare hot water in the tub!」

The naked Mana runs to the bath corner
She also intends to join in
It can’t be helped.

「Mana, you can’t! You’re going later! Let Nagisa-oneechan get in!」

Nei scolds Mana.

「That’s right…It’s Nagisa-oneechan’s turn next」

Megu also said.

「I see…true」

Mana now, is able to think of other people.
She’s easily convinced.


I get up from the mat…and head to Mao-chan, naked


Then, Edie jumps in with an amazing momentum.
Then…she tells Nagisa and Mao-chan something in English.
Desperately…a loud voice with gestures…

「What is she talking about, Mana?」
「Let’s see…『This guy is dangerous. Mysterious white liquid flies from his penis. Mao’s in danger if he gets close. Evacuate right away』…She said」

…I-I see.
Nagisa smiles at Edie.
Then, she replies in very fluent English.

「Nagisa…so you can speak English?」
「Yes that girl received various communication courses when she had time, back when she was a prostitute. She’s a hard worker, unlike me」

Katsuko-nee said with a smile.

「Yeah…『This man’s very important to us. Mao didn’t have a father but he promised to be Mao’s father. That’s why it’s fine. Thank you for your concern however』」

Mana translates what Nagisa said.

「Look, Mao…you can call him Papa!」

Mao-chan jumps to my chest, smiling.
I hug Mao-chan and carry her.

「Okay…let’s take a bath then!」

I slowly lower Mao-chan’s small body on the floor and…


She takes off the clothes she’s wearing in a hurry.

「Geez, Mao…take off your clothes properly!」

Nagisa picks off each of the clothes Mao-chan stripped.

「You see…Papa」

Mao-chan grins.

「I was told by Mama last night」
「Hm…what is it?」

I asked…
Mao-chan tries to imitate Nagisa…

「I wish he’ll embrace me sooner. If this goes on, I’ll become “Yokyufuman”!」2

Nagisa’s face turns red…!

「Geez, Mao!!!!」
「Mao-chan…What’s “Yokyufuman”?」

I pat Mao’s head…

「It means getting sad unless one gets hugged tight」
「I see」

I go in front of Nagisa…

「Nagisa…I love you」

I hug Nagisa’s body tightly

「It’s fine」
「I also love you…dear」

We kiss each other…


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